Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins

Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins

2K Games studios’ hit game Borderlands 3 is one of the successful games in the series, as it sold more copies than any other games in the series at the time of its release. There is generally a lot of demand for the open-world first-person gunman, and when such a game is the sequel to an already hit game, then it is bound to create a lot of buzzes. It’s safe to say that the game didn’t disappoint the players. Before we get into the Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins, let us take a closer look at the world of Borderlands 3

There’s just a lot of things that make this game so amazing, the gameplay, characters, plot, and especially the comic-book style art is used for graphics. If you have ever played any borderlands games before this game, then you’ll love this game. It is just a better version of Borderlands 2.

In Borderlands 3 you can choose between 4 different characters, each equipped with unique abilities. Previously in borderlands 2, each character had only one special ability, but in the sequel, you can choose from 4 different abilities. While there is a chance to choose from different abilities, you can only use one of them in matches.

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Weapons Customization

If you have never played any Borderlands games, then you would be surprised to know that the game has an insane number of guns. Generally, a game offers like 30 – 40, at most 50 kinds of guns, but Borderlands has recorded more than 17 million types of guns. This was in the first Borderlands game, and in Borderlands 3 there are more than 1 billion guns. Imagine the number of guns that you can try, which actually may not even be at least 1% of that number.

Each gun in the game can be customized with various skins of your choice that have different combinations of colors. So here we are going to discuss what skins are available for players to use and how to use them. To start with that, you have to be aware that the Borderlands 3 weapon skins don’t provide any damage upgrade to the weapon. They are just meant to provide a fresh look to a gun.

Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins List

Also, you can use 6 different colors for a single gun skin, and combine different textures with those skins. Below are the Borderlands 3 weapon skins that you can use.


Gun-Fetti - Weapon Skins

First, I would like to appreciate the wordplay used in the skin name. It has a rainbow design which shouldn’t be surprising as the colors used for this skin are Pink, Rainbow, White, and a Unicorn wallpaper pattern. This Borderlands 3 weapon skin is pretty colorful and has a unique overlay texture. Finding this skin isn’t that difficult as it can be bought from Crazy Earl. Also, you can equip these Borderlands 3 weapon skins with any gun of your choice.


Painbow - Weapon Skins

While the name may be badass, these Borderlands 3 weapon skin isn’t. You can just tell from a look that this skin isn’t that appealing, maybe to kids and few other players, but it isn’t for everyone. Though I won’t be judging if you do like it. The colors Rainbow gradient and purple may sound good on the paper, but the actual product isn’t.  If you still want to go for this Bl3 weapon skin in the game then you better look for it at Crazy Earl as he’s the one who can help you get it.


Crepuscle - Weapon Skins

The Orange purple with Blue Gradient and Black is kind of Ok for a Bl3 weapon skin color. The blue color at the grip handle looks good, but the orange at the barrel may not be to everyone’s liking. Purple and blue shades get kinda mixed up at the center which is near the cylinder and hammer, and the trigger is shaded blue. To get this BL3 weapon skin, you should check Earl’s scrapyard and talk to him.


Extraspectral - Weapon Skins

It may sound sexist, but this bl3 weapon skin may not be the first choice for many male players. By that statement, you can pretty much understand the colors being used in this skin. While the skin is not filled with pink color, it covers most parts of a gun, but that’s not the only color being used here. You also have black and gray shades in it, which may sometimes get unnoticed. Like the other skins mentioned above, you can get this from the Crazy Earl’s scrapyard.

Burnished Steele

Burnished Steele - Weapon Skins

The name exactly says how this bl3 gun skin looks like. It has a good shiny aspect to it with all the steel gray color. There are a few red colors here and there, but most of the skin is covered in Steel gray color, which looks fantastic. I must say that his skin can look perfect in the game, as it has a very contrasting look from the game graphics. As the game design has a comic-book art style, this skin should provide a fresh look to your gun and gameplay. If you are looking for something new and different for your gun then this should be your choice, and to get it, you need to visit crazy old Earl.



A cool skin that can be equipped as any borderland 3 gun skin. The name is self-explanatory for the skin, as you will see a thunder design on your gun with this skin. You can pretty much guess the colors for this skin which are blue, gray, purple, light blue, and also some animation of lighting can be used as a texture with this skin. If I were you, I would be sold with the lightning animation texture for this skin, and if you are too, then go to Crazy Earl’s shop and get these Borderlands 3 weapon skin. The more skins you have for your guns, the more fun you can have playing the game.  

You can also get this skin for free if you have Hyperion Shotgun brainstormer or the Maliwan sniper rifle storm.


