Kickstart Weeklies AGAIN!!

Yup, weeklies are starting up again! Huge thanks to DU developer and friend, James Taylor for taking charge on all fronts and making sure things were ready for everything to run smooth.

In the past, I was running the weeklies off my buildbox using a simple script and it got the job done but things were slow. Then there were weeks where life got in the way and I couldn’t sit behind a computer and make sure things got done. Maintainers tried their best to help and sometimes compiled their own builds and uploaded them to the DU server but again, there was life.

We don’t run a business or a sweat shop for lack of a better word. Maintainers have lives, responsibilities and sometimes shit happens. Some users sometimes don’t understand things like that and it makes for an ugly conversation.

Anyways, that should no longer be an issue. Things will be handle via Jenkins and users will start to see weeklies get pushed out on Mondays.

Weeklies can be found for each device here

If for any reason you run into any issues with a weekly, make sure you’re not using Xposed or using any 3rd party kernel and have done a full wipe prior to flashing the weekly. If you continue to see the issue, head over to our G+ community and create a post describing the issue as best as possible. Include what device, kernel, any mods and how we can duplicate the issue for troubleshooting purposes.

Thank you again for your continued support!

DU Team