Bakkes Mod

Bakkes Mod

Who would have thought that a game can combine cars and soccer to make such an interesting and amazing game that provides its players a rush of adrenaline? Well, Psyonix Studios did it and made it a success. Rocket League is the game that we are talking about, and if all the in-game features were not enough, the game also has a great mod called the Bakkes mod

The Rocket League is a great game that has single and multiplayer modes for players to compete in a soccer match using different cars. It is so much fun to operate some amazing cars that have a rocket boost feature in an advanced, sort of futuristic arena to score points for a victory. The game looks gorgeous and gameplay provides a real rush that keeps players on their toes, just like playing a real soccer match. 

No matter how good a game is, there is always something missing. It can be a simple feature like new skins, a GUI option, and other times it can be a bug that needs to be fixed. Mods provide options and features that are sometimes missing in the official release of the game. Some mods also provide bug fixes.

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What Is the Bakkes Mod?

If you ever wanted more customizations and features in Rocket League then Bakkes mod is the one that you should install for your game. It comes with tons of new features and plugins that you can add and change in the game. It greatly improves your gameplay experience by improving the game mechanics with its many plugins and features. 

The Bakkes mod has various display opinions, many new items like paint finishes, audios, many features for your cars, and many more additions. Bakkesmod plugins like the Training Plugin, Redirect Plugin, Rebound plugin, and a few more plugins let you customize your gameplay in Rocket League.

Features of Bakkes Mod

You can find many features in Bakkes mod, and to better these features we have listed them according to their category.

For Ranked Matches

Every multiplayer game has ranked matches, and oftentimes these ranked matches don’t have additional options that can be useful for players. Some of those useful features have been added to this mod. Features like showing Matchmaking ranks in scoreboards and also in the queue menu, an option to hide the XP screen after a match ends, option to prevent the display of item drops after the end of the match.

A few other features include instant save of replays or showing “Good Game” after a match ends, another replay option is the point-of-view displays, and ranked icons that released on April fools.

New Items

Items usually add new gameplay opportunities, but in Rocket League they are additional cosmetics to your cars. These items are paints, new hats, Boost animations, new trails, wheel designs, new sounds for your engine, some gorgeous new explosion after a goal, and funky new antenna for your car. 

With Bakkes mod, these are the new items that you can add to your cars. Apart from this, if you have some awesome new designs for your Rocket League cars then you have the option to share those skin designs by creating codes.

New Options in Freeplay 

We all have player Freeplay, at least at the beginners level. There is no shame in admitting that we still try to get better at actual matches by practicing in Freeplay. At the same time, we can also have a lot of fun here since you can just let go and do different kinds of stuff.

To make that experience a little better the Bakkes mods have provided a few new options and features for players to choose from in Freeplay. You can find new things like more sounds for your jumps, an infinite number of flips(cause why not?), an option to see the amount of boost you have used, and an option to on/off scoring for your goal.

You can also find options like selecting normal colors for your cars and arena, an option to see the speed of goal in the game chats, the mod also limits your boost in this mode. Now you can also control the ball with your d-pad on the controller and the number keys on the keyboard. Another interesting feature that this mod add is there is an indicator to show if you cannot flip by changing the car color.


Some people like their privacy, and if you are one of those people like me then you would appreciate options like hiding your cars, scoreboard, ranks, avatars, in-game titles, and even your in-game name. For chats, you can use the quick chat-only mode at the time of kickoff.

Apart from the ones that are mentioned above you can have many other options for adjusting game speed, gravity, and boost options. You can also use the developers’ console, see FPS on screen, see time on the screen, and a few things.

Bakkesmod Plugins

While the Bakkes mod has many features and options, there are many more such features that can be added to the game with this mod. Since it is impossible to do all that in a single mod, developers/modders use plugins. Plugins can be used to introduce more components to the game, which are essentially more options, configurations, items, and stuff like that. 

You can find plugins like Auto Replay Uploader, Airdribble Practice, Ball Prediction, Dollycam, Wallhit Practice, Defense Practice, Rebound Practice, Special Commands, Kickoff Practice, Redirect Practice, Mechanical Plugin, and Recovery Practice.  

You can also enter plugin commands in the console window, but first, you have to enable these console commands from the Misc. options that can be found in the F2 menu. Then you can bring up the console window by pressing the “~” from your keyboard.

Even though the Bakkes mod comes with some plugins you can still add more plugins to the mod. Here, we will list all the Bakkesmod plugins that are already available in this mod that you can add from the console window and the kind of features that they add to the game. 

Redirect Plugin

With Redirect Plugin, you change the shoot’s speed and pass directions in the game. While this isn’t going to be very accurate, it still works well.

