OK Zoomer Mod

OK Zoomer Mod

Minecraft has many resource packs and mods that let you enjoy the game according to your terms. There is a chance that the look of the game might not interest you. No problem, resource packs(also called texture packs) allow you to change that. If you are having a hard time playing the game, then you … Read more

Risk of Rain 2 Skins

ROR 2 skins

Let us now talk about Risk of Rain 2 and the Risk of Rain 2 skins that may help and enthrall you while playing this game. If you have ever played Risk of Rain then there is a good chance that you have the sequel as well, and if you didn’t then I recommend that … Read more

Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins

Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins

2K Games studios’ hit game Borderlands 3 is one of the successful games in the series, as it sold more copies than any other games in the series at the time of its release. There is generally a lot of demand for the open-world first-person gunman, and when such a game is the sequel to … Read more

KDA Skins – League Of Legends

KDA Skins

What happens when you bring together the music and gaming industry? If you’re curious to find out, just look at the Riot Games music division. Riot decided to step into music full-fledged by releasing their first track, Pop/Stars. This single was released in 2018, and with a live performance during the LoL World Championship. It … Read more

Prestige Skins – League of Legends

Prestige Skins

Devs often reward their players with unique items in-game that can be super rare and difficult to get. This is to keep players hooked to the game even after they have been playing the game for years. It also makes players feel that the devs care about them, and the game finds more players even … Read more

Lux Skins – League Of Legends

Lux Skins

If you have never played League of Legends, then you are missing out on one of the best games that were ever made. League of Legends is inspired by DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), which was a separate map in Warcraft 3. DOTA became so popular that Riot Games made a standalone game based on … Read more

Ashe Skins – League Of Legends


ASHE SKINS is another skin in League of Legends. LOL has been around for almost 12 years now. Many have been playing the game since 2009, which should tell you how good the game is. Other than gameplay, the main appealing factor for the game is the vast roster of champions(in-game for characters). If a … Read more

Kayle Skins

Kayle Skins

If League of Legends is part of your gaming time, then you might have come across its various champions. Apart from the gameplay, another great aspect of LoL is its champions(characters in the game) that you can choose to play with. Each champion in the game has unique abilities and stories that make them interesting. … Read more

Akali Skins – League Of Legends

Akali Skins

If you have played any MOBA games then there is a good opportunity that you have heard of LoL(League of Legends), you may have even played it. LoL is a very acclaimed game that is played by many players around the globe. The reason for this is simple, great gameplay and characters. There are more … Read more