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Ashe Skins

ASHE SKINS is another skin in League of Legends. LOL has been around for almost 12 years now. Many have been playing the game since 2009, which should tell you how good the game is. Other than gameplay, the main appealing factor for the game is the vast roster of champions(in-game for characters). If a game has as many characters as LoL, then there is no sunrise that it will run for a long time.  

From the 140 champions in LoL, let’s discuss Ashe, a marksman class warrior who is known by many names like ‘The Frost Archer’, ‘Incarnation of Avarosa’, and ‘Warmother’. Many players use her at the bottom lane as she is a ranged champion and is usually allied with a support champion in battles. The main purpose of this article is to list and discuss all Ashe LoL skins in the game, but before we get into that, let’s get a better idea of the champion Ashe.

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Champion Ashe 

Apart from allegedly being the reincarnation of Avarosa, there are many reasons why she is a great marksman. The most prominent one could be due to her birthplace, northern Freljord, which is a place constantly under a war between many tribes and is often raided. Her Avarosa clan was led by her mother Grena. Few warriors are blessed by the magical powers of their ancestors, with which they wield a power called True Ice. Such warriors are called Iceborn, and Ashe was one of them.

All Ashe Skins

Now for the main event, here we are going to list all Ashe skins that were ever released by the Riot Games for our champion. You can find a detailed description of all the Ashe skins below.

Sherwood Forest Ashe Skin

Sherwood Forest

If you are about to introduce a skin to a champion that uses a bow and arrow, then it makes perfect sense to reimagine that champion as Robinhood. The Sherwood Forest Ashe skin does that for our champion. Even though this skin tells the story of a thief, it still keeps her main character intact, which helps the poor and oppressed. This is a pretty skin for Ashe, which should be obvious by the looks of it.

It can be bought for 520 RP from the store, and maybe it is so cheap because it doesn’t have any chromas or new animations for the champion.

Woad Ashe Skin


Well, there isn’t much difference between the Woad Ashe and Sherwood Forest Ashe skin. So it feels more of a rework of the Sherwood forest skin rather than a new, innovative one. If you take out the ‘good-hearted charity guy’ aspect of Robinhood, then all you are left with is a thief and hunter that lives in the wilderness, which pretty much sums up this skin.

Even this skin doesn’t have any new animations or chromas. It is available in the store for 520 RP.

Amethyst Ashe


I believe that this is one of the best Ashe skins. Apart from a few changes to the armor and bow design, there isn’t much to talk about this skin.  If you compare this skin with the classic Ashe skin, then you will notice the addition of armor near the chest and boots, apart from that, the bow also has a new design. That’s all the changes that have been added to this skin. While it isn’t bad skin, it’s not worth talking about either. If you still want this skin, then it can be bought for 975 RP, which may not be worth it.

Marauder Ashe

Marauder Ashe

Marauder Ashe is a fearless, vicious, and ruthless warrior who would stop at nothing till foes are either kneeling or eradicated from the face of Freljord. This skin is very cool to look at, compared to most other Ashe skins, anyway. The armor and the helmet, while isn’t an exact match, do remind you of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings story. 

The developers didn’t seem too invested with the skin, as there isn’t much detailing in the skin except that it is plain armor, and there are no new animations or other changes with this skin. There are no chromas available for this skin either. If you still like this skin then it can be bought at 750 RP.

Project: Ashe

Project: Ashe

Every Project skin pictures champions in LoL with a modern design and new animations. This Ashe legendary skin does the same, while the skin does view good for Ashe, it isn’t the best one from the Project series. You can see noticeable skin changes with armor and even her bow. Apart from the obvious design changes, there are new animations for recall and attacks. Though the recall animation looks cool, the attack animation changes don’t seem that different from the classic one.

If you use the Hawkshot attack, then instead of a hawk, you can see a drone with this skin. There are new sounds added with this skin as well. It is one of the pricey Ashe League of Legends skins in the game as it costs 1820 RP.

Cosmic Queen Ashe

Cosmic Queen Ashe

You can count this in the top 3 spots among Ashe skins. There is nothing about this that I can complain about. If you want new animation? New sounds? Chromas? Quadruple Check.  The recall effect is just amazing. The skin doesn’t leave any stones unturned to show her as a cosmic being, and a glorious one to be precise. There is no chance that you can get bored with using this skin for a long time. 

If for any reason you do get bored, then you have the chance to choose from 5 unique colored chromas. Each one is as good as the previous one. Another interesting design choice is, for the lack of a better word, I would say cosmic crown, which is just an amazing addition to the Ashe League of Legends champion. This skin just costs 1350 RP even with all the great additions.

High Noon Ashe

High Noon Ashe

With a horseman of the apocalypse vibe for Ashe, this does a great job of adding new animations. The recall animation is pretty great as after using the recall command, Ashe shoots 3 arrows towards some birds on the ground then gets on a dark horse and leaps to teleport for recall. While it isn’t on par with the Cosmic Queen Ashe or Fae Dragon Ashe recall effect, it still is a great change from the usual one.

