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Join us…

Starting today we are accepting applications for new maintainers and developers. Before I explain any details on how to go about applying for either position, let me explain the differences (at least for us) for those unaware of the two.

A maintainer is a developer who maintains a device. A developer who takes on the day to day responsibilities of ensuring that the device they’re maintaining is not only tested against the latest changes in source but that the device is living up to our standards of stability, performance and reliability. They are responsible for the upkeep of their device and fixing any device related issues that may or may not occur over time.

A developer is someone that takes on the day to day responsibilities of the development process. Whether that’s testing commits, writing new features, adding on to existing features or just fixing any issues that may or may not occur, the developer is responsible for these things.

To apply for either position, just check our Notices GitHub repo.

There you’ll see a list of requirements for both positions. Once you meet those requirements, contact the recruiting committee and they’ll interview you and forward it on to Josh Chasky for a final decision.

DO NOT contact the recruiting committee unless you have a question about one of the requirements or you have met these requirements.

Good luck and #StayDirty

Options are good

About 4 months ago we talked about SuperSU and the conspiracy that had taken a life of its own in the community. While we still believe that there’s NOTHING to worry about with SuperSU, we have gone ahead and changed our mind about one thing. We will no longer ship with root. We can’t stress enough how this change has nothing to do with SuperSU. There’s been no evidence of wrong doing when it comes to Chainfire and SuperSU, this is a fact.

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Theme decision 2016

It was almost a month ago that we made a post telling you that we were still undecided on which theme engine/outlet we would include in DU and that we would wait and see. A lot of people said what they had to say but we wanted to discuss it as a team, take it slow and just look at the code because really that’s what makes it go round. We wanted to really just think about which one would be a better fit for us not just for this version of Android but for future versions. A project of this size can’t just think 1-2 steps ahead, we need to think 5-10 steps ahead and not really jump but be ready to jump.

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Weeklies and Officials now signed with private keys

Just a PSA. We are now signing all weeklies and officials with our own private keys and not using the AOSP ones.

What that means for end users is that dirty flashing will fail if you are on a Weekly or Official prior to March 25. If you clean flash any Weekly or Official after that point you can continue to dirty flash going forward. But bear in mind this will be the first question we ask you if you have issues.

If you want additional reading on why not signing with the AOSP keys is important here is some reading for you below…

Security Alert: Malware Found Targeting Custom ROMs (jSMSHider)

Release The Kraken!! Unicorns!!

Android M was released back in October; and we’ve been busy hacking away at things; writing new features; and trying to fix what El Google has screwed up. It has truly been an exciting couple of months and we’re finally ready to release our first Marshmallow build to the public.

Although it seems like every ROM under the sun has released 100 builds before us; we wanted to make sure we got it right. We didn’t want the “ME FIRST” award. With the help of many testers in the G+ community; I think we can say that we’ve done a great job!

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Let’s talk marshmallows

So is been almost two weeks since Google spread the heavens and came riding down on their unicorn and threw a bag filled of Marshmallows at us.

Many of us were not looking forward to Android M. Simply because we knew what was coming. We didn’t know exactly what would be “Googlify” but we’ve been around the block a few times and know how things go down. Unfortunately, we were right on many fronts. Once we all got a chance to sync the source, add the binaries and compile for our primary device (Nexus 6), we saw that this version of Android seem rushed.

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Kickstart Weeklies AGAIN!!

Yup, weeklies are starting up again! Huge thanks to DU developer and friend, James Taylor for taking charge on all fronts and making sure things were ready for everything to run smooth.

In the past, I was running the weeklies off my buildbox using a simple script and it got the job done but things were slow. Then there were weeks where life got in the way and I couldn’t sit behind a computer and make sure things got done. Maintainers tried their best to help and sometimes compiled their own builds and uploaded them to the DU server but again, there was life.

We don’t run a business or a sweat shop for lack of a better word. Maintainers have lives, responsibilities and sometimes shit happens. Some users sometimes don’t understand things like that and it makes for an ugly conversation.

Anyways, that should no longer be an issue. Things will be handle via Jenkins and users will start to see weeklies get pushed out on Mondays.

Weeklies can be found for each device here

If for any reason you run into any issues with a weekly, make sure you’re not using Xposed or using any 3rd party kernel and have done a full wipe prior to flashing the weekly. If you continue to see the issue, head over to our G+ community and create a post describing the issue as best as possible. Include what device, kernel, any mods and how we can duplicate the issue for troubleshooting purposes.

Thank you again for your continued support!

DU Team


We have been around a long time compare to most ROMs these days. Started by me, Alex Cruz aka Mazda on the HTC EVO 3D, this ROM has grown beyond just me and my laptop. With over 20 maintainers and many more contributors, we can honestly say we had no idea it would grow to what it is today.

Having been around for nearly 3 years, we have gain a lot of knowledge and have enjoy seeing things grow. Sites like XDA-developers have allow us to grow as quickly as we have and for that, we are thankful. Another great site that has allow us to not only share our work on but also communicate with our users unlike XDA is Google Plus. The interaction there is a bit more personal and allows users and developers to get to know each other, to see beyond the username.

With over 13K members in our Google Plus community and many more over at XDA-developers, we have a lot of users asking us different things from “can we get a change log” to “what do you guys think about….” and we try our best to answer those questions via the Google Plus community and the XDA forums but sometimes things get lost. Users start posting memes, bug reports and things start to go off topic and that important announcement or answer to something important may get lost and there’s little we can do to change that on those sites. We try our best to inform users with pinning posts and repeating ourselves time and time again but that sometimes isn’t enough.
Fortunately for you, we’re problem solvers and a bit hard headed and so refuse to just give up 🙂
Our website has now transformed itself into a blog and will now serve as a central location for all those things mentioned above. Change logs, download links, announcements and anything we feel that would be of use to you will be posted here.

As time goes by, we will take suggestions and add more elements to the website so if you don’t see something now, just let us know either via the comments here or via social media or XDA and we will go from there.

Thank you all for your continued support,

DU Team

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