5e Hex

5e Hex

From the day Dungeons & Dragons have published, it has always been one of the popular Table Top Role Playing Games people, regardless of their age loved to play. This role-playing game helps the players to imagine themselves in a mystical world where they can choose a set of characters and their abilities. And continue to play this game for a period of hours, months, years, and on. Especially in the current Covid-19 Pandemic Period, the game has attracted many new players from all over the world. As many people spend their time stuck at home due to the ongoing lockdown periods. For these people, the game became a boon, helping them to immerse themselves in the magic world and enjoy exploring the various storylines. Let us now learn about 5e Hex in the sections following this.

What is 5e Hex?

DnD 5e Hex Spell
DnD 5e Hex Spell

Now that we have covered the basic info about the DnD. Let’s get back to the topic for today- 5e Hex. It is a cast spell used by the Warlock character. That allows the player to attack any creature within the range of 90 feet and cause 1d6 necrotic damage to it. However, the cast spell requires a concentration of up to 1 hour if the player has a 1st level spell slot. And with the increase in the spell slots, the concentration-time increases. For example, for a spell shot of 3rd or 4th level, the player can maintain their concentration for up to 8 hours. Whereas, if the users cast the 5e Hex spell using the 5th or higher-level spell slot, then they can maintain their concentration for up to 24 hours.

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In addition, using this spell, the player can put ability checks on the target for the said concentration period depending on the spell shot. This allows the player to turn the target’s ability to work against them, thus putting the target at a disadvantage. Moreover, if the target of the players reaches 0 hit points before the ending of the spell, then the player can curse other creatures within the range on the subsequent turn. They can also end this 5e Hex spell cast on the target early by using the Remove Curse Cast.


  • The ability to attack any creature within the 90 feet distance.
  • Increasing the cast spell concentration from 1 hour to 24 hours, by using 1st level spell slots or higher.
  • Ability to choose an ability while casting the spell.
  • With every attack during this spell, you can cause 1d6 necrotic damage.


  • Only accessible for Warlock Characters.
  • Spell limited to 90 feet.
  • The player must maintain their concentration for a specific time period based on their spell shot level.
  • Cannot be used while using saving throws.
  • Requires V,S, and M components

Functions and Effects of the 5e Hex Spell in the DND Game.

Here in this section, we will discuss how the 5e Hex spell can be used. But you must also remember that this is just a cast spell, which has less effect on the target if you do not continue the attacks. So far that lets us find out what are the different types of powers you can use while casting this spell below.

Different Types of 5e Hex Rules Spells

The various types of 5e Hex cast spells are described in much more detail below. However, you must also remember that these powers depend on the player level. The beginner-level player has fewer powers. Which grow along with level upgrades of the players, in other words unlocking more new powers.

Dreaded Hexes

A 5e Hex cast spell that does not require any expenditure of the available cast spell slot or the materials that are required for the player to cast this spell. However, This hex spell can only be cast if the player is in between Prerequisite to 8th level. Most importantly the Dreaded Hexes allow the warlocks to intend psychic damages onto the targets instead of necrotic damage.

Unending Hex

One of the best hex cast spell that can be accessed by the Warlock character players. As the name itself suggests the cast spell is unending which continues until the target hits o points when you can target the next creature. Moreover, under this spell, you can force the victim to play wisdom saving throw. And if the target fails in the saving throw, then the player doesn’t require maintaining any concentration. However, the only prerequisite to 13 the level warlock characters can access this spell.

Necromantic Hex

Have you ever thought of controlling or commanding a zombie in the DnD game? Then you are in the right place. Necromantic Hex spell helps you make just that. Under this spell, the warlock players can create a zombie before the next turn, by killing a humanoid creature. Although the players also have the ability to create multiple zombies, the no of zombies depends on their charisma level. And if the player creates an extra zombie then the pre-existed zombie will collapse into dust. Moreover, for this spell to work the players must be a prerequisite to 11th level warlock characters.

Rushed Malediction

When a warlock character enters combat, he can use the available bonus action to cast the 5e Hex spell at the first turn. When the target creature by the players loses all its points and dies, the warlock can target another creature and continue this process. However, how many creatures you can target you can cast this spell, based on your charisma modifier. For example, if your charisma modifier is 2, then you cast this spell twice on two creatures. Although the spell can only be cast by the players between the prerequisite-7th level.

Held Hex

A type of hex 5e roll20 spell that allows the warlock players to transfer the concentration process to their familiar until you can take over. Thus allowing you to make as much as damage possible with the spell as possible. However, this spell also depends on the available spell slots. And also the players must be between prerequisite to 5th level.

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Hex vs Hunter’s Mark

Hunter’s Mark is a type of spell that can be used to cast only on the weapon attacks of the targets. Thus rendering their weapons attacks useless, by using the ability checks. And the damage done to the target under this spell is 1d6 damage to the targeted creature. However, unlike the hex spell, the hunter’s mark can be cast by any one of the half-casters, instead of the warlock characters. Moreover, under this spell, you can use a weapon attack on the target within the limit. And you will also receive bonus functions if you have used the Wisdom(Perception) Check or Wisdom(Survival) Check to find the target or the creature. This Bonus Action will help the players to mark a new creature on the subsequent turn.

