D&D 5e Point Buy

D&D 5e Point Buy

If you have played the Dungeons and Dragons game before, then you might have known about the various methods to check the ability scores for their respective characters. If you do not, then don’t worry as you are in the right place. As here in this section, we are discussing the D&D 5e Point Buy method for the players to help them determine their character’s ability scores in the game. In addition to this, we are also going to offer basic descriptions of the other methods to calculate character stats.

What Is D&D 5e Point Buy?

D&D 5e Point Buy - What is it?
D&D 5e Point Buy

As stated in the above sections, the D&D 5e Point Buy is essentially a method that helps the DnD players to calculate their chosen character stats. However, before you use this method during the gameplay, you must know two things. First, this method takes more time to calculate the stats but provides accurate results. Second, this method does not consider the random high or low scores during the dice rolling methods. Furthermore, the method also depends on the available points given by the Dungeon Masters during the game. The number of points available will help players to choose the type of ability scores they need to buy for their class characters. More importantly the higher than ability scores for the character the more points you must spend for the said class characters.

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What Are Ability Scores?

Ability Scores (D&D 5e Point Buy)
Ability Scores

If you are one of those people who have not started playing the Dungeons & Dragons game but are interested in learning all about the game. Here’s a short and brief description to help you understand what are ability scores in the DnD game. The ability scores are the main characteristics that decide how characters when faced with a situation. In addition to this, the ability score helps the players to decide the talent or area of expertise for the chosen character in the DnD game. Above all, the ability scores can be differentiated into multiple types such as Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Strength, and Charisma. And more importantly, the ability scores require the points given by the DM so that you can spend these points on the required ability scores for the chosen characters.

All the characters regardless of their class, archetype, race, and abilities need the ability scores to help the players decide what kind of decisions one character will take during the gameplay. However, based on the type of character the ability scores requirements will change. For instance, if your chosen class character is the sorcerer, then your first ability score must be charisma, while the next two ability scores required will be constitution and intelligence. And for these specific characters, the ability scores such as Wisdom, Dexterity, and Strength are not very important or offer little use.

What Are Some of the Other Systems You Can Use to Finalize Your Stats When You Create Your Character in DND 5e?

Here in this section, we are going to discuss various types of methods a player can use to know the ability scores for the class characters in the game. Each of these methods is explained in great detail below along with their various features, functions, and limitations. However, you should remember that the methods help the players to organize their points in a way that helps the players to have better ability scores required for the said character.

Standard Array

Standard Array
Standard Array

This method unlike the other methods mainly focuses on providing slightly above average stats for the chosen class characters in the game. This method, designed in such a way that it allows the player’s chosen class characters to have one high ability score, one low ability score, and the above-average ability scores for the rest. Thus making the method one of the best options for the new players in helping them to maintain a balancing of all the powers to be at the same levels. Above all, by using this system that people will get the following scores for the ability scores, like 8,10,12,13,14,15. Which in turn can be very useful for certain class characters who require one ability score more than the others.

Moreover, if the Dungeon Master wants every player in the group on the same level. Then they choose this method as the basis for calculating the ability scores. In addition, to this, this method makes sure no player gets more ability scores than other players in the group.



Another popular method used by the DnD players is to make use of the given points by the DM. Mainly to assign the chosen class or subclass characters in the game. The rolling method is prone to create the best class characters or the worse as it depends on the numbers across the largest arrays. While this method can be a little jarring, but it brings a new perspective to the game, like leaving the ability scores of the characters to fate for an instant. The DM can decide to use this method if he/she wants the players to perform their best in the game using their characters and the ability scores decided by fate.

However, the rolling helps the DM to add more new rules to the method so that every player gets only the points decided by the fate. Now back to the topic, the rolling method involves rolling four 6-sided dice. Once the numbers are shown, drop the lowest numbers shown, but add the highest numbers Then continue this process six more times, and you will get all the ability scores required for your chosen class characters in the game.

What is the DnD 5e Point calculator? What are its uses?

Point calculato
Point calculator

First, a point calculator is another type of method that helps the players on how to calculate and manage the distribution of their available points for the chosen characters in the game. The point calculator can be potentially considered as another method similar to that of point-buy which helps the players to easily distribute the available points for the ability scores. Moreover, this calculator helps the players to distinguish the points needed for the chosen characters based on their race, class, archetypes, and many more. Allowing the players to choose the points based on their liking.

