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Akali Skins

If you have played any MOBA games then there is a good opportunity that you have heard of LoL(League of Legends), you may have even played it. LoL is a very acclaimed game that is played by many players around the globe. The reason for this is simple, great gameplay and characters. There are more than 140 characters(called champions in-game) with unique designs, abilities, and backstories. This article is about the best Akali Skins, But more on that later.

With many champions, players have the option to choose a different one and not get bored. Even with many characters, players sometimes get sick of looking at the same design. For this reason, games nowadays come with various skins for every character. Now we cannot discuss skins for every character as there are so many, and also discussing each character’s various skins would take forever.

The champion that we are going to discuss is Akali, and we will also list and describe some LoL Akali skins for players who choose to use her in the game. 

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Champion Akali

You may already know there are various classes in LoL, and each belongs to one of those classes. In the case of Akali, she belongs to the Assassin class because she is also called ‘The Rogue Assassin’. Though that wasn’t the only title she had, she was also known as the ‘Fist of Shadows’ before she abandoned the Kinkou order.

Akali was born in the Temple of Thanjuul among the kinkou order and raised by the teachings of Master Shen. Since Kinou considered them to be the safe keepers of Ionia, Akali was also raised to be the same and was meant to lead the next generation of warriors. She was trained with shuriken techniques and was to improve her core physical abilities like her speed and agility. 

When Ionia was invaded by the Noxian kingdom, she was struggling to follow the principle of Master Shen as she thought it wasn’t enough to save her homeland. It is then Akali defied Master Shen and his teachings to take down the enemies of Ionia using her powers. She went as far as to declare that the methods of Kinkou were futile. 

Even though the Kinkou warriors were defending the material and spirit realm, still many Ionians were dying in the material realm, she then decided that she would use any means necessary to defend that realm by herself. That’s how she abandoned the role of Fist of shadows and became the Rogue Assassin.

Akali Base Stats & Abilities

One of the appealing things about LoL is that each champion has different stats and abilities that players can utilize in a battle. In the case of Akali, those base stats are

Attack: 62 – 118.1

Armor: 23 – 82.5 

Health: 500 – 2285, also after certain small damage the health regenerates 8 – 16.5 per 5 seconds.

Movement Speed: 345

Magic Resistant: 37 – 58.25

Energy: 200, after using up energy for attacks, it regenerates 50 per 5 seconds.  

Critical Damage: 175%

Attack Range: 125

While there’s a certain attack range for every champion, you need to remember that not every champion can be from a long distance. That is also true for Akali as she isn’t suitable for ranged attacks because she is a melee champion.

Akali’s Abilities

Every champion in LoL has 5 different abilities that they use to subdue and kill enemies. For Akali those abilities are

Assassin’s Mark: This is a passive ability of Akali which, when activated, increases her speed by forming a ring around the enemy. As long as Akali stays inside the ring which lasts for 4 seconds, she can move faster, and when she leaves the ring before it disappears then she gains a boost to the next attack which has more damage than usual.

Five Point Strike: With this attack, Akali throws 5 kunai towards her enemies, dealing a certain amount of magic damage. While this attack does magic damage based on her attack boost, it also slows down enemies which are a little far from her range. After using this attack, you have to wait for just 1.5 seconds before you can use it again.

Twilight Shroud: Since Akali is an assassin, this kind of attack makes perfect sense for the champion. When you use the Twilight shroud, Akali drops a smoke bomb that surrounds the enemy in a dark cloud. As long as Akali stays in the smoke, she cannot be hit with any attacks or magic spells, but if you try to attack the enemy, then Akali becomes visible for a brief movement. She also has increased speed as long she’s in the smoke.

The Strong and the Weak

Shuriken Flip: This attack isn’t like your normal shuriken throws, but rather when used, Akali dashes away from the target and throws a shuriken towards him that deals magic damage. Now after the attack, the target is marked even if he is in a smoke cloud, also you can even mark a smoke cloud with this attack. Not just that, but you can deal additional damage by dashing back towards the marked enemy.

Perfect Execution: Perfect execution is a dash attack towards an enemy that deals a good amount of magic damage and stuns for 0.5 seconds. After the first dash, you can also use recast to dash Akali towards the enemy’s direction, executing anyone in her path. Recast deals more damage than the first.

Damaging the Enemy

All these skills make her a deadly damage dealer. With these skills, you should also know where you should use her. As mentioned above, you won’t have any luck using her from range, as she is a melee-type champion. Also, you have to use her in mid-lane as she is best suited, if not used head-on, in battles. While she isn’t a difficult character to use, she ain’t easy either, as she has a moderate difficulty. 

For players who like playing with champions using different skins, we have compiled a list of all Akali skins that have been released till now. You can find the info below.

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All Akali Skins

There are many LoL Akali skins released by developers, so here we discuss all those Akali skins except the classic LoL Akali skin which is usually available with the champion. The list below is in no particular order.

