A Weapon of Hope, a Destiny 2 Quest

A Weapon of Hope, a Destiny 2 Quest

Dropping into the world of Destiny 2, players are provided with multiple things to do in this MMO shooter. Even though there are many things to do in the game, Destiny 2 at its core is a game all about exploring for loot. The more you explore its huge world, the better are your chances of finding some rare and useful items. This experience is always better with a team, and such a quest that you will definitely need a team for is the “A Weapon of Hope” quest.

I’m not saying that it is impossible to do this quest without a team, it’s easier and more fun when you have a fire team to rely on. So what is this “A Weapon of Hope” quest? In this “A weapon of hope” quest, you embark on a journey to find an amazing weapon called “Lumina”. In Destiny 2, Lumina is a hand cannon that comes with a few perks, but two of which are worth all the trouble. The “Noble Rounds” and “Blessings of the Sky” are the ones to look out for.

The Noble rounds when shot will kill an enemy and leave a “Remnant” behind. Take that remnant and fire a hipshot that will turn into a Noble shot that seeks your ally and also fills some of your magazines. This seems like a decent perk but not something to take on multiple quests(yes, this quest requires finishing multiple ones). True, but that’s not the best part. The best part is that when you hit your ally with that noble round, it heals them and also temporarily increases the weapon damage to you and your ally.

Interesting, right? So let us see what this “A Weapon of Hope” quest is, and how to finish it.

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“A Weapon of Hope” Quest Guide

The exotic hand cannon Lumia is ain’t going to be easy to get and requires the player to finish a bunch of quests. These quests can either be completed solo or with a fireteam, though it is recommended you chose the latter option. Some quests in this also involve a few other branched quests as requirements to finish just one quest. Sounds a bit confusing right? Do not worry though, because we are gonna list out everything that you need to do to successfully finish this quest and add that exotic weapon to your arsenal.

Find the Teleporter to Start the “A Weapon of Hope” Quest

Find the Teleporter to Start the "A Weapon of Hope" Quest

To start this quest players have to find a teleporter that takes them to a location where they can start two supporting quests. Now to find this teleporter, players have to go to the European Dead Zone(EDZ) then enter the Salt mines. Feels familiar? That’s because you already played the “Thorn” exotic quest here. Just keep going till you find a final warehouse, and that warehouse contains a teleporter.

After you use the teleporter and reach a cliffside, keep going forwarded and do not enter any caves. Take the left path from the cave until you reach a campsite. Here, players have to take upon two quest steps available at that campsite. Go near the ashes of the campfire to pick up one and the other is found at the edge of the campsite. The one at the edge has a chest and opening it will show a new quest, called the “A Fateful Gift”.

Taking the “a Fateful Gift” Quest

A Weapon of Hope, A Destiny 2 Quest - Taking the "a Fateful Gift" Quest

When you take up this quest from a chest, you will also find a system positioning device, which will be useful in this quest. The main objective of this quest is to find the “original location of Thorn”. It is quite easy with the system positioning device that you get from the chest. Use it to find the original location of Thorn. There is a catch though, this location keeps on changing after some time, so be swift.

One other thing is that this location is different for most players. For some, it’s the Lost sector and for others, it is something different. Regardless, players will find a chest that will put them on another quest called the “Bearer of Evil’s Past”.

Starting “Bearer of Evil’s Past” Quest

Starting "Bearer of Evil's Past" Quest

The quest description states that players have to “subdue the Thorn’s darkness with a light”. This quest is as simple as it sounds. To complete this, players have to generate 250 orbs of light. Pretty simple, but quite annoying if you are going in solo. So the best way to finish this quest is to gather your folks and finish it as quickly as you can. The best number would be 4-6 players.

Find a perfect place where you can generate a lot of light orbs and get started. I would recommend the “Blind Well” for that and using supers would be a good option to get more light orbs. It doesn’t matter if you are the one collecting the orbs or your teammate, the result is the same. Now, after you collect 250 orbs and finish this quest, the result will get you a few rewards.

“Rose” is a legendary canon and is one of those rewards that you are going to receive. Along with this, you will also receive three more new quests followed by Lumia. The new quests include,

Band Together

Again get together with other players and complete a Nightfall with 50,000 points. This is actually pretty simple to finish with a team, and you can even get twice the points mentioned above. To make it simpler, just use heavyweight or blackout modifiers, and you will be out in no time.

Face the Hordes

At this point, some of you might think that it is getting a bit of a grad, and if you do think then you are in for some shock. That is because this quest requires players to complete encounters in Blind Well, Escalation protocol, and in the Forge.

Defend the Light

In this quest, you have to face a horde of enemies coming at you, but the thing is you shouldn’t reload. A little challenging? Maybe, but if you just equip a machine gun then this feels like a child’s play. Also, using a machine gun on a horde of enemies can be a bit satisfying.

After you complete these, you will receive some perk upgrades to the Rose hand cannon along with another quest.

