Best Serana Mods for Skyrim

Skyrim Mods for Serana

Skyrim is known for many things, its gameplay, story, lore, combat, and many others. While all these things are usually loved by every player, there is one other thing that has a special fan base in the game. Any guesses? Well, it’s your favorite NPC sidekick, Serana. She follows you around everywhere and helps you in combat unless you instruct her not to. While she is a great character, there is always room for more improvement. That’s why we bring you some of the best Serana mods in Skyrim.

About Serana

Serana is a pureblood vampire with great combat and magic skills. She assists you in battle and bears the weight of your insane arsenal of weapons. The game lets you interact with her often to have meaningful conversations, and those conversations are pretty great. Partly due to the fact that she is voiced by Laura Bailey. Serana is also the second important in the game after the Dawnguard expansion.

Even though she is a great fighter and holds a good conversation, there are many limitations to this Vampiric NPC. Skyrim has a plethora of mods that enhance your gameplay experience in every aspect, and you can bet that there are mods for this fan-favorite character as well. If you are here, then it means you are looking for some best Serana mods for Skyrim. Get ready because we got you some interesting mods that will help you tinker with the character and even completely overhaul her.

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Some of these mods will help you change her skillset, add more dialogues, make her look better, and even marry her, among many other alterations.

Best Serana Mods for Skyrim

Take Off That Hood

Best Serana Mods for Skyrim

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Serana has a pretty face, and many players can agree with me on this. So when you have a companion with a pretty face in the game, it is annoying when the face is hidden by the hood. This usually happens during the day, when she gets out in the sun, which makes sense since she is a vampire. That doesn’t mean you want her to hide her for most of the game.

Now with the Remove Hood mod, the player can remove that annoying hood off from Serana, and she is not gonna burn to a crisp in sunlight. Perfect right? Adding this mod will provide you with two options. One is to completely take off that damn hood from her or she’s just gonna wear it under her armor. Either way, it works.

Transform Serana With This Mod

Serana Transformation Mod

I know that I said Serana looks pretty, but it is if you compare her other NPCs in the game. Sometimes you might feel that she could probably look better, and if you did think that then you are not alone. Many players do feel the same way, hence we have some mods that let you tweak her appearance.

One such mdo is the Serana and Claire mod. This mod changes her appearance and makes her prettier. The mod has an option to change her eye color and hairstyle too with5 choices for eye color and 3 for hair. That’s not the only thing this mod does though, it also adds another version named Claire. Now to use this mod, you need the Dawnguard add-on for your game. Otherwise, this mod ain’t gonna work, and not just this but many other mods for Serana require Dawnguard.

Make Her a Better Fighter

Making Serana a better fighter

No matter how much you like her, everyone can agree that she gets totally trashed when facing a powerful enemy. Her spells aren’t that great to hit higher-level foes, which makes her pretty much useless and even weight in our paths. So instead of just ignoring this, you can improve her combat abilities. To do that, add this Queen of the Damned – Deadlier Serana mod.

Adding this mod will make her more adept at handling troublesome enemies and her damage output is greatly improved. The damage output of all her attack including spells in enhanced. Usually, ice spells are a bit useless when it comes to many creatures in Skyrim. So this mod takes a jab at enhancing those things by adding new spells, weapons, and a few other things.

If you do not want to worry about her in battle then add this mod to your Skyrim Dawnguard game. This mod is also compatible with many other appearance mods for her like Seranaholic, Serana of Volkihar, Seductress Serana, among others.

Sneak Better

Best Serana Mods for Skyrim - Sneak better

Serana can sometimes be a little “excited” for the lack of a better term. Whenever you are trying to sneak past someone or are just been discovered, she just goes ahead of you and attacks the enemy. This is good, but at times is frustrating as you might not always want to get into a battle with the enemy.

With this mod, you can make her cool down and not start a fight with an enemy unless they are in close proximity. This mod is an AI package so there is no change in any other things like appearance or power level. So it can be used with mods as well. This mod has two versions, one which just adds the sneak thing and the other one replaces some of her spells with stealthier ones. Like some of the AOE spells and Raise the Dead with Thunderbolt, Heal self, Icy spear, etc.

Serena, a Perfect Vampire/werewolf Companion

Best Serana Mods for Skyrim - Perfect Vampire Mod

As you turn yourself into a werewolf or a vampire, you can access certain characteristics of those races, but Serana stays human. In case you want her to follow in your footsteps and transform into a vampire lord/werewolf then you use this mod. Now whenever you turn into a vampire/werewolf, she does too. Not only that, but she can even transform into a bat to help you out in finding enemies and vantage points.

