We have been around a long time compare to most ROMs these days. Started by me, Alex Cruz aka Mazda on the HTC EVO 3D, this ROM has grown beyond just me and my laptop. With over 20 maintainers and many more contributors, we can honestly say we had no idea it would grow to what it is today.

Having been around for nearly 3 years, we have gain a lot of knowledge and have enjoy seeing things grow. Sites like XDA-developers have allow us to grow as quickly as we have and for that, we are thankful. Another great site that has allow us to not only share our work on but also communicate with our users unlike XDA is Google Plus. The interaction there is a bit more personal and allows users and developers to get to know each other, to see beyond the username.

With over 13K members in our Google Plus community and many more over at XDA-developers, we have a lot of users asking us different things from “can we get a change log” to “what do you guys think about….” and we try our best to answer those questions via the Google Plus community and the XDA forums but sometimes things get lost. Users start posting memes, bug reports and things start to go off topic and that important announcement or answer to something important may get lost and there’s little we can do to change that on those sites. We try our best to inform users with pinning posts and repeating ourselves time and time again but that sometimes isn’t enough.
Fortunately for you, we’re problem solvers and a bit hard headed and so refuse to just give up 🙂
Our website has now transformed itself into a blog and will now serve as a central location for all those things mentioned above. Change logs, download links, announcements and anything we feel that would be of use to you will be posted here.

As time goes by, we will take suggestions and add more elements to the website so if you don’t see something now, just let us know either via the comments here or via social media or XDA and we will go from there.

Thank you all for your continued support,

DU Team

(credit to http://stagmaworld.com/ for featured image)