Tell me how you really feel

So about a month ago we (Josh Chasky and I) wanted to do something for April fools day! We started to think and we came up with a decent plan.
Given that Shreesha Murthy is a popular maintainer with a huge following for his work on devices like the OnePlus 2 and Oneplus 3/3T, we decided to use him as the target for our prank. We figured more people falling for this, the better!

Our plan was simple. We started to find little things that supposedly bothered us and got on to him about it the week of the prank. This started on 27th of April. We were telling him to check JIRA for bug reports, to fix commits in gerrit and just minor things. One after another, we were riding his ass. He was losing his shit but we were doing this to build things up so when we did pretend to kick him out, it wouldn’t seem to sudden and he would sell it. About 2 days in we started to feel bad for the guy. Shreesha is a young guy (probably the youngest in DU) and we didn’t this to cause him any issues in real life.
Anyways, we brought in on the prank. We told him all about it, he laughed and we told him not to say anything. He was now in on it. We kept on ‘riding’ him and even team members were like ‘OH SHIT’. Anyways, 2 days ago we “kicked him out”. We booted him from our chats (slack, telegram, etc). We removed his repos BUT not before forking them first. THEN we made an announcement saying that we did just that. We said that we wouldn’t go into detail but that we parted ways with Shreesha. It was epic! We (Shreesha, Josh, Bret, Edwin, Nick and I were all laughing).
It wasn’t enough tho. Some people were still calling bullshit and that it was part of a early April fools prank. We denied it of course but they still said ‘eh, we’ll wait til April 2nd before we believe anything’.
That’s when we knew we had to step shit up!
I got on Google and found a broken picture of a OnePlus 3T, quickly edited it and said ‘Oh noooo I broke my phone’. This was the dummy and ever so obvious April fools prank. This was done to distract from the Shreesha prank. A lot of people laughed but said ‘Good one but not as good as last year’s prank’. Once that was said, I knew it. They assumed that was the prank BUT we still had the Shreesha prank in play. We didn’t want to just leave it there and so Shreesha and I hopped on Telegram.
We went into the most public chat we could think of. A public chat filled with over 700 members from around the Android community. Developers, themers and a shit ton of n00bs populate this chat. We jumped on there and we started to argue. I acted like I was mad about Shreesha’s tweet he made after he supposedly got kicked out. Oh YEAH…….I had him make that tweet to possibly draw some people to the prank but it failed, only a few people saw it. None the less, I was supposedly ‘mad’ and ‘butt hurt’ about this in the Telegram group hahaha
We went at it! He said things, I said things and we had people convinced that this was a legit thing. That Shreesha and I were mad at each other and that I was some what butt hurt about this tweet. We made it so big that even some of the moderators got involved and told us to take it to PM and even the n00bs came out to take part in the drama.
BUT that wasn’t enough. We needed to convince some folks on G+ who had said that this was obviously a April fool’s prank. So we said OK, lets do the same thing! Shreesha was set to make a post and sell this! He was suppose to come off upset about me supposedly deleting repos. He sold it! People were buying it. I jumped on there and again, I acted like I was mad! I acted like I was stomping my feet and I was supposedly legit mad hahahaa couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually had to stop once just to catch my breath again. I was laughing so hard!
Anyways, I was supposedly upset and butt hurt and everything hahaha people were buying it! Aside from some people taking it WAY TOO FAR and pretty much embarrassing themselves with foolish comments, we sold it! People no longer believed this was a April fool’s joke! They started to take sides and saw this as a real life beef! hahahaha we were all laughing HARD!
Telegram blew up as well and people were like ‘Yo Alex, you should take this private’ and nobody was questioning it anymore! So yeah……APRIL FOOLS!!!! hahahaha
Shreesha is very much loved in DU. He’s a good maintainer and part of the team and will continue to be a part for a long time! Early on there were issues with this and that but he’s adapted very well with our style of doing things and has fit well with the other maintainers and the team in general!
Remember guys, don’t take things so seriously and especially not around April 1st. You guys really embarrassed yourself. I saw a lot of REAL comments from people that I had assumed were cool with us. Really disappointing to see that but it was fun for the most part 🙂
Thank you for playing and til next year folks!