D&D 5e Backgrounds

D&D 5e Backgrounds

If you are new to the Dungeons and Dragons game and are wondering how to write an amazing backstory for the chosen class characters? Then you are in the right place, as here in this section, we will provide suggestions for the players to help them create the best background stories for their characters in the game. In addition to this, we will also share the various functions and benefits of having D&D 5e Backgrounds in the below sections. Moreover, we will discuss in detail personality and why it is very important for the people who play the D&D game.

What Are D&D 5e Backgrounds?

As the name itself suggests, the D&D 5e Backgrounds are essentially the history of the Class Characters chosen by the player in the Dungeons & Dragons game. More importantly, the background chosen by the player from the given options in the game is directly linked to the professions of the said characters and many more.

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Top 10 d&d 5e backgrounds

If you have played the Dungeons and Dragons game before, then you might have known that there are multiple Backgrounds for the class characters to choose from. However, if the players don’t know what to choose from the given options. Don’t worry as you are in the right place, Because under this section, we have listed Top 10 d&d 5e backgrounds. Or you can access the d&d 5e backgrounds list here in this section.

Urban Bounty Hunter

Urban Bounty Hunter

If you are one of those people who love to play the mercenary characters in the games, then the Urban Bounty Hunter background might be the best background for you. As this background might help the players to attain stealth skills as well as urban communication skills. In addition to this, these players are quite popular around the urban communities in the game, which allows them to get information from the urban centers whenever required easily. Moreover, this background creates a sense of adventure feeling for the characters which helps them to take on new adventures during the missions in the game.

Apart from this, the characters with this background have various opportunities to earn proficiency bonuses from, such as through expertise in Thieve’s Tools, or Gaming Instruments, etc. And with the addition of certain skill proficiencies, the players can earn learn certain essential skills such as Deception, Stealth, Persuasion, and Insight.



If you have played the Dungeons and Dragons game before, then you must have known that the Noble Background is the most popular choice for many players in this game. This further opens new doors to create more unique background styles, for the player’s characters. However, the most feature about this background is that the players can now have more money in the game, which will help them to buy additional equipment from stores. As well as becoming quite popular among other players, often assuming leadership roles. Under this background, the players will earn various types of proficiencies such as language skills, Persuasion as well as History, etc. While they can also provide a dramatic background style for the character of the players, by acting like a long-lost prince of a kingdom in DnD World.

Secret Identity

Secret Identity

If you love spy characters in games or movies, then the Secret Identity might be the best suitable background option for you in the Dungeons and Dragons game. Although, the main feature of this background is it allows the players to assume two or more different types in the game, from real to fake, based on the situations. Moreover, this background option of the class characters helps the players unlock certain proficiency abilities in skills such as Stealth and Deception. Which in turn makes them one of the best characters in the game, who can infiltrate enemy encampments and steal valuable items and info if needed.

Apart from this, the Role also helps the players to assume the roles of masked vigilantes, who bring justice to their regions in the game, adding a much more fun gaming experience for the players to choose from.



For all those people, who love fighting games, and want their characters in the game to excel in the closed combat practices, then the Gladiator will help you just do that. In addition to this, the background story is similar to that of the original Gladiator Movie, as the character escapes the fighting arena or he/she can be a traveling fighting champion on an adventure. This means the players can now retain the armors as well as the weapons from the fighting arena, which can be very useful at higher levels of the gameplay. In addition to this, they also have the opportunities to get proficient in skills such as Acrobatic and Performance. Above all, this background offers many more unique opportunities and benefits for the players as they progress through the said game.



One of the best background options for players who love pirate movies or games. As this background makes the character a sailing character, who has expertise in sailing boats, looting, as well as swimming. Which in turn creates new opportunities for the players as they can now have new campaigns or adventures as they progress through the Levels in the Dungeons and Dragons game. In addition to this, the players will earn certain skill expertise similar to other Backgrounds in the game. Skills or Abilities such as Perception and Athletics. Which in turn helps them to understand and react according to the surrounding conditions calmly especially on missions in the sea campaigns. Above all, the background provides a new storyline for the DMs and the team members in creating new storylines on seas.



If you want to become a character that is driven to boost his knowledge, which helps him to become one of the most intelligent beings in the game, then the Sage background 5e might be the ideal one for you. However, this type of background story adds new opportunities in the storyline, so it must be discussed with the Dungeons Masters in advance before starting the Dungeons and Dragons game. Moreover, this background allows the player’s character to be the most knowledgeable person in the game, using their knowledge to solve problems, find solutions, and many more. Which in turn will push the players to be the main character instead of being a support role character. In addition to this, you should know that the Sages are proficient in more than two languages as well as Arcana.

