What you got on my Nougat?


So many of you know that Android N is being rolled out today. I was a bit surprised to see this considering the new Nexus devices have yet to be announced. History told us that this would never happen but it did (where’s that crow at). Google seems to have lost their mind but we’re ready for the cluster ahead.

The point of this post is to give our users some insight on where we’re at and where we plan to be in the coming months. I’ll start off by saying that is been great working on Android M. We’ve all learned a lot and really enjoyed ourselves along the way. For us we gained new talent and saw “old talent” step up and really it was great seeing people come together on a common goal. We had a lot of pieces, some didn’t work but in the end I think we’re happy where things ended up at. We made some mistakes but we’ve learned from them and hopefully don’t make the same ones twice.

Right now we’re waiting on security updates to roll out on Monday September 5th (2 weeks from now). Security updates will be merge as soon as we can into our source and we will release v10.6 on Friday September 9th. Version 10.6 will be our final M release. Weeklies will come to a stop Friday September 2nd. DU builds based off Android N will be label DU11.

While waiting for security updates to drop, we will go ahead and get a manifest for Android N going as soon Google pushes the source to AOSP. Don’t get too excited yet because we won’t be adding anything or releasing anything just yet. We will evaluate the source for about a week and see exactly what we have. We expect the worst out of Google and so we want to see what’s broken first before adding in a ton of things on top of it.

After we evaluate the source, we will try our best to fix any issues that we may find and really get a solid base. We have a cabinet full of unique features and want to make sure you enjoy them without any hiccups.

This cycle will catch those that like the kitchen sink ROMs by surprise. We will be focusing on less. People say less is more and that’s becoming more true than you guys can imagine. We’ve started to really see that a lot of mods were just there and that really nobody used them. We came to this conclusion by looking at our community. This doesn’t mean that we’re going for a vanilla look and we’re going to hype up a battery icon and a new wallpaper, that’s not that we mean. What we do mean is that you won’t see a lot of things in DU that are not used by us. Things like ‘gesture anywhere’, ‘app circlebar’ and a few other mods will be a thing of the past. You want to use those mods, don’t bother using DU because you won’t see it in future builds. We will focus on expanding even more on what we have and in turn provide more original work.

Do you plan on sticking with the CMTE?
Yes, we will go forward with the CMTE minus the CMSDK and everything we’ve done to it so far. Since the start of M, we’ve made significant changes to the CMTE and we’re curious where things lead. The CMTE for us provides a lot of flexibility for not just the user but for developers. Proof of this flexibility can be seen with the work we’ve done so far. Things like our themes tile, headers integration and the ability to continue to make use of features such as instant patching in apps like Arcus without the use of the CMSDK.

16 - 1

Are you guys still going to support the same devices?
I would love to tell you that we are and that your 3 year old device will keep going strong but that’s very unlikely. I’ve heard whispers from maintainers that they will drop devices because either is becoming too much of a pain to deal with hacks or they just really want to use something newer. As of right now, we can’t say for sure and provide you all with a list. You will for sure see a few devices swap out maintainers. Some maintainers are planning on getting newer devices and other maintainers are picking up those devices left behind. If your device does get drop from official support, don’t be surprised. Maintainers lose interest all the time or the device just gets too old or sometimes life hits and life is really unexpected.

So when can we expect DU11?
Like last year we don’t plan taking part in the annual ‘I’m first’ race. We’re not hungry for donations and we don’t have anything to prove. We’ll evaluate our source and very carefully move forward. We’re learning from past mistakes and rather just take our time. We’re constantly innovating and pushing out unique features. Really just pushing the bar, setting the standard and making the community better! Up until now, google has had a rough 8 month window between the time they release the source for the next Android version and the time they announce the next Nexus. For us that’s a long time to make sure we get things right so you won’t see builds from us for a while.

If anything changes, we will update via our G+ community so please keep an eye on there for teasers and updates!


  • Latheryin

    Good way to do it

  • Steve H

    Long live circle bar!

    • hahaha yeah the app circlebar was a neat feature back in kitkat but with so many multitasking options these days, is become obsolete

      • Antonio Petrilli

        There will be the DU11 for m8 ?

