Custom NPC Mod

Custom NPC Mod

Minecraft can be shown as a prime example of how fun a game can be with various customization options and mods. The game literally has thousands of mods that add new content, story, items, improve graphics, etc. You can also bet that there are going to be hundreds more for this game. From such a vast pool of mods, we are specifically going to talk about the Custom NPC mod.

Now, you might have a general idea of what this mod could be about after hearing the Custom NPC mod. Well, you guessed it right. This mod allows players to add and customize NPCs in the game. There is a multitude of settings and customization options where players get to decide every factor of an NPC. An NPC’s story, job, weapons, health, strength, all these things are something you can control.

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What Can You Do With This Custom NPC Mod?

As I mentioned earlier there are an absurd amount of options and tweaks that you can make to an NPC while creating one. Players will have creative control over everything that this NPC does and how it interacts with others and you. You can spawn these newly created NPC and decide where they drop in the game and the role they play. Let us see some of the features of this mod.

Features of Custom NPC Mod

Features of Custom NPC Mod
  • Create, edit and spawn your very own mod.
  • Decide their role/jobs in the game and how they are gonna interact with others.
  • Every necessary tool is available to create those NPCs.
  • The NPCs can also give you qeusts, which is if you add such interactions.
  • These NPCs aren’t just hollow creatues because you can add a slew conversation options that add to their character development.
  • You will get access to a plethora of skins to use for your NPC, even those of mobs like Zombies, Golems, spiders, Creeper, etc. You can even use a player skin for them.
  • A spearte customization section to add/remove all kind of thing for your NPC,providing many customization options.
  • There are also weapons and armor for those NPCs.

These things are something that you can do to create and modify or tweak your NPC. After you are done creating and modifying your NPC, just pick a place and drop them there. You can then interact with them and get quests, which is if you added any. To read a little more about is mod, check out this Custom NPC Wiki from Fandom. This will give you an idea of how to use custom NPC mod.

This is a pretty great mod and there is no denying that fact, it is also evident if you check the Curseforge download page for this mod. That being said, there are a few other such NPC mods that allow you to add custom NPCs to the game. In the next section, we are gonna list out a few other good mods that you can use to create custom NPCs.

Best NPC Mods

If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time now, then you have had a lot of mods for your game. Each mod is for a certain requirement, but one thing that may or may not has been ignored is some good mods for creating or adding new NPCs. NPC provides some interesting conversations and unique quests for players.

If you have already finished most of the quests from NPC then it is natural that you would want more. The following list will help you add NPC to the game and make it more interesting.

Who Doesn’t Like Fairies

Custom NPC Mod

This mod either be challenging for you or just fun, depending on how you interact with the NPCs. When you add this mod to your Minecraft game, fairies are spawned randomly. The spawn location is usually shady areas and they often spawn solo. Now when you encounter a fairy, I suggest you tread carefully. The fairies are created to be a neutral mob but if you attack them, they hit back. A single fairy can take out 1 heart from a single punch, but that’s not very problematic. It gets heated when other fairies gather to assist their species, you might wanna run in such scenarios. They can even hold on to you can and take you up and then drop down from a height.

The best way to deal with them is to make become friends, Yes, that’s right! You can befriend a fairy make it a companion. You just have to collect 9 flowers and right on a fairy to give them sort of a flower hat. This will then make them your companion, but they aren’t gonna fight for you just yet. When they hold on to you as a companion, you can jump 2 blocks. Check the download link to find more about this NPC mod.

Do You See the Tardis?

Custom NPC Mod

In case you have at least seen a single of the famous British Television Show Doctor Who then you know what Tardis is? That’s not important though. This mod adds new NPCs to your game in the form of characters from Doctor Who. So far the show has had 15 different people play the main protagonist in Doctor Who. This mod adds 9th,10th, and 11th doctors from the show.

You will find these NPCs pop up in random places, though the 9th and 11th doctors will mostly spawn on beaches. Don’t ask why. Apart from these characters, you will also find a new boss Q, and he is from the Star Trek New Generations. Remember he ain’t gonna be easy to deal with as he’s fast.

Alchemist NPC Mod

Custom NPC Mod

This is actually a pretty simple mod that does just one thing, it adds alchemist village type to your Minecraft game. These NPC are randomly generated like any other NPCs in villages. While there isn’t much that this NPC can do, it does best what it is supposed to, trading. These new NPCs have 3 new trade options for players. Some require less than 3 emeralds and others more than 5. The download link has more information on the same and has an option to add this NPC mod to your game.

