Adding Perk Points in Fallout 4

Adding Perk Points in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is one of the most successful games from Bethesda which even overtook Skyrim in sales with just its launch day sale. This makes it their best game, well, at least in sales. Though I personally prefer Skyrim as the best title from the Studio, though that’s not what we are here to talk about (it would be a fun discussion though). We are here to talk about the Fallout 4 add perk points system.

Anyone who played has this title in the series knows that the game has a perk system as opposed to the skills system from the previous entries. Players who are new to this game, or have never played this game before may not know what this perk system is. Well, if that’s the case then you are at the right place. That’s because we are gonna talk about perks and how to add Fallout 4 perks points to your character.

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Fallout 4 Add Perk Points

Fallout 4 Add Perk Points

Right after you start the game before going out of the vault, the player has to complete a registration form that contains 28 points. Those 28 points need to be invested in certain stats like Strength, Endurance, Agility, Charisma, Luck, Intelligence, and Perception. These are called SPECIAL stats. Unlike the previous game where you already had 5 points invested in 5 stats, this game offers a better customization option.

These stats can go up to level 10, and each level increase will provide you with a point. Players have the option to spend said point on increasing their perks or their special stat. To add perks points in Fallout 4, a player can use the Pip-Boy and check out the perk chart. There is no particular order in which one has to level their perks, which makes it easier to choose the desired perk instead of waiting to level up to unlock it.

The best thing about Fallout 4 is that there es into the level cap in the game. This means that you can level up all your stats and keep increasing them. Another advantage is that you can spend points on all the 275 perks available in the game if you play the game long enough.

Even if you feel like you should have invested your points in some other stat, in the beginning, don’t worry because you will get another chance. Yes, that’s right. Right before you get out of the vault, the player can choose again to spend those 28 points in any way they want. That’s not it though, as a player levels up and earns perk points, they can still add those points to other stats to balance them.

Perk Ranks in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Add Perk Points

Players can use the pip-boy to add and manage those skills points to their character. Now, there is a bit of a mess here when it comes to perking ranks in the game. Usually, you might think that after you unlock a perk with a skill point, adding another point to that skill will increase this level. If that’s what you think, then you, my friend, are wrong. That’s because Fallout 4’s perk ranks work differently.

Imagine you unlocked a sneak perk in the game and start sneaking a lot and taking out enemies, stealing, etc. This will then increase your sneak perk by sort of adding XP points to that skill and don’t be alarmed as it has its own XP, and it doesn’t affect your usual on in the game. You do not have to spend those skills points on a single perk to level it up as it can do that on its own.

This also makes the game a lot more and interesting as you can concentrate on the one skill you like and polish it in the game. Almost like in the real world. So now when you level up, you do not just get a skill point to unlock new perks, but you also level up your perks by using them. Pretty great right?

Kills, loot, finish quests to level up your stats and perks in Fallout 4, and there is one more way to do that too. Other than the usual way to level up, a player can also read magazines and collect Bobbleheads. Reading those in-game magazines will grand you some special perks. Perks gained by this way don’t even use perk points. It’s a pretty neat way to get your hands on perks for free.

How to Add Perk Points in Fallout 4?

How to Add Perk Points in Fallout 4?

Now, let us first talk about the more conventional way for the Fallout 4 add perk points process. The method is pretty simple, you complete quests, do some random stuff like killing, looting, barter, and anything that levels you up. Some other things that help you level up quickly include locking, side quests, killing random weirdos in your path, building some settlements, et cetera. This is for those “too good to be true” honest individuals so don’t like cheating the game.

This method requires a bit of an effort but makes it worth it after you add perks to your character. After you have earned skill points, open the pip-boy and look at the perk chart. Add/unlock the required perk from there by adding those perk points. Since we are done discussing the traditional method, there is another method where you can add perks points in Fallout 4 without even leveling up.

Players can use the in-game console commands to add perks to the player without having to level up. One has to open the console window and add a command that adds a specific perk. This doesn’t just add perks to your character, but you can even add perk points in fallout 4. To learn about all the perks in the game, check these usgamer and fandom guides explaining all the perks in Fallout 4. In case you do not know how to add Fallout 4 console command perks to the game then check out the next tutorial that explains this procedure.

Fallout 4 Add Perk Points Using Console Command

Fallout 4 Add Perk Points Using Console Command
  • Before we actually open the console window. The game’s system language should be EU (which is US).
  • If in case it isn’t, just change it from the in-game settings. Then you can start the game.
  • When you are in the game, use ` or ~ key on your keyboard to open the console window.
  • On the console window, one has to enter a perk’s code ID. There is a pretty good chance that you do not know that.
  • In such situation, just enter “help "perk_name" 4“. In place of “perk name”, enter the perk that you want to add. This will give you the code for that perk.
  • Now in the same console window enter “player.addperk ID_code” and hit the enter button. This will add that particular perk to the character.
  • Similarly, when it comes to adding perk point to the character without leveling up, there is another simple command.
  • Just enter CGF "Game.AddPerkPoints" <add number>. In place of “add number”, enter the number of perk points you want to add.

