Chisels and Bits Mod

Chisels and Bits Mod

The world of Minecraft is huge, and the customization options are unending. You can find a plethora of mods that add stuff to the game or let you make desired changes. This makes the game more interesting and fun, as every player has his or her own world in Minecraft. One such mod that adds more customization options to your game is the Chisel and Bits mod. So what does this mod do? And, what kind of changes can one make to their game with this mod? Find out all about it from this article.

Don’t like an object in Minecraft? There is always a way to make modifications to that. From a small piece of a block to the whole landscape, some mods can do anything a player desires. When it comes to the Chisels and bits mod, a user has the option to make adjustments to the blocks. Now, what are those changes exactly? Well, are you one of those players who want the blocks to look better, and have different structures and sizes of them? Then the Chisel and Bits mod is for you.

Break down the usual blocks in Minecraft to 1/16th of their size and customize the landscape to your desire. The mod will help you craft 3 different kinds of chisels to break those 1-meter blocks, and the broken-down bits are reusable as well. Also, the mod lets you make custom blocks with various materials and of different sizes. So now you can change how your house or any other landscape you are bored to look at.

The mod is available to download from the curse forge download page and Minecraft mods. Remember, certain blocks might not be compatible with this mod, which the mod scans on its own.

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Chisels and Bits Mod Compatibility

Now, before downloading this mod, make sure that it is compatible with the version of Minecraft that’s on your device. One thing to note is that this mod was rebuilt in 2021 and has gone through a few changes. So some previous items may not be available and the mod may not run smoothly on some devices. This was in early 2021, but after the October update, the rebuilt mod is the stable version.

Now if you want to download this mod then choose the 1.xx versions over the 0.xx ones. In case you find any issues with the new version then you can raise a support ticket.

Chisel and Bits Mod Download and Installation Guide

The installation of any mod in Minecraft is pretty basic, which anyone can do. Still, we understand that some of you might face difficulty in doing so. That is why we are going to list down the instruction to download and install the Chisels and bits mod for your game.

  • The first order of business while installing a mod is to download it. We have provided the links in the intro already, for the mod.
  • Choose the appropriate version, which is any version starting with 1.xx.
  • After you download the mod, open the game in Forge version because most mods support this version.
  • If you do not already have it, then download it using this Forge link. Choose the right version before you download.
  • Now you have the mod downloaded on your device. Copy the mod’s .jar file in to the game’s mod folder.
  • Open Run using “Windows + R” and type in “%appdata%” and hit enter.
  • On the opened window, go to “.minecraft” folder and copy the jar file of the chisels and bits mod into the mod folder of .minecraft.
  • Sometimes there might not be a .minecraft folder or mods folder there, in such case, create one.
  • After the above steps are done, open forge Minecraft and go to Mods.
  • Here, you can check if the mod has been installed.

One other crucial thing to note here is that if you are using the older version of the mod and are updating to a newer one. Like from o.xx in 1.16 to 1.xx in 1.17, then first load the game in 1.0 versions for 1.16.x versions of Minecraft.

Features of Chisels and Bits Mod

Features of Chisels and Bits Mod
Features of Chisels and Bits Mod
Features of Chisels Mod

The below features will give you an idea of how to use chisel and bits mod

  • Customization option for many blocks.
  • Makes changes to blocks, remove small blocks, or add piece of block to another to create amazing decorative designs for blocks.
  • 5 differnet kinds of chisels(Diamond, Iron, Stone, Gold, and Nitherite).
  • Single use pattern, multi use pattern.
  • Bit bag
  • Magnifying glass
  • Chiseled printer
  • Bit storage
  • Modification table
  • Sealant and sealant remover
  • Wrench and quill.

These are things that you get from this mod. Use the materials to customize the game to your imagination.

Common Issues With the Mod

When a developer releases a game or a certain file like DLC or mod for the game, there is a fair chance for a few minor bugs. So it is natural that mods made by players or casual modders contain bugs. This can happen with any game, and even with Minecraft mods. Especially Minecraft because the game is huge and so are the modding requirements. So, if you face any issue with the chisels and bits mod, then we are here to help you with that. Below we have listed some common issues and their solutions.