You can change the rebound shoots that is the speed with you shoot your ball by redirect_shoot_speed (number), the number value is something that you can assign between 0-2000

redirect_pass_offset (number): This time the number value is between 0-5000. This is for x/y offset passes.

redirect_pass_offset_z (number): The number can be from 0-3000 and z indicates the height offset. 

redirect_shoots and redirect_on_ground 0/1: The first command shoots the ball towards you and the latter one does the opposite. 

redirect_pass_predict 0|1: This command predicts the ball movement to the next player.

Rebound Plugin

The Rebound plugin is a little similar to can be used to change your rebound shots and pass in the game. Check the below values that this plugin changes.

rebound_shotspeed (X): You can assign speeds between 0-2000 at “X”.

rebound_addedheight (X): The same values as shot speed can be assigned to the added height.

rebound_side_offset (X): This offsets randomly to the side.

rebound_shoot: Now you shoot back a rebound shot with this command plugin.

Defender Plugin

Sometimes defense is the best offense, this plugin shoots the ball at the net as a sort of defense mechanism. It can be used to reduce cooldowns and change your shoot speed. So here are so best defense shot plugin commands.

  • defender_shotspeed(X): To increase or decrease the shooting speed from 0-2000.
  • defender_cooldown(X):  It lets you decide the cooldown period between each shot, it can also be used for the cool down after a touch. The unit of time used here is milliseconds. 
  • defender_start/stop: This plugin will start to stop your training gameplay depending on the one that you use.

Training Plugins

Ball location: You can determine the ball’s location by determining the X, Y, Z coordinates.

  • Player location: Just like you determine a ball’s location, this plugin can be used to find the player’s location by X, Y, Z coordinates.
  • ball stop: Simply resets the ball.
  • player stop: You can use this plugin to reset the player.
  • shot_load shotname: To load a shot you can use this training plugin code.  
  • shot_generate: using the load shot, it generates a new shot.l
  • shot_reset: While reset usually means resetting the shot, this plugin shoots the generated shot.
  • shot_countdowntime: During the striker training, this plugin code will start the countdown timer in seconds. 
  • shot_waitbeforeshot: You can assign a time gap between setting the ball along with the location of a player and executing the said shot.
  • shot_mirror 0|1: You can mirror the shot automatically by using the training plugin.

Kickoff Plugin

  • kickoff_load 0: This is used to load the next kickoff.
  • kickoff_load (X): you can assign any value between 1-6 to load the kickoff.

Touch Minigame Plugin

You have been playing Rocket League then you know that the game has some minigames in it. To start or stop those minigames, you can use the plugins given below. 

  • touch_start
  • touch_stop

Apart from these Bakkesmod plugins, there are other general commands that you can use in the console window.

Basic Commands

  • debug player/ball: This command lets you print the player or ball info on the console depending on the one that you use.
  • listmaps: Simply lists all the maps that are available in the game.
  • loadmap (name of the map): You can use this code in the freeplay mods and load the desired map.
  • training_predictball: This lets you predict the ball trajectory by drawing a line.
  • traning_scoring 0|1: You can decide if you can goal scoring to be on/off with this command in the Freeplay mode.  
  • bind [key] “[action]”: If you want to change any key configurations then use this code to assign a key to the console.
  • writeconfig: When you have made any changes to the key configuration in the console then you have to use this command to make them permanent. You have to write the changes in the config file.
  • gamespeed1: you can increase or decrease the game speed by assigning values between 0.01 to 10.
  • respawnboost: The field boostpads will be respawned.
Some Other Basic Commands
  • torq X Y Z F: If you want your ball to spin during shots then use this command to add spin to it. The values use can use are between 0&6, while it is suggested that you try 1, as it provides the best spin.
  • exec [filename]: This will use the bakkes mod/cfg/[filename].cfg to run a configuration. 
  • sleep (X): You can assign values between 0-10000 in milliseconds as a sort of cool down before you can use another command.
  • toggleconsole: It is self-explanatory.
  • logkeys0|1: You can use this to add every key that you have to the console.
  • boost set|add|remove unlimited|limited|0-100: If you want to make any changes to unlimited boost then this is the command that you should use.
  • alias aliasname “action”: This command lets you make a custom command for any action.

These are pretty much every console command that you can use in Rocket League, and if you want more info on the plugins for these consoles then you should check out this Steam Community page. 

Can You Get Banned For Using Bakkes Mods?

In simple terms No, you won’t get banned if Bakkes mod is online or its plugins. Since this mod doesn’t add any sort of advantage to a player, but rather adds some new items and configurations, the developers are fine with it.

Moreover, this mod is being used by many players for a long time now, and none of them had been banned for that reason. This should tell you that Psyonix doesn’t have any problems with players using the Bakkes mod in their games. 

