Ahri Skins

Ahri Skins

You have probably heard of the nine-tailed fox. Not the jinchuriki from Naruto but the other nine-tailed fox from the League Of Legends(LOL). Anyone who has played LOL knows Ahri skins. It is a vastaya that belongs to the mage class. She attacks using various orbs that she can manifest from various sources of magic. The Power is mainly obtained from her link to Runeterra.  

Before we delve deep into the character and various Ahri skins or Ahri costumes that you can use in the game, let’s discover more about what the LOL game is and the kind of genre that it belongs to.

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World of MOBA

If you have never heard what MOBA is, then let me tell you that it is an online multiplayer game. This would be an oversimplification of things. In reality, the MOBA abbreviates to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where two teams fight over supremacy on a designated map in the game.

Depending on the game, each team has a set of players that can choose from. There are various characters with unique abilities and attributes. MOBA games are strategy-based games, to be more precise they are a subgenre of strategy games. Almost every MOBA game has a simple objective. Destroy the enemy base or completely eradicate every player from the other side. 

Though it may sound simple, it takes a bit of planning to achieve victory, as the others aren’t bots. So you have to carefully plan your every move and strategize with your team, making use of each player’s unique abilities for absolute win.

Apart from the players, many games also have bots that fight alongside your team to assist you in your victory. MOBA was not made as standalone games, in the beginning, they were made from other games. The first MOBA that was ever made was a custom map on the game Starfleet. 

The Starfleet game was made in the year 1998, and it provided an option for players to create custom maps. That’s how the first MOBA games came to be. Many people still mistake DOTA to be the first in the genre, though it wasn’t made till 2003. The first MOBA game that came from Starfleet was the Aeon Of Strife(AOS).

Every modern-day game that is a MOBA, is based upon the AOS game.

Enter into League Of Legends

Even if you have never played League of Legends, there is a pretty chance that you might have at least heard about it. If you are one of those few unicorns that haven’t heard about LoL, then this part of the article is exactly for that reason.

LoL or league is one of the popular MOBA games that millions of gamers play around the world. It is an online multiplayer game that is a standalone game, unlike the AOS and Defense of Ancients(game derived from Warcraft 3 map) was developed entirely from scratch.  The studio behind this famous game is Riot Games.

While the game is free and can be downloaded and played by anyone, there are microtransactions in the game. It means that you need to pay money to purchase stuff in the game. This stuff includes power-ups, skins, upgrade or buy characters, etc. Now there is an in-game currency which is called Riot points which are used to purchase stuff for the game.  

Other than the gameplay and various champions that you can use in the game, there is another thing that makes the game interesting and keeps the players in the game. Those are the many skins that you can get for your champions. We will talk more about these skins and especially Ahri skins/costumes in the further parts of this article, but before that let’s cover some gameplay.  

What goes in LoL?

Like every MOBA, the objective here is to destroy the enemy teams and their part of the map while your side remains undestroyed. Each team comprises 5 players, which can be random or you can play with your friends. The interesting part about this game is that every player has a unique character in the game who is called a champion, these champions are equipped with rare abilities and different weapons that are limited to each champion. 

There are as many as 140 champions that the players can choose from. Like I said, the main objective is to destroy the enemy which is called Nexus, while you protect yours. Each Nexus is at the opposite end of the map, and each map has many defensive measures along with various monsters that attack both you and your enemy. 

While defending and attacking the enemies, you will receive various power-ups, experience points, and rewards. These help your champion grow and use various special abilities in the battle. The more XP you gain, the better is the chance for your victory. Leveling up your champion can help you get an edge over the others. 

Various Champions in LoL

Every player has a unique style and preference for his mode of gameplay, some like to fight head-on and go guns blazing, while others like to take cover and attack from a distance. To play as a team, every player should have good teamwork and characters that can complement and balance their teams.  

So, your champion or your teammate’s champions must need certain abilities that oblige you to win the battle. Also, every player should be aware of the champions and that they can use them in the game. The 140 champions in the LoL are divided into certain classes, and each class champion has certain attributes. Now there are many classes like Controller, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Slayer, Tank, and Specialist.

