Dark Souls 2 DLC

Dark Souls 2 DLC

Dark Souls 2 is a bit of an oddball in the series, which could be because the previous director Hidetaka Miyazaki didn’t work on it. Regardless, it is still very much a Souls game in every aspect. Some may not have liked this part of the game, which is partly due to its inconsistent story and gameplay. The challenges you like every other Souls game but it is a bit different(and not in a good way). One thing that most Dark Souls 2 players can agree upon is that the Dark Souls 2 DLC is way better than the main game.

The game has had 3 DLCs which is a trilogy of various stories that add a new location, story, and a few other things. These new Dark Souls 2 DLCs according to most players are way better than the main game and its story. While the game has great combat and rewarding gameplay, sometimes it can be a bit odd. It means that in some cases enemies attack patterns are inconsistent. Enemies have auto-tracking attacks which do not make sense. Similarly, a few other flaws in the main game include not many great enemy types, the environment designs are not well, and a few other minor disappointments.

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All Dark Souls 2 DLCs

Most of these things are rectified in the Dark Souls 2 DLC, which has better combat, environment, enemy placement, etc. This makes the DLCs more enjoyable. The first DLC that was announced for the game was in June 2014 and was a trilogy. This trilogy is The Last Crown and the first one from the trilogy Crown of the Sunken King. It came out in July 2014. This was followed by Crown of the Old Iron King(August 2014) and Crown of the Ivory King(September 2014).

Dark Souls 2 all DLCs received positive reviewers from the audience and critics alike and are regarded as a substantial improvement over the main game. In this article, we are going to discuss all the 3 DLC including the Scholar of the First Sin. This Scholar of the First Sin is a bundle for Dark Souls 2 that was released by Bandai Namco Studios. It contains all the 3 DLCs released for the game including compatibility for Playstation 4.

The studios decided to release this version of the game with all the additional content in April 2015. Almost every usual platform like Windows, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 got this new version. A few platforms like PS4 and Xbox 360 also got remastered graphics. This remastered version runs at 60fps in 1080p and has better lighting effects.

There are a few other things that you might wanna know as well, but we will discuss them later. Let us get back to all the Dark Souls 2 DLCs and what they bring to the game. Below is the list of Dark Souls 2 DLC order based on their release.

Crown of the Sunken King

Dark Souls 2 DLC

This Dark Souls 2 DLC adds completely new locations to the game which are way better to explore than the original game. In this DLC, you are tasked with finding the crown of the King of Vendrick. So what are the new locations in the game? Well, you will be exploring some pretty interesting locations that look like temples. Some of these locations are underground caverns, pyramids, and a few new enemies.

Crown of the Sunken King environments are better designed with interesting and unique environmental puzzles. Players who are keen to observe and like exploring will be rewarded, but they should also be on the lookout for traps. If you are smart enough during exploration then you can use the many traps in the environment to your advantage. The levels are better designed as they are more linear, interconnected, and easy to navigate, unlike the main game.

Many enemies in the DLC, even traps will leave players with a poison effect. This will constantly deplete the player’s HP. Some new enemies that you will face in this Dark Souls 2 DLC include Sanctum Knight/Soldier/Priestess, The Imperfect, Poison Statue Cluster, Corrosive Egg Crawlers, and Black Drakeblood Knights. To fight these enemies, the DLC also adds a new Sanctum shield and Drakeblood Greatsword, Wrathful Axe, Sanctum Mace, and a few others.

Some other new additions are added as ds2 DLC bosses, rings, armor, spells, items, etc. Exploration and fighting bosses will help you get these things. Now, to play this Dark Souls 2 DLC you will need a Dragon’s Talon. Don’t worry you will get this item will DLC, just place it at the locked door of DLC. To find this door, go to Black Gulch and use the bonfire and you will be teleported to the DLC door.

Crown of the Old Iron King

Dark Souls 2 DLC

The next DCL for the game is Crown of the Old Iron King, which came out almost one month after the first one. This one too was met with positive reviews from the community for the vertical layout and game’s setting. Fresh from playing the first DLC, fans of Dark Souls 2 were happy to try out this one. This too didn’t disappoint. You get to explore 3 new locations, Memory of the Old Iron King, Iron Passage, and Brume Tower.

Also, get ready to face some annoying and troubling DS2 DLC bosses like Fume Knight, Sir Alonne, and Smelter Demon. Though before that, you will other enemies like the Possessed Armor, Ashen Warrior/Crawler/Idol, Fume Sorcerer, and some more. To do all this you will get help, not in the form of a helping hand but with new equipment, rings, and items to assist you in hard battles.

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In case you have a sorcerer class then 4 new spells are available for you. This one doesn’t add any new shields though, which is ok because not everyone uses them. One of the bosses, Sir ALonne can get on your nerves, so it is recommended that you play co-op. For some players, this pack is even better than the previous one, Crowns of the Sunken King. The main reason for this is the world design and all the rewarding experiences.

At times, there are certain areas of the game that might feel a bit tedious, like fighting Sir ALonne. Though that doesn’t hamper the overall experience that this pack offers. Try it on your own to get a better idea of how this pack is for you.

Crown of the Ivory King

Crown of the Ivory King

The third and the final Dark Souls 2 DLC finishing off the trilogy was also a decent edition like the previous ones. This DLC drops you in a freezing world and players will have to explore an ancient temple in this Crown of the Ivory King DLC. So this world is going to be drastically different than the ones that you have played before.