Similar to the hex spell, Hunter’s mark requires concentration from the players. For example, if Hunter’s mark is cast by 3rd or 4th level players. Then the said players must concentrate on the spell for a time period of 8 hours. And if the players are at 5th level or above, then the players will have to maintain their concentration for 24 hours.

Why is the Hex Spell Better?

As you have seen in the above section, the hunter’s mark spell is quite similar to the Hex Spell. However, the Hunters’ mark also has a fair share of disadvantages when compared to the 5e hex feat Spell. By using the 5e Hexblade spell players can use multiple types of features. Using the Hex Wisdom feature the players will be able to hide in plain sight, unable to see by the target. While the Hex Dexterity or Strength the players can shove, grapple o hold the target from the clutches of the spell, imitating a spider web. And with the help of Hex-Intelligence or Hex-Wisdom, the users can perform social interaction with other players and also make the target unable to see by casting an array of illusions.

What is the Warlock Class?

Warlock Class
Warlock Class

Now that we have learned all about the various features and types of 5e hex rules. Let us find out more about the Warlock Class character. First of all, Warlock is a dark magic user that gets the powers to cast various spells based on the pacts made with mysterious supernatural beings. There are officially referred to as knowledge seekers, who love to find the hidden lies located across the DnD universe. These beings also possess the knowledge shared by ancient beings such as alien entities, hags, devils, demons, and fey nobles. And with the help of this hidden knowledge and secrets, they are able to strengthen their own powers.

The warlock character is essentially a young elf wearing golden robes and has a distinct pseudodragon on their arms. This character by spelling the name of their demonic patron can unlock an array of spells and powers. Now, to learn more about the powers of warlock you must also learn about the different types of dark entities or patrons of this class.

Types of Warlock Patrons

  • Archfey, an ancient entity that drifts inside the dreams and minds of the players. Thus helping them to use the spells to affect the physic conscious of the target players or creatures.
  • The Great One, a shifting entity located between the stars that helps the warlocks to talk with other players through their minds. And also brutalize their minds by casting spells.
  • The Fiend, a being referred to as hewn of fire and madness from the nine hells. That communicates directly with the warlocks through tiny devils. Which help the warlocks to access powers such as using balls of fires on targets, or power to push the targets into the hell.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

This is for all the geeks of the DnD fanatics out there. The worldwide popular table-top role-playing DnD became the most popular ttrpg game out there in the world by the end of the year 2019. However, you must remember that its popularity is also resulted due to Covid-19 Pandemic. As stated above, the lockdown periods lead the people to stay long hours at home without ever going out unless necessary. Which in turn leads new people to find ways to spend their time at home. Often through friend suggestions or online, they have learned about this game.

This DnD is a simple tabletop role-playing game that hurls the players into a mystic world where they have unlimited storylines to explore and various characters to choose from. Based on the chosen character the players can unlock new powers and take subsequent turns in paying by using different side-faced dices. The players can play this game alone or join with other friends or family to make it more interesting and joyful. The DnD game has been around since the year 1974, and it has released 5 editions until now. Now let us find out what is the DnD fifth edition and its features.

The DnD 5th edition of the game was released in the year 2014, from which the popularity of the game started rising over the years. The DnD 5th Edition has bought back the original traditional lore, slow combat techniques, miniatures, and many more. As they have received a fair share of criticism for getting rid of these features in the DnD 4th edition. Though in addition, the 5th edition employed a more set of advanced tools to make it more friendly for newcomers and video game players.

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In this article, you can learn all about various powers and features of the “5e Hex” spell. And how can access it and what are its effects. Learn about the various pros and cons of the 5e Hex spell here on this web page. Learn more about the multiple types of hex spells and their requirements. Find out why the Hex spell is better than the Hunter’s Mark. And also learn about the warlock character in the DnD game and his many features and powers. Lastly, find out why the DnD 5th Edition became popular across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs): 5e Hex

What is the “5e Hex” spell on the DnD game?

The “5eHex” on the DnD game is a type of cast spell that can be used by the warlock characters on the target creatures within the range. Moreover, through this spell, the users can cause 1d6 necrotic damage to the targets by using the spell shots and concentration periods.

Why is the “5e Hex” spell better than the “Hunter’s Mark”?

The 5e Hex spell is much better compared to the Hinter’s Mark because it allows the warlock players to hold the targets in a vice-like grip, and uses a multitude of other spells under the bonus actions to increase the damage on the targets. And also the ability checks help the players to turn the powers of the targets against them.

Name some of the different types of Hexed Spells?

Some popular Hexed Spells in DnD games are Unending Hex, Dreaded Hex, Held Hex, Necromantic Hex, and Rushed Malediction. However, to unlock these spells the players must reach the requested levels and have the required materials stated in the above article.

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