DU 12.3 is here!

Full changelog:

– Merged in latest tag for AOSP security updates
– Fix DUI button custom image icon not being loaded on encrypted device
– Fixed low probability deadlock
– Fixed custom icon chooser FC on some devices
– Fixed NPE with the stock navbar tuner
– Fixed a non boot issue with PackageManagerService
– Fixed an NPE with DropBoxManager
– Fix security updates link for different languages
– Fix lastapp action going to homescreen when no default launcher is set
– Fix lockscreen bypass issue
– Multi-User fixes
– Launcher 3 fixes
– Ambient music ticker fixes
– Theme changes & fixes
– Added Always On Ambient compatibility to Ambient music ticker
– Added a slight tint to the power menu when wallpaper tint is off
– Added ability to disable the Wallpaper tint
– Added check for Face Unlock before skipping bouncer via trusted face
– Added bootloader option to ‘Reboot’ tile
– Added summary to custom ambient preference
– Ensure screen pinning toast is themed
– Change messaging accent with our accent picker
– Unlink InCallUI background from Sim colors (theme in-call background with accent color)
– Define app category to AOSP apps (gallery, messaging, contacts, dialer & deskclock)
– Allow for the ‘Big Clock’ analog padding to be changed per device
– Remove the 0 from the 12 hour format from the ‘Digital (bold)’ option
– Forward-port notification counters
– Introduce lockscreen clock/date styles
– Lockscreen clocks: add default size option for Date view
– Ensure the clockview is aligned correctly each time
– Allow SmartPixels to bypass check for whether a window is obscured
– Append next alarm status to Clock title if available with Slim Recents
– Forced pre-O apps to use full screen aspect ratio (OP5 and Honor v10)
– Updated the AOSP security bulletin link
– Configure additional TCP parameters
– Improved brightness QS buttons touch area
– Disabled anti-falsing for call answer screen
– Disabled navbar on fingerprint enroll if bottom fingerprint
– Added translations
– Check gerrit/github for device specific changes.

Important notes:

– New maintainers

If you’re building DU for an unofficial device and would like to make it official, contact us! Check out the link below for more information about the requirements for both you and your device.

We will also like to add that if you’re wanting to become a maintainer and are serious, show it. Start reviewing commits in gerrit. Submit your support patches for your device(s) via gerrit. Push out some builds via our G+ community. Make yourself known.

– Reminders

Weeklies and official builds are signed with private keys. This means that if you’re on the first official build or last week’s weekly, you can dirty flash this official build. If you’re on anything other than that and want to use this build you MUST perform a full wipe in recovery. If you decide to disregard this and flash this build or a weekly on top of anything, you will not be able to boot. Have fun looking at a black screen :p

If you run into any issues, please use JIRA to report your issues.


As always, we want to remember where we came from and who got us where we’re at! We wouldn’t be where we’re at without the help and support of all our contributors, past and present! Every developer, designer, translator and supporter, thank you for everything you’ve done for our project!