Detect Magic 5e

Detect Magic 5e

If you are one of those people who love playing Dungeons & Dragons all the time. Then you might have found out the game is full of various magic spells offering a multitude of functions. Therefore, people playing this game love to use magic spells most of the time, and you might have been already under a spell, but you have not detected it yet. And during these conditions, you might not have enough time to defend yourself, thus resulting in your character’s death. If you have faced this kind of condition, then you might have if there is any spell that helps the players to detect the magic buff beforehand. Then you are in the right place. As we are going to explain the Detect Magic 5e spell for you in furthermore detail in the below sections.

What Is Detect Magic 5e?

 Detect Magic 5e
Detect Magic 5e

A Unique Magic Spell can be used by the players to detect the presence of any magic spell nearby them or at the enemy targets. And once the spell is cast it using the action, you will be able to identify the target creature bearing the spell as a faint aura surrounds them. If you have come across other magic detecting spells, then you might have not noticed, that the targets can dispel the detecting if it aggravates them. However, the Detect Magic 5e spell does not aggravate the target like other spells and therefore cannot be dispelled by the enemy targets.

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Moreover, the D&D detect magic 5e spell can also identify the items possessing the magical powers carried by the enemy targets. And for that to happen the target must be within the 30 feet range of this spell. Although the targets might be able to hold the magical items from getting discovered by this spell, using various materials such as lead, wood, steel, stone, or dirt. Apart from this, the detect magic 5e DnD 3.5 spell will be very helpful for the players to identify the illusions, traps, and enemies in advance, helping the players to prepare for the attack.

How to Use Detect Magic 5e?

 Detect Magic 5e
Detect Magic 5e

Now that you understood the functions of the dungeons and dragons to detect magic 5e, let us find out the requirements and the procedure for casting a detect magic 5e here in this section. First of all, this spell is part of ritual magic class spells, due to which it can only be cast by Characters such as Bard, Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Paladin, Ranger, and Artificer. Moreover, to cast this spell, you must possess the required components like V and S. However to use this spell the said class characters must maintain their concentration for a period of 10 minutes. Above all to unlock this spell, the above-mentioned class characters must have completed the 1st Level Divination from the School of Magic in the Dungeons & Dragons game.

Although you must also remember that this spell does not offer any hit points or damage points, only detection. Which might not the best option while facing a combat situation. Thus, you must first make sure whether the situation is right pr not for this spell, before casting.

  • Only one action is required to cast the spell.
  • Detects magic users and magical items.
  • Spell cast region of 30 feet.
  • Can detect illusion and traps in advance.
  • Does not aggravate the targets or creatures.
  • Requires concentration for 10 min.
  • Will be able to find invisible creatures unless they have magic items.
  • Cannot be used along with other spells or attack rolls.
  • It does not cause any damage and neither earns hit points.

Features of the Detect Magic Pathfinder 5e.

Here in this section, we will discuss deeply the various features one can perform using the D&D 3.5 detect magic 5e spell in the said game. Functions such as,

Detecting Magic

As stated in the above sections, the main feature of this spell is to identify the magic spell within its cast region by casting an aura on the said target using the magic powers. Thus alerting the player and his allies about the spells in advance.

Finding Magic Items

In a magical world, like DnD, there are numerous magical items, instead of the common magic spells which provide various functions. These magical items can be very powerful than normal spells and most of the time do not require any spell shots. And the detect magic spell helps the players to detect this magic item beforehand so that they can prepare accordingly.

Casting Distance

This detect magic spell is one of the best detecting spells in the DnD game, as they can detect magic sources and creatures for a distance of up to 30 feet. This can be very beneficial if the players are stuck in a PvP situation during the gameplay.

Cannot be Dispelled

As described in the above sections, most of the detecting magic spells in the game can be easily dispelled by the targets if they aggravate them. Which in turn means the player cannot detect any magic with that spell. However, unlike other spells, the detect magic 5e spell cannot be dispersed.

What Is Magic in the DnD Game?

For all those people who have no idea about the magic in the Dungeons & Dragons game, here is a comprehensive description for you. Magic is a type of ability that can be possessed by various Class Characters in the game, and it can be differentiated into two types, magic systems, and magic spells. Further magic can be divided based on their functions, for example, for combat situations to cause damages to the target, or aftermath of combat to heal your allies. And also for detecting other magic sources like that of Detect magic spell.