There is a slight chance that this can change. Since Epic Games bought Psyonix and now owns the Rocket League, you never know if and when they would decide to ban this mod. 

Best Bakkesmod Plugins

The Bakkesmod in Rocket League has some of the best plugins that many players use in the game. These plugins often add new cosmetics to the game along with many other features. Here we are going to list a few good Bakkesmod plugins based on their demand among players. Meaning that all the below plugins will be listed in descending order of the number of downloads.

Alpha Console

BAKKES MOD 2 - Alpha Console

This is the most downloaded plugin for the Bakkesmod Rocket League. Even though this isn’t the original AlphaConsole which was shelved, the same developers have made this plugin with the same. 

Almost all the features of this plugin have been borrowed from the original, and more are yet to be added. It is purely a cosmetic plugin which means that it adds many skins to your cars, ball, configurations, and many other textures.  

Add new key binds for this plugin if you are not comfortable with the already existing one, which is the “F5”. To add a new keybind for this plugin, use the code- bind any_key “togglemenu ac_main”. This can be done from the Bakkes mod settings that have the keybinds menu.

Some features in this plugin include  Config changes, Banner textures, Ball textures, Custom Decal/Antenna/Topper Support, Reactive Wheels, and a few more features are added to your game with this Bakkesmod Plugin. Also, the cosmetic additions are only visible to the player, and not to other players in the game.

Rocket Plugin

BAKKES MOD 3 - Rocket Plugin

For multiplayer games, there must be local game hosting options. The Rocket Plugin lets you do exactly that. It can be used to creating, joining, hosting, and even configuring a local game. If you are creating a local game for Rocket League then you have full control over who joins the game, and you can make any kind of changes to the server. 

You can change match type, time, and many other things if you are the person hosting the game. To open this option use the Home key and you can access the menu to host a local game. Then go into the “Multiplayer” menu tab and make the required configurations, and next select “Host”. Similarly, if you want to join the game then just select “Join” from the same multiplayer menu.

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The RocketStats is a plugin that displays your in-game stats for a match. It is a simple plugin to add to the game if you want to observe the current MMR info like wins or losses, division, rank, and the current streak. n OBS works too.

Also, it includes configuration options to change the rank image and OBS overlay video and fonts in the game. The overlays are different for OBS and in-game. It has files like loose.png, win.png, crown.png, and other rank images. 

The best thing about this plugin is that it is open-source, so anyone can make additions or changes to it. You can have new animations for your boost and many more things if you know how to do that stuff.



The Aimbot does two things, it either attracts or repels the ball. Depending on the option we choose between which is either Aimbot or Missbot, the ball will attract or repel. If you choose Aimbot for a particular team then the ball will be pulled towards the other team’s net when a particular team comes in contact with it.

If you use Missbot then the opposite happens, meaning it gets repped from the other team’s net. You can do the same to cars by adding repelling or attracting. When used in these options the ball gets either attracted to repelled from a car, depending on your choice. 



Most of the time we are wondering how far are we away from ranking up in MMR. With this plugin, you can find that out with a slider. You can check the ranks below and above your division to find out how much do you need to rank up or how much another player needs to pull you down.

In the Bakkes mod menu, you can find the Rankviewer option from the settings tab and enable or disable it from there. One important thing that every player using this plugin should remember is that these rank estimates are not accurate and are purely predictions. 



We all know our wins, but it is also important to count your losses. Since you cannot see your losses in the game, this plugin lets you see your losses that are displayed right under your wins. 

Rainbow Car

Rainbow Car

Each car in Rocket League has two colors, the primary and secondary. While you can only use one color during a match, this plugin lets you choose between the two. It also lets you have two colors cycle after a particular interval. 

You can press F2 and go to the Rainbow Cars plugin and make configurations like saturation, the time between each cycle, and a few other tweaks.

Instant Suite

Instant Suite

Every time a match ends in Rocket League you have to wait for multiple screens to exit the match, then join Freeplay or wait for the next match queue. With the Instant Suite, you can just directly exit a match or join a queue for next or play Freeplay without going through multiple menus. 

This is very useful for players who like to save time while playing multiple matches. Other than the instant options there are few others like Random maps, Map Selection, Delay, Casual Switch, AutoGG support, also Private and Tourney Switch which disable plugins for tournaments and other matches.

Workshop Map Loader & Downloader

Workshop Map Loader & Downloader

Search, load, and download any map in your game or from any site with this plugin. It has a separate interface for you to use all these options. You can also search maps from the Steam workshop and also download them. 

