Brutal Doom Extermination Day

Brutal Doom Extermination Day

Only a Few Games get considered all-time classics and genre-defining games, Doom is one such game even after almost 2 decades still has many fans. Even though the game was rebooted in the year 2016 and granted rave reviews, the original Doom still considered a fan favorite of all time. One such thing to prove my previous statement is the Brutal Doom Extermination Day mod.

While the Brutal Doom Extermination day is sort of a part of the bigger mod which is the Brutal Doom mod. The Brutal Doom Extermination day uses the same zdoom features used in the BD mod. Some other components of this mod have also been used in the Brutal Doom Extermination day mod which we will discuss in the later parts of this article.

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What is Brutal Doom and What is the Brutal Doom Extermination Day Mod?

This mod was released around 2012 when it was almost close to Doom’s 20th Anniversary, but it has been in development since 2010. You do not release a mod for a 20-year-old game unless there are people who still find time to play this masterpiece. This mod can be used for all the installments of the game from the original Doom to other games like Doom 2, The Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, Plutonia, TNT: Evilution, and a few others.

Sometimes gore is good, only in games though. This mod provides that gore-themed experience that deserves a game like Doom, not that the game didn’t have blood. That doesn’t mean you are not going to enjoy splashing the blood of those hellish monsters. 

How does the Mod Look?

The mod just splashes blood all over the walls around the surroundings whenever you shoot a monster or get take damage. I will probably sound like a maniac saying this but most of the players who play games like Doom can agree that it’s fun to blow stuff up. It could be the surroundings or just the torso of a monster. You can also see new effects for projectiles and pickups.

To improve the gore and other aspects of the game, the mod also makes changes to sounds, combat, and graphics. Due to countless upgrades with the FPS and many mods releases, Doom enjoys all the love that gets today.  I know I have been mostly talking about gore, but this mod is so much more than that the gory aspects. The mod has also completely changed the gameplay of Doom thanks to new effects and improved graphics.

The Brutal Doom Extermination Day mod also has a Brutal Doom Starter pack which is called the Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth Starter Pack. This adds 32 new levels to your BD mod.

Extermination Day Mod

The Brutal Doom Extermination day mod or it was previously named “Hell on Earth Starter Pack” is part of the BD mod and uses the same source port as the BD mod. You can also call it a ZDoom mod pack, that employs many of its features in the game. For people who do not know what source port is, it is something that can be modified by any person on their ports. To put it in even simpler terms, you can take the source code of the game and make any changes you desire.

For these mods were made by the Doom community, they made changes to the game’s source code. That’s because the game was released for Linux only, due to this the game had to be ported to other consoles. 

Similarly, the Brutal Doom Extermination day mod has source ported from ZDoom. Due to this, the mods Brutal Doom and Brutal Doom Extermination day mod have certain similarities as ZDoom too uses the Zdoom source port. To make it easier for you to understand, Extermination day is the campaign mode for the Brutal Day mod.

This mod also has a custom edition that improves on the beta version of this mod by adding and expanding on the game. You can find more content in the form of stories, textures, lore, and a few other things.

Features of Brutal Doom

  • All features added through this mod now also support features like ZDoom, Skulltag, GZDoom, and Zandronum.
  • Health drops can be found from enemies when facing low health or health recovery of 5, feature has been added to make the game a little more survivable. 
  • Reload times have been extended for shotguns by increasing the tube capacity to 9. Also, now submachine guns can be used by the Shotgun guy.
  • A few new guns have also been added like the Assault shotgun, The Railgun, and The Unmaker.
  • There’s also a setting option to make the blood splash effects from gore to funny.
  • Now you can see the health of your enemies above them.
  • You can temporarily turn into a monster by using alteration like Revenant or Baren of Hell, but to do that you need a demon sphere that is dropped when you defeat a high demon. Also, the transformation lasts only 1 minute and gives you increased health and damage.
  • The mod description also says that the game’s difficulty increases, and by that, it means the enemies do more damage than usual and have new attacks. 

Other Features

  • In terms of graphics and sounds, every gun now has new sounds and graphics. Also, the 3D blood droplets have been added that fill up every part of the surroundings.
  • Only a few of the Megawads have new helicopters and tanks that have been overpowered. These features will also be added to the Brutal Doom Extermination Day mod. 
  • New animation for headshots, and they also deal increased damage. Though not every enemy like Specter, Spider Mastermind, Cyberdemon, Pain Elemental, Cacodemon, and Lost soul can be dealt headshots.