Go Across the Solar System With Rose

Go Across the Solar System With Rose

Yes, you head it right, the mission description requires you to get your merry band of players and go across the Solar system shooting stuff up. This quest is called the “Fireteam Leader” and involves a bunch of activities. Just from the quest, you should understand that this one is best played for a team, because if everyone equips Rose then the tasks can be finished a bit earlier.

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Players can complete the missions with a 3-man team or even a 6 player team. Go for Strikes at the Lake of Shadows, and you can finish more than 10% of the quest steps in less than 10 minutes. If you got a good team then it can be done in even less time. In case your team has more players than Menagerie is the best option as it can complete more than 30% of your quest steps.

When are done with this, the next one is the “Strength in Numbers”. I know it seems like never-ending, but just two more, and you can finally equip the Lumina.

Complete All Three Tasks in “Strength in Numbers” Before the Final “A Weapon of Hope” Quest

Complete all three Tasks in "Strength in Numbers" before the final "A Weapon of Hope" Quest

Just from the name of the quest, it should be evident that it requires a team to finish this quest. Now, the quest in itself has 3 tasks that lead to the completion of this quest. There is no particular order to finish this quest, but there is a requirement that every player should meet. That is, all the players should equip a hand cannon even if they do not use it. It doesn’t have to be any specific hand cannon, anything as long as it is equipped will do.

Now, those 3 tasks include generating 50 orbs, landing final shots with a hand cannon(Crucible works), and finishing invasion denied. The first 2 tasks are pretty straightforward, and understandable that you get 50 orbs from killing enemies and land the final blow on your enemies with a hand cannon. When it comes to invasion denied some of you might not know what it means, for some players may think it is not working during the quest.

The thing is, with the invasion denied mission, as soon as you start, a player has to terminate the invader in under 10 seconds and without the invader killing any of their fireteam members. So if you do it after 10 seconds, it’s not going to count. Follow all those rules, and you can finish the quest with your fireteam.

Finally, the Final Quest “Bloom”

Finally, the Final Quest "Bloom"

In the final quest, “Bloom” players can only use Rose to successfully finish the quest. This quest involves going through “Will of Thousand Strikes” with of course Rose. Destroy 11 crystals and then kill Xol. Simple enough? Kill Xol with Rose and the help of your teammates and Voil√†, now you are blessed with the exotic weapon Lumina.

So finally all that effort will be paid off after you equip Lumina. This is all you need to know to complete the “A Weapon of hope” quest in Destiny 2. All these quests are essential to successfully finish the “A weapon of hope” quest to obtain Lumina. Check this YouTube video for more info.

A Weapon of Hope Reward, the Exotic Weapon Lumina

A Weapon of Hope Reward, The Exotic Weapon Lumina

We have already talked about this hand cannon a little and what makes it worth all that trouble of going through so many quests. Its two main perks are the Noble rounds and the Blessings of the Sky, which heal and provide a damage buff to you and your allies. The healing factor is the reason why many go for this weapon. Apart from those 2 perks, it also adds stability, reduces recoil, and decreases handling speed with the Chambered compensator perk.

Lumina has increased distance and range due to its Accurized rounds and is lightweight because it has a Polymer grip. These are all the perks of this weapon that has a high impact with a 12 size magazine. It is a semi-auto weapon with kinetic energy damage and a fire rate of 140rpm. The base attack is 750.

Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

In case you are just starting out with Destiny 2 and do not know much about exotic weapons then this is where you can find some suggestions for your arsenal. Exotic weapons are the rare weapons in Destiny 2 that are difficult to find and are the best among others. Their damage, handling, and every other aspect are better when compared to other weapons. This ht reason why players go through all those tedious quests to get their hands on rare exotic weapons. Also, they look cool.

In case you do wanna try out and get some exotic weapons then these are the ones that you should go for. We are not gonna include Lumina here since we already talked d about it, a lot!

Try Out First Bad Juju

I think you are gonna have a lot of fun with these weapons, the main reason is that this weapon allows its holder to use their Super often. The damage you do keeps increasing with each kill you make, and the kill also adds energy to you so that you can use that Super. Even though it is an exotic weapon that does a good amount of damage than other weapons, this ain’t very suitable for higher difficulty raids.

That doesn’t make it any less fun though, even without the option of being able to use it in higher difficulty areas, this is still a great weapon to find. Also, it is not as expensive as the other exotic weapons. It costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 1 Ascendant Shard, 125,000 Glimmers, or 200 Microphasic Datalattice.

An Exotic Shortgun

Shotguns are really great for close combats, they may suck for mid-long range targets, but blowing an enemy’s head with a shotgun is something everyone loves(In games!). I usually prefer to have a shotgun in my inventory, no matter the game I play. They are pretty weapons, and if you have a rare exotic weapon like the Fourth Horseman, then you are golden. This is in no way the best exotic weapon in the game, but it is one of the good ones.

To get this shotgun, players have to spend 1 Ascendant Shard, 1 Exotic Cipher, 200 Dusklight Shards, or 125,000 Glimmer. The gun has four barrels, so it can do good damage in close encounters, especially when you are up against players with melee weapons.

