Destiny 2 Expansions

Destiny 2 Expansions

Destiny 2 is a huge multiplayer game from Bungie that is from a first-person perspective. There are a lot of players that join the server of Destiny 2 to play its various modes. The game offers a lot of content in the form of a story and various game modes. This free-to-play game has been added with a lot of content in the form of Destiny 2 expansions. Destiny 2 expansions are something that adds new weapons, missions, game modes, maps, etc.

In this article, we are going to talk about all the content that has been released for the game in the form of Destiny 2 expansions. Bungie releases new expansions every year during the fall and calls them Year expansions. The first expansion for the game was Curse of Osiris, which is a Year 1 expansion that was released in 2017. Year 1 has had 2 expansions, the other one in that is the Warmind. We’ll talk about all the expansions in detail later.

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Every year since the release of the game, Bungie has released one major expansion that adds a lot of new content, including a new story. Apart from that, there’s also the annual Destiny 2 expansion pass for these expansions which is a collection of minor DLCs that is available for 9 months. This 9-month content is available for 3 seasons. So far there are 5 released DLCs that bring the sage to Year 4, and 3 more are on the way for 2022,2023, and 2024. This will complete the first major sage of Destiny 2 in 2024.

Now, let us talk about all these Destiny 2 expansions in detail.

All Destiny 2 Expansions

We did mention in the earlier section that expansions bring new content in the form of stories, new modes, weapons, etc. Bungie has released 5 Destiny 2 expansions so far and players will have access to 3 more each year from 2022. Here we will what all Destiny 2 expansions are there for the game and what they bring.

Curse of Osiris (2017)

All Destiny 2 Expansions

The first-ever Destiny 2 expansion was released by Bungie in 2017 and is a minor expansion. The Curse of Osiris expansion brought in a good amount of content, in terms of story, character, and overall gameplay. Its story took us to the planet Mercury where the mission of Guardians is to save Osiris. The players have to finish the certain mission and strikes to progress in this expansion. All this takes place in the Infinite Forest, which to be honest, feels like a snooze fest.

Guardian will have to take down many Vex enemies in this expansion in order to save Osiris. That’s not it though, you will also be facing a boss called Infinite Mind. You will find this boss on Panoptes. Other than the story aspect, this new Destiny 2 DLC adds two new strikes in the Infinite Forest called the Tree of Probabilities and Garden World. A guardian’s level cap is increased to 25(experience) along with an increase in the power level cap, which is now 330.

Other interesting additions include characters like Sagira and Brother Vance, a new map called Woemhaven(only for PS4), and a new Raid Lair is also added to the Leviathan map. This new raid lair also has a new boss. While all this seems really good and interesting, the new Destiny 2 DLC didn’t receive very great reviews. Many players felt that the expansion neither had an interesting story nor gameplay. Even the new weapons that were added, called Lost prophecy were a disappointment.

Warmind (2018)

Destiny 2 Expansions

This combined with the Curse of Osiris is the Year 1 of the Destiny 2 expansions. When you talk about the Warmind expansion, the very thing that comes to mind is the Escalation protocol. So what is this Escalation Protocol? It is a new mode added in this expansion that puts the players against hordes of enemies coming at them in waves. There are a total of 7 waves that players have to survive in this mode. Doing so will then pit them against a boss at the end. If you take him down then you are in for some interesting rewards.

When it comes to the story, the Guardians are back to the planet Mars, except this time it is a different location. This new location is called the Hellas Basin and players are up against Warmind Rasputin. Not only this enemy but the players will also have to face a Hive army that is controlled by Xul, a worm god. This expansion also increases your exp level and power level caps to 30 and 380 respectively.

If all that wasn’t enough then you will find a new Raid Lair called Spire of Stars to keep you busy in the game, at least for a while. The new raid lair is also the final raid lair that is on Leviathan. When it comes to characters, you will find Ana Bray on Mars, though she is just an NPC. Just like the previous expansion, this one too brings a new event named “The Insight Terminus” is added to PS4. It is a Strike that is timed-exclusive. One other interesting addition is the introduction of Valor and Glory ranks in PvP.

Forsaken (2018)

Destiny 2 Expansions

Forsaken is from the Year 2 expansion of Destiny 2 and is the game’s first major dlc. This means that the DLC adds a shit ton of new content to the game. You will not just find new content but some major changes and overhaul to a few game mechanics. From here, the game started getting major expansions every year. Since there is a lot of content to unpack here. I’ll just list them down for you so that it is easier to look at.

