Corsair Down Destiny 2

Corsair Down Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is full of surprises and mysteries as you explore every inch of its world. Now, one such mystery you may encounter is the Corsair Down Destiny 2 item. Players will find this thing in the dreaming city during exploration, or they may find this while they are completing Public Events. The chances of finding this item are pretty low and take a lot of exploration. You might even be lucky to find this item.

So what is this Corsair Down Destiny 2 item, and what can a player do with it? That ain’t a simple answer and one which requires a lot of explanation. So check out this article where we will cover everything one needs to know about Corsair Down Destiny 2.

Corsair Down Destiny 2

As mentioned earlier, the Dreaming City in Destiny 2 is a unique place as it is filled with mysteries and interesting things. One such mystery that players may come across is Corsair Down. This is a quest in Destiny 2. As soon as you pick up this quest, there is little to no info about what it is and what you get from this quest. So naturally, anyone would be confused as to what to do with this. Well, we are here to help to understand everything about this quest and provide you with a simple guide on how to complete it.

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The first thing anyone should know about this quest is that it is obtained on Dreaming City. This item is dropped after you kill Scorn. Players can take a look at this item from their quests tab. Since this has a very low drop rate in the game, players may have to take up many public events to get this quest option. If you got one Corsair Down Destiny 2 quest, then that’s it. You cannot have more than one.

After you have this in your inventory, open and read the quest description. It will state that the item is sending an SOS, which naturally means that you have to investigate what it is. Along with the SOS, you will find multiple other messages which will assist you throughout the quest. Now, the whole point of this quest is for the player to track down the source of the SOS message. The source is a dead body, and the instructions point towards multiple locations with multiple dead body spawn points.

Corsair Down Quest Guide

Corsair Down Destiny 2

As specified above, there are multiple locations that players have to search for a dead body. To be precise, there are 6 different locations and each location then has 5 dead body spawn points. A player has to check them all or the mentioned one in the message, till they find a Corsair Badge. The location isn’t described directly, but if you read the quest description carefully then you will find the location info at the end of every quest description.

Just so you know what’s in the store for you after you get that Corsair badge, players will get a rare item, Baryon Bough, and Glimmer. Now that you know the reward, let us see what all locations you have to visit to find the dead body with the Corsair badge. Below you can find all the Corsair Down locations mentioned by the Corsair Down message.

The Garden in Corsair Down Destiny 2

Corsair Down Destiny 2

In the message, if you keep hearing about a garden then it means you have to head to the Garden of Esila. This garden is found if you take a straight path southwest of The Strand. The path should be pretty simple. Here, there are 5 different spawn points that you have to check for the dead bodies. You can find the very first dead body when you head down the staircase in the Garden until there is a tree within a circular platform. Look for the corpse towards the opposite wall.

To find the second one, go north from where you find the first body till you find a body near a wall. Explore further ahead in different directions and you can find two more dead bodies. The final corpse can be found near the portal which takes you to Harbinger.

Corsair Down Harbinger

Corsair Down Destiny 2

When you reach Harbinger Seclude, and if you do not know how to reach this place then just head towards the north from Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City. Do that and you will reach the Harbinger seclude. The first body is found the very moment you enter this location. Another body is found before entering the Cryptolith Room, and the one after that is found in the Cryptolith room. This leaves 2 more bodies to find.

To look for the 4th body head north from the previous location to go to the Awoken building. Near the outer walls, you can find the 4th body. As for the final corpse, go down the elevator shaft from the next room of Awoken building. Then go straight ahead and the body can be found next to a pillar.

Bay Area of Corsair Down Destiny 2

Bay Area of Corsair Down Destiny 2

Sometimes the message says Bay area which means the player has to visit the Bay of Drowned Wishes. In there, look for a cave entrance and a boulder that is found near the entrance. Check its surroundings and you can find a corpse there. You will find an Abomination spawn in the bay, and the next corpse can be found behind its spawn location. There is a piece of land there and look for a boulder on the left on that land. That is where the 2nd corpse can be found.

From the very same spot, head towards the right and there is another plot of land. A corpse is placed at the tip of a boulder. So far we have discovered 3 corpses in the Bay of Drowned Wishes. Explore the location to find two more corpses.

The Spine and Mist

The Spine and Mist

Finding corpses in this location is gonna be pretty easy as all you have to do is look around the Shore. The shore can be found in the Spine of the Keres, where you can also see an observatory. Almost all the dead bodies can be found along the lines of the shore in different pieces of land. So simply explore all parts of the shore and the area near the shore to find all the 5 corpse locations.

Just to give you a headstart, find a boulder near the shore and you will find a corpse there. Then jump to the next piece of land on the shore and you will see the second corpse. From there, jump down the cliffside, and then voil√†, the 3rd corpse is found. I’m going to leave out the location of the next two corpses just to keep it a little interesting.



The Chamber is nothing but the Chamber of starlight found at the patrol space, at its southern end. This is the Lost sector of Rheasilvia. Once you enter this location, look for a cave entrance and start your exploration to find corpses. Finding corpses in this sector can be a bit difficult as they are sort placed in a specific direction from one another. That should be easy, but if you miss one, then finding the next one becomes difficult.