You can easily place this skin in the top 5 spots among other Ashe skins. Apart from the new animation, you also have voice changes and 5 new chromas that go with this skin. For all that additions, and since it is an Ashe legendary skin, it costs 1820 RP, which shouldn’t be surprising. 

Fae Dragon Skin

Fae Dragon Skin

Blessed with the immense power of the Fae dragon’s magic power, Ashe protects those under her clan, anyone who needs saving. It would be apt to say that rather than talking about this skin, it is better we just look at it and admire it ourselves. That’s how gorgeous this skin is, and Ashe with it. Riot has hit a bullseye with this skin design, not just that but there are many changes like the recall animation in which Ashe transports along with a dragon.

Along with the new recall effect, the particles for attacks also have new changes. You can also place this skin among the top 3 spots for Ashe, and it is a pretty close race between this skin and the Cosmic Queen skin, which automatically puts it above most Ashe skins. There are a whopping 8 chromas available for this skin, and Ashe’s bow looks great in every chroma. For such a great skin you would expect it to cost higher than others, but it costs the same as Cosmic Queen skin which is 1350 RP. 

Freljord Ashe

Freljord Ashe

One of the cheapest Ashe skins. A plain and simple skin for Ashe that is available for a cheap price of 520 RP. This is probably the first-ever skin released for our champion, and that makes it pretty rare. That’s why it is stored in the legacy vault of Riot and is not always available to buy from the store. Also, there aren’t any new animations for the champion, which makes it not so interesting.

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Queen Ashe

Queen Ashe

This skin depicts the time when Ashe became the leader and queen of her people by protecting them from any external threats. This is also one of the early skins released for the champion, so is stored in the legacy vault, and that makes it difficult to purchase from the store.

You can get this skin for 975 RP when it is available from the store. Remember, there are no changes to the animations or anything with this skin.

Heartseeker Ashe

Heartseeker Ashe

A gorgeous skin for Ashe that was released way back in the year 2014, and is placed in the legacy vault as well. Unlike the other legacy skins mentioned above, this skin is great as it has many changes to the champion. If you own this skin, then you know what I’m talking about. There are new particle effects and animations like the hawkshot which shows rose petals after exploding and the huge heart-shaped Enchanted crystal arrow attack. 

Also, the recall effect is cute, which shows Ashe sitting on a heart-shaped throne before transporting to another location. Sadly, there are no chromas with this skin, but still, you can say that it is one of the best Ashe League of Legends skin. You need to spend 950 RP to get this skin which is worth it for this skin.

Championship Ashe

Championship Ashe

Another rare skin for Ashe League of Legends champions that were introduced during the World Championship tournament in 2017 and were rewarded for players during that event. The design does look good and there are few changes with animation, but the most noticeable change is for recall animation, which shows Ashe sitting on a queen’s throne. I must say, most Ashe skins have pretty good recall animation.

Other than the recall animation, there is not much going on with this skin. There is one chroma available for this skin, though. You can get this skin for 1350 RP when it is available in the store.

Well, that’s it for the Ashe skins. If you are confused as to which skin to choose, then let us make it easier for you. Just check the next part of the article to find out the best Ashe LoL skin.

Best Ashe LoL Skin

There are two contenders for the title of the best Ashe LoL skin for all Ashe skins. The Cosmic Queen Ashe and Fae Dragon Ashe are the ones who deserve the title of Best Ashe LoL skin. It may seem like a personal choice, and yes it is, but it’s not just that. Many factors come into play to decide the best Ashe LoL skin. Factors like animations, character design, and chromas. Both the skins have all these factors covered, and have the best of those effects. Everyone can agree that the recall and particle effects for Cosmic Queen and Fae Dragon are amazing. Also, both have great multiple chromas available.

Deciding between the two is a difficult choice, but I would choose the Fae Dragon Ashe skin as the best Ashe LoL skin. You can choose the Cosmic Queen skin, but for me, Fae Dragon Ashe ticks all the right boxes. Also, if you want to check all Ashe LoL skins gameplay, then see this Ashe Skin Spotlight video from YouTube.

Ashe Backstory

Naturally, being a daughter of the head of a tribe and Iceborn, her destiny was pretty much decided for her. With great heritage comes great responsibility, so everyone expects her to take her mother’s place and lead her people. Ashe, though, didn’t care about such things, but her fate was already decided. Since their tribe didn’t have many resources or manpower, her mother would always take them on dangerous raids to find resources. As time passed by, Grena was sure that she couldn’t help their people for long, and had to find the lost treasure of Avarosa.

