Buildcraft Mod

Buildcraft Mod

One of the main aspects of Minecraft is that it is so much to build. With a vast inventory of materials, items, tools, and machines, the things you can do are limited only by your imagination and of course, the game’s T&C. Apart from exploration, Minecraft was created for building, and one of the mods that helps in this aspect is the Buildcraft mod.

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What is Buildcraft Mod?

The Buildcraft mod is a huge one that adds many interesting machines and minerals to the game. This lets you build some huge structures which usually wouldn’t be possible without it. Now, you can access fresh machines, tools, that increase your automation work but makeRed power it easier to build stuff. 

You can use a lot of these devices to make structures and find resources. All you need are recipes to build any structure with this one. Buildcraft adds liquids like oil and fuel for your machines like Quarry, Pump, and Builder. In case you think, you need more such things then this mod also has some add-ons that add more features to this mod. 

While all the machines and tools are necessary and a big part of the building process, they are not the highlights of this mod. Instead, it’s the Pipes that make a major change to your gameplay with this Buildcraft mod. You can find multiple types of pipes and each type can be used to transport a different kind of item.

The main purpose of these pipes is to move/haul items, fluids, and mechanical energies. All this is done between different machines by use of different pipes. For example, you can use the Kineses pipe to transport mechanical energies, or the Fluid pipes to transport fluids. Apart from those two types, there are few others like the Cobblestone pipe, wooden, iron, obsidian, gold, emerald, diamond, and stone pipes.

Another important addition in this mod is the Minecraft Joules(MJ), which is the first time this block was introduced. These are made from engines and are energy units that act as a power source for the machines used in this mod. Apart from all these things, many other resources have been added in this which shall be discussed along with a little more info the previously mentioned features

Features of Buildcraft Mod

Buildcraft Mod


To move your items, and materials with this mod, the best way is to use pipes. Since there are numerous kinds of pipes, you can use each one based on the type of material you want to move. If a single pipe is not enough, then you can even join them using the Pipe Sealant and transport fluids and power across different machines. 

Though to transport energy, you need to combine pipes using the Redstone, and such pipes are called Conductive pipes. Also, MJ has a transport system.


The engines in this mod are a little similar to the ones in real life. You need them to run the machine and power up the builders. To use them to power up any machine, all you have to do is right-click them with a wrench, and it will face towards a machine to power it up. 

Make sure that the engine doesn’t get too heated up. If it turns into the color red then there is a possibility that it will detonate. You can charge them up with Redstone, and the ones that are power up with Redstone don’t explode. Some engines of this mod are Redstone, Stirling, and Combustion engine. 

Few other engines like Clockwork, Peat-fired, Hobbyist’s Steam engine, and a few others can be added through mods like Forestry and Railcraft.


Along with engines, you need the Redstone flux to almost every machine from this mod. Since the whole point of this mod is to build stuff, you need all the machines that it has to offer.

  • Pump: The pump does what it says, it pumps minerals and fluids like lava, water, and oil in tanks. You can store these fluids for future requirements. It needs a Redstone engine and Redstone flux.
  • Quarry: Quarry lets you mine down large areas in your map to find ores and minerals. It keeps on mining till it hits the bedrock or lava, and it needs the Redstone flux to work.
  • Tank: Simply store the fluids like oil, lava, water, and fuel.
  • Refinery: You will need this machine to make fuel which is made by converting oil to fuel. To do that you need to power it with at least the Stirling engine.


This should be self-explanatory as to what this feature of the mod does. There are a few things that help you build various kinds of stuff. Things like

  • Builder: You can use the builder to build any kind of structure, provided you have the recipes and blueprint for the structure.
  • Template: You might confuse templates with blueprints, but there is a slight difference between the two. While the blueprint store every detail regarding a block, the template only stores its location.
  • Architect Table: You can use this table to save a copy of a block into a blueprint.

Excluding the above-mentioned building, you can use a few others like Filler, Blueprint, and Landmark.


They may be called Gates, but they function more like sensors and interactive machines in this mod. When employed, they can detect heat, used to go to inventory, MJ energy storage, and can be used as many other things. 


Just like in the real world, you need this to make machines in this Minecraft Buildcraft mod. These are used to make Quarry, Architect tables, and Engines. You can find 5 different types of gears in this mod, and if you want more than that you can add other mods like Forestry or Railcraft to add more gears like copper, bronze, and tin gears.


They are needed to transport fluids like lava, water, and oil. You can find out what kind of pipe to use based on the descriptions given below. 