All New Additions
  • Two new locations, Tangled Shore and Dreaming City from The Reef. This is where the new story campaign takes place where guardians have to kill 8 Scorn Barons.
  • New locatin shoudl also have new enemeis, so you in this you get to fight the Scorn. Using the Dark Ether, the Undead Fallen are brought back who are called the Scorn. They are controlled by Scorned Baron and Uldren.
  • One major change(though not the only one) that you will see is with the weapons system. Now you can equip any weapon as primary or secondary whcih was previously a restriction.
  • Apart from the above weapon change, player can equip bow and arrow as a weapon. This is my personal favorite in most games.
  • Another massive addition in this expansion, is the introduction of new classes. Each subclass now have another subclass. This, along with 6 new supers have been added in this new Destiny 2 dlc.
  • “The Last Wish” and “The Shattered Throne”, a new raid and dungeon have also been added respectively.
  • It doesn’t stop there because yuo also get to play a new competitive mode called “The Gambit”. Players will form a 4 teams of 2 and fight against eachother.
  • Then there’s also the new Annual Destiny 2 expansion Pass that is available from this expansion. This came with small dlcs that were paid-to-play.

All these massive additions have been made in the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion. When one of the new Destiny 2 expansions, The Witch Queen releases, the “Tangled Shore” part of Forsaken will no longer be playable. This will be added to the Destiny Content Vault. Also, the Destiny 2 campaign is now available as free-to-play from December 2021.

Shadowkeep (2019)

Destiny 2 Expansions

This Year 3 expansion pack for Destiny 2 is also a major one. This expansion came after the split of Activision Blizzard and Bungie studios. Well, that didn’t stop the studios from creating a good DLC for the game. Remember the Moon, no, not the one from the real world, but the one from the first game. You will find that the Moon is back in this expansion and bring with it two new strikes and a new campaign.

The story in this expansion will see the guardian up against Darkness that resurrects Nightmares, a new enemy in this expansion. Guardians will have to explore the moon to defeat this enemy along with a little help from Eris Morn. If not the campaign then venture into The Scarlet Keep or the Festering Core for some Strike action. Then there’s also the option to play the new raid called Garden of Salvation or maybe try the Pit of Heresy for a dungeon.

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When it comes to gameplay changes, then you will find the introduction of a new archetype called Champions. Other than that you will also find new finishers for the guardians and cross-save options for various platforms. There is also a bunch of other stuff like the new armor system, Nightmare hunts which is a PvE mode, and some new weapons quests.

This expansion also brought in four new seasons for Destiny 2. Season of Arrival, Season of Dawn, Season of the Worthy, and Season of Undying.

Beyond Light (2020)

Beyond Light (2020)

All our lives were affected by the Covid-19, so does the release date of the fifth expansion from Destiny 2. As opposed to being released in September 2020, it was released two months late in November. That small wait was worth it as the expansion is as huge as any other from Bungie. A lot of new and exciting stuff for players to jump into. The obvious one is the new story campaign which drops the player on Jupiter’s moon.

This moon called Europa is an ice-cold planet that needs to be ridden of the Darkness. Eramis, who is a Kell from Salvation, a Fallen House is the one who unleashes this Darkness. He uses the power of Statis which is also a new power for a subclass to unleash Darkness. Other than the story campaign try out The Glassway and The Disregard, which are two new strikes from this expansion. You will also find a new raid if you go to the Deep Stone Crypt.

Along with this new expansion, Bungie also introduced New Light. This is Destiny 2 but free-to-play. The studios also put a lot of content in the Destiny vault as the game had too much content. Do not worry though if your favorite part goes into the vault because all that content will release over time with a remaster. Mars, Io, Titans, Leviathan, and Mercury are some of the locations that are in the vault.

The Witch Queen (2022)

Destiny 2 Expansions

This is one of the few Destiny 2 expansions that are in the pipeline of releases from Bungie. Initially, this DLC was meant to release in the latter part of 2021 but as the previous DLCs got delayed so did this one. Now, this is meant for a February 2022 release, which we hope doesn’t change again. This Year 5 DLC will pit the Guardians against Hive Guardians who are going into battle with ghosts of their own.

The Hive Guardians are created by Savathûn, who has harnessed the power of light to build this monstrosity. This expansion will take place in the Witch Queen’s Throne World of Savathûn. You can buy this DLC without having to rely on the previous ones since it is a standalone expansion. When it comes to new additions and changes, players will get their hands on a new melee weapon called Glaive.

Other than this, a new system will be added to this pack which will allow players to craft weapons. In case you feel that the expansion or the game isn’t that challenging then enter Master level difficulty. This is exclusively available in The Witch Queen expansion’s campaign. There is good news, bad news kind of situation here. The bad news is that the expansion will not have any new raid, and the good news is that instead, it will bring back an old raid from Destiny.

Lightfall (2023)


This was supposed to be the last Destiny 2 expansions for the current major Light and Darkness saga. Instead, Bungie has announced that this isn’t the last but there is going to be one more DLC to wrap it up. This will release in 2023 as there’s already a release in 2022. While the makes haven’t yet released much info on this expansion that kicks off the year 6 Destiny 2 expansions.

There is a small teaser of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion which is in the “The Future of Destiny 2- Past is Prologue” video. It says at the end that the players will have to choose a side, even if that is the wrong one. You can watch that video here from Youtube.