Instead of discussing all these classes and the champions that come under these classes, we shall discuss one popular champion that comes under the Mage class. That champion from the Mage class is the Ahri. For info on other class champions, you can check this LoL Champions Class wiki.

Champion Ahri

Even in Mage class, there are 3 different types, and Ahri belongs to burst type mage. These kinds of mages choose to attack their enemies from a distance and avoid close combat. They target and attack them with their magic that consumes Mana(magical energy source). Ahri’s backstory is pretty vague, as she doesn’t even know where she comes from.

All Ahri is aware of is that she is a vastaya who’s partly a nine-tailed fox. If we talk about her stats in the game, then her base stats include 

Attack: 53

Health: 526

Mana: 418

Armor: 21

Other stats can be found on the Ahri wiki page.

Many people choose Ahri as their champion, this choice is due to many reasons. She provides a well-balanced effect to the team as she is a ranged attacker and is used in mid-lane on the map. She also has good ability and can clear enemies with medium difficulty. Another reason why many people like Ahri is because she has many skins.  

Every champion in LoL has many skins that a player can get by buying, trading, or unlocking through achievements. Some characters have more skins than others. There are many Ahri LoL skins that a player can choose, and these can be found under cosmetics options in the game. Let’s see how you can buy or trade for Ahri skins/cosmetics in the game.

Gifting Center in LoL

The term gifting center is pretty self-explanatory. Riot Games has provided its player with an option to mail gifts to other players. These gifts may include skins, RPs, and champions. Before you can do so, certain requirements need to be met.

Requirement for sending and receiving gifts

  1. To be able to receive or send gifts to anyone, the other person must have been on your friend’s list for more than 24 hours.
  2. Make sure that the account you are sending a gift to isn’t blocked or suspended for violating the terms or anything. 
  3. You can only start sending gifts to your friends when your account reaches level 10.
  4. There is a 10 gifts limit for sending or receiving in 24 hours.
  5. For sending RP, the limit is 5 points and the account level should be 15.

Opting to forward mystery rewards that contain champions and their skins too, for example, sharing an Ahri skin or Ahri champion. There are conditions for this as well. For sending a champion, the receiver should possess a minimum of 10 champions that he/she still hasn’t gotten. Similarly, for skins, your character must possess 10 skins that are yet to be unlocked. 

You can find more info on this from the LoL Gifting center.

Trading & Gambling

There was a time when video games were played for the sole purpose of having fun, but times have changed. Since video games have a huge market all over the world, that means that there are players from various corners of the earth that play games. With time, developers and gamers have found ways to make money by playing and trading stuff from the game.

Apart from esports, there are ways for gamers to make money by selling in-game items. Though it sounds great, this way of making money is far from legal. This kind of illegal trading is usually done through third-party sites which buy from an official game marketplace and then sell to others or the other way around.

It is pretty common with many famous games, where there are certain rare achievements like skins or characters that people use to trade to get more in-game currency or even real money. Generally, many studios let players trade stuff in the game, but this trading is done under the terms and conditions of studios, which is legal.

But many third-party sites bypass these terms and let players trade and even bet on many online matches. All this is illegal because there are certain factors like underage betting, no restrictions on the price of an item, and rigging. This may benefit the third parties and some players but is most unfair to many players. 

The LoL game isn’t free from this kind of stuff either, as many trades are happening behind the studio back for skins and characters.

Trading in LoL

While everybody knows that trading is illegal in LoL, many people still do it. They trade stuff like Ahri skins and Ahri costumes, and their costume is sold online for a certain price.

The games clearly state that any sorting of gambling or trading for in-game items may lead to the banning of the player account, though that doesn’t stop anyone. Rather than spending your hard-earned money or your parents, there is a better and easier way for you to get free characters like Ahri and Ahri skins or costumes.

Free Ahri Skins in LoL

If we are familiar with the game, then we will purchase skins or costumes for Ahri or any other character in a Riot store. This method requires us to spend the RP(Riot Points) that we earn finishing various missions and objectives in the game. Now without spending RP we may still acquire skins and costumes for many characters, and for free.