These are just the new features that have been added through the BD mod, if you do want to know all the new changes then you find out all about them from the Fandom page of the day of doom summary.

Features of Brutal Doom Extermination Day Mod

The Extermination day mod offers campaign mode in BD, and some of its features include.

  • If you love PVP matches then there are a few maps in this mod that offer you that gameplay mode.
  • In any of the maps, the spawn location supports up to 8 players. This means a lot of players can join a match without having to worry about crashing the server.
  • Some maps also offer Invasion mode.
  • You can crouch, jump, and hit your enemies with rockets while jumping due to the ZDoom features.
  • Every map in this mod offers way too many monsters, which is almost twice as many monsters or maybe even more. Though, who’s complaining.
  • Almost every map in this mod is directed to online cooperative plays of Zandronum.
  • If you think you have hardcore doom players and have what it takes to finish the game in Ultra-Violence skill or maybe higher than the mod offers such players a hidden ending. In case you couldn’t do it, just smack your PC.

How to Download and Install the Brutal Doom Extermination Day Mod?

While the Extermination day is a part of the BD mod, you have to download and install it separately. Brutal Doom Extermination Day download is a simple process, no need to worry. There is a simple explanation provided below to help you with the download and installation process.

  • First, let’s begin by downloading the mods. You can download the Brutal Doom mod from, just scroll down a little, and you will find the download button.
  • Now download the Extermination day mod, but there is a slight hiccup here. Since the creator of this mod Sergeant_Mark is busy with other projects, there isn’t a  final version of this mod. Though you can still download it from Mediafire.
  • There is one more important requirement which is the game itself. You need to have an original copy of the Doom game on your PC.
  • We are going to use GZdoom, so you require downloading the GZdoom file.
  • After completing the downloading process, extract all the files to a separate folder. Let’s call it  BD mod.
  • Now you have to extract the mod files into the previously extracted BD folder. 
  • Go to that extracted BD folder and there you can see two files, the pak3 file, and the GZDoom.exe.
  • Drag the pak3 files onto the GZDoom.exe file. Now the GZDoom.exe will run and show you the available Doom games on your device.
  • Select your game and hit ok. That’s it, the mod installation process is completed. You can use the same procedure for the Extermination day mod as well.

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Why Do People Hate the Brutal Doom Mod?

No matter what you do, certain people are always going to hate it. In the case of the BD mod, the reasons for hate might be valid. That’s because the mod isn’t that great, to begin with(and here comes the angry mob!). There are a few reasons for this, first is, all that the mod does is add more gore to that game, which it didn’t require in the first place. The original Doom game already has enough gore, and just adding more blood will not make a mod great.

Some people even consider it as a parody of the original Doom. There isn’t much change in the gameplay, except for a few little additions. Most mods released for any game add new content like the story, improved graphics, new gameplay modes, et cetera. While this mod does add a few little weapons and tweaks, there isn’t much change you can notice in terms of gameplay.

One other major reason for hating on this mod is the creator. The creator Sergeant_Mark is kind of a douche and is not for being one due to his comments on social media. He is also a racist and sexist person who many people hate. Also, another reason for the hate is due to certain fans claiming this mod to be the true doom experience, which by the way it isn’t.

Other Mods For Doom

Believe it or not, The Brutal Doom Extermination Day Mod is not the only mod for doom. While the Doom community may be divided on Brutal Doom mod, they are other good mods that most people agree about. So here we are going to list a few other good mods some of which might be like the Brutal Doom while others are different.

Doom Forever

Brutal Doom Glimpse

A little similar to the BD mod but with less B.S screaming. If you did like the hardcore gameplay of the BD mod but are tired of those constant screaming, unnecessary gore, and constant taunts then this might be the mod for you.

People who like a little challenge should try this mod since it does improve the gameplay experience by tuning up all those features that make it great but without compromising the core aspect of the game. Almost every weapon has a new alternate attack, and the game has improved dynamic lighting. The game is a little hard due to the monster having new attacks and a few special moves. Sadly, the mod is only for 3DGE.

