Biome Bundle

Biome Bundle

The great thing about Minecraft is that there is an endless amount of customizations in the game. You can never state that I played everything in Minecraft because there is always going to be some new content designed for the game. That is why even after its release which was 10 years ago, there are still players in the game, and many more that are finding their way to it. Hence, let’s take a look at Biome Bundle, but before that let’s see where you can go with this wonderful Mod.

If you get bored with one world then search for another as each world is unique, temperature, flora, and mobs. Locate different kinds of loots depending on the world. These worlds are called Biomes in Minecraft. Sometimes you can discover various biomes in mods and even without mods. There are many biomes in the vanilla Minecraft as well.

Like many people, if the game has been in your playlist for 10 years then you may already see many biomes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of it. For such players, there is a mod called the Biome Bundle Mod or BB Mod, which consists of more than 400 biomes. Each biome has unique landscapes, structures, vegetation, and many more things. 

There is no chance that anyone who tries this mod gets bored with it since the whole purpose of this biome is to provide players with something new. This mod was created by an Open Terrain Generator (OTG) to make a complete world that includes many worlds. 

Each world is unique in its way and has dungeons, caves, forests, and other stuff there are generally in biomes. 

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Biome Bundle Minecraft Mod

The Different Categories of Biome Bundle

We have already talked about what this mod has to offer, but all those features are categorized into four types.

  • The first one is the Custom terrain and biomes, which are the various landscapes/locations that are available in this mod.
  • Next are the custom objects in those biomes which are the plants, trees, and kinds of rocks.
  • Then the custom structures like the dungeons, caves, houses, and castles.
  • Finally, the enemies that attack, which are the custom mobs in biomes. Every biome has its mobs that have unique designs and abilities. 

These are the key factors that are required in every biome. Then there are weapons, loots, and blocks that you can get in biomes. You also need to remember that these biome bundles can only be installed on devices with OTG for forge, fabric, or spigot. 

Another great thing about this mod is that it gets frequent updates which add new biomes, structures, blocks, and many other things to it. So there are endless exploration possibilities, and while exploring these biomes if you forget or do not know where you’re at then you can use the F3 key to find out. There is another mod called the Biomes O Plenty, which is an updated version of the biome bundle mod that has more biomes and a few other additions. 

Biome Bundle 2

Biome O Plenty

Just like the Biome Bundle, but has even more stuff added along with all the biomes from the BB. It is a world generator that is used to add the different worlds to the bundle and has even more blocks than the other mod. Since it has more options for world-building than the Biome Bundle Minecraft, it needs a lot of juice from your device, unlike the other one which is a light version. 

So if you are looking for a less complex bundle and visuals then you should choose this mod, but if you need more blocks along with visuals then you have to install the biome o plenty. The Biomes o plenty adds 80 new biomes to the bundle that is Nether biome, Overworld biome, Sub-biomes, and Promised land biomes. 

One of these biomes comprises the promised land biomes is a world that has many floating rocks and lands in it. Going to this world is not going to be easy as you will need 6 gems from Nether star, Biomes o plenty, and End stone along with an Ancient Staff to reach this world. This world along with many others in Biomes o plenty has new flora and ores that can be used to survive and build equipment. You can get more information on this pack from the Biome O Plenty wiki.

Steps to Install the Biome Bundle Modpacks

Installing the Biome bundle Minecraft mod involves steps that are similar to any other mod for the game, well, at least for the single-player. The difference lies when you download and add the bundle for a Forge server or Spigot server. So here we break down the procedure to add this mod for every scenario. 

Also, there are certain requirements for this to work, like you need to have a good device that can handle the OTG because sometimes the worlds take a long time to load/render. 

Biome Bundle Minecraft for Forge Single-player

  • The important requirement for this mod is that you need to have the Open Terrain Generator mod installed in your Minecraft.
  • Then download the Biome Bundle mod, and you can also choose different versions of the mod like the biome bundle 1.12.2 depending on your Minecraft version. 
  • Now take the .jar files from this mod and move them into the mod folders in .minecraft. To find this, type %appdata% in the Run box.
  • Now open the game in Forge, and you can choose your desired world from the world generation menu.

Biome Bundle for Forge Server

  • Follow the same steps that have been mentioned for the single-player installation, do this till step 3.
  • Next, for this to work, you need to change 2 settings from the file. Change level-type = OTG, and change level-name = <desired worldname>  
  • That’s it now you use this mod in your Biome Bundle server.

Now, to make the installation procedure for Spigot easy, you can use this Spigot installation video. It’s a simple video that will help you install the new bundles on Spigot. Other info on these can also be found from the OTG Fandom.

Biome Bundle 2

Various World Presets in Biome Bundle Minecraft

Since it is not possible to share the biome bundle biome list which comprises almost 400 new worlds, here I’m going to share a few biomes that are available in the bundle for Minecraft. 

Sandstone Mesa

A world made of sandstone that is so beautiful that you may want to take a hike. While it doesn’t have many colors, it still looks cool with the clay and red sandstone. It also has a few trees that are baobab. Check this out if you are bored with the usual forest and snowy lands.