  • Cobblestone Pipes: This is the most primitive kind of pipe that you can use in Buildcraft mod. They cannot be connected to other pipes, and can only transport items.
  • Sandstones Pipes: Since these do not connect to any machine, you can prioritize them for the ones that connect other stuff.
  • Wooden Pipes: Only useful to suck items out, and cannot be connected to machines or other pipes.
  • Iron Pipes: If you want to send anything then this is the pipe you can use, but you can only send stuff one way and both. If you want to change its direction then use a wrench.
  • Diamond Pipes: You can assign an item a particular color and any items of the same kind will go through the same line in the diamond pipe. You change these color settings with a right-click which opens a complicated interface. 

Some other pipes like Golden, Quartz, Emzuli, Lazuli, and Daizuli are some other pipes found in this mod.

To find out more features and a little more detailed explanation of these features. You can check out this Buildcraft Mod page. People who want to use this mod for the 1.16.2 and above Minecraft versions should wait for some more time. In the meantime, you can use the Buildcraft mod 1.12.2 version. Some features like Builder, Robot, and Filler and missing in the Buildcraft mod 1.12.2 and above versions, so if you are looking for those specific features then try the Buildcraft mod 1.7.10 

How to Download and Install the Buildcraft Mod 1.12.2 and Higher Versions?

Even though certain features are missing in the Buildcraft mod 1.12.2 and higher versions, the installation procedure is the same for every version. The below-explained procedure is to install any version of this mod.

  • The obvious step would be to download the mod first. You can do that from If you are looking for any other specific version then click the “Files” tab on the download page and choose the required version.
  • One more requirement for this mod is that you need Forge installed on your Minecraft. Most mods support only forge.  
  • Now, after you have downloaded the mod, those files need to be moved to the mods folder of the game.
  • To find the mods folder you can just type “%appdata%” in your Windows search bar on the Run box.
  • There you will find the mods folder, in case there isn’t one then you can create a folder.
  • Copy/Move all the downloaded files(.jar files) in there.
  • Now open the game in Forge profile, and you can find that installed mod on the mods menu in the game.   

Beginners Guide to the Minecraft Buildcraft Mod

If you have just begun using this mod and are about to initialize Minecraft with this, then there are certain basics that you should follow for a fulfilling experience. You can opt not to follow them, but the other way is going to be better.  Since this mod is all about building stuff, that’ what we are going to do right from the start.

Gather Resources

Start by making a wrench, which is one of the most tools for this mod. Before that, maybe pick a place to do all kinds of building and crafting. Afterward, create the wrench using the list of instructions. Then it is time to make some pipes. Since you will need to transport a lot of stuff, you should start with pipes after crafting a wrench.

First, create a basic transport pipe and then upgrade them using a Redstone or manifest them into Waterproof Fluid pipes. You will need Pipe Sealant for that. Then you can slowly make advanced pipes like iron, gold, and diamond as you progress.

In case you do not have resources to do craft these things then maybe you should get some resources first. Resources like Cobblestone, Sand, Cactus, Wood, Coal, Iron, and Diamonds should be your priority. 

Go for Bigger Things

After the wrench and pipes, it is time to make some engines and gears. This will later help you to build machines. When you are done making wrench, pipes, engines, gears, and transportation, you can go for machines like pumps and Tank. 

One of the important ingredients is oil and lava but after some updates, certain machines do not run on lava anymore. In case you have trouble crafting anything then make an Auto Workbench, this helps craft many things. Then you can craft Mining well and later Quarry. Use all these machines to get other resources. 

Though crafting Quarry can be difficult as it needs 2 diamond gears, 1 diamond pickaxe, and a few more things which makes it expensive. When you have crafted all these things then you can go for advanced things. If you are one of those people who want a more detailed procedure for crafting these things then you should check out the Fandom Wiki for this mod.

Common Issues With the Minecraft Buildcraft Mod 1.12.2 (or Higher)

No matter how good a mod is, there are always going to be a few bugs. Even more, if it is a huge mod. This mod isn’t an exception too. Many players have reported facing many technical issues and bugs during the gameplay. 

Missing Block

One such bug causes missing block textures. The exact reason for this is unknown but it happens when you load your game in Creative mode and select the Buildcraft mod. When you open the inventory, you can notice missing blocks, but when you hover over that region, you can see the description of a block. The missing block can also be seen when taking it out of the inventory and place it down.

