Bloodborne PC

Bloodborne PC

Fans of the Souls series are very familiar with Bloodborne. As for those who don’t, Bloodborne is a role-playing game set in an almost similar but yet different world than the Souls series, comprising both action and adventure. It is made by the same studio that made the Souls series hence the similarities. Also, the world and the tone are pretty similar to the Souls franchise. The game was released as a Playstation 4 exclusive and there is no Bloodborne PC version.

Set in a Gothic World of Yharnam, that has a Victorian-era design and architecture where players will play the game from a third-person perspective. Unlike Dark Souls, where players get to choose from a plethora of different classes, this one is a bit different. Instead of choosing classes, players will choose a backstory, Blood Echoes, and stats to create an origin for the character. There are 9 different types of origin each with different levels of stats for the character.

When you are done with the Origin part of the character, you will start searching the city to find the source of a mysterious plague(blood-borne). In the process, you will fight various monsters and even some cosmic beings. Players can use various weapons for hack and slash or shooting gameplay to explore the game’s world. Your character “Hunter” will also have to interact with other NPC to investigate the plague and complete the mission. Most of the game is combat-focused and has a Souls level of difficulty.

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You will even face hordes of enemies, so the player has to be quick and keep with the fast-paced action. While the game is amazing and is considered one of the best Souls games, that’s not what this article is about. We are here to talk about the Bloodborne PC.

Is There a Bloodborne PC Version? If Not, Will Bloodborne Come to PC?

Bloodborne PC

So far the game has only been released for Playstation 4 and there is no Bloodborne PC version. Recently, there have been rumors that the game might see a PC release but those rumors never came to be true. Also, there is no official announcement from the FromSoftware(developers) or Sony(Publishers) regarding the release of Bloodborne PC.

Many fans of the game and even Souls series fans were and are still hoping to play Bloodborne on PC. Sony has been bringing some of their exclusives like God of War, Uncharted: A Legacy of Thieves Collection, Ghost of Tsushima, and a few others. This sparked the hope that one day Sony will also release a Bloodborne PC version soon. Though it seems like they will have to wait for a long time for that to happen.

While there have been several rumbling of Bloodborne coming to PC, the rumor that most people trust is from Nick Baker(XBOXERA). According to him in his podcast, there is already a Bloodborne PC port apart from a PS5 release and sequel in the works. Now, the PS5 release seems most plausible as many other games are also being ported to the new consoles. Though the PC release rumor should be taken with a grain of salt as always.

Seeing that the game is bound to be released for PS5 as a remake, a sequel, and the rumored PC version, it isn’t a stretch to say that we might see a PC release by 2023. Apart from an official PC release, there is another way or should I say, another version of the game available for PC. It’s a Bloodborne Demake.

Bloodborne PCTheif Class Could Be the Worst Demake and How to Play It?

Bloodborne PC

Many fans of the Bloodborne game couldn’t wait for the official PC release so they made their very own version of Bloodborne. It is sort of a Bloodborne demake. That’s right, the game is a remake of Bloodborne that looks like a PS1 game and is called Bloodborne PSX. It is evident by the graphics and design.

This Bloodborne PSX will soon be available to PC, but there is a small thing you should know. It isn’t the full Bloodborne PC game that we hoped it to be. Instead, it’s just a small game with few levels. The game might be playable till the Vicar Amelia part of the story. This isn’t much but something fans can be happy with, for now.

The game isn’t an exact copy of the original Bloodborne game from PS4. You will notice some changes to maps, dialogues, and other mechanics. The good thing is that neither FromSoftwre nor Sony is concerned with this demake, so we may see a release without any troubles. The developer has actually been working on this project for a long time now. Corwyn Pritchard and Lilith Walther have stated that the game will be available to play from January 2022. Though they didn’t mention how it will be available.

So if you want to get the latest updates about the game then I suggest you follow Lilith Walther on Twitter. As she is been known to provide constant updates with respect to Bloodborne demake. While the game is made with PS1-style graphics, it ain’t gonna work on those old devices. Rather, it’s a Bloodborne PC game. You can also check out the first few minutes of gameplay on Youtube.

