Best Shiny Pokemon

Best Shiny Pokemon

One of the top games in the world and a cultural phenomenon are some of the things that best describe Pokemon. With 8 generations of games that include 898 pokemon in total, you would think that there is enough rarity and new kinds of pokemon. Though it doesn’t stop at that, there are some unique pokemon called the Shiny pokemon. In this article, we will talk about that kind of pokemon and also list out a few of the best shiny pokemon.

For those who are not familiar with what shiny pokemon are, they are just regular pokemon with different shades and colors. You heard it right! There are no special stats, moves, or new types when it comes to shiny pokemon. They are your regular plain old pokemon, except for those mentioned changes. Think of it as having new skins for your gun or character in the game. Shiny pokemon for pretty much the same reason.

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They are purely for aesthetics, but regardless they look good and many players would love to find such pokemon in games. One other thing that makes people want these pokemon is that they are very rare. A very few of them are found in the wild while others are obtained through rewards. While this article mainly concentrates on the best shiny pokemon list, we will also talk about them in general. Things like when were they first introduced, what is the best shiny pokemon from each generation, and a few other things.

Our Picks for the Best Shiny Pokemon

Without further ado, we are gonna list out some of the best shiny pokemon from each generation that you will find in the games. We are gonna do our best to include the ones that many would love. Check out our list for the top ten shiny pokemon.

Shiny Sylveon

Best Shiny Pokemon

If you have played any of the generation VI games like the Pokemon X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire then you might have had a chance to meet this pokemon. This cute little fairy-type has a shiny variant that just basically switches its two colors – pink and blue. The original version of Sylveon has pink for hair and ear, with a few spots filled with blue, and the rest of the body is pretty plain. When it comes to its shiny variant, you will see those two colors switched.

This change might not seem like much but it makes for one cutest shiny pokemon. For those who don’t know Sylveon. When you evolve Eevee into fairy-type pokemon in Generation games, then this is the evolution that you get.

The Mighty Shiny Gyarados

The Mighty Shiny Gyarados

Almost everyone is familiar with the might Gyarados, the great evolution that the puny Magikarp could ever ask for. Usually, you know Gyarados is in blue color from head to its tail, but not its shiny version. The water blue is replaced with the fiery red color, which is quite a constant considering it is a water/flying type pokemon. Well, to be hair Magikarp is red so you can also say that they just kept that shade. Actually, the shiny version of Magikarp is actually gold. What!!!

This shiny Gyarados is from the generation II list in Pokemon Go and Gen I in others. Also, it is one of the very first shiny pokemon that the game has introduced. The other one obviously is Magikarp. Obtaining this pokemon is easy and most probable because players could get it during the Lake of Rage battle in games. It is one of the best shinies in Pokemon Go.

The Shiny Dragon Dratini

Best Shiny Pokemon

Since we are already on a nostalgic trip, let’s take another step back to the generation I pokemon. The only dragon type in the first generation is Dratini, which is if you do not count it evolved forms Dragonair and Dragonite. At first glance, this pokemon doesn’t look anything like a dragon type, with its snake-like blue body. It is far from scary, or should it say it does look like it could be a good cuddling pet.

Now, imagine all those things only Dratini looks cutter. How? Well, Dratini is now completely pink in its shiny form. Don’t get me wrong, looks amazing on Dartini, except pink is way better. We can fight on this in the comment section if you want.

The Shiny Metagross is Still Scary

Best Shiny Pokemon

Most of the time if you look at the shiny variant of a pokemon, it either looks pretty much the same or it looks really funny. There are only a few pokemon whose shiny sprites look as intimidating as their original form, and Metagross is one such pokemon. This steel/psychic type is one of my favorites when it comes to design and the shiny Metagross doesn’t lose that charm.

The sliver and gold combination is something I feel like it suits really well. This is might be a controversial opinion but I would even consider this as the best shiny pokemon. It is also one of the coolest pokemon in the game, so it can take that spot easily. The golden X gives it a really different look.

Is This the Same Shiny Chimchar We Know?

Is this the same Shiny Chimchar We Know?

There is no denying the fact that the first form of Infernape, which is Chimchar, is a great-looking pokemon. He ain’t intimidating like his evolved self, but a the same he does look like can handle himself. In his shiny form, Chimchar loses what little tough look it had since now he looks pink. Even the next from in his evolution Monferno doesn’t look slightly intimidating. While there is nothing wrong with how Chimchar looks, it ain’t the shiny design I would have gone for.

All that pink does make this generation VI pokemon look adorable though.