Minecraft Builders

Custom NPC Mod

There are times when building certain structures in the game feels like a chore, but you have to do it anyway. That’s not entirely true though because we have a mod that will help you in that aspect. We present to you the Minecraft Builder mod that adds 10 new NPCs to the game. These NPCs are builders that will do the menial construction work for you, and you don’t even have to instruct them.

This group of builders contains a Mayor builder that instructs others on building walls and stuff. They will build a small town for you that will also bring in a few traders. Players can also instruct the builders on certain constructions if they want to. Word of caution though, it is recommended to save the game before installing this NPC mod, as the game might see occasional freeze.

NPC Variety – Port

Custom NPC Mod

Some of you might be familiar with this mod as it has been available for a long time now, but not anymore, at least the old version. This mod has now been ported by a different modder and is available for your 1.16 Minecraft game. To run this you need Fabric API, download it if you don’t have it. As for the features that this mod brings to the game, here we go.

Since the mod says NPC Variety, you can expect a good amount of variety in villager NPCs. There are 8 new skin tones added to the villagers that are random based on their biome and are realistic. Apart from the original eye color which is green, this mod adds blue, right blue, amber, and brown colors. Most of the traits that this mod brings to the game are also passed on to the next generation as well. Even zombie villagers have new skin tones.

Start the Squid Games

Custom NPC Mod

By now almost everyone knows the popular Korean Netflix series “Squid Game”. the series took the world by storm and became the most-watched Netflix series ever. You might have also seen so many of those red costumes with square and circle helmets on Halloween. This clearly shows how much people enjoyed the show and loved those costumes, so why not bring them to Minecraft as well. Well, this mod does that and adds some NPCs to the game are in those red costumes.

You will also find a few structures and entities from the show in this mod. Players can also fight and defeat them to earn some money.

Super Custom NPCs

Custom NPC Mod

This is one of my favorite Custom NPC mods in the game, simply for the fact that this adds superhero NPCs. Yep, the mod adds over 600 superhero NPCs to the game along with many new interesting things like items and armor. This mod tough was originally made by Noppes and was called default Custom NPCs. This was later another modder called MrSerr.

You will find characters from both DC and Marvel comics, both well-known and not-so-popular ones as well. For fans of Avenger Infinity War and Endgame, there’s also Infinity Stones. Some of the items that you will find in this mod include boomerangs, dwarf star alloys, comics, etc. If we talk about armor then there’s Skrull Suit, Victor Zsasz’s scars, Madhatter’s hat, Joker’s gassed smiles, etc.

Minecraft Comes Alive

Custom NPC Mod

In case there is a competition for the best Custom NPC mods then this will take second place. Most players go for this mod after the NPC mod. This basically changes the entire villager NPCs with humans, and their interactions are really interesting. You will find various kinds of males and females that have 250 different skins. You can make them friends and foes depending on how you interact with them. Also, players can marry and have babies with NPCs. Marriage is even possible with other players in online mode.

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If you find any interesting and useful NPC villagers then chat with them and there’s also an option to hire them to work for you. This is definitely one of the best NPC mods for your game.

Cosmic NPC as Minecraft Custom NPC Mod Follower

Cosmic NPC as Minecraft Custom NPC Mod Follower

Now, this is one unique NPC mod because the mods so far we have discussed are either preprogrammed in a certain way or you can assign them with stories or tasks. When it comes to this mod, players have to record their own movements and then spawn a mod that can do all the recorded tasks. The number of NPC you can create this way is unlimited and they can be assigned different names.

This might feel like a drag to do all those things but it is going to be fun gameplay. All kinds of movements, using weapons, items, and a few other things can be recorded. For steps on how to record and spawn check the download page that has all detailed steps.



I don’t think I have to explain much about this mod since it is self-explanatory. There is just one thing that this mod does and allows you to command any and all NPCs in the game. All you have to do is open the console window and enter the command for the NPC. Anything you want them to do, just enter it in the console and they are gonna do it as you are an evil Professor-X and they are controlled by you. You can even say that these NPCs are your Minecraft Custom NPC mod followers.

Flan’s Mod WW2 Bots

Flan's Mod WW2 Bots

This is a fun little mod that adds new NPC that are bots, but what makes them special is that they can drive. Also, these new NPC bots are based on WWII design with even armor and vehicles of the same period. Players will have the option to command these bots to follow them. Now, form a team of two with some great artillery and fight battles, this is just a suggestion though. With such a force at your beck and call, there are a lot of things you can do.