Bloodborne Lore

Other than combat, Bloodborne has an interesting world, built in an even interesting lore. Who are Hunters? What is Yharnam? and what is the mysterious Disease? All these aspects make the game even more interesting. There are many other such things in Bloodborne lore that would even make for an amazing movie or a Netflix series. So coming back to those questions, Hunters are basically those who hunt down monsters and try to keep their regions safe.

There are many hunters across the world in Bloodborne but the game mostly concentrates on Yharnam. They are sort of superhumans that use their agility and sword skills to take down any kind of monster they find. Now, the city of Yharnam is a weird and mysterious place that is governed by the Healing Church. Though there is no concrete evidence on this, it is something that seems most likely considering the grasp Healing Church has.

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The Church and Hunters

The Church and Hunters

The healing church does its healing by using blood. They use blood infusion for healing people, and this works by healing all kinds of wounds and diseases. This led to them consuming blood as some sort of nutritional drink and a beverage. So the people of Yharnam are often seen as bizarre and crazy. Hunters who kill demons often tend to become more obsessed with killing and become blood lusted. This might even make them kill other hunters.

There are even hunters who fight for the Healing Church, which started after the church recognized Ludwig as their hunter. Ludwig is one of the members of the church who also turned into a beast after being infected with the plague. The other members include Vicar Amelia and Laurence. When people for church get infected they become huge monsters and even wield weapons. Just like Ludwig wielded the Holy Moonlight Blade.

Monsters and Enemies

Monsters and Enemies

Monsters were created or turned into one when they were administered with the Old blood. Old blood when combines with human blood, turns normal humans into beasts and monsters. The most common ones that you will come across are the lycanthropes. The other types of monsters that came from the Old blood include the Silverbeasts, Beast Patient, Labyrinth Madman, and Beast Possessed Soul.

Other than beast there are two kinds of monsters that you will come across in the game. One is the Kin and the other ones are Neutral. Kins are more like aliens, or a family of aliens. That doesn’t mean anything that looks alien is a Kin, so you have to be on the look for out for them. If you ever come across Celestial Mobs, Brainsuckers, Mi-Go’s, Celestial Larvae, and Celestial centipedes are some of the known Kins in the game.

A few other creatures that come under Kin are Celestial Emissary, Rom, The Living Failure, and Ebrietas. When it comes to Neutral ones, they are different from Kin or beasts as they are neither. Some of the Neutral ones that you find in Bloodborne are Shark-Giant, Yeti’s, Huntsmen, Witch of Hemwick, etc.

There is a lot more lore in Bloodborne that is pretty interesting to read about, and if that’s what you think then check this Bloodborne Wiki.

Wrapping Up

Fans of Souls game or Bloodborne will have to hold their breadths for a little longer. Since there is no official announcement on Bloodborne PC. So fans will have to make do with the Bloodborne demake that releases in early 2022. It isn’t the same thing as the Bloodborne PC but player, but at least it is something. Hopefully, we will something soon about the Bloodborne PC when Sony or FromSoftware makes an announcement about the PS5 remake or Bloodborne remastered version. In the meantime keep following the studio and developers on social media so you can get the latest updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to play Bloodborne on PC?

Without an official Bloodborne PC release, players will have to either wait for one or just try out the Bloodborne demake. The demake will most likely hit in January 2022, at least that is what the developers say. So this is going to be the closest one can get to playing Bloodborne PC for now.

When did Bloodborne come out?

Bloodborne first came out in North America on 24th March 2015. This was followed by releases on 25th, 26th, and 27th in Europe, Japan, and Uk respectively. This was Playstation 4 only.

Is Bloodborne coming to PS5?

Apparently, though there is no official announcement from the makers, the game is being remastered for a PS5 release. This is along with a potential sequel to the title is also being developed. Since there is no evidence to back it up, all we can do is wait for it to become official.

Is Bloodborne part of the Souls series?

No, Bloodborne is not a part of the Souls series. it might seem that way because the has a lot of similarities with the souls game. That is because the game is made by the same developers FromSoftware, that made the Souls game. So it is natural that anyone would confuse it for a modern Dark Souls game.

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