Theme decision 2016

It was almost a month ago that we made a post telling you that we were still undecided on which theme engine/outlet we would include in DU and that we would wait and see. A lot of people said what they had to say but we wanted to discuss it as a team, take it slow and just look at the code because really that’s what makes it go round. We wanted to really just think about which one would be a better fit for us not just for this version of Android but for future versions. A project of this size can’t just think 1-2 steps ahead, we need to think 5-10 steps ahead and not really jump but be ready to jump.

The team discussed it. Many of our developers took a look at the code and really liked what they saw. Sony has done an amazing job with OMS (Overlay Manager Service) and Nicholas Chum has done an equally amazing job with his Substratum app. So it was a easy decision. We picked Substratum because is the smarter play for us right now and likely future cycles as well.

We still have a soft spot for the CMTE but we don’t make decisions like this based on emotion. We make decisions that are good for the project and its future. Add in the controversy surrounding CM lately and you can see what we see.

Substratum has a growing theme support. If you haven’t paid attention then you might of missed what I like to call, the themer migration of 2016. What I’m talking about is seeing themers like Travis Hall, Manuel Möllmann, Jacek Malinowski, and Andre Zimmermann bring their talents over to the Substratum side. Is exciting to see and we hope the migration continues.

Substratum like the CMTE is fully open sourced. Is very welcoming of improvements, bug fixes and just overall contributions. The DU team is excited for this and we look forward to it! We really can’t say enough nice things about it. Below are some links for you developer types

Now that we’ve told you about our decision, please allow us to tell you about our path to merging.

OMS/Substratum won’t be merged today or even tomorrow. No we’re not crazy but right now we’re in limbo. What this means for us is that we’re waiting on Google to release not only the security updates for December but the 7.1.1 source along with nexus kernel source and blobs.

If all goes as planned then you will see us merge in 7.1 on December 5th onto a different branch. Once that’s merged we will go ahead and begin work on merging in 7.1.1. We’re anticipating everything to go as smooth as butter but if they don’t then that’s why we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Once 7.1.1 is merged and fully tested with the new kernel source and blobs, we will begin the merge of OMS/Substratum.

Once all of this is set and done, there’s a strong possibility that you will see a DU11 official release.