How do you say Dirty Unicorns in French?

When we first started Dirty Unicorns nearly 4 years ago, we didn’t have to worry about translations. Our users back then were mainly English speaking and we had no complaints, life was simple.

A lot has changed since and today we have all types of users. From French to German to Polish, we have them all. The DU team has also changed and nearly 30 percent of the team speaks English as a second language.

That said, we have brought back Crowdin and is ready for all translators that are willing to help out 🙂

If you’re new to crowdin, just register here

After this, head over to and select your language you’re wanting to help translate

Select what repo you want to start off with

AND that’s it, start translating……is that simple!

We will sync every once in a while and push to gerrit and merge it into source 🙂

Let me us know if we need to add another language or if you run into any issues and we will address it!

Special thanks to my good friend, Lokesh Chamane of PAC-ROM for helping me with this once more!


  • Mat Pls

    omelette du fromage

    • Alex Cruz

      hahaha how you doing Mat?

      • Karan

        how u doing cruz…

      • Mat Pls

        not bad, i follow DU’s shit almost every day…just checking out gerrit and building about once a week when i see some good shit thrown in. working flawlessly on both hammy and manta, quality work man. glad to see DU is thriving 😀

  • Aidas Jonikas


  • Aidas Jonikas

    Nešvarūs vienaragiai