You can pretty much imagine how this skin will look during your gameplay. With a black and white combination for a Borderland 3 gun skin, this could be a good alter from your normal rusty gun look. Also, the art style for the game could be a plus for this skin, as it may look a bit different from what it would for your normal games. Most of your gun skin will be white, while some places like the barrel, trigger, and straps will be painted black. Visit Earl’s scrapyard, and you can equip this skin for any gun in your inventory. I believe this skin is one of the best borderlands 3 weapon skins.

Black Dragon

Black Dragon

This is one of my favorite Borderlands 3 weapon skin in the game. Even though there are now textures that resemble or remind you of a dragon, the colors black, red, gray, and white mix well to provide a great-looking gun skin. You will find most of the skin to be covered in black, while some small areas like the middle of a barrel and some strap regions to be covered in red. Apart from those colors, the bullets and other missing parts are covered in white and gray shades 

Blueberry Limade

Blueberry Limade

I know it sounds like a fancy cocktail from a bar, but the colors used in this borderland 3 gun skin will make you feel anything far from appetizing. The lime green just doesn’t feel right for me, but if you give it a chance, then you may get accustomed to it in the game. Even though there are other colors like black and dark blue in this skin, lime green is so dominating that you may barely notice the other colors. Hey, if you like lime green, then go for this skin and get it from the Crazy Earl.

Retro Blasters

Retro Blasters

Unlike the Borderlands 3 weapon skins mentioned above, you need to buy the deluxe and super deluxe editions of the game to get this skin. Only with those editions will you get some new packs, one of which is the Retro Cosmetic pack that will provide this Retro blaster skin. Most of the color combinations used in this skin(apart from the brown) will go unnoticed if you use this skin for a small weapon like a revolver. The other colors used are black, blue, red, which are small in amount compared to brown.  

Goldie Locks and Loads

Goldie Locks and Loads

The Goldie locks and loads skin provides a premium look to your borderland 3 guns, with most of the skin being in gold color. There are a few hints of red and white used in this, which many players wouldn’t care about when they first look at this bl3 weapon skin. It’s a pretty great skin for any gun, and if you are using a big one like a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher, then it’s going to look even more awesome.  Since it is a good-looking skin for your borderland 3 weapons, it isn’t that easy to obtain. The only way to get this skin is from a pre-ordered bonus in the deluxe and super deluxe editions of the game.

Gearbox Prime

Gearbox Prime

Another bl3 weapon skin that comes as a gearbox cosmetic pack when you buy the deluxe and super deluxe editions of the game. If you remember the Skelebones skin, then you will notice that this skin has the opposite color design of the skelebones skin. Here, the black and white colors are used at the opposite places when compared with the skelebones skin. The handle and ammo are in black, while the rest of the gun body has a white shade and some places with a hint of gray and green shades.

Even though the skin may be a little rare due to only being available on deluxe and super deluxe editions, it looks like a normal gun skin if you use it for a handgun.

Butt Dazzle

Butt Dazzle

Devs for Borderlands 3 are hilarious, as you can notice from the many skins names they have chosen in this game. The butt dazzle skin(‘trying to read that with a straight face’) is as odd-looking as the name implies with its color combinations. You have a mixture of pink, white and sparkly shades in this skin that is a fun look for a gun. One thing that players need to look for in skin is that they don’t make sense. All you need from a borderland 3 gun skin is that they make the same gun you have been using for many missions look new. You can look for this skin in a stallion weapon pack from the super deluxe edition.

Dandy Lion

Dandy Lion - Weapon Skins

The attractiveness of this skin depends on the kind of terrain or location you use these Borderlands 3 weapon skin. Since it has more of a yellow shade with a little black, it may not look good at certain locations like a desert or rocky areas. If the gun skin color doesn’t stand out, then there is probably no use in applying this skin to your gun. You don’t have to visit Earl or buy a deluxe edition for this skin, as it can be found in world drops in the game. Only skin with the animal name among all the borderlands 3 weapon skins.

Fire and Ash

Fire and Ash - Weapon Skins

A Little similar to the retro blaster in terms of color choice, but differentiates itself from it by adding some black and white on red, and excluding the brown color. To get a better look at this skin, you should avoid using it with small weapons like handguns. Not every gun can bring out the best parts of the skin. It uses more black and white than the retro blaster skins, which helps players to identify one from another. Be on the lookout for various chests during the game to find the fire and ash skin that can be found in world drop. 



I’m not sure if I like this skin or dislike it, but if you are ok with a teal, orange, black and gray combination then you should try out this skin. Since skins are meant to provide a different appearance for your gun rather than the boring normal one, this one does do that. Most of the skins use black/white combinations or add red to it, but this one uses teal with orange, so it should look pretty unique in-game. Check every chest and locker to find this skin, as it is a world drop skin.

