Oreo update!

Considering that today is National Oreo day, is kinda fitting that we talk to you all now about our upcoming Oreo release! We didn’t plan to do this on this date but it is a nice coincidence!

Back in August we talked to you all about our plans for Oreo and gave you all a bit of detailed roadmap. We told you everything that needed to happen before we could release and if you’ve kept with it, you’ve seen that we have gone in that exact order. We tried to be as transparent as possible while keeping our goals realistic. This cycle has been special for us because we felt like we were in complete control of it. What we mean by that is that in the past we felt pressured in more than one way to do certain things. Whether that meant that our peers were doing something and so we had to go along with certain things or users just started requesting XYZ feature(s), we’ve done things that in retrospect weren’t exactly a good idea.

This time around was different. We didn’t feel like we were rushing anything and/or trying to keep up with any other project. We did things right the first time around and really felt like all our planning paid off. We did a lot of planning! Probably too much planning but too much is better than none at all. We feel 100 percent satisfied with what we’ve accomplished so far. Learning from past mistakes has kind of been our theme this cycle and we hope to improve even more! Things will only continue to get better! Huge thanks to all our contributors, past and present! Thank you all!

One thing that has not change this cycle and we don’t see it changing any time soon is how we determine what devices to support. This is a very easy decision for us but sometimes not a popular one. In social media we get asked a lot to support the ‘Kenzo’ or ‘Mido’ or other popular devices but sadly we just can’t. We only support what we own. This is mainly due to the fact that we want to maintain a great user experience.

In building ‘blind’ aka not owning the device, we open ourselves to a lot of things but mainly having to depend on users to troubleshoot boot loops, force closes and any weird bugs that we may come across while bringing up a device. In doing so, sometimes we hit gold and find a user that is super helpful in pulling logs, describing issues to us and really kicking ass and taking names as they say. Then sometimes we run into a user that has no idea what’s left and what’s right. They have no computer, don’t know what a logcat is and they take hours and days to reply back to a single message. Is really a hit or miss situation and we rather not put ourselves or you guys through that process.

I know it sucks because we’re bringing you all exciting new features like Fruity Pebbles or our Font manager and you wish we could support 100 devices but as they say, quality over quantity!

That said, some devices were dropped this cycle. These devices were dropped due to a few things. Some maintainers had obligations such as school, work or just life hitting them hard. When that happens, those obligations ALWAYS come first and we understand. We hope that you do too. Some devices were dropped because it was just time. New devices come out and who among us doesn’t like nice things? Sometimes maintainers just move on. Sometimes the devices just don’t keep up. We can’t support devices forever even if we do own them. Software can only take the hardware so far until it reaches a point where it can’t be push anymore. If you push it then you start to notice that the user experience takes a hit. To us this is not worth the hassle.

Below is a list of devices we’re dropping along with another list with devices we’re supporting as of right now. Keep in mind that this is the initial list of supported devices and that is always subject to change. As said above, if a maintainer has real life obligations then they come first. The device will be dropped promptly and that’s that. If the maintainer returns or anything changes like another maintainer picks it up or we get a new maintainer then the device may return.

Dropped devices
Google Pixel (marlin/sailfish)
LeEco Le Max2 (x2)
LG G2 (d802)
Motorola G (osprey)
Motorola X (lux)
Motorola X Pure (clark)
Nexus 5X (bullhead)

Supported devices
HP Touchpad (tenderloin)
Moto G5 Plus (potter)
Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
Nexus 6 (shamu)
Nexus 6P (angler)
OnePlus 3/3T
Oneplus 5/5T
Pixel C (dragon)
Pixel 2 XL (taimen)

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what happens when we release our first official build. This Friday if all goes well we plan on releasing our first official build. Builds will be compiled in the morning and released soon after. Remember how time zones work 🙂 An announcement will be made on Google+ and Twitter detailing what gapps to use and with any special instructions that our maintainers/developers may have. After that a few things will happen….

Weekly builds (weeklies) kick off.
Weeklies will be released every week on Friday’s except on the week of an official build.

JIRA will be open for business.
This means that you will be asked to make any bug reports or feature requests on JIRA.

Devs base threads will be opened for all supported devices.
This is a place where you can discuss any issues you may have before reporting them in JIRA. Share screenshots and get that 1 on 1 with your maintainer.

The door for new maintainers will be opened.
If you guys remember back in June of last year we started up a committee specifically for new maintainers. This committee is made up of different people with different roles on the team to give potential maintainers a better shot at joining the team. As of Friday, this committee will listen to new maintainers and their bid for joining the team and potentially making their devices official. Please follow the link that’s linked above.

The reason we waited on this and didn’t add new maintainers along the way was because we felt like now we now have the time to truly determine whether or not someone fits the team and not just add someone because ‘OMFG I repo sync’d and compiled’. We not only want developers that can pull their own weight but we want developers that our users can count on!

Unofficial builders, if you’re wanting to make your device official just contact the committee on Friday!

#StayDirty and see you all on Friday!