        • Yes

          • Marcos Mendez


          • abadange

            There will be the DU11 for clark?

      • Marco Scardovi

        Please remove slim and omni recents. They are obsolete and ugly. And please make dirty tweaks more integrated in the system’s setting because now they aren’t much good looking ‘:)

        • I’m sorry you feel this way but that’s not happening.

          • Marcos Mendez

            I think that you guys make a very good job, I feel glad to use your rom,t hank you very much

        • Mister Anthrope

          lolz wtf I go crazy when I see y’all dudes cryin about making android pretty. that’s half the reason apps end up goin bad devs tryin to make users happy. go flash pa or somethin if you don’t care about functionality

  • OhThatKwik

    This is a useful and informative post. #STAYDIRTY

  • Deyvid Gutierrez

    Ever since I started using this rom I knew it was special, keep it devs and hopefully my m8 will be supported, but if not this rom is amazing and is the main reason I will root my next device. Thanks for making my Android experience better. Oh and hey hopefully I can get accepted as a member for the G+ community. Thanks again devs for DU.

  • Dicky Almond

    I think this post need add to pinpost, before “When N xxx xxx xxx” post coming to g+ baahahaha
    Btw, well said, it is really clear statement 😀

  • Mat Pls


  • stratoffies

    Great post! Totally agree with the less is more statement.. have always appreciated your quality as well as philosophy as against others in the game.. looking forward to this new journey and hope I learn something along the way!

    • Thanks! Glad you like our way of doing things and we too look forward!

  • Ryan Cavitt

    Sweet, cant wait.

  • balthazar

    As everyone else said, great post. Thank you guys so much for a wonderful ROM I love using on my ancient M8. Take your time getting D11 up. And another thanks for accepting me as a translator on crowdin and even using some of my translations. Too bad I’m still not in the g+ group of this fabulous ROM 😉

  • Mister Anthrope

    for the record, the gestures anywhere feature…I think its pretty damn useful. I use it all the time. you should change your mind about that one. I mean it is your ROM and DU still be the the badass without it but still, u should keep it nouga

    • Rushab Shah

      I second that completely!

  • Rohit Sonone

    You are right I for one never ever used app circle bar and gesture anywhere, I’ve seen neat feature in xosp that is blur ui, please see it if you like it, but I can live without that.
    With substratum being merged into aosp, I wonder though cmte how many days till it becomes obsolete, but I’ve been pretty much happy with cmte so far.

  • Syndrome666

    DU made my nexus 9 a much more enjoyable device. It may sound crazy, but stock Google Android felt more like a beta OS after using DU. Nougat may be officially out for this device, but I’m not interested in flashing it over DU marshmallow, DU is just that much better. I mean you guys fixed what Google left broken on here and added a few neat features like global three finger swipe down to sleep, I love not having to use hardware buttons on a device of this size. The overall experience is smooth and way snappier than what Google made it to be. I’m currently beta testing nougat on my nexus 6 but would love this ROM on it once DU11 comes out (currently too spoiled by some of the newer comforts that nougat brings, minus not being able to install adaway, those pesky pop-ups :p). So far I like what I see, and after testing a few custom ROMs, this by far the most stable, smooth, and feature-rich ROM, especially on the N9. Keep up the awesomeness DU team!

    • cbar.tx

      likewise. its a total different experience than what it shipped with.

  • Rushab Shah

    No gesture anywhere ! ? 🙁 I really wish ppl could use it to its full potential. It’s just amazing once you start using it.

  • abadange

    There will be the DU11 for clark?

  • Antonio Petrilli

    who is the maintainer M8 for Dirty Unicorns ?

  • Muhammad Asad

    I check it on hammerhead. It was quite fun and smooth and better than cyanogen mod.
    Now want to try it on LG G3 ls990. I don’t find any relevant posts.
    Can anyone help me?

  • Geo

    Very nice Marshmallow ROM, looking forward to Nougat.
    But until then, and for a few months after that, it would be nice to keep M updated with security patches.
    Your users would appreciate it.