Hermit Background

Hermit Background

If you love to be the moody and broody type of character in the game, who spent their lives in solitude away from all other beings in solitude. Then the Hermit Background might be the best one for you. In addition to this background 5e makes the player’s solely committed type of characters wanting to complete the mission or find the truth of mysteries and many more. Or you can create a unique backstory for this character, as a person who is looking for vengeance. And being in solitary means that these background characters are connected with nature all the time, helping them to understand silent and small changes in the surrounding environment. Above all, and staying connected with nature means the players will learn more about the various medicinal plants and spells, that can help them as well as their team members.



The second most popularly chosen background 5e after the Noble Type, as it allows players to have expertise in combat history beforehand. This means the players will have access to various types of weapons as well as armors that help them to perform better in closed combat situations during the Dungeons & Dragons game. In addition to this, the players can customize their storyline to their liking, such as the training you have gone, your past relationships, and type of skills you have learned, etc. Above all, from this background, the players can earn skill proficiencies such as Intimidation and Athletics. And if you want to make your character as a military high-ranking officer, then he can also earn proficiencies like Wisdom. Which in turn helps them to assume leadership roles in the team, due to their ranking and past experiences.

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If you are looking for a character background 5e that involves the characters being entrusted by someone in the game to perform the duty given by them. Then the Inheritor might be the best-suited one for you. However, the main feature of this character background is the players have their own opportunity to create their own side of the story, for example, someone entrusted in the players to find a hidden treasure, or someone asked the players to save the world by from impending doom, etc. The variations can be of various types, which in turn make the game more interesting and engaging. Apart from this, being a character from Inheritor Background, the players can earn various skill proficiencies in the game. Proficiencies such as Religion, History, Survival, and Arcana. More importantly, they can also learn an additional language as well as a musical instrument.

Folk Hero

Folk Hero

If you are one of those people who love to be popular for performing good deeds for the community in the game and want other people to look up to you. Then the Folk Hero background might help you to do just that. This background 5e makes the character a popular person among the community who refer to him as their champion, a person who is destined to attain so much greatness. In addition to this, this background makes the players beings with a sense of duty, who stand against evil from harming the innocents. Above all, with this background the players will earn skill proficiencies, for instance, Survival and Animal Handling. As well as Tool Proficiencies which are a single type of Artisans tools as well as driving vehicles.

What Is Personality in Dungeons & Dragons 5e?

A set of traits possessed by each character in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e game, which helps the players decide how a character reacts to various situations, what are his/her beliefs, his achievements, worst fears, flaws, and much more. While the personality traits of the characters may be negative or positive, they will affect the storyline of the game, D&D 5e Backgrounds as well as their relationship with other players’ characters in the said game. However, as we know the DnD game offers various types of traits for the players to choose for their characters. Above all, these traits help the player character become more interesting and realistic.


As the name itself suggests, these characters are unique, based on physical appearance. Making them unique amongst the group of the other D&D 5e Backgrounds characters of the team members in the Dungeons and Dragons game. For instance, being the tallest, having pointy ears, a distinctive scar, etc.


A no-nonsense kind of D&D 5e Backgrounds character who is driven to complete the mission first hand, and does not mix well with other characters in the team. In addition, it means that the characters do not bond any relationships with other characters. However, his focus on the mission means he will always find solutions for problems faced by the players while on this mission.


No matter what kind of the worst situation they face, this character remains calm, always able to keep his/her emotions in check. Which in turn helps him/her to portray a confident posture to other members of the team, inspiring them to face the issues or problems ahead, no matter the outcome.


A D&D 5e Backgrounds character who is known to take on any situation ahead, taking risks often. This type of character is always known to be at the front, during the battle leading their team. And in the Dungeons and Dragons game, these kinds of situations are quite common.


From the name itself, you can understand that this D&D 5e Backgrounds character is highly knowledgeable, and has experiences in battles or dangerous situations. Which helps him/her to strategize the objectives on how to avoid problems or win a battle in the game more easily. Due to which they often assume leadership roles in the team.


One of the best personality traits in the DnD Game, that helps the players to make more friends or allies in the game, regardless of their D&D 5e Backgrounds. Which in turn can be very useful for them as they face tougher situations or battles at higher levels of the game.


As you know, these characters always stay on the optimistic side, no matter what kind of situation they are in. Always looking for positives even in a negative situation, which helps them to inspire the fellow player’s characters in the game, to not lose hope.


A dnd Backgrounds character who is hell-bent on revenge against other characters or enemies who have done something bad to him in the past. Which in turn forces him/her to focus on punishing his enemies more than concentrating on the mission or making friends. But it does give them the drive during battles, to destroy the enemies or targets.


