Bitter sweet goodbye

When I started this project nearly 4 years ago it was not my intention to ever make any money off it. This is why from day 1 I had a policy to never accept nor ask for donations. This has work well and all members, former and active have always respected this policy.

That said, bills have to be paid. Student loans have to be paid and money does not grow on trees.

So it kills me to say that today we are losing several vital members of the team.

Randall Rushing, Anders Nielsen, Andrzej Ressel, Susan McCombs and James Taylor have all accepted offers to work on a new project for Russian based smartphone manufacturer Highscreen.

We all are very happy for them and wish them the absolute best in their new opportunities.

So what does this mean for us?

You will see things start to slow down as far as bug fixes until we can get some new talent added to the team. Some devices will be dropped as of right now to include the Angler and M8. Gerrit, JIRA, this website and many things that we’ve taken for some what granted will soon be shut down and we will have to regroup and find alternatives.

For right now, we are looking into using Android File Host or maybe Google Drive.

Thank you for your continued support,
DU Team


  • skynet11

    My condolences ?

  • caleb

    @Susan McCombs and others, big congrats!! That is bittersweet, good luck!
    -DJ Calphonic aka calebcabob

  • Georgi Koemdzhiev

    Why you guys don’t change this policy and start accepting donations? This will prevent this (to a certain extent, of course) leaving of members…

    • Alex Cruz

      Accepting donations is not going to prevent someone from leaving to accept an offer for a REAL JOB.

      Donations help very very little with server costs and all but again, this is a hobby. A hobby we accepted to take part in. Is the same as asking for donations because I want to go fishing or hunting, is just not right

  • Rohan Chawla

    Use Android file host….. I dont think that makes a difference to many…