Nurse Akali Skin

All Akali Skins

Everyone thinks nurses are cute, that may just be a fantasy. While this skin does picture Akali as a cute nurse, don’t get deceived by it because she is still as deadly as she is without this skin. This skin looks more like a cheerleading costume than it looks like a nurse outfit, maybe except for the nurse hat. 

Now I know that it’s just a plain white and red costume but that now it, this skin also has 8 different chromas available. While the nurse skin costs 975 RP, if you want other chromas for this skin, you have to spend an extra 290 RP for each chroma. You also get a new VFX/SFC with this skin.

Blood Moon Akali

Blood Moon Akali

Blood moon skins picture Akali as a member of the blood moon cult that follows their inner demons. This version of Akali is a priestess who has left the cult to follow her path and has embraced her demons by communicating with the blood moon herself.

The design looks more like Chinese warrior clothing that has an oni mask. There are a few animation inclusions with this skin, as you can notice new attack styles and recall changes. There are also emotes and a few other animation changes. This skin can be bought for 975 RP.

Silverfang Akali

Silverfang Akali

This doesn’t provide much of a new feel for the champion, except for some color and costume change. As the name suggests, this skin has a silver color tone all over the costume, and other than that there isn’t much to discuss this skin. At Least this skin has a few emotes and animation additions. This skin still costs 975 RP even though there isn’t anything special about it.

Headhunter Akali

Headhunter Akali

You can add this skin to the list of cool ones, as this skin provides a mashup of alien and assassins themes. Also, Akali looks a little scary, rightly so as this version of Akali is a ruthless hunter who kills anyone she deems worthy of death by her hands. It paints a fresh picture for her character, why still keeping the base story intact, only here she is a merciless hunter rather than just an assassin.

The new attack, recall, and death animations along with some new emotes are added to this skin. To make it more interesting, there are 3 chromas for this skin. Use just 1350 RP and this skin is yours. For me, this is probably one of the best Akali skins.

Sashimi Akali

Sashimi Akali

It is difficult to escape from the edge of a sword if an assassin is holding it. Now imagine the same assassin holding a knife to slash and dice food. There is no guarantee of its taste, but the process is going to be gorgeous. So obviously the sashimi skin makes Akali look like a master chef. 

This skin provides a simple look for Akali hence the 750 RP cost. Like every other skin, this too has new emotes and few animation changes.

K/DA Akali

K/DA Akali

There is something about street hip hop style that people always like to incorporate into various skins in games. Well for such people, here is one of the best Akali skins that show her in a street hip hop style with dropping mics with her performances. Her clothing style is perfect for the design and makes her look cool. For a 1350 RP, you can get this skin from the store which if you ask me, is a bit too much for this skin. Emotes, attack, and recall animations are added to this skin.

Project: Akali

Project: Akali

Project Akali skins are for the most part cool for every champion. This Akali League of legend skin is also from the Project category, and even though looks good could have been better. The skin provides a modern suit for Akali which looks like an advanced space suit rather than a superhero suit. You can notice changes in hair color which is blue and new for the champion, also there are new emotes, and recall animation which adds a few drones before the recall.

Apart from the 1350 RP for the skin, if you pay an additional 290 RP you can get new chrome for the skin. There are as many as 9 chromas available for this skin, and you need 290 RP to get one of them.

True Damage Akali

True Damage Akali

While the name may suggest that the skin may have a fierce look for our champion, this Akali League of Legends skin is more of an upgrade for the K/DA skin. True Damage and K/DA are from the same universe. That’s because this skin also makes Akali look like a rock star and less of a fighter or assassin. It costs 13530 RP which I feel is too much for this skin as I don’t see any unique appeal to it.

It also has 7 different chromas for the skins that have the same new emotes and animations as the actual skin. The price for chromas is similar to other ones, which is 290 RP for each chroma.

K/DA All Out Akali

K/DA All Out Akali

You can say that this skin is pretty similar to the other K/DA or True Damage, and even though that is true, this is better than the other two. This should be your choice for a rock star Akali skin, and the great thing is that it is priced similar to other ones, which is 1350 RP. So I don’t see any other reason for anyone to choose other skins over this one. Among all the Akali Skins, K/DA is the most expensive skin. 

You also have 8 different chromas for this skin, along with new VFX/SFX and animations. In case you get bored with one color, you have 9 different ones to choose from with this skin.

Stinger LoL Akali Skin

Stinger LoL

One of the Akali Skins, Stinger belongs to an assassin order called the Great Sparrow Bee, while the name may sound ridiculous this version isn’t also a deadly assassin. The combination of gold, black, and gray skin looks good for the champion and is a nice spin on an assassin design.

While this isn’t the best Akali skin out there, this skin is one of the rarest ones. That’s because it isn’t always available for you to buy. Such skins are called Legacy skins in LoL. Also, this is a pretty cheap skin with costs just 520 RP in store when it is available.

Infernal LoL Akali Skin

Infernal LoL

If you are seeking scary Akali Skins, then this is the skin that you should choose. Infernal Akali is a flame jinn who burns her victims to the crisp. She is from the far reaches of the underworld, and when summoned offers to kill anyone, but at a certain price. While the skin is pretty cheap as it can be bought with just 520 RP, it still looks badass.  A flame jinn with horns looks pretty intimidating, and this skin provides new animations for the champion.