A Boss Weapon With Heavy Damage

You heard it, a simple exotic weapon will not cut it when you are up against a boss. In such cases, you need weapons that deal massive damage to the boss, and Izanagi’s Burden is one such gun. This is one of the best exotic weapons at least for boss fights, the best part about this weapon is that you can use one single massive bullet. How is that? Just hold on to that reload button and the gun combines four bullets into a single one.

The result? Devasting blow to your enemy. This is what makes it a great fit for boss fights, though it might just be overkill in other enemies. There’s always some drawback, no matter how good a weapon is, and it is true for Izanagi’s Burden as well. The problem here is the reloading time that might not be a good fight when you have a lot of enemies on your back. Though its burst damage is awesome. It can be bought for 150,000 Glimmer, 1Exotic Cipher, 2 Ascendant Shards, and 250 Spinmetal Leaves.

Need a Good Primary Weapon?

One of the best options for a primary weapon in Destiny 2 is the Ace of Spades. With 1255 base power and a 140 rpm speed, this is one hell of a gun for every battle. The best thing about this is that it buffs with certain perks like when you get a clean headshot, the reloading speed is increased. Similarly, headshotting enemies and killing them will provide a damage buff. Buy this for 200 Etheric Spirals, 1 Ascendant Shard, 125,000 Glimmer, or 1 Exotic Cipher and you can handle all kinds of enemies.

My Top Choice for the Best Exotic Weapon

If there ever was a doubt as to which one is the best exotic weapon in Destiny 2 then the answer is Anarchy. This grenade launcher can handle any situation and any kind of enemy, all you have to do is fire some arc mines. Those arc mines will stick to enemies and explode when activated by the enemy dealing pulse damage. So just hit them with one or two shots and then wait for the magic to happen.

This weapon can be really helpful for raids and fitting bosses since you can just stick them mines and watch them suffer. It deals damage over time when you stick someone with multiple mines. This makes it easier to just switch to another weapon and do your combos and stuff adding more to the damage. Anarchy should be your number one on the priority list of exotic weapons since it is the best in the game, but it might take some time and effort.

The gun costs 240 Spoils of Conquest, 1 Exotic Cipher, 2 Ascendant Shards, and 150,000 Glimmers to get. So this ain’t that easy, then again, it won’t be any fun if it was easy.

As mentioned earlier, these are our picks for the best Exotic weapons in Destiny. Some of you might agree with us while others may have other opinions. Feel free to discuss them in the comment section.

About Destiny 2

There are certain aspects of the game that every gamer loves, it’s the lore, narrative, weapons, and content. These are just a few aspects among many others that make a great game. Now if you add all those things and make them interesting and present it in the form of a massive online first-person multiplayer game, then chances are that you hit a jackpot. Destiny 2 is one such game from Bungie developers that saw the light of the day in 2017. While the first entry was a decent one, it is Destiny 2 that’s the best one.

This role-playing(kind of) game takes place in a shared multiplayer world that contains a mythic science fiction element. Players can decide to play against enemies in PVE or against other players with the PvP mode. They can go in solo or with a team of 3-6 players depending on if they are playing dungeons or raids. The whole point is to protect your world from other alien races as Guardians.

The game has a lot of content, lore, and interesting gameplay. Since it is a completely online game, new content is constantly being added to the game. Rather than reading about it, I would suggest you just get it and start playing to understand it better. Well, That is the Way(Oops wrong universe!).

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Wrapping Up

Destiny 2 A weapon of hope quest is one of the easiest yet time-consuming ones, but it’s all going to be worth it. Even though it’s a pretty easy quest, there are a lot of sub-quests and tasks that one finds difficult to execute or even find. For such players this A Weapon of Hope Destiny 2 quest guide will help them understand and complete all the quests and tasks in a seamless manner. All you have to do is read all the instructions we have provided in this article and execute them to the point. That’s all there is to it, and you’ll have one of the exotic guns in your inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is A Weapon of Hope Destiny 2 quest?

The “A Weapon of Hope” Destiny 2 quest is for players to earn a bunch of great rewards, including the legendary hand cannon Rose and Exotic hand cannon Lumina.

How do I get Rose perks restored in A weapon of hope quest?

After you obtain the legendary hand cannon Rose by completing the “Bearer of Evil’s Past” quest, you have to complete a few other quests. Finish Band Together, Face the Horde, and Defend the Light quest to unlock perks for Rose and have A Weapon of hope perks restored.

Where to get Last Hope Destiny 2?

The last hope is one of the sidearms in Destiny 2 and to get this weapon, players have to give weapon parts to Banshee-44. The other way is to go to Planet of Nessus and give Failsafe(a character) some materials to increase its progress bar. Then the character will drop the Last hope gun for you.

Do the quests have to be finished in order to get Lumina?

Yes, all the quests have to be finished in order. Even if you wanna ty to do it differently, there is no other way.

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