While on that mission, Grena lost her life and the rest of the tribe was scattered and went into hiding. That’s because they were being hunted by other tribes, so was Ashe. She somehow managed to find the lost treasure of Avarosa using the map from her dead mother. She then picked up the bow of True Ice(a magical weapon of Avarosa). Using that weapon, she avenged her mother and became a symbol of hope for her tribe and many others. Ashe then traveled the land saving the oppressed and adopting them under her tribe, she commanded an army of many tribes that made her a fearsome warrior.

Ashe Base Stats

Every champion in LoL starts with some attack and defense power in the battles. These stats change and grow with each level a champion grows. Knowing these stats beforehand may assist you to strategize your game plan, and also help your allies in battle.

Attack: 59 – 109.32

Armor: 26 – 83.8

Speed: 325

Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5

Health: 570 – 2049, even if you take damage you can regenerate health. For every 5 seconds after taking damage, you will heal 3.5 – 12.85 health during battle.

Mana: 280 – 824. Just like health, your mana also replenishes after every magic attack, which is 6.97 – 13.97 mana.

Critical Damage: 100%

Attack Range: 600

If you want to increase your champion stats, all you have got to do is grind the game and level as quickly as you can. 

All Ashe Abilities

Like every other champion in LoL, Ashe also has 5 different abilities that you can use in battles. Though all her abilities involve shooting an arrow from a bow, every attack has different damage and magic effects on enemies. Let’s find out what they are.

  1. Frost Shot: This is Ashe’s basic assault, which decelerates her enemies by applying Frost’s effects. If an enemy who is affected by the Frost is then hit by a frosted shot. It then deals 110% more harm when compared to the basic attack. Also, her critical shots have the chance to apply more frost effects that freezes enemies even further.
  2. Ranger’s Focus: With each shot fired by Ashe the attacks stack 4 times, and when enough of the shots are stacked, Ashe releases a barrage of shots that have increased speed and damage. When the ranger’s focus is lost, the stacking starts from the beginning. It takes 4 seconds for the ranger’s focus to take effect.
  3. Volley: multiple arrows are shot in a certain radius that deals increased damage than the basic attacks, and also apple frost effect on enemies. Each attack costs 70 mana and has a cooldown time depending on your attack level.
  4. Hawkshot: A passive ability of Ashe which lets her get a view of the battlefield by sharing her hawk spirit. When she shoots an arrow, it transforms into the hawkspirit and becomes her eyes on the map for about 5 seconds. Ashe can store two synch attacks during battle.
  5. Enchanted Crystal Arrow: A little similar to hawkshot, but damages an enemy upon hit.  The attack also stuns the enemy target and deals damage to the enemies who are near to the target enemy. The stun duration depends on the distance the shot has traveled before hitting the enemy.

That’s it for Ashe passives and abilities that you can use in battle. If you need more details regarding each attack, then you can check this Ashe fandom wiki.

How to play Ashe League of Legends Champion in battles?

Since Ashe is an archer, you will have an upper hand if you play from long range, which is farther from mid-lane. As I said, stay away from the enemies and use your basics to take them out from a distance, and if there are too many to handle then it is best if you use ‘W’(Volley attack). This should help take out those pesky minions and also slow the rest.

If you wish to push forward, then use the Hawkshot to scout the terrain and play safe. Always save your best attack which is your ultimate till the last when you have a good shot at an enemy. This should help you till mid-game in battle, which is around for the first 25 minutes. After that, you are in the endgame. There is nothing much new to do here except hit many of those W’s on enemies, and when you see an opening, then use your ultimate at the right time and the right enemy. 

To know more about her build, which runes to use in battles, check this Ashe Build Guide.

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There isn’t much left to discuss here the Ashe League of Legends champion, as we have covered all Ashe LoL skins available for the champion, and also a simple game plan for beginners to survive till the end of every battle. So choose from the wide range of skins available and have fun playing. LoL. Also, be on the lookout for those rare legacy skins that randomly appear in the store if you wish to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How many Ashe legendary skins are available in, LoL?

There are a total of 2 Ashe legendary skins that players can buy from the store, which are Project: Ashe and High Noon Ashe skins. So if you are specifically looking for Ashe legendary skins then the above ones are your options.  

What are Ashe costumes in, LoL?

Ashe costumes in LoL are nothing but cosmetic additions to champions, which are various skins. These Ashe costumes(skins) provide a fresh look for your champion so that players don’t easily get bored using the champion. There are 12 Ashe costumes available for players apart from the classic one which comes with the champion.

How can you buy Ashe skin chromas?

Every Ashe LoL skin that has chromas, can be bought from the store, just how you buy a skin. You have to spend an extra 290 RP to buy a single chroma for any particular Ashe LoL skin. Whenever the skin is available in the store, and if it has chromas then you can purchase them as well.

Can I buy Championship Ashe skin after the event is finished?

Championship Ashe skin was event-specific skin, so there is a little chance that you can buy it now. Riot usually doesn’t release event-specific skins again in the store, but never say never.

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