This happens when you use Optifine, FoamFix along with the Journey map. So there could be a conflict with OptiFine when the Anti-aliasing or Anisotropic Filtering is on. In case you are facing the same issue in the mod version then maybe try turning those settings off.

Auto Workbench Compatibility Issue with Container Tools

Another issue with this mod is that whenever you craft a tool using the Auto Workbench, it immediately drops the crafted tool, and you cannot pick it up again. This issue was seen in the Forge versions 1.12.2 to and the mod version The bad news is that there is no solution for this bug, probably because not everyone has this issue.

BC Silicon and SCP Lockdown Server Compatibility Issue

For mod versions and Forge versions 1.12.2 (, while creating a server with BC Silicon module and SCP Lockdown, the server just crashes or there’s an error that prevents the server creation.  

The probably is due to BC Silicon creating a fake SCPL block. To solve this error you might have to open an issue on the client end as SCP references some Block.getRenderType() which is a client-side code. Though it doesn’t look like there is a solution for this at the moment.

Stirling Engine Issue

There is an issue with the Sterling engine when you try to use it with the pulverizer. The engine doesn’t face the pulverizer and doesn’t get powered up. In case you have the same problem, then to solve it you have to turn the engine using a lever.

As for the power-up issue, you have to power it up using Redstone Flux(RF) even though the mod engine states it needs MJ. Previously, these mod engines used MJ but due to the Thermal expansion becoming more popular and many mods started using RF.

Pipes Throw Out Items

Many people who have used this mod have complaints that BC pipes throw out items, and this happens very frequently. Due to this many users dislike pipes which is one of the best parts of this mod. The reason for this may derive from a user, or it could just be a bug in the mod.

Either way, some people have found the alternative which is almost similar but doesn’t have the spitting issue of pipes. That alternative is the Red power Pneumatic tubes.

Quarry in Buildercraft Minecraft Mod

The Quarry is the best machine in this mod and is also the most difficult to make. By difficult, I don’t mean the recipe, but the items that are required for making. Everything you do or anything you spend to make this engine would all be worth it.

That’s because this machine can mine extremely gigantic areas, well, when compared to regular machines that are, all you have to do is mark the areas with Landmarks. To use this machine, place it at a location where you want to mine and mark those locations. By default, it mines a 9×9 area, but that can be changed based on the requirement, and if there is something on those marked locations then that can be handled by a robot that is generated by the quarry block.

The quarry needs a power source to do all these things which is the Redstone Flux. When you activate the quarry, you will notice the black and yellow marking in the air, just like in one of those crime scenes. These mark the location of the mining area, it then laser drills the marked area for mining. It mines the land till lava, and then it stops.

Items Required for Crafting Quarry

For crafting Quarry you will the items like 1 Redstone Dust, 2 Gold Gear, 3 Iron Gear, 2 Diamond Gear, and 1 unused Diamond Pickaxe. Together these items will get you a Quarry.

When you have a Quarry, then you will need a power source to run it. Most people use Stirling Engine to run it by placing it 2 of them next to the quarry. If you even check many sites and even the mod info, you will see that it runs on MJ, but that may not be entirely true.

Many players face issues when they use the Stirling engine with other machines. Then again this may not be true for quarry, but there is a slight chance that it may not work for some players. If you are one of those people then you should the Redstone Flux(RF) instead of powering it up with MJ.

Tips to Use Quarry

While Quarry works just fine, and as it is supposed to, but there are a few things that can be done to increase its functions or rather a few tips that can help you use it better. 

  • Use RF instead of MJ. I have mentioned earlier that there is a chance that sometimes the MJ power-up might not work with certain machines for some players. In that case, it is better to use RF, and we are comparing then RF is a better power source anyway.
  • Craft a better Quarry with Gregtech 4 add-on. The quarry made from this add-on requires a few different items like 1 Advanced Circuit, 3 Steel Gear, 2 Gold Gear, 2 Diamond Gear, and 1 Diamond Drill.
  • Usually, the quarry mines till it reaches bedrock, and when it hits the lava, it stops mining. To prevent this, we can add a block of water at the first layer of the mining area, or you can just keep the frame above a water source. When you hit the lava the water turns it into obsidian or cobblestone. The water also takes care of any hostile mob that is about to spawn in that area.
  • Remember that the items cleared by the robot are lost, so make sure that you place them correctly. Especially, when you are placing it on a red beam because the robot could destroy the quarry itself.
  • Make better use of pipes by adding them to your quarry so that they directly get send the mined blocks to your home or any other location. You can also use the Enderchest for the same.
  • You do not need to place four landmarks since only 3 are enough to mark an area. Also, be careful to not place the quarry in the pathway of a Landmark or below it.

