Best Class for Beginners in Dark Souls 3

Best Class for Beginners in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is one of those few games that challenge you at every step and every turn. This is especially true if you are new to the series or just starting out in Dark Souls 3. In the beginning, it all depends on the class that you choose to play as. While this class is highly customizable after a certain point in the game, in the beginning, not so much. So it is crucial that you choose the Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners.

Everyone who starts Dark Souls 3, does so by selecting a character class from the game. Your character is essential in determining the kind of gameplay style you will have and the gear you get at the start. Certain classes like Knights and Mercenaries are the Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners. The reason is that they are fairly balanced in terms of stats and have some of the best weapons for a beginner. Most players that do not have much experience with the game and need a little easier approach for these classes.

Now, the above statements do not mean that all the other classes are useless or do not provide much in terms of gameplay. There are other interesting classes that many players love to try out when they are starting the game. In this article, we will help you understand what all classes are in the game. Also, which ones are Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners.

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What is Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners?

There are multiple factors to consider when you are starting in Dark Souls 3, especially when it comes to choosing a class. There are 10 different classes in Dark Souls 3, out of which not every class is a great option. In case you are new to the world of Lordan, the most important thing to know about playing Dark Souls 3 are the class options.

Every class starts with a certain amount of stats in Dexterity, Strength, Luck, Vitality, Souls level, etc. All these things are crucial to the gameplay of every player’s character class. Some players even spend hours trying to figure out the best class for them. To prevent that from happening, we are here to help you choose the Dark souls 3 best class for beginners based on your gameplay.

Theif Class Could Be the Worst

Theif Class Could be the Worst

Many can agree that this is the absolute worst class, especially if you start the game with this class. The stats aren’t necessarily bad but they aren’t great either, except for the Luck stat which is considerably more than what other classes get. Apart from that, there is nothing going for this class. Players will start the game with a small knife and round Shield.

The class isn’t suited at all for beginners as they have to parry and backstab using the weapons available for the Theif class. Both of which are usually difficult even for experienced players. While backstabbing does a good amount of damage, players have to get behind the enemy to backstab, which again, ain’t easy. So I would suggest that you rather go for another class when starting out in Dark Souls 3.

Assassin Class

Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to place Assassin as the worst class or the Theif. The only good thing about this class is probably the Luck stat which is actually similar to the Theif class. Having such luck enables the players to get good items and souls after taking down enemies. That is if you can actually handle them with such uneven stats. Another decent stat is the Dexterity which is 14, so you can at least make it a good dex build and get dex weapons.

To do that you have to progress high in the game and you will probably go for other class skills after a while. So this makes this class useless for beginners unless you have a great stealth gameplay style and take down enemies like a ninja. Some of its other stats include Strength(10), Endurance(11), Faith(9), Intelligence(11), etc. This is actually a decent class if you build it right and can play stealth well.

The interesting skill or ability of this class is that the fall damage is less when compared to other classes.

Cleric Class

Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

Just after a glance, you can say that the cleric class has the highest Faith stat of all classes. Though that’s not enough to survive in the world of Dark Souls 3. Luckily, they have a Mace and a shield to start out against monstrosities in the game. Cleric also has a high Luck stat, so finding good items should be easy. Apart from that, clerics also have access to two spells. Those are Heal and Force, and both are really useful spells. The former can be used with miracles and doesn’t require Estus Flask.

Clerics can be worth trying out as best starting class Dark Souls 3 because of all those above things. Not just that, but they also have 12 strengths which gets them access to heavy weapons from the beginning. They might be difficult to play for beginners, but with a little practice, they can easily survive in Dark Souls 3. Players will also have access to Sacred Chime and Cleric Set as starting weapons and armor.

Herald Class

Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

Heralds are like Clerics or Paladins, only not so great. They also start the game with a Sheild but for a weapon, they have a Spear. The shield will absorb 100 damage and in case you take damage then use a healing spell. Yes, clerics have a healing spell and to go with that they also have a talisman. The talisman helps for quick use of healing spells, and the Faith(13) helps with casting Miracle spells.

Since using the spell and all exhaust your FP gauge, it is better to get that Attunement high. Another way is to tinker with the Esten Flask to get an Ashen Esten Flask for a faster FP recovery. That comprises your healing though. This class will have a Herald set as armor and have Strength(12), Dexterity(11), Intelligence(8), Luck(11), and Vitality(12).

Sorcerer Class

Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

Now, this class is way more interesting than the ones that we talked about so far, at least for me. This class has a massive amount of Attunement and Intelligence, hence the players can use a great number of spells. While Sorcerers are primarily known to cast spells for the attack, they also have weapons like Sorcerer’s staff, Mail Breaker(simple sword), and a shield. Other than healing, they can use spells like Soul Arrow and Heavy Souls Arrow for dealing damage.