Games Doesn’t Connect to LAN

Ever had LAN connection issues with this mod? If you remove the mod and try joining, it works, though, with this mod, it’s not working. This isn’t a compatibility issue with some other mod, but the problem is with the mod itself. No need to be disappointed though because we have a solution for it.

The best thing you can do is update the mod and use the latest version. This fixes most of the issues, and in case that doesn’t help, raise a ticket on this GitHub issues page – Here, modders can help you with this issue.

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The Mod Isn’t Working Properly

Sometimes if there are bugs in a certain release version of a mod then the mod won’t work as it is supposed to. An example with this chisel mod is that the placement of blocks is not correct. When placing a block it might get placed somewhere else, skipping a few blocks. This issue is seen with the beta version of the mod. If you download the beta version of the mod for your Minecraft and not the java version, then you see this issue. So to fix this, simply install the java version of the mod and the latest one.

Blocks Disappearing After Being Chiseled and Crash Issues

Is your chiseled block disappearing? Also, do you face heavy lag issues? There is a simple reason for this issue, and that is an update. Usually, an update fixes a problem, it is true but not always. Some updates add new bugs that mean new issues, and the one mentioned here is the result of the version 0.3.2-Release update. Players who updated their chisels mod from version 0.3.1-Release to version 0.3.2-Release are the ones facing this issue.

The best solution for his problem is to revert to version 0.3.1-Release. Do that and the problem is gone, and wait/download the next release to fix this issue.

There are more such issues that players face with this mod, while not every problem is fixed, many of them can be. So for solutions to other such issues go to the GitHub issues page.

How to Use Chisels and Bits Mod?

How to Use Chisels and Bits Mod?

There are a plethora of mods in Minecraft that it is difficult to keep track of, and even the good and useful ones are way too many. No one is complaining about it though, the hard thing is, understanding to use them. Well, we may not be able to help with every mod though we got you covered for this. Don’t know how to use this mod? Follow the instruction that we are about to provide you.

  • As soon as you add this mod to your game, the first to thing to do is get a chisel. Choose anyone from the iron, stone, diamond, etc.
  • Craft a chisel and get started by going towards a block. When you are near a block holding a chisel, there is an outline showing single block at the point of your cursor.
  • Right-click to remove that block and add it to your inventory. Do this for any block you want and the removed block is added in inventory.
  • Those blocks can then be placed on any other block. Use such tiny block to create new shapes and designs for any constructions by adding and removing blocks.
  • To change the mode of placing those bits, hold the shift button and use the scroll button to change the block placing mode. Remove to hold those blocks while scrolling.
  • That way you can place single bit, large cube, medium, small, line, plane and in many other ways.
  • There’s also an undo and redo button that is acessible by holding the left alt button with bits in your hand.

Check out this Youtube video explaining all the things one can do with this mod.

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This is surely one of the most useful mods in Minecraft, which is also evident by the number of downloads it has on curseforge. The most important thing to remember before downloading this mod is that you install the right one. Since the wrong version can cause a lot of issues, which we did discuss here. So if you do have any issues check that section.

Read about all the mods from this article and install it for your game with the tutorial we listed in the early sections of this article. Check the external links we have added for more information on the respective topic. Now, have fun chiseling.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to download chisels and bits mod fabric?

The answer for this is that you cannot download the chisels and bits mod fabric because there is no fabric version of this mod. Though you can try the ‘bits and chisels‘ mod for fabric, while it has limited options, it still is a good choice for fabric Minecraft.

Where can I find the Chisels and Bits mod 1.14 or any version guide?

Well, you do not have to go anywhere to find the chisels and bits guide because you are already there. This article has all the information one would need to know about this mod and instructions on how to use it. Along with an installation guide and solutions to common issues for this mod. All you have to do is scroll up and read the article.

Do you need forge to run this mod?

Yes, players should first install forge for their Minecraft. Only then can you run this mod in your game. If you do not know how to do that, check out our mod installation guide for instructions.

What are some of the things available in this mod?

Obviously, chisels(5 different types), bit bag, single & multi-use patterns, wrench, tape measure, bit storage, chiseled printer, and modification among a few other items are available in this chisels and bits mod.

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