In her transformed state, she can even take out low-health enemies by biting them or sometimes just attacking them. There is one other mod you can try that is a bit similar to this. It doesn’t require you to turn into a vampire or werewolf. For that, try this Vampire Lord Serena mod. This lets her transform into a vampire lord on her own without you having to do so.

Add More Script to Serena

Best Serana Mods for Skyrim - Adding more script to Serana

Even in games, it can get lonely when you do not have proper interactions with NPCs. This is especially true for RPG games. When it comes to Skyrim, there are plenty of NPCs to react and have interesting conversations with. Since we always have a companion/follower(Serana) we try to have conversations with them, but after a certain point, it gets repetitive and boring.

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So to add a bit of flavor more dialogues to Serana we have this amazing Serana Dialogue Add-on mod. This is one of the best mods for the NPC that also featured in the Forbes magazine for its awesome content. It makes Serana more real and her dialogues are much better, with some additional content added to the character. All the new content in the mod is voiced by Kerstyn Unger.

Can You Please Shut the Hell Up

Can You Please Shut the Hell Up

Interacting with Serana can be a pain in the butt because she keeps asking the same questions. Even if you get close to her she starts repeating the same thing like, “What do you need?”. This is something she keeps repeating every damn second when you are near her. Sometimes I just kill her t make her stop, but no need for such drastic measures because we even have a mod for that.

So for all those players tired of hearing Serana say the same thing over and over, here is a mod called Serana Shut up that will do just that. Add this and keep her mouth shut when she is following you.

Edit Her Dialogues

Edit Her Dialogues

Another mod that lets you control what Serana speaks, woman right! It adds more custom content for Serena which allows her to have different dialogue branches that also include Dragoborn and Heathfire. This should tell you that the mod requires Dawnguard, Heathfire, and Dragonborn DLCs for this to work. It also fixes some bugs with her dialogues and makes them feel more natural to the game. Would be nice to have something like this in real life. For more info on this mod, read the official release using the above download link.

A Mod for Serana and Her Family

A Mod for Serana and Her Family

This is more of a slight Skyrim Serana overhaul mod for her and her family, which includes Valerica(Mother) and Harkon(Father). If you ever wanted Serena to look more like a vampire then this mod will do the trick. It adds fangs and changes her eyes to resemble a vampires’ eyes. Since the characters are now completely vampires you have the option to choose eye types, which are glowing or the normal ones.

The mod will also let you choose body types for these characters, and Serana is now a Nordic VAmpire. This raises a question now, what happens if you try to cure her? Well, there is no answer to this question since the person who made this mod doesn’t have an answer. So it is better if you don’t try to cure her after using this mod. In case you wish to try, let us know how it turns out.

One of the Best Serana Mods in Skyrim?

One of the Best Serana Mods in Skyrim?

If we considered just the number of mod downloads for Serana then this is definitely on the top spot. On Nexusmod, this mod so far has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, which is a pretty big number for NPC mod. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising because she is a fan-favorite character and a deuteragonist(second important character after protagonist).

Just like you want your main character to look good, many players also want his follower to look good too. So this mod completely changes how Serana looks and makes her gorgeous, like “hit in the head, can’t stop dreaming” gorgeous. The mod supports all body types and doesn’t require any other mod to work. So you can install it without any issues, and can we call it one of the best Serana mods for Skyrim.

This list should suffice for anyone who has been in search of the best Serana mods in Skyrim. Use the link to download the mods and try them out to find out how it changes your game. Before you do that, make sure to read the description for each mod. Every mod has certain requirements and compatibility things that are different for every mod, and modders do mention those things. So read that stuff before installing Skyrim serana mods.

How to Install Best Serana Mods in Skyrim?

With various mods listed above, some of you might be wondering, “all that is good, but how do you install those mods?”. Do not worry because we got you covered for that too. We are going to help you install Skyrim Se Serana mods for the game, but this is going to be more of a general procedure. Now, what do I mean by that? It means that not every mod has the same installation procedure, and certain mods require other steps. If it is some kind of a Skyrim special edition Serana mod or any other, the download page has info on additional steps.

Now, there are two methods to modding Skyrim. One is to manually download and add mods to your game and the other is to do it by using a Mod manager. First, we will discuss the manual method.