Look for the first corpse near a patch of red grass that is near the central boulder. This boulder is right in the first room you enter this sector. Then go to the next room using the dirt path and climb the ledge and then drop down from the Taken Thrall to find the 2nd corpse. From the same spot take a right turn and make it 90 degrees. Go straight in that path till you reach a small boulder. That is where the 3rd corpse is.

Now run towards the wall from the corpse to find the 4th body. Finally, the last one is found near the door of Dreaming City. This is on the right side of the Lost Sector chest.

The Final Location Aphelion in Corsair Down Destiny 2 Quest

The Final Location Aphelion in Corsair Down Destiny 2 Quest

This location wasn’t previously available in the game, and only a few encountered this location in the message. It is another place in the Dreaming City that is mostly a Lost section. The place that you have to go to is called Aphelion’s Rest, and the entrance to this is found from a cave. To find that cave, one has to reach Petra Venj and jump off a cliff. Petra Venj is in the Strand.

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Now, as soon as you enter the first room, you can see the Dreaming city tower. There are two corpses if you go to either side of the tower. On the left side, you have to climb a ledge to find the corpse. Players can find a corpse in between the first Taken Thrall and the entrance before they reach the first room. There is a boulder there with a corpse near it. If you find a cavern with very low light near the Lost Sector chest then you’ll find a corpse there too.

For the final 5th corpse, go near the Lost Sector chest and climb the ledges there. You should find a body near the wall.

After you start the Corsair Down Destiny 2 quest, these are all the locations where you have to check for corpses. You will not be going through all these places, just one location which the quest states in the SOS message. We have listed all these places so that they can be useful for all players. For more instructions, check this thegamer article. Now, from one of these locations, you will find the Corsair Badge of Corsair Down quest. After finding the badge there is one more thing that you have to do to get rewards. Check that from the next section.

What Should You Do With the Corsair Badge?

Corsair Badge is sort of a reward that you get after defeating a boss. This boss spawns after you find the dead body from the SOS message. Takedown the boss, and you will get the Corsair badge. Then you have to take this badge to a Corsair NPC. This NPC can be found in the outpost of Dreaming City. There is one specifically at the Divalian Mists, which is an outpost of the said region.

Go there and talk to the NPC to redeem your rewards. You already know the rewards that you get from this. Baryon Bough, a Rare item, and Glimmer are your rewards from this Corsair Down Destiny 2 quest.

Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken

In case you have been following Destiny 2 since the beginning then you will know that the Destiny 2 Forsaken is the third expansion for the game. This expansion pack was released in 2018 and adds a lot of content to the game. Content that wasn’t available in the vanilla game or the previous expansions. The story follows us as a Guardian who is on a path of vengeance. Vengeance for the death of Cayde-6, who lost his life at the hands of a corrupted Prince named Uldren Sov.

In this expansion, players have to face new enemies, called the Scorn that is the undead version of the Fallen Race. These creatures have been transformed into savages that will present a decent challenge to the players. Other than that, the expansion brings a mashup of PvP/PvE mode, a new arsenal, missions, new gear, new maps, and many other interesting things.

There is another edition of this expansion called the Destiny 2 Forsaken Legendary edition. With this edition, players will not only have the new features of the Forsaken expansion but content from the previous two expansions along with the base vanilla game. The previous expansions are called Warmind and Curse of Osiris. One of the interesting additions in the Forsaken expansion is the introduction of Dungeon. This gameplay consists of a 3 player team.

Apart from the ones we have mentioned above, the game has also had a few more expansions that were released after Forsaken. So try out those expansions called Shadowkeep(2019), Beyond Light(2020), and the Witch Queen(2021).

Wrapping Up

You wanted to find out about the Corsair Down Destiny 2 quest, so we listed down everything that anyone needs to know about it. All the steps are broken down into simple instructions, using which you can find the location of any corpse that the quest asks you to. All 5 corpse locations in different parts of the Dreaming city are marked to make it convenient for any player. Check them all out and complete this quest ASAP. It is a pretty simple mission when you know all the corpse locations.

In case you got bored playing the vanilla version of the game, there are plenty of expansion options for Destiny 2. Get those expansions to add a plethora of playable content to the game, but first finish the Corsair Down Destiny 2 quest, and also try the “A Weapon of Hope” quest.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

What is Corsair Down Destiny 2?

The Corsair Down Destiny 2 is a quest that is accessible from the Dreaming City. Some players may stumble on this quest while others may obtain it after completing public Events. Regardless, this is a quest where you have to find out the source of an SOS message.

What do you need to play the Corsair Down Destiny 2 quests?

There are no specific requirements to play this quest as long as you find the Corsair Down. Open it from the quests menu and read the description to find out what you have to do. The description is going to be vague and difficult to interpret, which is why we have a whole article on the quest.

What to do with a small gift Destiny 2?

Small gifts in Destiny 2 are nothing but special items. Players can redeem them from cat statues found across the Dreaming City. Players can also get some loot if they interact with those cat statues.

How do find the Corsair Badge?

When playing the Corsair Down Destiny 2 quest, you will be tasked with finding the source of an SOS message. This will lead you to a corpse which when interacted will spawn a boss. Defeat the boss and you will earn a Corsair badge.

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