Now, this should be interesting. So let us see a few ways for you to get free custom skins in LoL.

The best and the easiest way would be to follow and subscribe to various social accounts of Riots games, especially LoL. Now there are only certain skins that you get from this method like Tristana skin, for everybody else like Ahri custom skin, you may have to get them the hard way.

Grind, grind, grind. Play, win, have another, and repeat. Score big during the season ranked matches and unlock a new skin

Buy and unlock Hextech chests to craft skin shards. These skins shards will help you certain new skin depending on the character skin shard. You can also re-roll a few skin shards to get a new permanent one. The downside side is that you get a random custom skin.

If you have some good friends in the game, you are one lucky duck, as your friends can donate your character and their custom skins.

Buying From the Store

There are only some skins that you may earn for free in this game or from any other game. At some point, you are required to purchase skins and characters from the store. It is already mentioned that you need the in-game currency which is RP or the Blue Essence(BE) to acquire everything from the Riot store. 

You need to go to the store from the game or Riot store and look for the character skin that you want to purchase. For example, you want to purchase Ahri costumes, then you need to look for the Ahri character from the list. You can also filter these skins based on various aspects like their price and rarity. 

Rare skins usually cost more BE or RP, as no fine thing comes cheap. You may buy some RP points to purchase Ahri skin, but you have to shatter the champion shards to get to BE. $641 is the amount you need to get every champion in the league

The price of Ahri skins or any other character depends on its rarity and its release date. If it’s a new one, then its cost will be high. You need at least 390RP to get the cheapest skin in LoL, and this price can go as high as 3200RP, and sometimes even more. The highest price is for the Ultimate skins.

Now you can purchase every skin from the store, but that may burn a giant hole in your pocket as it can cost around $3,555. Other than Ahri skins, you can also get some chromas which are new clothes for characters.  

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Best Ahri Skins and Costumes

Ahri is one of the most played characters in the game, and so LoL has provided players with various Ahri skins so that the character is enjoyable and looks cool. Here we provide you with some of the best Ahri skins.

Spirit Blossom Ahri

Spirit Blossom Ahri

Many Ahri users must be familiar with this Ahri custom skin as it is considered one of the best skins for this character, which is also pretty evident by the looks of it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this custom skin costs 1820RP, also its Ahri legendary skin.

This skin concept of Ahri is that she is a bridge between the final destination for souls that arrive at the spirit realm. She helps those confused souls rest at peace by crossing them over to the other realm.

You also get new animations and 5 chromas for this skin, just in case you are bored with the wardrobe. The chromas need to be purchased separately for this skin. Other than that, you get a new voice and VFX animations in battles.

Star Guardian Ahri

Star Guardian Ahri

The Star Guardian Ahri is the leader of a group of guardians that are from the far reaches of the outer cosmos. Her special skill is her super cute charm that can make any foe kneel at her heels. This Ahri legendary skin is also famous among the LoL community.

Since it is a legendary skin you can purchase this for 1820RP from the store which is the same price as the Ahri Blossom Skin. This skin just doesn’t change her looks, but also her attack animation style and sounds. You can also notice that her orb design is changed with this skin, and she also has a cute little familiar to assist her in her journey.

K/DA All Out Ahri Skin

K/DA All Out Ahri Skin

A version of Ahri who is a great performer on stage as she leads her team to flawless victory with poise. You get that vibe from her looks as well. One great thing you will notice about this skin is her crystallized tail design, which is quite new to any Ahri costume.

This skin costs 1350Rp, from the store. Another special thing about this skin is that it has as many as 8 different chromas which is quite a lot, but hey, the more, the better. Along with these chromas, you will get new VFX animations for battles, movements, and also sounds. 

Elderwood Ahri Costume

Elderwood Ahri Costume

This skin is more in line with her backstory of a lost soul wandering the woods, finding herself. Even if the custom skin is based on her story, it still is a fresh take on her appearance as it provides a more of a fantasy vibe.

You can buy this skin any time from the store as it is an epic skin that costs 1350RP. This skin was released in August 2019 with changes in animation and sounds. Her particle effects have been added with new animation.  If you are bored with the skin, then you can choose another skin for this Ahri costume.