The Manual Method to Install the Best Serana Mods in Skyrim

  • Choose the best Serana mods in Skyrim for your game and click the download link. This shall automaticlly start the download.
  • When the file is downloaded on your device, extract it. Mods are usuallycompressed in zip or rar format. So you have to extract them before adding to the game.
  • Now to your Skyrim root directory, which is usually found in “steamapps/common/Skyrim” this location can be in your C: drive or any other loaction depending on where you installed the game.
  • In the root directory, you can see a folder named “Data“. Copy/drag the content of the mod file in to this folder.
  • You will also see a Mod folder which might suggest this is where you should copy the mod files, but no. Do NOT copy the mod files in to mod folder. Copy them in to Data folder.
  • In case, you see only .bsa and .esp files then copy them in the Directory folder inside the Data folder of Skyrim(Skyrim\Data\Directory).
  • That’s all you have to do to mod your Skyrim game.

One more thing to remember is that most mods contain a readme file. If you see such a file then read it as it contains crucial info on how to install the mod.

Using a Mod Manager

Rather than using the manual method to add mods to Skyrim, one can also use a mod manager for the job. Most Skyrim players use Vortex mod for this. As soon as you click the link for a mod or open its download page, there could be 2 download options. One is manual download and the other one is Vortex. To use the mod manager, click the Vortex option. This option might not be available for every mod.

Install the mod manager and it has simple options to automatically look for the mod you need and install them for your Skyrim game. These two methods will help you install some of the best Serana mods for Skyrim.

Serana’s Story

Serena has a pretty interesting story in the game and is one of the few known pure-blood vampires. She is the daughter of Lord Harkon, who commands the vampires of Volkihar. If you never Dawnguard then Spoiler alert! Her father is the main antagonist of Dawnguard. Why? Because like most other antagonists out there, Harkon loves power and freedom.

Harkon wants to full fill a prophecy that states sacrificing her daughter using an Elder scroll and an Auriel’s Bow in ritual will remove the sun curse on vampires. Meaning, they can freely roam the world in daylight without being affected. So Serana’s mother hid her in a crypt for thousands of years to prevent this until we decided to weak her up to join us in carrying a load of weapons.

Was it wrong to put the NPC at risk, and the whole Tamriel in jeopardy? Yes. Will you do things differently if you had another chance? No. It should be obvious because Serana is a great character to have as a follower in the game. Interaction with her is way better than any other character, and she can handle herself in combat. There are a few other things about her that many players don’t know. For example,

  • She has way better health than other NPC followers.
  • Serena’s age is not known, but she is believed to be from the 2nd era.
  • She cannot be killed by anyone because she is an important part of the Dawnguard story. So she makes for great immortal companion.
  • She can mine ore veins and use the crafting work station.

Can You Marry Serana in Skyrim?

There is not much of a reason to marry an NPC in Skyrim, except to fill that weird desire. While you can marry almost any NPC in the game if you have the Amulet of Mara, and by interacting with NPCs. This isn’t the case with Serana though, she isn’t your average NPC who you can marry into the sunset(pun intended).

This doesn’t mean you should give up hope and move with your life, because this ain’t the real world. With the help of the Marriable Serana mod, you can marry her. Install this mod using the instructions provided on the download page or just use the instructions that we have listed. After you have added the mod to your game, there are certain things that you have to do first before marrying her.

First, kill Harkon and then ask her mother to return by telling her it is safe to return. Then get out of Soul Cairn using a portal. Next, you can interact with Serana to get married. Also, you need the Amulet of Mara and have to talk to a Marmel for this to work. This will also not work if you are already married.

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Wrapping Up

As I have mentioned several times, Serana is an exceptional character in the world of Tamriel who makes for a great sidekick. Though she’s gonna become pretty bland after some time as you will have the same conversations again and again. So to spice things up, use mods that add more content to Serana’s character. If you want, use mods to completely overhaul her looks, gameplay, and every other aspect. With so many mods on a single NPC, it should be obvious how much she is loved in the Skyrim community. So read the instructions and install some of the best Serana mods in Skyrim.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are your picks for the best Serana mods Skyrim?

My picks for the best Serena mods Skyrim would be the Shopoholic, Seranan Dialogue add-on, and Queen of the Damned – Deadlier Serana mods. These are completely subjective and everyone can have a different option when it comes to best Serana mods Skyrim.

Where can I find the Skyrim Serana Armor mod?

Ther is a mod called Serana Armor replacer which lets her use any armor in the game. So a player can use this mod to give her armor, and this is probably one of the best Serana mods Skyrim.

Can you marry Serana without using mods?

No, you can not marry Serana without a mod. The only way to marry here is to install the Marriable Serana mods, get the Amulet of Mara, and talk to a Marmel about marriage. For more instruction on this check the appropriate section in this article that explains the detailed process.

Where can I download the best Serana mods for Skyrim?

All the best Serana mods in Skyrim can be found on Nexusmod portal. Check it out to find all the mods available for the character and the game.

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