Tropical Rain Forest

Who doesn’t like forests, right? There is something so peaceful and soothing about those lush green trees. When you combined that occasional rain, then it’s just so relaxing. Though that may be true, the tropical rain forest can sometimes be hot when there aren’t the usual rains. Still, this world is worth visiting with its giant trees and red clay landscape

Frozen Forest

The ice-cold land where every inch of land is frozen. And not just the land, but even the trees are frozen to such an extent that you can see icicles hanging from their branches. So if you like freezing snow places then this is the spot.

Enchanted Forests

At first glance, this world will look beautiful, which it is. This may change when you start exploring the land and find what lies hidden in this world. You can get attacked by witches that will spawn at random, which shouldn’t be surprising considering it’s an enchanted forest. Apart from that, the bluegrass and trees look fascinating.

High Cliffs

These are just some cliffs, valleys, and some forests on a mountain. It can be a little difficult to navigate due to all the cliffs and all, but if you like places like these, then you should try hiking through those cliffs. Even if you don’t like them, a new world always deserves exploring.

Mangrove Forests

This world has tall mangrove trees on water-filled swamps. It reminds you of one of those movies with large snakes or crocodiles that randomly attack from the water. Since it is Minecraft, there won’t be such things, so it’s probably safe for you to explore. You can also find volcanoes and lily pads in this world.

Tropical Savanna

If you are bored with cold mountains or tropical forests, then you should go for the hot hills and plateaus of tropical savanna. Its landscape has a new design with all the red clay blocks placed in a different pattern. This world also has canyons to explore.

Webbed Forest 

A scary and creepy-looking forest that is covered in webs. The term forest may not be an apt word to describe this world. It doesn’t have many trees, and the few trees that are in this world are lifeless with no leaves and covered with webs. So be prepared to encounter some spider mobs. 

You can check more of these maps from this overworld biomes page, and remember that these worlds have their blocks, mobs, ores, and many such things.

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Creating Your Biomes in Minecraft

You already know about the OTG and Biome Bundle O plenty mods, while OTG is a requirement for manifesting biomes into your game. Biome o plenty has more worlds than the already existing bundle. Using these mods, you should create your new world in Minecraft too. Download this mod from

Create a World With Biome Bundle O Plenty

  • Follow all these steps to the point, and begin by logging in to your multicraft panel.
  • Then close your server, next to the custom world option, click on create new.
  • Next, you will see the World Name box, and in that box type Biome Bundle.
  • Then click on the back button to go to the main page of multicraft, and click on Files from the left side menu.
  • You will see a few drop-down options. From which select the FTP File Access, then you need to log in.
  • Now, in the server’s root directory, you need to select the server. Settings option, and select the Edit option.
  • In the next step, change level-type = OTG, and change level-name = <desired worldname>. Here, the world name should be “BBOP”.
  • That’s it now you can start the server, and play the new map
Biome Bundle 3

Create a World With Open Terrain Generator

  • You need to go to the world creation GUI in OTG to make, edit and remove a world in Minecraft.
  • To start the procedure, you need to select the option “Create OTG World/New World”. 
  • When you select the OTG world, the next step would be to choose an existing preset or make a new one.  
  • Once you have chosen an existing preset you will be taken to Dimension Creation, which allows you to make a new world by choosing various aspects like blocks, rules, biome bundle seeds, and game modes. There are many more things that you can add to this menu, so explore.
  • Finally, when you are done creating a map, open the game and enable cheats.

That’s the basic part of creating a world with OTG, for more info you can check this OTG World Wiki.

There’s also a pre-map generator in OTG. It can be used to reduce the lag that comes with the world generation by adding/generating some chunks within a certain distance during the spawn time.

Please check out all the mods 3 mod list


Biome Bundle Mod packs a lot for the players to enjoy, and even build upon. Minecraft is all about surviving and exploring, and with all these new worlds which are more than 400, you may do just that. Fight new mobs, find new ores and materials to craft new items. If you want more, then install the biome o plenty bundle to get some more worlds in your forge Minecraft. Also, check all the tutorials to install various mods if you do not already know-how.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Which has more worlds, the BB or the BBOP?

The BBOP has more mods compared to BB, as BBOP is an addition to BB. It has 80 more worlds in it. Each world comes with its blocks, mobs, and other items.

Where can I find all the info on BB?

You can check out this Biome Bundle Wiki to find the information on the mod pack. It’s not an official wiki page, but it covers all the important info regarding the mod.

Which mod should I use to create a custom new world in Minecraft?

You can use any supported mod to create a custom world. The most used mods are OTG and BBOP, and tutorials on how to create a custom map using these mods have already been provided in this article.

What do you need to add new mod packs to Minecraft?

If you are talking about the biomes mod pack, then you need Open Terrain Generator(OTG) to add new mod packs to Minecraft. Apart from that, you need forge mod installed for your Minecraft to install any forge mods.

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