However, in order to access these spells, the players or the various class characters must attend the different magic schools in the game for different types of magic spells. In other words, the magic spells can only be differentiated by their purpose given by the magic school, where the said characters must train or complete magic lessons. Therefore, to help you learn more about these magic schools, we have listed all the magic schools in the game in the below section.

Magic Schools in the DnD Game

If you want to find out what are the different types of magic schools in the game, along with their purposes, and benefits then you are in the right place.

Magic Schools in the Dnd Game
Magic Schools in the DnD Game


A Magic Defense School that helps the Characters in the game to defend or protect themselves from the dangerous creatures and the deadly magic spells. Moreover, this school is one of the most popular choices for the Wizards who are interested in becoming Anti casters. The school helps the characters to learn protection spells such as Protection From Evil and Good, which will help them to effectively face a combat situation with a better chance of winning. Apart from this, through this school, the players can some of the most powerful spells which can be very useful when finding dangerous creatures or bosses in the game, For instance, Dispel and Counter Spells.

The players can also learn the Banishment spell here in this school, which will help the players to take out a selected target from combat for a period of time. And if you have come across any dangerous dragons or high-powered creatures, then you can withstand a lot of damage using the Protection of Energy.


This magic school helps the players train themselves in magic based on their purpose. And the school is widely known for some of its deadly spells which are sure to destroy the enemy or the target completely. However, unlike the other schools, the enchantment school’s magic spells are popularly known for their mind manipulation abilities in the game. Using the wisdom save for the standard enchantment spells, the players can control most of the functions of the targets. Moreover, the higher level spells like Modify Memory, Hex, Dominate Person, Hold Person, etc will allow the players to completely destroy the target mentally or control the target completely.

Most importantly the enchantment magic school offers various other types of magic spells, which can boost the hit points for their allies, motivate the allies during the battlefield, or make the allies ignore the pain to continue the fight, etc. One of the best spells players usually learn from this school is Psychic Scream.


If you want your magic spells to gather information from the enemy camps, so that you can prepare yourself and your allies to defeat the enemies using proper attack rolls or saving throws. Then the magic spells offered by the Divination School might be the best ones for you. A survival-related magic spell that offers the players an opportunity to understand new things, for example learning an unknown language by casting a spell, etc. However, the spells offered by this magic school are differentiated into various types, like Detect Spells, Language Effects, Clairvoyance, and Augury Effects, etc. And most importantly the invisible spells in the arsenal of the Divination school help the players to find the invisible creatures lurking within the casting range. While the other spells like Arcane Eye or Locate Creature help the players to find out where the creatures are lurking from a safer distance in advance.

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A unique magic school that can only be found in the Explorer’s Guide to the WildeMount, and the magic spell taught here mostly focus on manipulation of reality, Like Marvel’s Iconic Reality Stone. Moreover, this magic school is further divided into two separate school divisions, Graviturgy and Chronurgy. First of all the Graviturgy means the characters or the magic casters can now manipulate the gravity making the ground unstable for the targets to stand on. Which in turn will be very helpful as the said creature may not able to defend themselves during this period. And taking about Chronurgy this school magic spells help the players to manipulate time itself. Essentially giving the players an opportunity to find out all the results beforehand or bring back a dead ally by going back in time.


One of the best magic schools, that offers various magic spells which can cause serious damage to the targets if cast. And not just that, the magic spells of this school are known for summoning someone for example dead beings from hell or constructing items, etc. Some of the popular spells of the Conjuration school are Teleportation, Entangling Effects, Summoning Spells Trees, etc. Moreover, the summoning spells allow the players to control the summons for a limited period of time, and they can use this creature as a tool while fighting against enemies. Above all, the teleportation spells help the players to disappear into thin air and appear behind the targets to confuse them or make stealth attacks causing lots of damage. In addition to this, if you want to chase a running target, then conjuration school spells like the Cloud of Dagger or Cloud Kill spells might be helpful.


Another unique magic school that helps the players to trick the minds of the targets instead of direct manipulation like that of the Enchantment spells. However, you must also remember that if the said target does not believe in these illusion spells, then they are of no use. And if the targets fall for these illusion spells, they can cause very high damage. Moreover, the illusions spells are differentiated into two types mechanical and creative illusions. Mechanical illusions are illusions that have set effects, components, and parameters.

These are the ideal ones to cast when facing imminent danger. While the creative illusions allow the players to get creative and create their own spells with their own parameters, effects, range, etc. However, to create this type of spell you might need a lot of spell shots. Some of the popular illusion spells are Shadow Sword, Mental Prison, and Area of Effect, etc.