Doom 64: Retribution 

Doom 64: Retribution 
Brutal Doom Extermination Day

Using the GZDoom engine, the modding community of Doom has created the Doom 64: Retribution mod. Since this was only available for N64 consoles and there was no official announcement for other consoles, the modders community took it upon themselves to make it for other consoles too. 

While there are mods that tried to bring the N64 Doom’s experience to other consoles, they weren’t true to the original game. Hence, this mod was made. It is the most faithful adaptation of the Nintendo 64’s Doom, and also improves a little on the original while being accurate.

To use this mod you need Doom 2 along with the GZDoom engine installed on your device.

Doom 4 Doom

Doom 4 Doom - Brutal Doom Extermination Day
Brutal Doom Extermination Day

If you loved the Doom (2016) reboot then you will probably love this mod. Many people were skeptical about the reboot of Doom, but everyone was surprised that the reboot manages to improve on the franchise while keeping the soul of the original series.

With the Doom 4 Doom mod, you get to play with the large arsenal of the rebooted Doom. It brings many of those amazing guns from the reboot to the Doom 2 game and makes the game feel like the reboot while still retaining the old-school feel.

Just like the reboot, the monsters will drop health when you are running low on it. This helps the game keep going while maintaining the hardcore aspect. It also has some customized weapons from the 2016s multiplayer mode. All this makes it one of the best mods for the game.

Beautiful Doom

Beautiful Doom - Brutal Doom Extermination Day
Brutal Doom Extermination Day

Fans of the Brutal Doom will probably like this mod since it is a little similar to the mod. There isn’t any new content, but it does make the game look wonderful. The whole point of this mod is to keep the core gameplay style of the original Doom but to enhance it.

If you add mods that change the gameplay aspects of the game then you would be playing the game as it is meant to be. It is fine you have the original for a long time, but the people who are trying the game for the first time, but are having difficulty with the graphics should try this mod.

The mod only supports GDZoom, so you need to install it before you can try the mod. 

Going Down

Going Down - Brutal Doom Extermination Day
Brutal Doom Extermination Day

You will have to go down from a building and take down all the evil monsters who dare to cross your path. When you add the mod, the game begins by dropping you off on top of a UAC building. The maps may not be as huge as the ones in other mods, but they do provide you with enough carnage and brutality.  

The building has 32 levels, and you can go down from one level to another by taking down those pesky little annoying monsters. It has a good soundtrack combined with the right amount of detailed levels.

Also, the gameplay isn’t a walk in the park, as each corridor will have monsters waiting to jump on you. So you have to be quick on your feet if you want to get out of there alive. It is one of the best mods for the game, which is evident due to being the winner of the 2014s Cacoward awards. This mod still a beta version, so do not be surprised if you face any issues.

While all the above mods may not exactly be like the BD mod, they do provide an excellent gameplay experience.

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Action, gore, brutality are the main selling points of the Brutal Doom. If you combine that with the Brutal Doom Extermination day mod then you can experience it with other players in multiplayer mode. Combine all those things with a few other added gun advantages, every level of your game is going to be a bloodbath. 

Well, that’s the whole point of this mod anyway. Download and install the mod using the instructions provided in the tutorial. If you are bored with it then try other mods mentioned in this article to tick that itch of brutality. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Brutal Doom Starter pack?

The Brutal Doom Starter pack or also called the Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth Starter pack is a mod that adds 32 new levels to your game. It requires GZDoom.

How to add Brutal Doom maps to the game?

To add more Brutal Doom maps to your game, you can install a few other mods like the Hell on Earth Starter Pack for the Brutal Doom.

What is the Extermination day WAD?

Usually, WAD meaning Where’s all the Data is a format for the package of files for the Doom 1&2 games. The game engines for Doom use WAD to store all the game’s data. You can find two types of WAD files, one is the IWAD, and the other one is the PWAD. If you want more info on this then check this WAD Wiki. So the Extermination WAD is a file that has all the data for the Extermination day mod.

Are Brutal Doom and Extermination day two separate mods?

Yes, the Brutal Doom and Extermination day are two separate mods. Though you can use them together as the Extermination day mod can be played as a campaign mode for the Brutal Doom mod providing more gameplay options. You can also play the Brutal Doom in multiplayer with the Extermination day mod.

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