While all this sounds fun and interesting, Sorcerer’s aren’t the Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners. Why is that? The reason is pretty simple actually, while they have high Attunement and Intelligence, their Vitality and Stamina suck. So if you are new to the game then it can be difficult to pick a Sorcerer class and survive.

Another downside here is that their spells require a good amount of FP that consumes Estus Flask. So you will probably use more of the Ashen Estus Flask, this affects your healing in the game. Hence not very suitable as Dark Souls 3 best starting class.

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For Many, Knights Are the Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

There is one simple reason why many players go for the Knight as their class when starting Dark souls 3. It is that Knights have one of the best starting weapons in the game, which is a long sword. Anyone who knows anything about weapons in Dark Souls 3 knows that most longswords are great weapons. They might require high strength or dexterity but they also deal great damage. Fortunately, Knights have a great amount of Strength(13) and Dexterity(12) to start out with.

They don’t work well for damage, but also for defense builds. Knights come equipped with a Knight Shield that takes 100% incoming damage. How amazing is that? Though you will take some elemental damage even after blocking. Knights also have a very high amount of Vitality(15) that is the highest for any class in Dark Souls 3. This makes sense as they carry around heavy weapons and armor.

If you want to play safe and deal maximum damage, then Knights are the Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners. Also, you can equip many other heavy weapons and armor as you level up.

Pyromancer Anyone?

Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

I would say that the Pyromancer class is one of the most balanced classes in the game. Do you want to use melee attacks? You got a Hand Axe. Maybe cast some spells without much sorcery? Then you can use the Fireball to burn your enemies to the crisp. These ain’t the only things that a pyromancer can do, they can even use a Caduceus Round shield to parry attacks thrown their way. That is the reason most players can pick this class. Though the selling point for many is the fireball attacks.

The good thing is that many monsters and enemies are susceptible to fire damage, this is early in the game though. Now, players need to know that using all those attack spells also requires the character to have appropriate stats. Stats like Dexterity(9) and Strength(12) are required for weapons and shields. Similarly, you will need Faith(14) and Intelligence(14) stats for spells.

In case you are gonna use a lot of pyromancy spells then you might also wanna put some points into Attunement for the FP gauge.

The Deprived Class

Dark Souls 3 Best Class for Beginners

The only class in the game that starts out at Soul level 1 and every other stat at level 10. If we are talking about balance then it cannot get any more balanced than this. There is a huge downside to this class though, the players will have to start from scratch. There is no armor, only a loincloth which is a joke for armor. When it comes to weapons then you a simple Club and Plank shield that is as useless as Sakura from Naruto.

There are no spells for a deprived class character so you are basically a poor man in the Dark Souls 3. Despite all these things, many players in this class. Now why on earth someone would do that. It’s simple. The Deprived class provides the most challenging experience you can ever get as a beginner in Dark Souls 3. So this means that this class is for only a few. Those who have the most experience with the Dark Souls 3 and like being challenged with absolute difficulty at every step. For them, this is the Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners.

Only the best of the best go for this class, and they should have to careful. Players will have to look for some good weapons and armor ASAP if they are to survive even for a few minutes. Don’t forget to increase your vitality.

Warrior Class

Warrior Class

We might have mentioned this earlier, but if we didn’t then the Warrior is another Darks Souls 3 best class for beginners. One reason for that is this class has the highest amount of Strength(16) stat than any other class in the game. This is just at the beginning though, when you are starting out. They are best suited as damage dealing class which is supported by their Strength and Vigor(14) stats.

A player can use a heavy Battle Axe and Round Shield, the former is one of the best starting weapons. Other than that a Northern Set armor is available too. Go for Strength and Intelligence or you can add a bit of luck to the Warrior build. As you progress through the game and level up, increase vitality to carry more heavy weapons and even two-handed weapons.

Some of the other beginner-level stats that you can find in this class are Dexterity(9), Intelligence(8), Luck(9), Endurance(12), etc.

Mercenary Class

Mercenary Class

There is a reason why many players go for the Mercenary class even though they aren’t very fond of it. When you choose the Mercenary class, players will get access to a weapon called the Sellsword Twin blades. This is one of the best weapons in the entire game, and not just for beginners but for experienced players as well. Using this dual-wielding weapon players handle most of the enemies in the game.