Shiny Haxorus Looks Badass

Shiny Haxorus Looks Badass

This dragon-type pokemon from the 5th generation was never to be messed with, though I always felt the ould have had better colors. Looks like my prayers were answered in the form of Shiny Haxorus. Now, in this shiny form, Haxorus looks more a badass than he ever did. The dark grey for the body and the maroon for the horns and claws are really shiny. This does look like a shiny pokemon.

I did say that this list will have some of the best shiny pokemon from each generation, and this is it for me from generation V.

The All-Time Favorite Shiny Charizard

The All-Time Favorite Shiny Charizard

I don’t think I was the only one who loved Charizard the moment I laid my eyes on this beast of pokemon. There is probably no one who hates on this pokemon, but the creators actually made him more badass and deadly looking. This is with the introduction of Mega evolutions in Pokemon X and Y. Charizard has two different mega evolution with X and Y games. The Mega Charizard X evolution is more aesthetically pleasing since they added dark colors, the Y version has the same color patterns.

With the addition of Shinies, Mega Charizard Y now looks as cool as the Mega Charizard X(minutes the shiny color). In one way or other, Charizard still rocks. Actually, there are plenty more amazing ones in generation VI. Some others are Gengar, Steelix, Yveltal, etc. Though I’m still gonna go with Charizard as the best shiny pokemon.

Shiny Araquanid

Shiny Araquanid

I know this might not be everyone’s choice, and many might not even care about is pokemon, but I like this sprite. I don’t mean to say that this is the best shiny pokemon or one of the best shinies in pokemon go, but it does look better than the original. The previous colors didn’t make it look even a little bit intimidating, where this looks scary.

This looks like one of those scary spiders you will see in your dreams trying to kill you(or is it just me?). I must stay, replacing that lime green shade with this violet shade was a great choice. This feels like it was meant to be this way from the start. In case you do not which generation this water/bug type belongs to, then let me tell you that you will find this in the Generation VII list. There are a few other unique ones in that generation but this one caught my eye.

Shiny Corviknight

Shiny Corviknight

From Generation VIII, I would like to pick Corviknight shiny sprite. Even though the original one does look good and scary, to be honest, it just looks like a simple raven to me. So I feel like shiny Corviknight sprite looks better. This is because it does look like it is wearing some kind of armor, which wasn’t the case for the original sprite.

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Also, the various grey shades do differentiate various parts of the body, unlike the previous one. Now, it is much more like a steel/flying type pokemon. Most of them from this generation don’t have many changes in terms of colors. So this could even be the best shiny pokemon from this generation.

Shiny Pikachu Libre

Shiny Pikachu Libre

A pokemon list can never be complete without adding Pikachu to it. The very first thing that comes to mind when you think of Pokemon is Pikachu, so it is natural that there are multiple versions of this character. One such iteration is the Pikachu Libre, and this one was introduced in 2014. Finally, by the end of 2020, this sprite became available in Pokemon Go.

To get this sprite, one has to season 6 of Battle League in Pokemon Go, though it ain’t gonna be easy. Only then can you land your hands on one of the best shiny pokemon in the game. Also, this is one of the best shinies in Pokemon Go, if not the best. Fight me!

Choosing from a huge of shiny pokemon wasn’t an easy task, but here we are. This list of the best shiny pokemon from each generation is a personal pick. You might have a different opinion as to what is the best shiny pokemon or the cutest shiny pokemon. In that case, we can always share out opinions in the comment section. Also, check this pokemondb page that has shiny pokemon ranked, or for other such best shiny pokemon lists these fandomspot and gamerant articles are worth taking a look at.

When Were Shinies First Introduced?

If you remember then I had already mentioned that the shiny pokemon were introduced in generation 2. The first of this kind were Gyarados and Magikarp that appeared in generation 2 games. This is something that not many people know and think they were introduced in the much later generations. While it is pretty simple to differentiate between a normal pokemon and a shiny one, the encounter is very different too.

When you are strolling through the world of pokemon and encounter a pokemon, you will hear a different sound effect. Along with that, pokemon will have a starry/lightning effect differentiating it from normal ones. There is no way to turn a normal pokemon into a shiny pokemon and vice-versa. Every shiny pokemon will stay shiny even after they evolve, no matter how you choose to evolve them. A shiny Squirtle will turn into a shiny Wartortle and then into a shiny Blastoise.

Some get major changes in their shiny sprites whereas changes to others might not even be noticeable.

Best Ways to Hunt for Shinies

There are some truly amazing shiny pokemon which should be evident from the best shiny pokemon list. In earlier games, it was very difficult to catch a shiny pokemon and the odds are pretty bad. Every 1 in 8192 that you come across is a shiny pokemon. This pretty disappointing number, but do not worry because we are here to help in that quest. Here, we are going to discuss a few ways to hunt those amazing shiny pokemon.