K/DA Ahri Skin

K/DA Ahri Skin

Reinvent your Ahri character with this new custom skin that provides a more grounded look and makes Ahri look cool. This version of Ahri is a famous singer who rocks the stage whenever she performs, and none can match her fame in the music industry. It is also an epic Ahri costume that can be bought anytime from the store.

This skin also brings you new animations for the movement and battles of the character. If you are wondering why it sounds different, that’s because new sounds are added to this skin. It costs 1350RP, to buy this skin.

Arcade Ahri Skin

Arcade Ahri Skin

Often called the ‘Queen of arcade’, this custom skin is perfect for players who want their character to look like an actual gamer. She is the champion of the gaming world, so you better not challenge her for a duel. 

She can effortlessly take out any minion or boss by dashing between them and using her magic. You get a retro feel with the skin as everything around the skin is pixelated to give you that arcade gaming vibe. It is an epic Ahri costume that costs 1350RP. Other changes include battle animation and sounds. 

Academy Ahri Skin

Academy Ahri Skin

Academy Ahri is like one of those popular girls in the school who can be a little mean but at the same time are gorgeous. She is the boss of her world, who doesn’t care about their teacher’s or principal’s opinions.  She also charms others to get herself out of trouble.

This is a simple custom skin that doesn’t provide any new animations for the character. It costs just 750RP, as it doesn’t have any additional chromas or sounds.

Popstar Ahri Skin

Popstar Ahri Skin

A regular Ahri LoL skin from the LoL can be bought from the store at a price of 975RP. Apart from the Riot Games’ name and image, there is no official description for the skin character. So all that we can assume is that this Ahri’s version is a famous pop star that enjoys a cult fan following. 

You also get various animation effects for orbs, attacks, and movements with this skin, and each of the attacks and movements has new sounds.

Challenger Ahri Skin

Challenger Ahri Skin

One of the rare Ahri skins can only be purchased when available for sale, as it is generally stored in the legacy vault. Challenger skin provides Ahri more of a fierce look than it does for other skins. So if you are tired of the same old cute-looking skins, then go for this one. 

The challenger skin costs 975RP when it is not locked up in the vault. It is also available in one chroma skin.

Midnight Ahri Custom Skin

Midnight Ahri Custom Skin

This is the basic Ahri LoL skin that you can find for this character, and it is quite cheap. You can buy this skin for just 750RP, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing. The design is quite simple with a dark fur coat, and the highlight for this skin is the tiara which makes her look like a princess of mystical creatures. Since it is regular skin, we can purchase it easily from the store.

These are some of the best Ahri custom skins that most players prefer in LoL. So buy the best one, and you can flaunt your character’s looks to your friends, and if it makes them jealous, then it’s a win-win.

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Here we have provided you with every necessary detail that you should know regarding trading/gambling(which you shouldn’t), available Ahri skins. We have even talked about how you can purchase them from various stores. If you want new characters and their skins without having to spend your money, then you should make some good friends who can gift you in-game items. 

If you get bored with one skin then you can choose from the other 9 provided here, and if that’s not enough then you can add chromas for these skins, maybe then it wouldn’t be so boring. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) 

How many skins does the Ahri character have in LoL?

Chris has a total of 13 skins in the game, and that’s not including the standard that the character has. Apart from these skins, you also have various chromas for certain skins which may not change the whole character design, but it does provide a sense of variety with colors.

Do all skins need to be purchased using RP in, LoL?

No, you don’t always have to have skins. There are other ways, liking and following the social media handles of Riot Games and LoL games, and shattering /rerolling skin shards to get other custom skins. Sometimes players can donate their skins and champions in the game through the gifting center.

Will any skin give an advantage in the game?

Skins only provide cosmetic upgrades and don’t increase any of the character stats. So no, any skin doesn’t have any stats upgrade over other skin.  Though some skins have different animation styles than others.

Is every Ahri skin available in the store?

Certain Ahri costumes are called legacy costumes, which are generally stored in the LoL vault and only come out of the vault during sales. Other than those legacy skins, almost every skin is available in the store.

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