One thing that you might wanna keep in mind is that there is a good chance that it’s gonna conflict with other mods. So save your game before adding this one and read the instructions of this mod listed on the download page.

Better Questing – NPC Integration

Better Questing - NPC Integration

What happened when you bring together two huge and interesting mods together? Well, most of the time the result is pretty good and this is true in this case too. In this Custom NPC mod, the modders have combined Better questing with the NPC mod and the result is an RPG game where you get to do many quests and have amazing interactions. Now, since it is a culmination of those said mods, you will need them for this to work.

Imagine the kind of fun you and if this was made as an MMORPG. Maybe someone should take it upon themselves to make one already.

Delivery Merchants

Delivery Merchants

The more merchants and shops to trade the better options you have. This aimed to increase the number of Custom NPC merchants in the game. It is a pretty simple mod like a few others in this list, as it isn’t cluttered with stuff. Players will have the option to spawn 12 different kinds of Merchants and shops that will offer exclusive content for sale.

These merchants are not gonna popup on their own, there is a merchant spawner for that. This merchant spawner will spawn various other merchants in different locations, so you can just sit back and relax. Players also have the option to turn off the merchant spawning from the game. Apart from selling stuff to players, there’s isn’t anything else that these merchants do.

Ancient Warfare 2

Ancient Warfare 2

Most of you might be aware of this mod or may have already used it in Minecraft. For those who don’t know about this mod, this is a huge one that adds a lot of content to the game. One of the main things about those additions is the introduction of some new NPCs. Multiple new NPC that are skilled in various types of combat that involve melee and ranged weapons. Players will also have the option to hire/recruit these NPC so they can be their defense and offense.

These NPCs will even follow you into the depths of the Nether and protect you from harm. Other than NPC, this mod also adds new weapons, vehicles, etc. NPCs can also use those things during combat.



Since we are talking about ancient times, let’s go back a little bit more when times were simpler. All there was in life was to wake, do your daily chores and interact with others. This mod is slightly based on the age of 1000 A.D. where the houses were simple and it was all about going on with life. So what makes this mod interesting? Well, it adds a whole new village of NPC and each of them can offer you meaningful interactions.

You can interact with NPC, listen to their stories, and even ask them to help you out with tasks. This might seem very basic, but it is still very interesting.

Well, that concludes the list of some of the best Custom NPC mods. Try them to find out all about the things they can offer. In case you do not know how to use custom NPC mod then see this Custom NPCs wiki from YouTube.

Custom NPC Mod Tutorial for Installation

The following steps will serve as a Custom NPC wiki guide on how to install this mod on your PC.

  • To install this mod on your device you first need Forge and the mod itself. Download hte mod from Curseforge. Install forge once you download it.
  • Then extract the mod file which is in .zip or .rar format.
  • Next, copy the .jar file from the mod folder to your Minecrat game’s mod folder(create one if there is none).
  • After you are done, open the game and select the Forge version of game.
  • Then you can go to mod settings and check if the mod has been added to your game.

That’s all you need to do to install this mod.

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Wrapping Up

Minecraft is an amazing game and is further complemented by the addition of so many mods. This custom NPC mod is one such example that makes a lot more fun than it already is. The mod contains a lot of stuff and it can get intimidating for a few to understand it all. That’s the reason we have explained it in layman terms. In case anyone still wants to learn more about this then we did provide a Custom NPCs Wiki link, so check that out.

Playing the game with such a mod is only going to increase your hunger for such content. Well, we got you covered there as well with some amazing NPC mod recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

sHow to use Custom NPC mod?

This article explains everything you need to know about this mod and if that’s not enough use the link for the Custom NPCs wiki that we have provided in this article.

Can you install the Custom NPC mod in Minecraft PE?

Yes, you can install the Custom NPC mod in Minecraft PE.

What are some of the best Minecraft mods?

Not Enough Items, Journeymap, Tinkers Construct, Chisel 2, OptiFine, Biomes O’ Plenty, etc are some of the best mods for Minecraft.

What are some best replacements for the Custom NPCs mod?

There are a few good options that we mentioned in this article, of which we suggest you try Minecraft comes Alive, NPC Variety, Better Questing – NPC Integration, and Ancient Warfare 2. These are pretty great options if you want to make your Minecraft game more immersive with new NPCs.

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