A magic school that helps the players to use the spells to manipulate the death itself. One who uses this spell will have an opportunity to ally themselves with the dead and fight the battles alongside them. However, the most important feature of these spells they have dual abilities, for instance, you can use the spell such as Finger of death, on the targets to cause damage, while healing yourself or the allies at the same time. Moreover, the necromancy spells also allow the players to summon creatures like skeletons or Spirits. Thus, you can further summon more skeleton armies by using additional spell shots to create your own undead army. Which can be of great advantage when fighting against dangerous creatures or targets. And not just that, the necromancy spells will help the players to bring back the fallen allies of their teams.

Most importantly, the necromancy spells are all about necrotic damage, and they cause high levels of damage on the targets unless they are known to be common with necromantic spells.


Another popular magical school in the DnD game, whose spells help the players to alter things all around to make the or battlefield even. For example, the spells allow the players to transform their allies into the best versions so that they can cause and deal with a high level of damage, especially when facing bosses in the game. And moreover, the Cordon of Arrows, Heat Metal, and Dragon Breath spells will help the players to cause a higher level of damages to the targets. While exclusive spells like Mass Polymorph, and Polymorph can cause damage to more than one target at the same time. And there are also deadly spells like Flesh to Stone that will be able to end the fight of the target merely in seconds or minutes giving them an unfair advantage over the others in the game.

Lastly, unique spells such as Shape Water or Move Earth help you control water as well as earth, which can be very useful. And not just that, Speak With the Plant or Meld into Stone, will award unique abilities which can be useful for unique situations.


If you want a magic spell that helps you deal with higher levels of damage, especially at higher levels or while facing dangerous creatures. Then the evocation magic school might be the best place for you. Moreover, the evocation of magical spells mostly depends on the elemental forces to do their bidding. For example spells like Lightning Bolt, Earthquake, Thunder ball and Fire wave, etc. And by using this type of spell, you will now be able to take down multiple targets at the same time. Essentially making you a god on the battlefield. While there are other types of spells that can be used to take down a single target on the battlefield. Spells such as Divine Word, Power Word, Magic Missile, and Chromatic Orb.

More importantly, a lot of healing magic spells come under the Evocation Magic School, which helps the players to heal single or multiple allies at the same time. While there are also counter evocation spells that allow the healers on the enemies group to stop from healing their allies.

What Are Some Beginners Tips That You Should Keep in Mind When You Are Starting Your Own Campaign in the Dungeons & Dragons Game?

If you are a new player or a person who is interested in joining the DnD family, then here are some beginner tips for you. So that you can understand the game better and play the game more easily.

Watch Game Play Videos

Before starting the Dungeons and Dragons game we suggest you watch the DnD gameplay or stream videos so that you will be able to find out more about the game and understand the various steps involved in the game.

Read D&D game Stories

For all the beginners, especially wanna be dungeon masters, it is best suited to read some of the D&D stories before joining in. As they can help how the pro players make the story, create and solve obstacles together in the gameplay.


D&D is a type of game that can only be played by multiple people, generally a group of friends or family members. So it is better suited for the people to understand on how to cooperate with one another and the type of character classes they want to choose.

Research About Class

If you have already chosen a Character class in the DnD game, then we suggest you research completely about the characters about their strengths, abilities weaknesses, etc. Most importantly, we would request you to find out more about the advancement of the classes as it can help you to attain a better class character suited for medium and higher-level gameplay.

Use your Creative

If you do love superhero films then the DnD game is such a game that lets the players use their own creativity to make the game more joyful and entertaining. More importantly, the DMs can take inspiration from popular Hollywood movies to construct the Storyline for the game.

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In this article, we have discussed the Detect Magic 5e spell, how to use it, what are its parameters, etc. We have also shared the features and functions of the Detect Magic 5e spell. You can also learn about the various magic schools in the Dungeons & Dragons Game, their spells, benefits, and many more. And lastly, we have shared some beginner tips for people interested in playing the D&D game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Detect Magic 5e?

A magic spell in the DnD 5 the Edition, which allows the players to detect the magic sources or elements within the cast range.

Can the Detect Magic 5e be dispelled?

No, the Detect magic DnD 3.5 5e cannot be dispelled by the enemies as the spell does not aggravate them, unlike other magic detection spells.

Will dungeons and dragons detect magic 5e work against invisible targets?

No, the dungeons and dragons detect magic  5e does not work against the invisible targets if they do not have any magic source located on them.

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