Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle

Fans of Assassin’s Creed or anyone who has the chance to explore the world of Odyssey will be awestruck by its huge map. The game has a whopping 90.7 square miles map that makes the map in other games feel like it is some playground for a kid. Such a huge map opens doors to a plethora of exploration options in the game. One such option is the Assassin’s creed odyssey cave of the forgotten Isle.

I know that the name is a bit too much on the mouth but don’t let that make you think any less about the Assassin’s creed odyssey cave of the forgotten isle. That’s because it is one of the interesting and challenging side quests you can find in Odyssey. This quest is challenging because the player has to take on a monster and beat it to get some fascinating rewards. That monster is none other than the famous one-eyed monstrosity called Cyclops.

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Now, the monster is no joke, and you cannot just go in guns blazing to fight it. A player must have to be at least a level 35 to stand a chance against the cyclops. Otherwise, the cyclops are going to have a fun time bashing you into the ground. Apart from the rewards, you get from beating the single-eyed monster, there are a total of 3 treasures in the Assassin’s creed odyssey cave of the forgotten isle. These are treasures are all Atlantean artifacts.

What Is Cave of the Forgotten Isle in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle is a hidden cave that is found on the Isle of Thisvi. This Isle of Thisvi is found in the Phokis region of Greece in the world of Odyssey. Navigating this place can be a bit tricky and demands the player is above level 35. This cave contains a priced artifact that players wanna add to their trinket collection. The Prize of the Cylocps is that artifact, but getting that ain’t no child’s play.

This cave of forgotten isle was once an Isu vault that was built by the ancient species. They built the vault(or temples) as a means to save humankind in case of any calamity or disaster(First Disaster). There are many such vaults spread across the globe but most of them can be found across Europe for some reason. Regardless, once an Isu temple, now it just remains as a forgotten cave guarded by a cyclops.

So what makes this Prize of the Cyclops artifact worth finding? Well, anyone who possesses this artifact can transmute themselves into a cyclops. So, slay the cyclops and become one. Oh, by the way! Our not-so-friendly cyclops also has a name. Brontes is the cyclops that calls the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of Forgotten Isle as its home. He was created under the Olympus Project that was carried out by Isu.

Now that you have a basic picture of the ugly cyclops in your mind and understand what the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle is, it is time to see how one can enter and exit the cave. We shall also talk about how to defeat the cyclops. So strap on for a fun and thrilling side quest.

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How to Navigate the AC Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle?

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle

If you have been paying attention, then you will already know the location of the Forgotten Isle cave. In case you didn’t, then let me tell you that the cave is found in the depths of the Isle of Thisvi. This is a small island between Phokis, Achaia, and Megaris and is easily seen on the map. There is no level requirement to enter this area. Though you should be at least level 35 to enter the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle.

When you land on the Isle of Thisvi, go to the Forgotten Isle cave using your map directions. As soon as you enter the cave, a part of the floor will collapse. Do not worry because that’s where you wanna go. Before that, jump onto the other side to loot the chest. Now, go down, and then you will see a huge cavern filled with water. Remember, once you jump in, coming out can be a bit tricky, or is it? Many players usually get stuck after they jump in, and cannot find a way out.

Also, climbing out is not an option. Before you look for a way out loot the two chests in that area. One is behind a waterfall and the other one is underwater. Do that and you will have all the 3 chests looted. Now, there are two things you can do here. One is to fight the cyclops or just escape the cave. For many, the latter is difficult than fighting the cyclops. That isn’t much of a problem because we got you covered.

How to Get Out of the Cave of the Forgotten Isle?

Well, well, well. Stuck in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle without a way out insight? This is something most players face after they jump down into the water. There is a simple way from the cave that doesn’t need much climbing. To escape the Forgotten Isle Cave just dive into the water and you can see a way underwater. Keep swimming until you reach an endpoint and come out of water.

At this point, if you have finished the “A God Among Men” quest(we will talk about this later), then you will find Empedokles near a slightly broken wall. Here, you can fight the Cyclops on the other side of that wall. In case you did not find the “A God Among Men” quest and are under level 35 then you can do nothing but try to escape the cave.

Coming to the escape part, on the left side of the wall in the cave, you can see some rocks. This might look like they are blocking the way but they aren’t. Climb the rocks and then you will again find a small pit filled with water. Dive into the water and swim a little deep to find a small underwater path. At this point, you should see a light at the end. Swim towards it and you will come of the cave. Might seem difficult but it is actually pretty easy, you just have to try it on your own to figure it out.