The mercenary class is also great at using ranged weapons as long as you add points to dexterity. Another interesting thing about this class is that they start the game with the highest amount of dexterity(16) when compared to other classes in the game. Though other than that, the stat points aren’t really balanced. For example, Faith and Luck are at 8 & 9 respectively. Vigor(11), Attunement(12), Endurance(11) are decent.

You can use a Wooden shield as long as you do not dual-wield and the armor you get is the Sellsword set. Not the best option but works for beginners. Just like Knight, this might be the Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners.

Every class in Dark Souls is equipped with unique skills, gear, and weapons. While not every class works as a Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners they are a few that should be your go-to choice. In my opinion, every player who isn’t familiar with the Dark Souls world should go for Knight, Pyromancer, or Mercenary class. That way, they have maximum chances of survival. In case you are looking for more info or opinion then this gamerant and primagames articles should help.

Best Weapon for Each Class in Dark Souls 3

Choosing the best weapons for every single class can be a very difficult task. This is not just because there are too many weapons, but it mostly depends on each player’s personal preference and gameplay style. A player who likes to balance offense and defense would mostly go for a longsword with a shield, whereas others would prefer dual-wielding or long-range spells.

We have already talked about the Sellsword Twinblades which is the starting weapons and the best one for the Mercenary class. So we will skip that class and see what weapons are best for other classes.

Lothric Knight Sword

This is the best option when you are playing as a Knight class. The reason is that it has 110% critical damage and is a good scaling option. It also works well for both PvP and PvE modes. Use thrust attacks for better reach. Another option is the Lothric Knight Greatsword.

Vordt’s Great Hammer

This weapon requires a good amount of strength(at least 20) to wield. So this makes a good choice for the warrior class as they start out with high strength stat. Using this weapon will cause frostbite to enemies that cuts out 11% of the amount of HP the player has as damage from the enemy. While the weapon cannot be infused, it still works pretty well for strength build players.


A sword that suits pretty well for an Assassin class, and is available right from the start if you choose the Assassin class. Can be equipped with a shield for a parry and attack-style gameplay. It is fast and has a good range, can be infused with gem or sharp. This weapon also works for the Theif class.

Ringed Knight Spear

You will need the Ringed City DLC to get this spear for your Herald. Heralds are the class that uses spears, though they aren’t the only ones. Remember, you will need a good amount of strength and dexterity to wield this one. If not this then go for the Dragonslayer Swordspear.

Crow Quills

This is one of the best weapons in the game and works really well for PvP battles. It has a great thrust attack but might not have enough range. In that case, you have to jump and then trust. This is suitable for many classes but since we have to mention a specific class, go for Deprived class as they can be played as anyone depending on where you put the skill points. You can get an S Dex scaling with a sharp infusion.

The Claymore

Another great option that can be equipped by many classes. This single-hand wielding sword can be buffed and infused. Its damage can reach more than 250 without reaching an S scale. Clerics and Pyromancers should add this weapon to their arsenal.

Izalith Staff

Intelligence, Faith, and Dark magic, if these are the stats you have for your Sorcerer then the Izalith Staff is the best weapon. It has 120 physical damage, 100 critical, multiple defenses, and a spell buff of 130. If you have Faith(10), Intelligence(14), and Strength(12) then get this for your Sorcerer.

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Wrapping Up

It isn’t to choose a Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners because there are many options and it all depends on the individual player. Since everyone has a different way of playing Dark souls 3 and a preference for a character, there cannot be just a single Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners. Hence we have talked about all the classes in the game to help you get a better idea of which one to go for.

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Our personal picks for the Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners would always be Knights and Mercenaries. Let us know what are your personal picks for the best DS3 starting class. Do not forget to check out the best weapons for each class as well.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

In Dark Souls 3 which class is the weakest one for a beginner?

When you are starting out in Dark souls 3, it is crucial that you choose the right class. Always avoid Assassins, Thiefs, and Deprived classes if you are a beginner. The former two aren’t that great while the latter one is only best to choose if you are a very experienced DS player.

Is there a Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners?

Yes, there are more than one Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners depending on the kind of gameplay you have. Most players go for Knights as they have high strength and dexterity that allows them to equip heavy weapons and shields.

What are some great weapons in Dark Souls 3?

Players have a plethora of options when it comes to the Best weapons in Dark Souls 3. Estoc, Crow Quills, Astora Greatsword, Claymore, Black Knight Greataxe, and Sellsword Twinblades are some of the best options for many players.

Is it necessary that you always choose Dark Souls 3 best class for Beginners?

As mentioned times in this article, the type of class you should go for always depends on how you intend to play the game. For example, you like stealth then Assassin or Theif works best for that, but they are far from Dark Souls 3 best class for beginners. So choose the desired class based on your gameplay style.

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