Options are good

About 4 months ago we talked about SuperSU and the conspiracy that had taken a life of its own in the community. While we still believe that there’s NOTHING to worry about with SuperSU, we have gone ahead and changed our mind about one thing. We will no longer ship with root. We can’t stress enough how this change has nothing to do with SuperSU. There’s been no evidence of wrong doing when it comes to Chainfire and SuperSU, this is a fact.

The majority of the team still loves what Chainfire is doing for the community and we will continue to show our support as SuperSU users. This is not a anti-Chainfire/SuperSU post nor is a pro-phh’s superuser one. Both options in general are good, is like picking red or blue as your favorite color. We believe that removing root creates options for the user. If the user wishes to stay unrooted then they can still enjoy all of what makes DU the ROM it is today. If the user decides to root, they can enjoy even more stuff out there.

To add on to this, removing root is not making DU any less of a ROM. Currently there’s nothing in DU that requires root. All of our in-house modifications have been coded properly and any modifications that were not, have been reviewed by our developers and if needed were rewritten to follow our level of quality. With that said, it made no sense to force SuperSU on the user or even replace it with another root management app.

We will go ahead and make this change with DU 11.1 which we anticipate to ship either on February 3rd or that Monday, the 6th. Please be aware that we will only support what we ship with. If you decide to root DU once this change is made and install something like magisk or xposed, you’re on your own.

There seems to be some confusion with the last paragraph of this post so please allow us to clear this up. We will not provide support for ‘mods’ like Xposed, Magisk, Viper4Android and anything of that nature. Rooting alone will not disqualify you from support. If you root and have an issue with say SmartBar or a Quick settings tile, we will not hold it against you. We apologize for any confusion. We assumed it was clear but obviously it wasn’t haha

Thank you and #StayDirty

  • Mr Turcot

    Choices are good!! Thanks for everything DU is doing and keep up the amazing work!!

  • Kevin Vesga

    I really like this news. I prefer Magisk with phh superuser so now this will be one less step for me. Thank you for all your work on DU.

  • Phil

    While i do like choices, I didn’t fully understand the last sentence of your Post. Will rooting in general get us to loose Support from you Guys or is it rooting AND something like Xposed or Magisk?
    I’m just curious because wouldn’t we need root for Substratum for example?

    • Sorry, I think it was clear but guess not. I meant to say that if you install something like Xposed or Magisk you will lose support.

      Also substratum will be going root-less soon.

      • Phil

        Yeah, the sentence before got me confused because of the “we will only support what we ship with” and technically you ship without root then 🙂 Thanks for the clarification.

        Ah alright, I didn’t know that, thanks.

        • Well that’s meant for ‘root mods’ like Viper4Android, Xposed, Magisk, etc

          • Phil

            Understood, so like it always has been 🙂
            Looking forward to rootless DU.

  • Awesome! This gives the user the choice, smart move team DU 😀

  • Vince Lupe

    @Alex Cruz (Mazda), does this mean that any update applied over top of a rooted DU will remove root, or will it just leave it intact?

    • If you dirty flash DU 11.1 on top of a weekly or DU 11 and it keeps root then that’s something that you’ll have to live with. We always recommend that you do a clean flash. If you follow our recommendation then no, you won’t have root with DU 11.1

      • Vince Lupe

        Okay, sounds good, Alex, because I’m just trying to make sure that root will be kept after flashing non-rooted DU on a rooted DU.

  • James George

    I concur. As easy as it is to root, you are making a wise decision for your release.

  • Drone9

    Sadly, I wished this move would somehow bring back Android Pay but we all know now that Android Pay will no longer work once the bootloader is unlocked. Guess it’s something I’ll live without for now, until I’m rich enough to afford a second phone.

    • milfou

      Android Pay works fine with the ROM. There is a patch inside kernel to hide unlocked bootloader. Pretty sure all Roms have this.

      • Drone9

        I haven’t been able to add my cards to Android Pay all these while. Keeps getting the “cannot be used on this device” error, whether rooted or not. What steps did u do to achieve this? And I’m on Angler.

  • Arttu Laitinen

    This is a good move every way I can think of

  • jejehtc

    Good evening @alex I ask myself a question how you will do for the root on the substratum part

    • We don’t ship with Substratum. This is something that’s optional and left up to the user. Currently is up to the user to install Substratum from the playstore so it will just be an added step for users that want to use Substratum to go ahead and install a root management app like SuperSU or phh’s superuser.

  • duke1

    This is really good news for users on F2FS without the proper kernel patches. Definitely a step in the right direction! #staydirty

  • Lucas Hucker

    [OFF] Why I’m not able to see the supported devices? When I click on it, it says that the page doesn’t exist.

  • trAnwhiz

    Guys, the “Supported Devices” link at the top navbar of this website does not work.