Final Lollipop Update

When Android M was released, many users fear that we would stop work on Lollipop and leave Lollipop AS IS.

To an extent that was true. We saw it fit to jump on the latest release as quickly as possible not because we wanted to be the first to release a build on XDA-developers (which we haven’t yet) but because it gave us a chance to evaluate things early. Given Google’s history with releases, we knew things were going to change and we wanted to get a jump on that. We were right and it was a cluster. We’ve learned a lot and we’re better for it now.

Many users reached out to us and asked if we would release a security update and we said yes. Fast forward a few weeks and here it is!

Keep in mind that this is the FINAL lollipop build from us. We will try our best to keep the Lollipop branch on github as updated as possible as far as security updates for those compiling personal builds but this is it. This means we’re not adding PIE or Halo or this or that….is done!! We’re moving on to M

XDA threads will be updated when the maintainer gets time.

The Manta thread probably won’t be updated til the maintainer gets back to us, whenever that is. He’s in the military so that definitely comes before some XDA thread, try to understand!

Nexus 4 (mako) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Nexus 5 (hammerhead) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Nexus 6 (shamu) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Nexus 7 (grouper) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Nexus 7 (flo) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Nexus 9 (flounder) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Nexus 10 (manta) – DOWNLOAD V9.8

Oh and yes, CAF BASED DEVICES will be compiled/posted soon 🙂

Enjoy and thank you for your continued support!

We have NOT forgot about CAF based devices, enjoy!!

Droid Ultra (obake) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
One Plus One (bacon) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Xiaomi Mi 3 (cancro) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Oppo Find 7 – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Samsung Galaxy S 4 (ks01lte) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
HTC One (m8) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
HTC One (m7) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
HTC One (m7spr) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
HTC One (m7vzw) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (trltespr) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (trltetmo) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Sony Xperia Z (yuga) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
HTC Desire 601 (zaracl) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Motorola DROID RAZR HD (xt926) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hlte) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hltespr) – DOWNLOAD V9.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hltetmo)- DOWNLOAD V9.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hltevzw)- DOWNLOAD V9.8

  • Jayson Rodenberg

    No pie??
    No xposed???

    Y’all are mean!

    • Alex Cruz

      hahaha i know right

  • Mat Pls

    good shit

    • Alex Cruz

      OH SNAP!!!!! Look who it is hahaha

  • Vish Shukla

    Sweet !! Hoping for the Note 4!! Thanks for everything you guys do!!

    • Alex Cruz

      Yes, if the device was supported as of 9.7 then it will receive the 9.8 update

      • Vish Shukla

        9.7 Never came out… However you were right … 9.8 is out!! Thanks to all the developers!!

  • vlackrs

    Thank you guys! <3 Lets wait for M now, i am happy with 9.8 for now.

  • Minuzdk

    Awesome work!
    Will there be a i9505 update? Pretty please 🙂

  • Xstalk

    what about Moto G 2013 ?

    • Alex Cruz

      I dropped support for the Falcon a while ago due to issues with users on XDA.

      We’re not planning to support that device ever again

  • anonymous888

    There are two questions I’d just like to ask:
    1. For wake gestures I assume it would be best for us to install a custom kernel such as ElementalX 5.1 Google Play edition correct?
    2. For Sense based devices such as the HTC One which has IR sensor will the sensor ever be supported on DU or is that closed-source locked down so you can’t take advantage of it?

    Thank you for the update, as the device won’t get an official Marshmallow I’m guessing it’s being dropped with the next release. But I’m no dev, lollipop is in some ways similar to marshmallow so it might be an easier migration than from kitkat to lollipop.

  • Chi

    Just wanna say guys, luv the Rom, thx! I have a couple of questions if someone wouldn’t mind answering: 1) used to be that if I held down the home button, a list of apps that are still open in the background would pop up and I could either close them or switch to them. This is very useful for switching back and forth between apps quickly and I can’t imagine this function being done away with. Is this because of lp, du, or am I missing something? 2) used to be that the pages listing my apps would allow me to “go around the world” when scrolling through them. What I mean is if I had 3 pages of apps, I could scroll from page 3 to page 1 without having to scroll back through page 2 and the other way around too – I could go from page 1 to page 3 without going through page 2. Now I can no longer do this, I must always go through page 2 to get from 1 to 3 or 3 to 1. Can I change this? Thanks for any feedback.
    I am using du9.8 on a galaxy s4.

  • Julian Breeden (J)

    Nice rom > Nexus 6

  • Zer0 “Is A Number” Gaming

    Looking for the Lollipop rom for the Note 4. (trltetmo) Haven’t been able to find a working link. The one on this page leads to a 404 error.

  • 余修齊

    The link is dead