Release The Kraken!! Unicorns!!

Android M was released back in October; and we’ve been busy hacking away at things; writing new features; and trying to fix what El Google has screwed up. It has truly been an exciting couple of months and we’re finally ready to release our first Marshmallow build to the public.

Although it seems like every ROM under the sun has released 100 builds before us; we wanted to make sure we got it right. We didn’t want the “ME FIRST” award. With the help of many testers in the G+ community; I think we can say that we’ve done a great job!

With this release, we’ve also started to flex our muscles a bit and show the community what we really have. We’ve adopted an approach of not just adding features just to add it, but also moving things forward. We look at feature XYZ and see what we can do with it; and if we are able to make it better. This has been the best thing to happen to DU!

We’ve also written some very unique features and we want to talk about them while we have your attention.

“Fling”, who doesn’t love “Fling”?

“Fling” is a gesture based navigation feature; like nothing else you’ve seen in Android. You are able to assign gestures to everything. From an application (chrome, youtube, angry birds, etc); to an app’s activity; to contacts; a settings shortcut; or to many custom actions that we have provided.

These custom actions include ‘back, bluetooth, expanded desktop, force close an app (aka kill-all), Google Now on Tap, home, last app, menu, notification panel, overview (aka recents), power menu, screen record, screenshot, setting panel, turn off screen, voice search, wifi or no action at all.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!! The fun doesn’t stop there as you can assign short swipes, long swipes, single tap, double tap and longpress in either left or right direction.

You don’t like the “Fling” logo? You can get rid of the “Fling” logo and still have the same functionality!

If you decide to leave the “Fling” logo in place, by default the animation is a circlular motion. If you decide this is not for you; the logo can be turned off. You are also able to use the color changer to pick the default color.

The trail that you see when you start to use “Fling” can also be customized. You can turn the trail off and still keep it’s functionality. Even the color of the trail can be changed to match your favorite themes.

“SmartBar”, in case “Fling” didn’t already win you over!

“SmartBar” is a one of kind navigation feature. You can assign up to 7 targets on phones and up to 10 on tablets. By default, “SmartBar” looks and feels the same as the AOSP navigation bar. If you don’t add targets or change any of the settings, you won’t notice any difference.

With “SmartBar”, you can assign targets in the same way as “Fling”. Whether that’s with a application, or a preset custom action. You can also use your favorite icon packs to change the default icon on any target. This is all done without touching the CM theme engine; for those that want to keep the stock look.

Like “Fling”, you can also assign single tap, double tap, and longpress actions to your targets. This allows for true customization. Where your home button may take you back to your homescreen, but double tapping it takes you to Google+, or turns on the flashlight. Long pressing could take you to the last app, or turn off your screen; without the need to use the power button. The possibilities are endless!

BUT WAIT, there’s more!! You can change the touch animation on your targets. You can set them to have a spring-like action, or if that’s not your cup of tea; you can go back to the stock animation. Changing the layout of context buttons and keyboard arrows is also included in “SmartBar”!

With both “SmartBar” and “Fling” the bar size can be adjusted and still use “Pulse”!

“Pulse”, YEAH….we didn’t just bring sexy back, we made it sexier!

While playing music with “Pulse” enabled; you get a one of a kind; brilliant; bar-style equalizer. You are able to toggle “Pulse” on and off; as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. “Pulse” can be used with the default setting where it looks like a lava lamp. The “Pulse” color is even customiziable.

“Pulse” will not render visualizations under certain circumstances. This is a limitation of the Android API / media stack. It is not a bug. I will explain a bit further.

Android uses an output “sink” called remote submix. In submix; audio may pass through for operations like downsampling (a2dp compliance etc), pre and post processing (fx) and other things including passing track data through the visualizer library. Most output destinations like bluetooth, headphones, music, and Chromecast; Android intercepts the audio track automatically and routes it through remote submix. The visualizer library gets the track data and we have “Pulse”. Device speaker output does not require remote submix operations. Often in cases where the track is streamed with DRM protection; remote submix is bypassed; and “Pulse” will not work. I’m exploring options to force remote submix on speaker output. Such a task will be rather difficult and complicated.

“Themes Tile”

Besides these three landmark features; we have also added in an awesome “Themes Tile”. The “Themes Tile” does not work as just a shortcut to the themes engine; it allows the user to change themes on the fly.

“Long Pressing” the “Themes Tile” changes the theme on a per-app basics. Some of you have seen this similar feature on Cyanogen OS, but previously you had to use the prebuilt apk taken from that ROM. While this proved to be an OK workaround; it took away the default theme engine, and at times, was hit or miss.

Our “Themes Tile” is functional and is open sourced. It will continue to get better via the help of the community!
We could be here all day explaining every feature we’ve written, or implemented from other ROMs, but I’ll end with a short list of the features we think are important to you 🙂

– CAF Task Manager
– Double tap to sleep (statusbar/lockscreen)
– Selinux Switch
– LCD Density Changer
– Mid screen shortcuts
– Bottom L/R shortcuts
– Lockscreen wallpaper changer
– Lockscreen notifications customization
– Weather options (lockscreen/extended statusbar)
– Lockscreen colors/fonts customization
– Statusbar customization (battery, clock, traffic indicator, etc)
– Quick settings customization
– App circle bar
– Geature Anywhere
– OmniSwitch (standalone app / use for recents)
– Slim Recents and AOSP recents customization
– Heads up customization
– Animations (system/list and toast)
– Expanded Desktop customization
– Power Menu options
– Built-in system app remover
– Wakelock blocker
– Built-in ad blocker
– CM Theme Engine
– Dashboard customization (columns, dividers, title view)

On top of this; we’ve added support for some new devices and dropped a few:

Added support
– HTC Droid DNA (dlx)
– Nexus 6P (angler)
– Nexus 5X (bullhead)
– Moto X Pure (clark)
– Nvidia Shield K1 (shield tablet)
– Oppo R7 Plus

Dropped support
– HTC EVO LTE (jewel)
– Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (HLTE)
– Sony Xperia Z (yuga)


Official builds will start to roll shortly. Please have patience and try to keep from asking for ETA’s.

ROM developers, source for SmartBar/Fling/Pulse will be fully release within 30 days 🙂
Keep an eye at our github for updates for the #Kangbang