Join us…

Starting today we are accepting applications for new maintainers and developers. Before I explain any details on how to go about applying for either position, let me explain the differences (at least for us) for those unaware of the two.

A maintainer is a developer who maintains a device. A developer who takes on the day to day responsibilities of ensuring that the device they’re maintaining is not only tested against the latest changes in source but that the device is living up to our standards of stability, performance and reliability. They are responsible for the upkeep of their device and fixing any device related issues that may or may not occur over time.

A developer is someone that takes on the day to day responsibilities of the development process. Whether that’s testing commits, writing new features, adding on to existing features or just fixing any issues that may or may not occur, the developer is responsible for these things.

To apply for either position, just check our Notices GitHub repo.

There you’ll see a list of requirements for both positions. Once you meet those requirements, contact the recruiting committee and they’ll interview you and forward it on to Josh Chasky for a final decision.

DO NOT contact the recruiting committee unless you have a question about one of the requirements or you have met these requirements.

Good luck and #StayDirty