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Add-ons for Buildcraft Mod

In case all the features of this mod are not enough and you something more, then you can just use some add-ons for this mod. Even though this mod already has several features that don’t mean you cannot have more. The more, the merrier right? So we have compiled a list of few add-ons for this mod that add few other additional things to your game.


This is a simple mod with only one functionality, and that is copying/mimicking any tool. Any tool in the Buildcraft mod, it could be a wrench, a hammer, or even a screwdriver, it can mimic those things. To mimic a tool, all you have to do is craft the Morph-o-Tool alongside the other tool that you are crafting.

The mod makes actual items and not just some hollow container of the items, so they are as useful as the actual item. You can also alter the morphing tool to any item just by looking at a block that adds an item to your mod. It is the most downloaded add-on for this mod, and for more info, check the download link provided.

Advanced Generators

Advanced Generators

Every machine required a good power source, while are they are plenty of power sources, all of them are limited in some way. With the Advanced Generators, you can use multiple power sources together and even generate RF and EU simultaneously. All you have to do is create a structure that supports multiple power sources.

Unlike other power sources, it isn’t about fuels, so you can use any liquid fuel to run the Advanced Generators. You can also create a heat exchange to transfer the heat to other blocks.

Additional Enchanted Miner

If more machines are what you are looking for then the Additional Enchanted Miner might be a good choice for you. It adds QuarryPlus, PumpPlus, WorkbenchPlus, ChunkDestroyer, Advanced Pump, Spawner Controller, and EnchantMover. While it looks like a QuarryPlus mod it is sort of an unofficial version.   

You can also enchant your items using the Advanced Miner feature, and automatically collect items by using the silk or fortune touch. One other handy feature about this mod is that it can handle the lava or water problem that comes with mining. Its machines accept almost any kind of fuel. 

For compatibility info with different versions of the mod, check the download page info.

Expanded Equivalence

Expanded Equivalence

This mod adds support to various other mods. It originally is an add-on for the ProjectE mod. The purpose of this mod is to register EMC values to various building structures like Avaritia’s Extreme crafting and a few others. 

You can use this mod with Buildcraft, Actually Additions, Draconic Evolution, Botania, Industry Craft, Forestry, Embers, Immersive Engineering, and a few others. While it is an add-on to another mod, it also requires an add-on called the Hammer Core.



There is no new addition like machines, items, blocks, or any such things in this mod, so then why is this mod popular or even necessary? The answer is simple, it is a core of the Buildcraft mod. Meaning that most users require this mod. Notice how used the term “most users”, that’s because not everyone requires this. 

Only advanced users who are modders use this add-on to make changes to the core modules of the Buildcraft mod. It doesn’t have a specific feature, but this is the add-on that all the functionalities of Buildcraft depend on.

BuildCraft Compact

BuildCraft Compact

Just like the BuildCraft core, this mod doesn’t add anything new to your game. The only thing that it does is add support for other mods along with support for a few recipes, machines, and fuels available in mods. You can add different kinds of tables with the help of this mod. 

Buildcraft Transport

Buildcraft Transport

The transport module adds the transport items like lenses, facades, pipes, and few other things that help in easier transport of fluids, Redstone Flux, and other items. It also has filters and Filtered Buffer. This makes transport of your stuff easy and requires less effort.

These are some popular and most downloaded add-on mods for the Minecraft Buildcraft mod. If you want to try more such add-ons then you should check out this page.

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This Minecraft Buildcraft Mod is an interesting mod that comes with new features, all of which can be very useful. While all new additions can be a little overwhelming, and you may even be confused about where to start. If that’s the case then you should check out the beginner’s guide that we provided, which explains what plan of action you should employ when starting with this mod.

Also, check the process tutorial if you have trouble installing the mod. For more features, you can add the mod add-on, whose descriptions are given along with their download links.  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I download the Buidlcraft API?

To download the buildcraft API, you can go to GitHub and click on the buildcraft API folder to download the file.

Does this mod support Minecraft 1.16?

Currently, this mod doesn’t support Minecraft 1.16 and above versions, but it is being ported and might soon be available. 

Does this mod have add-ons?

Yes, there are several add-ons for this mod that can be downloaded from Some of these add-ons have already been explained in this article along with a download link.

What is the Quarry mod for Minecraft?

For quarry, you can use the Buildcraft mod. There is no need to use a separate mod for the quarry.

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