Do You Have a Shiny Charm?

Do you have a Shiny Charm?

Sometimes searching for shinies can be a bit of a tiring task since the odds of finding one are pretty low. So you can pretty much forget random encounters as you are gonna have to be very lucky. Now, one way to increase those odds of finding a shiny pokemon is to use an item called Shiny Charm. This item when found increases your odds to 0.07% as opposed to 0.01% which is in random encounters.

So how this works is, whenever you encounter a pokemon randomly and have this shiny charm in your bad, the game rolls it to improve your odds. This makes the chance of encountering those shinies to 1 in every 1,365 encounters. Still doesn’t look great but way better than random encounters. Though there is one slight hiccup, acquiring this item ain’t easy either. That is because the players need to finish the Pokedex to get it. This was first available in Generation V games.

Fight a Horde Encounter

Fight a Horde Encounter

Random encounters are pretty common and are a staple in all Pokemon games. Though the latter generation of games like Pokemon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby introduced a little more exciting encounters. These encounters are called horde encounters and contain multiple pokemon of the same kind. One of the best things about this is that it also increases the chances of finding those rare shinies.

The reason that this kind of horde encounter is possible is that the game was launched on the 3DS system. This has better rending than the previous ones and hence multiple Pokemon are easily able to pop up on the screen. Since now you are encountering 5 pokemon, the chances are also improved by x5 times.

With a Bit of Concentration Using Poke Radar

With a Bit of Concentration using Poke Radar

For those players who would do absolutely anything to get their hands on a shiny pokemon, using Poke Radar is a great option. This was introduced in Generation IV games and requires a huge amount of concentration. For this to work, players should have to activate it when there are in a pokemon encounter location, like grass. Then the grass will start rustling, go there and fight the pokemon.

Players will have to continue fighting the same type of pokemon to eventually encounter a shiny one. To make sure you fight the same type, just look at the rustling grass and the one with the most rustling is the same kind you fought before. You have to keep this chain going until you fight 40 of them. This vastly increases the odds of finding shinies with 1 in 200 chances.

The Dynamax Adventures

The Dynamax Adventures

Many of you might not be familiar with this Dynamax Adventure if you haven’t played Pokemon Sword & Shield. This is actually from a DLC called Crown Thundra, where players go to a dungeon with trainers to finally battle a legendary pokemon. The thing is that you cannot use your own pokemon in this adventure, instead, you use rented pokemon. Explore the dungeon and you will most probably find a legendary pokemon. Don’t just settle for them though, catch every interesting pokemon you can find as they can turn out to be shiny at the need of the adventure.

After the adventure ends by either defeating or getting up by the legendary, you can see all the pokemon that you caught. Some of them could be shiny, so keep the one you want as only one pokemon can be kept. The odds of finding a shiny pokemon this way are 1 in 300, but if you use shiny charm then it is 1 in 100. Pretty great, right?

Breed Your Pokemon With Matsuda Method

In my opinion, this is the best way to obtain a shiny pokemon in any game, at least from generation IV. So what this method involves is that the player will have to breed their pokemon with others from a different region. For example, breed a pokemon from China with a pokemon from America or any such way. This boosts of chances of obtaining a shiny pokemon egg to 1 in 512.

Many players from the pokemon gaming community prefer this method as it is easy and doesn’t require any kind of grind. You can employ this method on every pokemon on your Pokedex. One quick tip though, use shiny charm to improve and boost those odds.

The above 5 methods are the best ones that players can ask for hunting shiny pokemon. Some of them might feel like a drag but are worth it.

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Wrapping Up

Shiny pokemon are worth all the effort as they are pretty rare. Each generation of pokemon games has amazing shiny pokemon and our list covers some of the best shiny pokemon from each generation. Check out the list and find out what kind of cool shiny pokemon are out there. This article covers ways to hunt for these rare types, and we did provide instructions on that too. So everything you need to know about these shiny pokemon can be found in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the top ten shiny pokemon?

The answer to this can be a bit divisive as there are a total of 898 pokemon and their shiny sprites. Regardless, we did talk about some shiny pokemon in our list of top ten shiny pokemon. So take a look at that list in this article.

Can you find a shiny pokemon randomly?

Yes, you can, but the odds of encountering one this way are pretty low.

What is the best way to hunt for shinies?

we recommend trying the Matsuda method, horde encounter, or the poke radar for hunting shiny pokemon.

Which generation of pokemon games introduced the shiny pokemon?

Some might think that the shiny pokemon were introduced in the games from generation VI or such, but they have been introduced in generation 2 games. Magikarp and Gyarados are those first shinies.

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