All the Mods

All the Mods

Minecraft may have been made as a sandbox-style survival game, but it has grown into greater than the sum of its parts. The main reason for that is the mods, and there are a lot of them, a lot. Due to mods the game now has content in every aspect, you got hundreds of biomes, thousands of items, tools, and many other things.

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All The Mods(ATM) in Minecraft 

Usually, most players use single mods if they are beginners, while some pros use multiple mods. There is a reason why using a variety of mods is simple. The more the number of mods, the more features are incorporated into the game. To add multiple mods, download and add them separately. What if I were to say that you can add multiple mods at once. By using the ATM, which is a mod pack that consists of more than 200 mods. 

You heard it right, a mod pack that contains not 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20, but more than 200 mods. There are several huge mods in Minecraft. It takes months to finish or master, imagine having such a huge number of mods at once in your game. It is difficult to comprehend all the things that you can do with so many of the mods.

Don’t get deceived by the name though, it does say all the mods but that never going to be possible. Since there are more than 80,000 mods in the game, you cannot expect to get all of them in a single mod pack. That would be insane. The reason is simple, not every mod is compatible with other mods. 

Even in this ATM mod, there is no guarantee that all the mods are gonna work happily side-by-side with the other mods. You may face some bugs and crashes but at the end of the day, most of them are going to work, and you are going to have a fun time. 

A Little Backstory of All The Mods

This mod was never intended for public use, well, at least when it was created. The mod was created by The ATM team and was initially used among few friends. When it somehow got attention from other players, this mod was made public by the team and has since then been used by many players.

After the first initial version of this mod, it has gone through many upgrades. The current version of this mod is the All The Mods 6 and is the one with 200 plus mods. Just like the previous versions were upgraded with new mods, you can expect the future version to have even more mods.

Do not worry though, while you may think that more mods mean more bugs and crashes, the team intends to provide stability as they keep on increasing the mod count. The mod currently has all those famous basic mods that are recommended for every newbie along with some advanced mods that pros use. Not just that, it also has some lesser-known underrated mods and a few new ones.

Other Versions Of ATM 6 Mod

ATM 6 Mod

It shouldn’t be surprising to know that the ATM6 mod has other older versions, the name should have rung a bell. To perfect something, you should go through trials and some errors. While the older version of this mod like All The Mods 3 or 4 weren’t awful, they are good or developed as the ATM6 mod. 

The older version also had fewer mods in their mod pack and a bit less stability. Since then, they have upgraded their older mods and released the ATM6. It was first released for the 1.8.9 version then upgraded to 1.9, and now runs for 1.10.2. The ATM6 was released on 7th May 2020, while its previous version ATM 5 was released on 6th Jan 2020.

Older Versions of ATM

If you want to try some of their older versions of this mod then you can check the download links below.

Second Edition – All The Mods 2 – ATM 2

Third Edition – All The Mods 3 – ATM 3

Fourth Edition – All The Mods 4 – ATM 4

Fifth Edition – All The Mods 5 – ATM 5

You can try them out, but there is a good chance they might not be as good as the ATM6 mod. If you want to ditch the old ones and just want to go ahead with the new version which is ATM6 then you can download it from This link is for the current ATM6 which is the 1.16.5 version, but if you are looking for any other versions then you can find them from the “Files” tab from the download page.

One of the best things about some of these older mods like the ATM 3 is that it has Sphax All The Mods 3. The ATM 3 mod list might be as large as the latest version, but it does have its unique features.

Mods in ATM 6 Modpack

There is no way that we can discuss all the mods present in the ATM 6 mod, but we can talk about some of the best and well-known mods. So here we have listed some of the best mods available in this mod. 

AE2 Stuff

Since mods are all about incorporating new stuff into the game, why not add more blocks and items? With the AE2 stuff mod, you get some new blocks and items for your game that makes the game a little more interesting. The AE2 Stuff was created by BDew.

Some new items include a new block the Crystal Growth Chamber, now you can even form Fluix Crystal, crystal growth time is reduced, an option to use 3-speed upgrades added an advanced inscriber, and a patterned encoder. To use this mod, you need BdLib 1.9.0, Applied Energistics 2 rv2.stable, and any newer versions of Forge. 