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Ink and Kill

Ink and Kill - Weapon Skins

This one is a little different from the rest of the skins mentioned above as it combines the usual red, black, white, and yellow with a graffiti pattern. While the color combinations are good and common, it’s the graffiti pattern that makes this Borderland 3 gun skin interesting. I would recommend that you try this skin for every weapon you own, just to check which one it looks better with. Just kidding, I bet it will look better with any gun you use, but to get this skin you may have to try hard and search various chests as it is available from world drops.

Deep Nebula

Deep Nebula - Weapon Skins

There are only two rare Borderlands 3 weapon skins in-game, and those are called legendary skins, which can be a little difficult to obtain as you can only get them from certain drops in-game. Deep Nebula is one of those rare Borderlands 3 weapon skins, and having it in your inventory could make your friends very jealous. This skin also uses star patterns along with purple, black, and yellow colors which would look amazing on any gun. To get this bl3 weapons skin you need to look for the graveward, gigamind, and some other legendary drops in the game.



A colorful legendary skin that can only be obtained through rare drops in the game. Even though it is a rare skin among all the Borderlands 3 gun skins, it may not be appealing to everyone due to the color and animation used in this skin. Don’t get me wrong, the animations are neat, but I cannot stomach the cyan, magenta, and yellow animation used together. So feel free to check it on your own and then decide if this is something you like. Well, easier said than done because it may not be easy to get considering it is a legendary skin and all.        

It’s Poop!

It’s Poop! - Weapon Skins

You read it right, that’s what this skin is called, ‘It’s Poop!’. Among all the borderlands 3 weapon skins, only this skin has a unique name. I’m pretty confident that the devs had some crazy idea in mind and felt that they should make a weird Borderlands 3 weapon skin. Probably that’s how they made poop (pun intended). The thing is that ritually looks like poop, and if you check the color description for this skin on any other site, you would find it as poop because the color looks like poop. I feel like I used the word ‘poop’ too many times, so that’s it.  If you want to make your gun look weird, then sure go for it, as you have to search the wastelands for this skin.

Red Sands

Red Sands

At first glance, you will think that this gun skin looks like someone just splattered some red paint on an old weapon. So if you thought then you are not alone my friends because that’s how it looks. While red is more of a blood-red, the other color is brown, which looks more like a dusty brown color. Rather than judging it on my own, I would let you decide for yourselves, how you feel about these Borderlands 3 gun skin. So after careful inspection if you like to buy this skin then you need to spend some guardian token to get an enforcer bonus stat, only then can you unlock this skin.  

Leather and Regret

Leather and Regret - Weapon Skins

It’s a pretty unique skin due to the colors you will find in it, which are a shiny version of a revolver color. The shiny steel, gray, gold, wood, and brass colors add a unique touch to this skin as there are no other skins with these color combinations. If you like what see with this skin, then get ready to spend some guardian token and get a survivor bonus, so you can get this leather and regret skin for your weapons.   

Dead Set

Dead Set

You would think that a skin that requires a guardian token to unlock by getting a hunter bonus would be good and unique. Unfortunately, the dead set skin isn’t that appealing any way you look at it. In some locations in the game, it may even feel like camouflage skin which, now that I think, could be cool. It has a metallic olive color to it that is pretty common with many Borderlands 3 weapon skin. 

Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded - Weapon Skins

Up till now, you have seen different color combinations, patterns, and even animation in a gun skin, but the hot-blooded skin has a different kind of pattern. It has a Moxxi emblem painted on red skin. If you don’t know who Moxxi is, then let me tell you that she is a hostess for the Colosseum matches that happen in Pandora, and also she is an NPC. You need to unlock this skin rather than buying it and to do that you need to finish 13 crimson radio tower crew challenges in the game. That’s the way.


Though there is no info on how to obtain this skin in-game, except for a few sources selling it on eBay or Amazon. It is an amazing skin of all the borderlands 3 weapon skins that have a red-orange shade, white and light blue shades along with a logo of  Gearbox. 

Well, that’s it for the Borderlands 3 weapon skins that you can use in the game. While the 25 kinds of skins may not seem like much to some, combine that with a billion guns and that should satisfy any gamer.                                                                                                                                                                     

How to add Borderlands 3 Weapon Skins?

Adding a new skin or an existing skin to your weapon is a simple task. If you are new to the game and do not know how to do it, then follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the map’s menu, and then click on the next tab, which has a bag icon.
  2. In here you will find all your equipped guns on the left side.
  3. Choose the gun for which you want to change the skin, and press X from your keyboard.
  4. This will open a new menu for that selected gun, which has all the available skins.
  5. Now all you have to do is just select the skin that you want to apply for that gun, and it will be applied.
  6. In case if you don’t see an X option on your keyboard then just use your mouse to click on the change skin option which is under the select gun on the right side.

See, that’s how simple it is to change your gun skin. 

