DnD Character Sheet

DnD Character Sheet

If you have heard about the Dungeons and Dragons game from your friends or neighbors? Then you might have wondered about the various type of characters in the said game. Or better if you played the DnD Game before, and you don’t know much about the various class characters available in the game for the players to choose from. Then you are in the right place. As here in this article, we are going to discuss the dnd 5e character sheet, its various functions, and features for the people playing the said game. In addition to this, we will also provide detailed instructions for the players on how to create the class characters in the game and the steps they must follow in the below sections.

What Is a DnD Character Sheet? What Are the Different Parts of the Average dnd 5e character sheet?

DND Character Sheet
DND Character Sheet

The dnd 5e character sheet is a document that helps the players to keep track of the various abilities or functions of their chosen character in the game. In addition to this, the character sheets include various important class characters’ information such as their Race, Name as well as Character Level in the game. Moreover, the character sheets also keep track of the ability scores the players designated for their characters at the start of the game. This in turn helps the players to become one of the best players in the game. Furthermore, we are going to differentiate the various parts of the DnD Character Sheet.

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Character Information

As the name itself suggest, this part of the Character Sheet holds all the information regarding the character. Firstly, it holds the info about the character’s name in the game as well as the players to prevent mix-ups during the gameplay. Secondly, it lists the Character’s Class and Level in the game. Thirdly, it helps the players to access the Characters Backgrounds as well as characters’ race in the game. This can be very helpful for the players as they can unlock new abilities as they progress through the game. Next, it involves how the character views the world, his/her personality, and morality or sense of code. And lastly, it shares the experience points earned by the said character in the game until now.

Ability Scores

A very important aspect for the characters in the game, and the next part in the Character sheet maintained by the players during the gameplay. As the ability scores state how well a character performs during various situations or tasks. Moreover, the ability scores are of different types such as Wisdom, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution, Charisma, and Strength. However, based on points given but the Dungeon Master, the players assign the ability scores. And this part of the character sheet helps the players to keep track of them. As stated above, this decides how the players will act in various situations during the adventures in the DND Game. However, the players must make sure that they have assigned the required ability scores for their chosen character in the game correctly, to help the character to perform better.

Saving Throws

If you have played this game before then you might have known that the Saving Throws are very important for the players in the game. As they help them to resist certain magic spells from affecting them or to avoid an oncoming attack from the targets or enemies. However, the unique feature about the saving throws is if you have two of them, you will get an added bonus to other saving throws such as Intelligence and Dexterity during gameplay. For instance, if you are a character in the game, and you have to successfully evade a falling trap, then you must use the saving throw. In addition to this, the saving throw helps the players to resist poisons as well as diseases. However, the saving throws have certain limitations for Wizard Class characters as they cannot use dexterity saving throw but dexterity modifier.

Proficiency Bonus

As the name itself suggests, the Proficiency bonus is in fact an added bonus that the players will receive when they have proficiency. For instance in various abilities such as weapon attacks, saving throws, additional tools as well as skill checks during the game. More importantly, the Proficiency bonus the players earn directly depends on their character’s level in the Dungeons and Dragons game. In other words, if the players are at 5, 9, 13, and 17 levels in the game, then they will increase their proficiency modifier by one point. However, during the game, the players might not have to worry about adding these points, as it automatically does that on the sheet. And lastly, the proficiency bonus can be quite helpful for the players during the game.


While the Inspiration seems like a must-needed part in the dnd 5e character sheet, it is actually not. As it is limited to certain class characters like Bards, etc in the Dungeons and Dragons game. Therefore, depending on the type of class character they choose in the game, they must state whether they have it or not. However, if inspiration is a much-needed aspect for your character, then it offers various benefits and functions for you. For instance, if you are a bard class character you can use your songs to inspire your allies to join you in battle, while also causing the enemies to lose their confidence.

Although, as far as I’m concerned, the inspiration helps the players to portray better characteristic personalities, like being heroic in the game. Or being a good leader in the game, increasing the trust of other players in you. This in turn will be very helpful for the players when they face unexpected challenges much later in the game.


This part of the DnD character sheet is self-explanatory, as it lists out all the various skills of the class characters chosen by the players in the Dungeons and Dragons game. While the game in question has 18 skills in total, the players will have only limited skills in their arsenal that include various types of combat skills as well as magic spells. Moreover, these skills are directly dependent on the ability modifier, depending on the positive or negative sign before each skill listed here. The players will add or subtract the number after a roll especially if you are wanting to use a certain skill in the game.

In addition to this, the players further get a bonus for the expertise in certain skills using the proficiency bonus. Above all, this part of the DnD character sheet also consists of a perception skill bonus, which means the ability to notice things happening all around them.


From the name itself, you can understand that this part of the DnD character sheet solely focuses on the combat expertise of the player’s character in the game, or their lack of it. While it also depends on the type of class characters players choose. In other words, if you have chosen a powerful magic user, they have little to no combat experience. However, if you choose class characters like Barbarian or Fighter, then they are directly dependent on the combat expertise. Furthermore, the combat part of the sheet can be further divided into many sections. Sections such as Armor Class, Initiative, Speed, Hit Dice, Death Saves, and Hit Points. These all details of the characters are noted in the respective sections that are listed in the above sections.