A type of character with D&D 5e Backgrounds in the DnD 5E Game, who makes sure every task they performed or every kill he/she took is with honor, not with cowardice or backstabbing. In addition to this, this character always keeps his promise no matter what happens during the missions in the game.


This character avoids unnecessary bloodshed during the battle, as he/she firmly believes that they can come to a possible solution to end the conflicts, that help either of the teams to win. Which in turn makes him very useful for other players to access information, make allies from other teams in the game.

How Do You Include Personality in DND 5e?

Personality Traits

From the above sections, you can understand that personality is very important for choosing the D&D 5e Backgrounds for the players in the said game. However, if you wondering how to include the Personality Traits in DnD 5e, then you are in the right place. As here in this section, we will provide detailed guidelines on adding personality to the D&D 5e Backgrounds in the game.

Choose a Concept

When deciding about the personality of the character in the game, we suggest the players choose a concept and work out how that works as they progress through the game, to understand its advantages and disadvantages. And before doing that, we also recommend, the players make sure that their character inclines with the D&D 5e Backgrounds, as well as subclass character picked at the start of the game. In addition to this, don’t just make one concept but try creating multiple concepts for the personality traits, which will help you understand which is the best one for your character. Above all, this process helps the players to use their own imagination, or they can simply choose already existing concepts.

Make the Character Unique

When talking about us Humans, we can understand that each of us is unique to have our own ideas, goals, or hobbies. Similarly, makes your character unique, to make the game experience more realistic and engaging. Which in turn helps the player’s character to stand out from the other team members’ characters in the Dungeons and Dragons game. This in turn allows the player to use various types of choices. First of all, they can make the character’s appearance unique making them stand out in the group. Or they can make sure the ideals of the character are different from others. And lastly, they can either be a positive or negative kind of character, opposite to other class characters in the said game.

Building Stats

If you have played the D&D game before, then you must have known that it is very important for the DnD backgrounds 5e in the game in general. Therefore, we suggest the players review already popular DnD Players’ stats beforehand, which gives them a clear picture of how stats work during gameplay. In addition, this review helps the players to choose the best stats for their character. Although, they can go with the existing stats available or the already made character builds from the guide books, or they can use the internet to find their own stats. However, searching online for stats may take some time, it definitely helps the players to design the class character to their liking. Which in turn helps them to make the character more unique when compared to other players’ characters.

Choosing Ideals

Ideals are very important for the personality of the character, as they are directly linked with one other. Therefore, before choosing the personality traits, we suggest the player’s chosen class character follow certain ideals strictly, which govern how the characters make decisions as they progress through the Dungeons and Dragons game. Which in turn affects certain personality traits of the character. This is why we recommend, the player first decide what type of person, they want their character to be, a good one or a bad one. Once they decide this, then they can decide what ideals will perfectly suit the selected type of character.


If you want your Dungeons & Dragons game experience to be more engaging and interesting, then we suggest you make sure your personality starts small and evolves as you progress through the game. This allows the players to form bonds with other characters in the game, which helps them to face any kind of situation or problems easily in the game. And for this process, you need to make sure your character’s personality to be simple and straight, which will evolve as they take on adventures in the game together with other team members.

After you complete all the detailed steps or instructions given in the above sections, then you can fill in the details of the personality traits into their respective sections onto the Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet. Then enjoy the gameplay.

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In this article, we have provided detailed information about the D&D 5e Backgrounds along with their various features and functions. In addition to this, we have listed the top 10 Best d&d 5e backgrounds list to help the players choose the best background for their character. Next, we discussed the Personality Traits in the game, and how it affects the Class Characters’ gameplay. Along with listing some of the best personality traits for the players to choose from. And lastly, we have provided a detailed guide on how to include personality to their chosen class characters in the Dungeons and Dragons game. Above all, we have provided complete instructions for the process in the above sections of the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are D&D 5e Backgrounds?

D&D 5e Backgrounds are the background story options for the chosen class characters of the people playing the Dungeons and Dragons game. You can learn more about the DnD 5e all backgrounds in the above sections.

Name some of the best D&D 5E Backgrounds in the game?

Urban Bounty Hunter, Inheritor, Noble, Hermit Background, Secret Identity, Sailor, Folk Hero, Sage, and Soldier, etc are some of the best DnD 5e all backgrounds in the said game.

What are the different types of personality traits?

The Dungeon and Dragons game offers players to choose various types of personality traits for their character such as Honored, Vengeful, Calm, Diplomat, Strategist, Courageous, Curious, and many more.

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