There is no such gamer, especially a Minecraft player who would ever say no to more weapons and equipment sets. The more weapons you have, the better the odds of winning against a mob. All the new equipment added in this mod can be found by either exploring the lands or killing some bosses. You can even craft them if you have the recipes for them.

Apart from weapons, the mod also adds the crafting table from the vanilla version. This mod also has revamped contents of the WeaponPlus mod. To use the ArmorPlus mod you need certain libraries like the DragonLib and ForgeLin. 

These libraries should be the same version as your mod, and if you are using 1.16.¾ then you also need GeckoLib 3.0 along with the DragonLib.



One of the most used mods for improving the game performance, that can also be used on the server-side as well the client-side. Though some of it may not function properly on either side, it provides a good gaming experience by increasing the FPS. 

The mod also has a config file if any user wants to make changes to the mod. If you do not use this mod after incorporating it into the game then you can disable/enable it any time from the mod settings. For certain versions of the mod, you can even use its setting by pressing the F12 key.

Some improvements made in this mod are with fog, Beacon beam, fast beacon, fast search, and fast hopper. The mod needs certain prerequisites like OptiFine and Forge. Without them, the mod will not work.

 Biomes O’ Plenty

 Biomes O’ Plenty

If you like exploring new places and are bored with the same old vanilla Minecraft landscapes then add the Biomes O’ Plenty mod to your game. This adds plenty of new biomes, all with unique worlds that have their weather, items, mobs, and dungeons. 

Though not all biomes have all these things, you can be sure about one thing though, that you’re going to spend a lot of hours exploring new fantasy, tropical, and weird worlds. Not just that, but you can also create your very own new biomes with this mod.

Remember that this mod is not always activated when you start your Forge Minecraft games, so make sure to enable it. You can also use this mod with others like Mystcraft, Big Tree, Natura, and Underground biomes. It adds new biomes in both Nether and Overworld.



If you ever wanted to make your character a cyborg then this is the mod that you should try. You can say the creator Flaxbeard was inspired by the games Deus Ex and Shadowrun and made this mod.  With this mod, you can Doctor Waldman or Silas Stone(DC) depending on how you see yourself.

You get a surgery chamber with which you can add any kind of augmentations to your Minecraft character. There’s also a Robosurgeorn who helps you with these augmentations. 

You can do things like replacing your heart with a mechanical one, add cyber limbs that have weapons like claws, get laser eyes that have night vision and target tracking, and many such things. There is one catch though, you have to fight some tough cyber monsters to get augmentation parts like that. 

For more info on this, you can check the download link, and if you want help with this mod then check this guide



Have you ever wished that there was more to farming in Minecraft, than try the Foresty mod. It mainly focuses on farming and breeding small insects like bees and butterflies. 

This mod also adds some new items, ores, and machines to your game that compliment your farming/breeding process in Minecraft. Apart from these chores you also get to produce some renewable energy sources. For breeding bees, you can place them in bee houses. Eventually, these bees breed in trees and produce some virtually delicious food.

Some other features include the addition of intelligent backpacks, mail systems, tree breeding, and butterflies. This mod is also compatible with some other mods like Railcraft, IndustrialCraft 2, and Buildcraft.

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Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons

There is probably no one who would ever say no to dungeon explorations. There is something about those mysterious, scary caves that demand to be explored. Doesn’t matter if you are going to finish the dungeon or die multiple times halfway, and then decide to quit in rage. 

Minecraft already has a few dungeons and more if you consider some biome mods, but more is always better. So here is another mod called the Roguelike Dungeons that add a multi-layered dungeon field with different random mobs spawning to gut you. 

If you can slay them and the boss then you are in for some great loot. Apart from drops like that, certain chambers or floors also have unique chest loots. Also, each room/chamber has a different theme, so it’s more fun. If you want a little more info on this mod then check the Roguelike Dungeons Wiki.

Xeno’s Reliquary

Xeno’s Reliquary

Love magic? Then maybe this mod is for you as it adds many new items and blocks, all of which are magical. Other than the magical items and blocks the best thing about this mod is that it lets you duplicate some rarely found items through transmutation. Though to do that you will need Tome of Alkahestry.