The Final Shape (2024)

The Final Shape (2024)

2024 is most likely going to be the year where will get the last of Destiny 2 expansions. This will begin the Year 7 of Destiny 2’s saga and will end in early 2024. There is little to no information on this new Destiny 2 DLC as there are two other Destiny 2 expansions yet to release. Hopefully, we will something soon from Bungie regarding this last and 8th expansion for Destiny 2’s current saga.

In the meantime, complete the Destiny 2 expansions that are already available to play. In case you want to read a little more about this and be updated then check out the Destiny 2 expansions Wikipedia page.

Which Is the Best Destiny 2 Expansion?

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Forsaken is the best Destiny 2 expansion. This was the first major expansion released by Bungie for the game and had a lot of content and overhaul. All the content and changes that it had done with the expansion were a hit with the gaming community. New subclass, option to use any weapon slot, bow & arrow, interesting campaign, new raid & dungeons.

These are just a few of the many things that developers did right with this pack. One other reason I think that people love this expansion is that it came after two disappointing ones. If this didn’t work out then the game would have probably been a goner. Luckily for the studios and use, this worked out perfectly well. There is another thing that made this work, which is the studios releasing the new content slowly rather than all at once.

Other than this, Beyond light and Shadowkeep, are two other Destiny 2 expansions worth spending money on. They might not be on par with Forsaken but they are still entertaining and gave a lot of good content too.

Seasons in Destiny 2

Seasons in games aren’t something new, many multiplayer games employ a seasoned model to add new narrative and items to the game. You might have seen this Fortnite, PUBG, and many other such games. Destiny 2 does have seasons every year where new weapons, items, and the story are added to the game. These are in no way comparable to those large Destiny 2 expansions that Bungie has been releasing every year.

While seasons were introduced in Year 2 of Destiny which also received the Forsaken expansion, technically the previous expansions are also considered seasons. The game’s original campaign which is the Red War is Season 1, while the next two minor expansions Curse of Osiris and Warmind are Season 2 and 3 respectively.

So far there have been 15 seasons in the game, and season 15 will end on February 22, 2022. This is also the time Bungie will release The Witch Queen expansion. At the end of every season, players will close the activities, which means that your season progress resets at the beginning of a new season. The activity concludes when the players close the Vex gate that they create when a season starts. This doesn’t mean you will lose everything forever. You will get back certain weapons and rewards that you achieved during the season.

Every season in Destiny 2 lasts for 3-4 months and by the time the next expansion comes out, you will play at least 4 seasons. Each season also has a separate name. The final season is the Season of the Lost, and as stated earlier will end in February 2022. You can learn more about Destiny 2 all seasons from this Shacknews article on the same.

Best Destiny 2 Season

Best Destiny 2 Season

With as many as 15 seasons in Destiny 2, you would think that it would be very difficult to select the best season from them all. On the contrary, choosing the best season in Destiny 2 is quite easy and that is the Season of the Chosen. This season started on February 9(2021) and ended on May 11(2021). The reason is that this season offered a lot of new and exciting stuff from an amazing selection of weapons to the fight against the hordes of Cabal. Allo fit was amazing to play.

Even the story was great and the pinnacle mission was something the game has never done that great before. The seasonal quests were unique and all these things this season are one of the best points of the game. So I would the Season of the chosen as the best season for Destiny 2. Some of you out there might say that the Season of Opulence was the best, it was amazing but for me, this one holds the top spot.

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Wrapping Up

Destiny 2 has had its ups and downs but it is still running strong with so many expansions every year and a huge number of seasons. Everything that Bungie released so far might not be the best stuff but there are really great addition and overhauls that made the made what it is today. So check out all the Destiny 2 expansion that is available so far for this game, and buy the ones that you love.

Though I would recommend that you do not miss the Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and Forsaken expansions as they are the best ones for the game. Everything that one needs to know about these expansions is something that we discussed in detail. Just read the article to find out.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Final Destiny 2 DLC release date?

There is no exact date set in stone for the final Destiny 2 DLC release date. The final DLC is going to be the Final Shape expansion. This will release after the Witch Queen and Lightfall expansions are released in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

List all the Destiny 2 expansions in order.

The very first expansion that this game got was the Curse of Osiris the next one was the Warmind. These two were pretty small ones and added minor content to the game. The next ones that were released are Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, Lightfall, and The Final Shape. These are all the ones in the Destiny 2 expansion list in order.

Did the Witch Queen DLC get delayed?

Yes, the Witch Queen was supposed released in 2021 but due to the pandemic and other developmental reasons, the previous expansion got delayed. This led to the Witch Queen DLC getting delayed to February 2022.

What is the Final Shape expansion about?

There is no official information about the Final Shape, so there is nothing we know about the final part of the Light and Darkness saga. The best bet is that we will hear something about his expansion after the Witch Queen release or defiantly at the time of the Lighhtfall expansion release.

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