DU12 is here!

No more teasing! No more waiting! DU 12 is finally here!

We want to take this moment though to thank all our contributors, past and present! Everyone from translators, developers, designers, server folks and supporters! Thank you!

Developers like Randall Rushing and Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic have been nothing short of amazing, not only just with DU12 but just in general in helping us achieve our end goals! From creating new and existing features along side them to fixing bugs, is been great and we couldn’t have asked for better help! These guys are truly one of a kind!

Designers such as Manuel Möllmann and Jay “Dark Side” Rod have also been a very special part of our project! Manuel helped us create the boot animation that you see in DU 12 and for that we’re grateful! We couldn’t have asked for anything better! Truly amazing! JayRod has been around our project since forever it seems and he’s done everything from showing us support to creating the default wallpaper for not only DU 11 but also in DU 12! We hope to continue what we’ve started and improve our project even more! Thank you again!

Quick notes for those flashing the official build today:

– Official builds are signed with private keys.

This means that if you dare to dirty flash said builds on top of anything else, you’ll be met with a black screen. It won’t boot. This is intended because we want our users to get the very best experience. We want you to start off the right foot and thus forcing you to clean flash. Moving forward on to weeklies and other official builds, you won’t need to clean flash if you’re still on the official build.

– Weeklies start today!

This means that next Friday around this time, you’ll see weeklies for all officially supported devices. Although we rather you not, you can dirty flash those on top of this official build. Weeklies and official builds can mix. Anything else, doesn’t mix well because the signing keys have to match!

– If you run into issues, use JIRA to report them!

JIRA – https://jira.dirtyunicorns.com.

If you have a feature request, you can make it via JIRA as well. Keep in mind that feature requests are just that. It does not mean that we’re obligated to accept your request, no matter how ‘awesome’ you think the feature is. We have final say. For more information on JIRA, you can view this post HERE.

– You need any GAPPS that are labelled for 8.1

We recommend Open Gapps but we will be uploading specific gapps packages on our server for both arm and arm64 today.

Last but not least, you can download the official builds one of two ways. Either by using the DU Updater or via the download site!

– If a device did not receive an official build today is because is not ready. Be patient. Also new maintainers can start to apply for official status today!

Enjoy and #StayDirty!