Character Customization

Now we have covered all the skins that you can add to your guns, but that is not the only costume available in this game. Apart from guns, you can also customize your character in Borderlands 3. This character customization is also limited to skins, which can be done to the 4 playable characters, and not NPCs.

The first time that you will customize your character is during the beginning of the story when you have to choose from 4 different characters, here you just be able to do minor changes with the skin like choosing a color. You won’t have any other customization option till you finish some missions in the game. When you have unlocked some new skins, then you can equip Borderlands 3 weapon skins from the quick change machine. 

If you want more, then you have to steal and kill as many as opponents you can to find parts of skins. Another option would be to buy skins using Eridium from the black market store. Now below we are going to provide you with one skin for each playable character.

Pimp My Raider

Pimp My Raider - Skin

This skin is for Zane, a vault hunter from crimson raiders who belongs to the operative class in Borderland, and now works with Lilith. A skin that provides a completely new look for the character with purple, black, and gold colors added to his costume. You can also notice the golden color leopard pattern inside his jacket. Also, his hair color is changed to brown, which is kind of just ok. You can obtain skin by spending 200 Eridium at Crazy Earl’s scrapyard.

Freedom Fashion

Freedom Fashion - Skin

It is a skin design that is based on the American flag. You can see the Stars and Stripes on the jacket, and pants with white and red stripes. Many people like to wear clothes that have an American flag on them, and if you are one of those people, then you can even equip this for the Amara character in the Borderlands 3 game. Finding this skin won’t be difficult as it is available from the scrapyard where Crazy Earl lives. It will cost you 200 Eridium to add this skin to your inventory.


Labradortilla - Skin

A weird-looking skin for our weird-looking character named FL4K. The design pattern for this skin is mostly visible throughout the jacket as you can notice the teal, purple, and some yellow. The whole point of using skins is to make your character look interesting or different from his original look. So I suggest you check this skin out, but you may have to put some effort as you need to search it from loot boxes and rare drops from enemies.

Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams - Skin

Well, since we are listing some weird skins for the borderlands 3 characters, here is another one called ‘Neon Dreams’. There are two colors involved on this skin, which are neon green and black/dark gray. Some parts of the character like the top of the helmet, parts of boots, and some skin areas are covered in neon green, while the rest is covered with the other dark gray or black shade.  This skin may not be appealing to everyone, but since it’s a unique design, we had to list it. Also, other characters have this neon skin. You can spend 270 Eridium and get this skin from the Crazy Earl.

There are many more skins for our borderlands 3 characters that you can unlock and use in the game.

Plot and Gameplay

The story follows our 4 new vault hunters on a mission to stop the Children of Vault cult and their bosses, Tyreen and Troy. This task was provided to our vault hunters by Crimson Raider’s Lilith. The main objective being obtaining the forgotten Vault map from Tyreen and Troy. 

Like in the previous borderlands game, you need to start your game by choosing from 4 different characters. You can either play single-player mode or join others using the multiplayer options for a better game experience. As the game progresses, you meet other NPCs in-game and interact with them as they give you new objectives in-game. Finishing those objectives will increase your level and provide you various rewards.  

You can also find different rewards through scavenging the land of Pandora and unlock new weapons. The other main appealing factor for this game is the guns, and this game has a lot of guns. Many guns in the game have unique elemental effects to them like electricity, freeze, or fire, and these effects are limited to certain guns only. You can find many such guns through the game, while some can be bought or scavenged through various locations, others can be dropped by enemies when they are eliminated.

Many devs introduce a feature called customization in their games to provide players with a chance to edit/customize a character’s skin or gun skin. You can use various colors and their combinations to change your character, guns, and even a vehicle’s appearance. With this, players don’t get bored by using the same vehicle or guns for a long time.

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There is so much that you can talk about the Borderlands 3 game and a billion guns that you can use. Since it isn’t possible to talk about all that, we have provided enough info on skins for guns that you can equip during the game. There is no chance that you will get bored even with all these skins and guns, so if you got all you need, then get those skins and start playing the game. If you need more info on the skins then you can check these sites Borderland 3 Fandom and Borderlands 3 Weapons Customization.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to equip weapon skins in Borderlands 3?

If you don’t know how to equip weapons skins in Borderlands 3, we have already provided that info after listing weapons skins. You just have to go to the map and click on the bag icon. Then select your weapon and click on the weapon customization option. Finally, you can choose the available skin for your gun. 

What is Borderlands 3 weapons customization?

By using the Borderlands 3 weapons customization option, you apply various skins to your character and guns. Skins provide a fresh look to a character and gun.

How many Bl3 weapons skins are there in the game?

There are a total of 25 different Bl3 weapons skins that you can use. 

Can you use the same skin for different guns?

Yes, you can use one skin for multiple guns. Out of all the skins that you have in your inventory, you can equip any skin for any gun.

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