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And not just that, the page also describes the necessary traits for each character based on all the above options such as races below. To help the players understand all the requirements such as ability scores needed for the character and what they should avoid. While that ability scores further control the various abilities of the chosen character, now you can understand and do all the calculation process simply by using this method. However, you must remember that this method will depend on the DM’s choices for the game.

More about the D&D 5e Point Buy system for the Dungeons & Dragons game.

Before we discuss the D&D 5e Point Buy system, you must remember that this method ensures all the players in the game have a similar power level. If you are ok with this, then let us start the guide. As stated in the above sections, the D&D 5e Point Buy method allows the players to choose various types of outcomes. For instance getting three high ability scores like (15,15,15,8,8,8), which can be very helpful for the players who require more than 2 ability scores to be at the highest points for their characters. Or they can also get nearly equal points like (13,13,13,12,12,12) if the players want their characters to have equal points in all ability scores.

However, the main important feature of the D&D 5e Point Buy method is it allows the players to have choices on how to choose the ability scores of their characters regardless of the character’s requirements. Which will in turn make the game more personalized and engaging. More importantly, this method is easier to use, unlike the other two methods, even if it takes more time to complete the calculation of ability scores.

What are the steps to take during character creation in DND?

Charcter Creation
Character Creation

If you are a new player to the DnD game, and you are wondering how to create a character for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Then don’t worry as you are in the right place. Here in this section, we will discuss in detail all the steps required for the players to follow to create their chosen character. These steps are described in great detail below.

Choosing Race

As you know the DnD game world hosts a variety of races for the players to choose from. Which in turn unlock the new abilities and powers associated with the race. Some popular races in the DnD game are Humans, Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, Harengon, Goliath, Gith, Warforged, and many more. Moreover, the race types also vary along with the type of class character the players choose for themselves in the game.

Choosing Class

An important step the players must make before starting the DnD game is to choose the type of class character they want to become. However, before choosing we suggest players go through the stats of each class character. As they have various different types of abilities, such as magical abilities, combat prowess, etc. Moreover, the class characters further bring new background stories as well as abilities to the game as the players progress through the levels.

Ability Scores

As explained detailed in the above sections, the ability scores determine how characters must react when faced with situations during the gameplay. Wisdom, Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Charisma, and Dexterity are the different ability scores available for the characters in the game. Above all, the players need these ability scores for their characters so that they can unlock new abilities while completing various levels in the game.

Character Personality and Background

The next important step in creating the characters for DnD is character personality, which means how a character responds in normal situations. And the background story for the said chosen class characters to make the game more engaging and interesting. And not just that the personality of the characters also decides whether the player’s characters will be able to participate in the game as a team. However, the background is the major step as it unlocks the character’s potential to access new abilities and powers as they progress through the missions in the game.


In a game filled with dangerous dragons and targets with magic abilities, it is very necessary to have the necessary equipment to deal with damages or the ability to attack and defend themselves in the game. Moreover, the equipment can be further divided into different types such as Armor, and Weapons. The type of armor may also depend on the type of class character they play have chosen for the game. And more importantly, if the chosen character is a serious magic-user, then he will tend to have less protective armor. Other than this, the weapons used by the players cannot be decided directly by the player, as it depends on the type of character’s race, class, etc. However, the character’s proficiency in these weapons can be decided by the players.

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned in detail above, now you can join together and choose the main players and support characters as well as the storylines for the game. Then the players can set up the rules and regulations for the game with the help of the Dungeon Master, and start playing the game to explore the mystical DnD world.

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In this article, we have provided a detailed description of the D&D 5e Point Buy method, its detailed procedure, benefits, requirements as well as limitations. We have also provided a brief description of the ability scores in the DnD game and why they are important? Next, we have discussed other two popular methods for calculating ability scores along with their pros and cons. In addition to this, we have provided a brief description of the Point Calculator and its various functions. And lastly, we have shared a detailed guide for the players who want to create their characters for the Dungeons & Dragons game.

Frequently Asked Questions – D&D 5e Point Buy

What is the D&D 5e Point Buy?

D&D 5e Point Buy is a method that is popularly used by DnD game players to calculate and maintain their ability scores for their selected class characters.

Why should you use the D&D 5e Point Buy method?

D&D 5e Point Buy is the best choice for the DnD players because it helps the players to have various choices on how to set up ability scores for their characters, unlike the other two methods.

What are the alternatives to the D&D 5e Point Buy method?

Rolling Method and Standard Array method are the two popular alternatives for the D&D 5e Point Buy for the Dungeons & Dragons game.

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