You can change the default keybind by going to the “WorkshopMapPlugin” that is found in the Plugins menu when you press F2. The download link also has information on how to load a workshop map, download maps from any site, and search for any map from the Steam Workshop. You can also check out this YouTube video for more info.

Freestyle Training

Freestyle Training

If you have been struggling to control your car in the air then you should try this Bakkesmod Rocket League Plugin. This plugin adds a new freestyle mode to lets players practice their car control during mid-air. 

This mode has also helped to provide a better air roll for cars. You can practice the air roll and car balance in mid-air by trying to go through sort of huge rings in mid-air that you might have seen in many games.

Deja Vu – Player Tracking

Deja Vu - Player Tracking

We have been there when a particular player’s name or his game style feels familiar. Since do not have a list of all the players you have played with, this is a common thing to feel. With the Deja Vu – Player Tracking, you can keep a record of all the players that you have been played before. 

It shows you a customizable list of previously associated players that you can modify from the plugin settings. The record shows how many times you have played together, win/loss history, and a few other info. You can even adjust this display window of player tracking.

Controller Overlay

Controller Overlay

To display the controller overlay on your game screen you should add this plugin. It adds all those buttons from your controller on your screen. Now you might think that the screen can get messy or clustered, but you can change the overlay size from the settings. 

It has two types of controller overlays for PS4 and Xbox, and you can add transparency if you have difficulty navigating the game. More info on this Bakkesmod Rocket League plugin is provided in the download link. 

Download these Bakkesmod Rocket League plugins to your game and get the best out of it.

How to download and Install Bakkesmod?

This is a really simple procedure, but I recommend you follow the below procedure and check out some important info that I have listed in the procedure. 

  • First things first, we’ll download the Bakkesmod, and when it is done you can run the file.
  • Many Anti-virus or Windows Defender will consider it as a virus, so it is recommended that you either turn them off or add the mod to the exception list.
  • Now when you run the file it will first extract the .exe file for the mod.   
  • Run the extracted .exe file and install the mod. 
  • When that is done, run it. If it asks for any updates then update it.
  • After that is done, run the Bakkesmod. Next, you have to open the Rocket League game, also make sure that you do not open any other except that.
  • When you start the game, you can see that the mod is being injected into it from the mod window.

That’s it, the Bakkes mod is added to your game, you can check this from the lobby by hitting the F2 button. You can see multiple tabs for the mod settings menu and required settings, it even has a keybind tab to change keybinds.

How to add Plugins to the Bakkes Mod?

Installing plugins to this mod will probably take not more than 60 seconds. So if you want to install new plugins to the game then look at the tutorial below.

  • To download any plugin for this mod, go to Here you will find every plugin that is available for this mod. 
  • Before you can add any plugin, you need to open the Bakkes mod and keep it running.
  • Now select the plugin that you want to install and click on the “Install with Bakkesmod” option.
  • You will see a prompt asking to “open Plugininstaller”. Click on it and then a command prompt window opens that will install that plugin.
  • Click on the yes option from the pop-up windows asking to install the plugin.
  • Press Enter when the plugin is installed.
  • Now open the game and hit F2 to go to the mod menu.
  • Click on the Plugins tab, and you will find the new plugin installed. Then click on “Enable Plugin” if it isn’t already enabled.  

In this way, you can install any plugin to your mod. 

Common Issues with Bakkesmod

Why is my Bakkesmod not working?

There are a few reasons why your Bakkesmod is not working, and if it is due to an update then try a few things mentioned below.

  1. The obvious step would be to try and update the mod’s new version, which should be its next release.
  2. Since the game needs x64 VC Redist, you should download the newest version as well.
  3. Finally, restart your device to save the changes that you have made.

If this isn’t the issue you are facing, or if the solution isn’t working for you then check this Bakkes mod Troubleshooting.

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Bakkes mod comes with many training features and many other options that can improve your Rocket League gameplay experience. Since it is a free mod with many plugins, it is one of the most used mods for the game, and it is easily configurable. So if you haven’t already tried this mod then it is high time you install it. Check the installation procedure for the mod and its plugins, if you have any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can I use Plugins in online multiplayer modes?

Not every plugin can be used in multiplayer modes, it is better to find out what plugin is usable in online matches since using some plugins will lead to a ban.

How to install the Bakkesmod for Epic Games version of Rocket League?

The process for this is similar to how you usually install this mod. Download the mod and extract the files. Then run it and use the instructions provided in the installer to finish the installation. This will successfully add the mod to your game. If you need a more detailed explanation then check the installation tutorial mentioned in this article.

Does the Bakkes mod have car skins?

You get new paint finishes with this mod, so you can change the colors of your car but not its body.

How to download the Bakkes Mod?

You can download the mod using the Bakkes Mod link.

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