Some items available in this mod are Nian Zhus, Hunter’s handgun, Coin of Fortune, Infernal Chalice, Void Tear, Interdiction Torch, Lilypad of Fertility, Sojourner’s Staff, and Witherless Rose. Each of these items has unique abilities.

The mod also has a potion system with some interesting potions that you can manifest with specific items. These potions have different kinds of effects, they depend on the elements used. Rare ingredients have strong effects.

Simply Jetpacks 2

Simply Jetpacks 2

The Simply Jetpacks 2 is exactly what you think, it adds some new jetpacks to the game. Any sane player would love to get some jetpacks to hover around in Minecraft. To run these jetpacks you are going to need some Redstone Flux(RF) or Buidlcraft fuel. 

This mod doesn’t run on its own though, you need to add other mods like Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion 4, or Ender IO. you can use any of these mods to get jetpack recipes and make yourself one.  Some of these jetpacks have special abilities that can come in handy in tricky situations. 

Other than jetpacks, the mods also offer fluxpacks powered by Forge energy or RF which is the same as jetpacks. One thing that the fluxpacks can do is that they can charge certain items as well.



All of us use the mob farms to quickly get XP points and level up. We make a mob farm, then the mob spawns, and we kill it. We do this repeatedly for XP, points, and loot, but what if I were to tell you that there is a better to do this.

Instead of manifesting a mob farm that spawns a mob, how about a farm that shares the items you get by killing the mob. Yes, that’s possible. With the Woot mod, you can directly incorporate a farm that spawns mob loot instead of spawning a mob. 

To run this farm you need to power it up with RF, and these farms are highly customizable. You can customize different tiers of mobs and then add the loot that it should spawn. 

With you want higher-level loot then you need to configure it with a higher level of mobs, but to do that you need a larger and better factory. For more info on this check the download page info.

Apart from these mods, there are several other amazing mods in the ATM 6. You should also try Journeymap, Advanced Generators, Blood Magic, CraftTweaker, Draconic Evolution, Just Enough Items, ModTweaker, and Tinker’s Construct.  

These are a few other mods that are highly recommended for every Minecraft player. Each of these mods incorporates unique things into your game. If you like to find out what are all the other mods in the ATM 6 mod then you can check this ATM Fandom Wiki.

How to Download and Install the Atm Mod Pack?

Even though the ATM 6 mod pack has several mods in it, the download and installation are pretty simple. Follow the steps to the point, and you should be good.

  • The first thing you need to do is download the mod, but to do that you need the CurseForge application installed on your device.
  • So we’ll first install CurseForge using You can choose between Windows and macOS depending on your device.
  • When the file is downloaded, you need to install it.
  • After it is installed, run the CurseForge tool. 
  • On the home page, you can see the Minecraft game. When you click on it, you can see two tabs. One is the ‘My Modpacks’ and the other one is Browse Modpacks.
  • Since you do not have the All The Mods 6 mod, go to the Browse Modpacks tab and search for it.
  • Hit the Install button when the mod is found. Wait till it is installed.
  • When it is done, go back to the ‘My Modpacks’ tab, and you will find the installed mod.
  • Now hit the play button. When the game launcher opens, open the game in the “All The Mods 6 ” profile. 
  • That’s it, the mod is now installed. You can check all the available from the in-game mods menu, or just check your inventory.

This works well if you intend to use this mod in a single-player mode, but there is no guarantee that this works for the server. To find out how to install the All The Mods 3, 4, or any version on a server, you can check the ATM 6 Server Installation tutorial. 

Public Servers for ATM6

While a survival game is on the single-player mode is indeed fun, but the multiplayer mode is going to be a whole new experience altogether. Playing the All The Mods 6 mod with your friends on a server will be a great experience as opposed to roaming the Minecraft lands alone. All the things that you can do alone are also possible in a multiplayer, but there is much more that can be done with a few other people around in the server.

Now you can create your server in the game for the All The Mods 6 mod, or you can join one of the many public servers that are already available for this mod. Many players who have been playing this game for a while have already set up a dedicated server to use this mod. You can find many such servers on the internet, and join them free of cost.

Most of these servers do not have to fulfill any requirements from players to join them, but the only thing you have to do is not be rude, yell at others or smash your console in frustration. You just have to be friendly to join these public servers. 