The DS2 DLC bosses you face in this pack are going to have freezing elemental abilities. Facing such enemies will be difficult as most of the places will have snowstorms, so there is going to be less visible. Also, the bosses here are going to have some unique abilities that are gonna be abstruse. To enter this DLCs world, go to the Shrine of Winter and interact with the alter.

Make sure that you have the Frozen Flower as that is the key to opening the door of Frozen Eleum Loyce. Apart from this location, you will also explore Grand Cathedral, Old Chaos, and Frigid Outskirts. This Dark Souls 2 DLC has a lot of enemies and 3 new bosses. Some enemies you can expect include Rampart Soldier/Stray Dogs/Spearman/Golem, Witchtree, Hollow Prisoner, Retainer Sorcerer/Rogue, etc.

This one also has a lot of armor and weapons for players to equip, and even 4 new shields. Using such an available arsenal, players will face bosses like The Burnt Ivory King, Aava (The King’s Pet), and Lud & Zallen(King’s Pets). Using the link that we have for this DLC, Check out all the details about everything that this Dark Souls 2 DLC brings to the game.

The Scholer of the First Sin

The Scholer of the First Sin

To play any of the above DLCs, you just have to buy them and install them on your PC or just play on Playstation. Then you can follow the instructions mentioned in the above DLC section to start the story of the DLC. Previously, you had to buy and play each DLC individually but now you can get them all in one pack. This is possible if you get the Scholer of the First Sin version of the game.

This game contains all the 3 DLCs called the Last Crown along with the main game. The studios announced this updated version just two months after the third DLC was released. It was then released in April 2015, which is something we already talked about earlier. This version of the game is available for multiple platforms to play. This one not only added DLC to the game but also made a few minor tweaks and adjustments.

The most noticeable ones include changes to online gameplay that now allows for a 6 player multiplayer gameplay. This version of the game also got a few patches as there were bugs that really needed a fix. The weapon degradation bug was the most annoying one of those bugs that was fixed in the April 2015 patch. You might think that this is just an upgraded version of the game with all the DLC, but it is much more than that.

It has its own boss, new event, new items, and a few other things that make this pack absolutely worth it. Learn more about its lore from the link given above. In case you want some help as a beginner then check out this primagames Dark Souls 2 DLC walkthrough.

Dark Souls 2 Lore

The Dark Souls 2 follows the undead, who is on a quest to break his curse which doesn’t allow him to die. This curse will turn our protagonist into Hollow, and those being are more like mindless zombies. So to avoid this fate, you set out on a mission to obtain 4 great souls and bring them to the Emerald Herald. To do this, the player has to travel through Drangelic, a kingdom that was laid waste after the Giants invasion.

The reason for the invasion was that the king launched an all-out attack against the Giants, which was a successful one. Though eventually, the Giants came back to take revenge on the King and the kingdom of Drangelic. (Spoiler Alert!)The twist here is that it was Queen Nashandra who manipulated the king into launching an attack.

The queen wanted to steal the power of the Giants, which she succeeded in doing after the attack. Now, the player must prevent this from happening by going back in time. To do that, you will the Ashen Mist Heart. This is all gonna tell you about the story of this game. The Dark Souls 2 lore is about the middle of the cycle of flame. You have to prevent the world from turning into complete darkness, which is why you will want some powerful souls for such a task.

The history and lore of Dark Souls 2 is so huge that is difficult to summarize it in a few words. So if that’s something you find interesting, read this Reddit thread or this Dark Souls 2 Wiki.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have talked about the Dark Souls 2 DLCs and everything that they bring to the game. There is a lot of stuff in those DLCs that players can enjoy. Trust me, you are definitely gonna love the new settings, weapons, and bosses. The general consensus is that the game is a lot better when compared with the vanilla DLC. Almost every aspect feels improved when compared with the main game. on the previous. Also, more content is always welcome for a game, as long as it is interesting and enjoyable. In case of Dark Souls 2 DLCs, all of them are pretty good.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What were the Dark Souls 2 DLC order release dates?

Dark Souls 2 has 3 DLC as a part of a trilogy that was released one after the other each month starting from July 204. The first pack called the Crown of the Sunken King was released in July 2014. This was followed by the Crown of the Old Iron King and Crown of the Ivory King in August and September 2014 respectively. Well, this is your Dark Souls 2 DLC order.

Do you have to play the DLCs in order?

Players can play the Darks Souls 2 DLC in any order they prefer as long as they can handle the difficulty. If you are not properly equipped to play them, then you are gonna have a hard time. It is recommended that you first play the main game, at least until you speak to King Vendrick, and then the DLC’s are gonna be available to play. In case you still want a specific order then go with the release order of DLCs.

What is Scholar of the First Sin for Dark Souls 2?

The Scholar of the First Sin is more like a revamped version of the game. It contains the base game along with all the 3 DLCs that were released for the game. This makes this game really huge and adds tons of play time with so many new levels and enemies to slay. Many agree that the DLCs are better than the main game.

Does Dark Souls 2 follow the story from the previous game?

There is no obvious or direct connection to the previous game or the next one for that matter. The first and the third game focused more on gods and other beings while the second one is set within the restriction of the human kingdoms.

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