In case you are still having trouble navigating the water of the cave then check out this Youtube video that should help you out.

Tips to Take in the Cyclops in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle

As mentioned earlier, the forgotten isle cave hides a few treasures. One such treasure is not weapons or gems but a battle to the death with an ancient cyclops. This Cyclop is called the Brontes – The Thunderer. He is a huge monster that ain’t gonna miss a chance to crush you under his fist. So the very first thing you should do is create distance and don’t let him get close to you. At least not until you can figure him out.

It goes without saying that every monster has an attack pattern which they keep spamming. So all you have to do is figure that out. In the case of this cyclops, it slams two hands together to create a force attack of some kind(Just like Hulk does). This means that you should stay away from his line of sight and avoid taking any direct hits. Oftentimes, the cyclops may run towards you to slam you, so just dodge as much as you can. He will also try and close the gap and land hits to squash you. Avoid those.

One other annoying thing that he will do is, stomp the ground and make debris fall on you. To handle all these attacks, the best plan is to keep your distance and use a bow and arrow. This ain’t gonna do heavy damage but it is the safe way. Use poison attacks to slow him down and constantly take out a piece of health from him. Try out any kind of poison attack you have and keep spamming him.

The best place to hit him is his eye. Make sure to hit that only eye of his but don’t make it too obvious as he will block it with his hands. Just improvise and attack.

Prerequisities for Playing the Forgotten Isle Cave Quest

I have already mentioned everything that one needs to know before they can play the Forgotten Island Odyssey quest. Just for your convenience, I have listed them below as well.

  • To be able to play the Forgotten Isle cave quest, a player must have reached at least level 35 and above.
  • Players should go to the Isle of Thisvi to find this forgotten cave.
  • To fight the cyclops in the forgotten Isle, players should have already finished the “A God Among Men” quest. Compelete this by freeing Empedokles.
  • Make sure you have good weapons and armor before you take on Brontes- The Thunderer.

That’s all you need to know before you play this quest. After you successfully defeat the beast, apart from getting a boost of XP, the player will also get the Bludgeon. It is a dual hand-wielding heavy weapon that is great against bosses and elite enemies as it deals %25 more damage.

What Is the “a God Among Men” Quest in AC Odyssey and How to Complete It?

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle

You already know that “A God Among Men” quest is something that you should finish to be able to fight the Cyclops in the Forgotten isle cave. So what is this quest, and how can one finish “A God Among Men” quest? This is another simple quest that requires a bit of talking and freeing a god(apparently). Players have to be of level 40 to be able to play this quest, and when you meet that requirement, go to Murex fort(Kythera Island).

On the Murex fort hills, you will find a weird person arguing with the priestess of Aphrodite. The story here is that the person who is arguing with the priestess believes that they have imprisoned their god. This man claims that a god named Empedokles has been chained in a cage at Skandeia Bay. The man also claims that Empedokles can lead all of them to Mount Olympus to meet other gods. Trusting him or labeling him as a mad man is up to you. In any case, accept the task of freeing this person.

Then go to the location described by the person and look for this god. Go to the fort and make use of the opening in the barrier at the northwestern side of the fort. Sneak in without anyone noticing and free Empedokles. Then follow him as he escapes and meets with the priestess. Interact with Empedokles and he will ask you to bring back his robe and a key. Do that and the quest is finished. So how is this related to the Forgotten Isle cave quest? Well, Empedokles is the one standing at the half-broken wall in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle expecting to meet gods on the other side.

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Wrapping Up

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle might look confusing to navigate at first, but if you know where to look then all becomes clear. Our guide has simple instructions that will help all kinds of players to find their way in and out of the Forgotten Isle caves. That is not the only thing that we talked about in this article. Players will also find help for discovering the treasures and fighting the cyclops that lay slumber in the depths of the cave.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle?

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle is a hidden place located on the Isle of Thisvi. After players reach level 35 and higher, they can travel to the island and find the AC Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle.

Can you fight a Cyclops in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cave of the Forgotten Isle quest?

Yes, players can fight a cyclops in this quest though they would have to be level 40 and higher. Also, players should have completed the “A God Among Men” quest to encounter the cyclops.

Is there a way to get out from the Forgotten Isle caves after you jump in the cavern?

Yes, there is a simple way to get out which we have talked about in detail in the above article. Do check it out.

What rewards do you get after defeating the cyclops?

Players will get access to a heavy weapon called Bludgeon dropped after slaying the cyclops. This is a pretty useful weapon as it gives +%25 damage on bosses and other elite enemies.

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