One important thing you need to know is that certain things are banned from this mod on most servers. Since there are more than 200 mods in this mod pack, there are bound to be certain features that make the ban list. Some of these banned features/items from the mods could be Network tool, Advanced Magnet, all types of cable(basic, ultimate, advanced, and elite), some transport items, and many other things.

List of Public Servers

Banned Items/features also depend on the type of public server you join, some people could be cool with every item while others not, and some items can lead to a ban from the Minecraft game.

Here we are going to list a few such public servers that allow random players to join them. 

  • Server Info: All The Mods 6, MC version 1.7.10 – 1.17 

Server Address:

This might be an old server, but it is still running with 100% uptime and is updated frequently. The server location is in Canada.

  • Server Info: All The Mods 6, MC version 1.16.5

Server Address:

This server is based out of Malaysia and supports 50 players. It has an uptime of 99%.

  • Server Info: All The Mods 3 V1.6.14, MC version 1.16.4

Server Address:

You can join this newly created server with an uptime of 93% that is based out of the USA.

  • Server Info: All The Mods 6 version 1.6.3, MC version 1.16.5

Server IP:

This server is just a year old and is created in the USA. You can also join their Discord channel.

  • Server Info: All The Mods 3 V1.6.14, MC version 1.16.5

Server IP:

Minecraft Multiplayer Servers

Based out of the USA, this server was created a year ago. You can play PvE and survival modes on this server.

These are just some of the public servers that are currently running the ATM 6 mod for different versions of Minecraft. You can find many such servers from various sites, some of them can be found on ATM 6 Reddit threads, or you can also check the Minecraft Multiplayer servers

On the above-mentioned site, you can search for servers that run all kinds of mods. There are filtering options for that. Options like the number of players, server type, mod type, and a few other options can be selected. For the servers on Reddit, you may have to check if a particular server is still up.

How to Set Up Your Own All the Mods 6 Minecraft Server?

Joining a bunch of other gamers on their server can be fun, but it is also fun to create a server for Minecraft. The best thing about owning a server is that you can maintain who joins the server and a few other things.

Well, jokes aside(not really), anyone can create their own Minecraft server for ATM 6. There are a few different ways to do that, and here we are going to provide you a simple way to create your server. So follow along if you want to get started immediately.


  • If you do not already have the mod then you can it from This link has different versions of the mods, so download the one based on your Minecraft version.
  • Now you will need the server file for this mod, and for that, you can use the same above link.
  • Under the Additional files menu, you can find the “Simple Server Files”. Download it


  • After you have downloaded the server file, extract the files to a separate location.
  • In those extracted files, you can find a “startserver” file. Run it, and the file will download the mod pack.
  • Then the file may ask you to agree to T&C of the Mahjong. When you see that, just type “True” in the given field. 
  • This will launch your game and start the modding for a server, though you may have to wait for some time as these things take a while.
  • Check the default port which should be 25565, and if it isn’t then change it from the Windows firewall settings.

If you have any errors or issue with this procedure then you should check this Reddit thread. Solution for most of the common issues and errors can be found on this thread.

There are a few other procedures that can also be used to create a Minecraft server, but those procedures are not as easy as the above one. If you do want to try other methods then check out the ScalaCube tutorial.

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The All the mod pack is a great addition to Minecraft which is helpful for players who incorporate several mods. All you have to do is install one of All the mods mod packs and can enjoy the features of multiple mods. If you are looking for a Sphax mod then you should install All the Mods 3, and also server files if you want to create a server. All the info you need regarding this mod is provided in this article along with the ATM 6 mod list.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to join an ATM 6 server?

There are many public server hosting that allows any random player to join their game. You can use their server address, and add it to your Minecraft multiplayer menu to join their server.

How many mods does the ATM 6 mod have?

There are a little over 200 mods in the ATM 6 mod pack.

How to install the All the Mod mod pack?

The best way is to install the CurseForge app. When you are done, run curse forge. It will show you the Minecraft game, click on it and go to the Browse modpacks, and search for the ATM 6 mod. Hit the install button, and when it is done, open the game in ATM 6 profile to use the mod in your game. For more details check the inst

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