DU 12.5 is here!

Full changelog:

– Merged in latest tag for AOSP security updates
– Fix NullPointerException in BatteryUtils
– Fix NPE in AutoSyncWorkDataPreferenceController
– Fix the format of wifi_carrier_content string
– Fix NPE crash in AppInfoBase
– Fix for OOM caused by looper leak in settings
– Fix the crash caused by show DialogFragment after it state already saved
– Fix for NPE caused by missing argument in setResult for ChooseLockGeneric
– Fix for battery item summary that disappears
– Fix can’t enter bluetooth device preference under settings
– Fix dev settings crash when no OEM unlock service
– Fix settings force close
– Fix ripple effect in Dirty Tweaks preferences
– Fix issue with scrcpy (mirroring desktop app) and adb reverse
– Fix FC with mediaprovider in cases with MTP and ‘optimizing’ download provider
– Launcher3 fixes from AOSP and ‘Rootless pixel launcher’
– Ensure power menu aligns properly per stock behavior
– Ensure we load the section corresponding to what build the user is on in the updater
– Ensure we get the correct fingerprint position during setup
– Avoid NullPointerException when updating preference intents
– Expand on to swipe down gesture in Launcher3
– Expose the main style in MusicFX for themers
– Remove force show system bars in splitscreen mode to avoid issues with expanded desktop
– Change deskclock analog widget background with system theme
– Added haptic feedback to double tap gestures in Launcher3
– Added ripple effect for brightness slider icons
– Added some haptic and visual feedback to download button in the updater
– Added new devices to changelog filter
– Added back Demo mode because designers wanted it
– Added translations
– Check gerrit/github for device specific changes.

Important notes:

– Last Oreo release

As we said last week, this will be the last Oreo release for us. With the release of Android P and the source being pushed on the same day, we have started to work on that. Now this isn’t to say that you won’t get any more builds from us. We are planning to push out monthly security updates just as long as Google does their part. We will not back port any security updates.

For more information on this, we recommend you read this here.

– In before we shut down..

The Nexus 7 (Flo) is making an appearance on the list of supported devices this time around. Too bad is our final Oreo release but better late than never, right?

– Social

If you folks would like to stay up-to-date with what’s going on with this project or just want to share some stories, screenshots or shoot the shit, I’ve provided some links below!

Be advised that these channels/groups for which we communicate on are not support channels/groups.
If you have an issue, we highly recommend you still use JIRA. Not only because JIRA is awesome but because is the quickest way to get eyes on your issue(s).

Twitter build status bot
Google plus
Telegram channel
Telegram group (not for support)

– Reminders

Weeklies and official builds are signed with private keys. This means that if you’re on any official/weekly build or just last week’s weekly, you can dirty flash this official build. If you’re on anything other than that and want to use this build you MUST perform a full wipe in recovery. If you decide to disregard this and flash this build or a weekly on top of anything, you will not be able to boot. Have fun looking at a black screen :p

If you run into any issues, please use JIRA to report your issues.


As always, we want to remember where we came from and who got us where we’re at! We wouldn’t be where we’re at without the help and support of all our contributors, past and present! Every developer, designer, translator and supporter, thank you for everything you’ve done for our project!