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That wasn’t so hard now, was it? This method will help you add perks and fallout 4 perk points to the game without lifting a finger in the game. Except for when you enter the code. This fallout 4 console command to add perk points is probably the best method, even though it is cheating. In case, the above step doesn’t work for you then try using a Script Extender of Fallout 4. Access it using this F4SE link –

Fallout 4 Cheat Engine

A cheat engine basically puts the whole game in your hands. Meaning, you can do or make any kind of changes to the game with this tool. This might be a little complex for casual games, but with a little info on this, anyone can change all sorts of things in their Fallout 4 game. This tool can do many things other than just adding perks or perk points. A player can use this tool to get unlimited items, ammo, weapons, and even become a god in the game.

The cheat engine uses a cheat table that contains certain values that can be added/manipulated to use the above-mentioned features. To make it even simpler, whoever you open a game on your PC certain values are stored in the device in the form of numbers. Suppose, you start the game and everything you do is stored temporarily as a number on your device. Change those numbers and you can make changes to the game.

Fallout 4 Cheat engine provides you access to those numbers and using that, you can make desired changes to the game. Many gamers create tables with already changed values for certain aspects, and you can just download and use those tables to cheat in the game. Here is one such Fallout 4 cheat engine table from Alfon. Download and add this to your cheat engine, and if you haven’t yet downloaded the cheat engine then use this download link –

Double-click the .Ct file to run it using the cheat engine. Then click the PC icon that is on the menu to select the Fallout 4 game. This will help you use those cheats. Also, check out this forum to find more info on the same –

Fallout 4 Perk Guide

Since learning about all those perks and choosing the best one can be a trying and difficult task, we are here to help streamline that process. We all know that there are many perks in the game, and each perk requires a certain level o fa stat to work. For example, if you want to use the lockpick perk then you need to have a level 4 in Perception to use that skill. Similarly, every perk requires a player to upgrade certain stats of their character.

Here we shall discuss a basic build that will help the beginners to survive long enough to become better players. So as you start out your game, you have to put those points into stats. Sometimes players make a mess here and just put those points in 2 or 3 stats and leave out the rest. This makes for a very bad build, instead, beginners should go for a more balanced approach. For example, put Strength 3, Endurance 5, perception 5, Luck, Intelligence 5, charisma 3, and agility 5. This is one of the best builds for noobs in the game.

If we talk about perks now, which is the main point of discussion here. As a beginner, one should always choose the Armorer perk so you can take a few hits and still stand straight. For attack, take the Rifleman to take down others while holding out your own. In case you like going solo, then the Lone Wanderer perk helps because you take 15% less damage. Back to attack again, don’t miss the Gun Nut perk to mod your weapons and increase the damage output.

Some other perks you should be on the lookout for include Scrapper, sneak, Action Boy/Girl, Scrounger, Awareness, Refractor, etc. Check this video & guide for more info.

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Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all there is to know when it comes to the basics of perks in the Fallout 4 game. This Fallout 4 add perk points article explains everything that a player needs to know about perks, SPECIAL stats, and adding perk points to your character. There are detailed instructions on how to add fallout 4 perk points, even without having to level up your character. Use the fallout 4 console commands perks for easier gameplay if that’s what you want. Download and install the cheat engine to have more control over the gameplay aspects in Fallout 4.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Fallout 4 add perk points?

Fallout 4 has replaced the skill system with a new perks system. Here a player to get add a perk point to their character as they level up. Using these perk points, a player can get access to various skills in the game to enhance their abilities.

Can you add perk points in Fallout 4 without leveling up?

Yes, one can add perk points in Fallout 4 without having to level up. To do that, a player has to use the fallout 4 console commands perks. By adding console commands, you can add perk points, perks, and even add levels in Fallout 4.

What is S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats in Fallout 4?

Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck are the stats that are in the Fallout 4 game. A player will start with 28 points to add to these skills when he/she starts the game. Each and every stat is necessary to equip certain perks in the game. So choose wisely.

What are some of the cheats that you can enter using the console command?

Press the ` on your keyboard when in-game, to bring up the console window. In that console window, you can enter commands like “tgm” for god more, “tmm 1” to see all markers on the map, “player.additem <#>” adds items to inventory, etc. There are many other commands that can enhance your Fallout 4 gameplay experience.

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