It is also one of the legacy skins, so you need to be on the lookout if you want this skin. There is no guarantee when it will be available in the store.

All-Star Akali 

All-Star Akali

Just a plain skin for Akali that dresses her up as a college soccer player. This skin was released during the 2010 world cup, hence the design. There isn’t much to like about this skin, even though it is a legacy skin. There are many reasons to not care about this skin as there are no new animations, VFX/SFX, and chromas. 

It is a rare skin because it is a legacy skin, so when it is available you can buy it with 975 RP.

K/DA Akali Prestige Edition

K/DA Akali Prestige Edition

Pretty much similar to the other K/DA skin except for a new color. This is a super rare and limited skin for the Akali league of legend champion. For some, this might even be the best Akali skin, but actually, it’s just a rework of the other K/DA skin.  While it is really difficult to get this Akali League of legend skin, it’s not completely impossible. 

You can try your luck with Hex crafting, buy various in-game passes, bundles and also play summoner rift and other modes. This skin has new animations for the champion and added VFX/SFX.

All Akali skins are available for the champion, in case if you want to know more, then you can watch the Akali Skin Spotlight video from YouTube. Other than Akali skin Spotlight, there are other videos for champions as well.

How to play with Akali League of Legends Champion?

Akali has a moderate level of difficulty to use, and she is best suited to play in the mid-lane as she is one of the best damage dealers. To use her properly, you need to build her properly. One thing beginners need to remember is that while she is one of the good damage dealers, you shouldn’t rush into battle, at least not until she reaches level 6. If you encounter anyone above your grade, then it would be a wise choice to take a back step and retreat.

Farm as much as you can early in the game to reach higher levels, and using your Q’s help. After you unlock your R(ultimate) then you can go for solo kills. Look for solo enemies, and you can execute them with your R. Make sure that you have enough energy for spells, as Akali energy can run out pretty easily. When you reach level 9 then you can pretty much handle waves and take them out with your Q. 

If you have upgraded your R to level 2 and completed your Hextech Gunblade then you can stay true to your title assassin. Find out enemies that are isolated and take them out. Even though you have a great chance 1v1, you may still need to be careful against groups. If your team is in trouble, then you can use teleport to join them for assistance. Instead of teleport, you can also use ignite with flash that can help you take down full-health enemies.

Runes for Akali 

Another important aspect of a champion build is using the right runes. Each rune set is equipped for a specific boost. You can choose a rune set for damage boost or health boost. Most damage dealers choose Precision in the first tree to increase the damage from Akali and also to defend from enemy damage. You can also Conqueror from constant damage increase in the game. 

If you wish to specifically increase the RP damage, then go for Coup de grâce, and this rune also deals more damage to low-health opponents. In case you are not sure if you can sustain yourself in the long battle and need to recover your lost health, then it would be a wise choice to go for Fleet Footwork along with Precision. As the latter helps to regenerate a certain amount of health with every attack.

The Second Tree

In the second tree, Domination is the right fit for an assassin like Akali as it increases the burst damage. Along with that select Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter for healing Akali with every damage you land on the opponent. There’s also Ultimate Hunter or Electrocute instead of the aforementioned runes, but unless you are a skilled player, you will have a hard time playing with those runes. 

For items, like stated earlier you should build your Hextech Blade, after this, you can go for Sorcerer’s shoes or Mercury treads depending on your gameplay style. If you need more info on this then you check out these links Akali Guide and Akali Rune Guide.

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The League of Legends Akali champion is one of the best ones in the game, especially if you play mid-lane and if you aren’t much of a team player. While Akali is best suited as a solo assassin, that doesn’t mean that you can just go in guns blazing. We hope that these Akali Skins have given you sufficient variation in how you choose to play Akali. Before you can do stuff like that you need to properly build her, and if you are not aware how then you can check the information provided for the said build. 

There’s a very good chance that you will have a great time playing with LoL Akali, and if you get bored using her after a while, then you can switch up her look with all the Akali skins provided above.   

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the best Akali skin?

Choosing the best Akali skin is a matter of choice and perspective, but there is a consensus that K/DA All Out Akali/Prestige Edition, Headhunter, and True Damage Akali are the best Akali skins. There are many things to consider before you can choose any skin as the best one, things like animation styles, chromas, and other VFX/SFX. These things coupled with availability and price can help you choose a good one from all Akali skins.

Where can I see all the Akali skins gameplay?

You can just go to YouTube and search Akali Skins Spotlight and you can check out all Akali skins gameplay.

Is Akali League of Legend champion difficult?

While Akali isn’t easy to master, it isn’t that difficult either. You need to play a lot with her to get a hang of her style, and when you do, you can deal a great amount of damage to your enemies.

How many LoL Akali skins are available for the champion?

Without including the classic one, there are a total of 13 LoL Akali skins. Some skins also come with many chromas.

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