Attacks & Spell Casting

Similar to the Combat Part in the DnD character sheet, the Attacks & Spell Casting is self-explanatory. As this section, notes all the information about the ranged and melee weapons used by the class character chosen by the player. However, the second part of this section lists in more detail the above-listed weapons attack bonus, which includes Strength or Dexterity Modifier as well as proficiency bonus. And as you can guess, the last part of this section lists the damage that can be caused by the weapons in the character’s arsenal. While the spell casting is also quite similar, and it is listed in the above parts discussed here in this section. Above all, there is an additional section in this part of the DnD character Sheet which allows the players to note down important aspects about using a spell or melee weapon during gameplay.

Personality Traits

This section helps the players list down the personality traits of their chosen character in the game, which makes the game experience more engaging and interesting. Furthermore, personality traits can be dissolved into various parts. Firstly, it lists out what type of person is the character, for instance, good or bad, etc. Secondly, the ideals followed by the class character in the game. Thirdly, the bonds made by the class character or the existing bonds/relationships like family, friends, etc during gameplay. And lastly, the flaws, and as you know everyone has flaws, so does the character. This might be important if you want to make your class character more realistic.

Features & Traits

If you have seen the DnD Character sheet before, then you must have noticed a large box at the bottom of the page. This box represents the Features and Traits of the Player’s chosen character in the game. And talking about traits, you must remember that they are directly dependent on the race of the characters. For instance, the Lightfoot Halflings are known for their Braveness, Stealth, Luck as well as Halfling Nimbleness. In addition to this, the section also helps the players to note down the features unlocked by the player’s character as they progress through the game. However, while noting down all the features of the characters even the large box may not seem enough. Therefore, we suggest players list down only the important features of the characters in this part or section.

Other Proficiencies

If your class character in the game has certain additional expertise in other skills. Then this section might be the best suitable for the players to note them down for the gameplay. In addition to this, in this section the players can note down the languages their class characters can speak in the game. As well as, the proficiencies which means the equipment or weapons that they are comfortable with. Which in turn helps the players to understand the rare proficiencies of the character better. So that they can make use of them whenever required as they progress through the game.


The last section of the DnD character sheet is the expertise, which as you can guess lists out all the equipment carried by the player’s character in the game. It consists of the already existing equipment, the player’s character will get as they start through the game, such as their weapons, armor as well as exclusive items like Copper, Gold, or Silver. In addition to this, it also helps the players note the equipment the players will earn as they progress through the game, as they might forget normally. This process will help the players to use these additional items for various functions during the missions in the game.

How to Fill the DnD Character Sheet?

Now that you have learned all the character sheets and are wondering on How to Fill them? Then don’t worry as here in this section, we will provide comprehensive instructions for you to follow to complete the character sheet or d&d 5e character sheet fillable successfully.

Assign Ability Scores

Assign Ability Scores (DnD Character Sheet)
Assign Ability Scores

As you know the players in the DnD Game will be given 27 points by the DM to add to their ability scores. And for this process, they must roll their dice. While there are many methods that help the players assign the ability scores to their character, the players must ask their DM about the method they are going to use for this process. In addition to this, the players must remember that they can have only one high ability score, while the other 5 must be less or medium. After choosing ability scores like Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma, and Constitution. They can either get the best character or the worse depending on the process chosen by DM, or by the points assigned by the player.

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Choose Your Race

Choose Your Race

This process is pretty straightforward, and it requires the players to choose the race for their characters in the game. Which in turn sometimes depends on the class character type chosen by the players during character creation. In addition to this, the race unlocks new abilities, proficiencies as well as weapon styles for the characters to select from.

Calculate Your Modifier

Calculate Your Modifier (DnD Character Sheet)

The ability scores require ability modifiers to increase or reduce based on the choices made by the players. Before we dive into this, the players must know that the modifier adds +1 points for every 2 numbers higher than 10 for the ability scores. And similarly subtracts -1 point for every two numbers below 10. Therefore, calculate these modifier scores and add them to the list on the Character sheet.

Select Your Class

In this step, the players must choose their class characters in the game or list them down if they have already chosen one. However, before picking the character the players must remember all the abilities, powers, weapons, magic spells, as well as combat prowess directly depending on the class character type. In addition to this, it also helps the players to list the level of this chosen character in the game.

Calculate Character Skills

Calculate Character Skills

As the name suggests, calculate the skill points assigned to each of the various skills of the class character in the game. This can be directly in relation to the ability scores, as the players require them to use their said skills during gameplay. In addition to this, if the character is proficient in any of these skills, then they will get an additional proficiency bonus, which will be added to the sheet.

Calculating Hit Points & Saving Throws

Calculating Hit Points & Saving Throws

Based on the Character Class and the assigned ability scores, the players will be able to calculate the Hit Points and Saving Throws. And this process is fairly simple, for instance, if you want to calculate Hit Points of Character, then all you have to do is roll the specific character’s starting die, and add the shown number to the constitution modifier, which will give the Total Hit Points. While for finding saving throws of the character, they must add their proficiency bonus to the specified stats or ability scores of the class character chosen by the player.

Keep Track of Your Abilities

As you progress through the levels as well as the storyline in the game, you will feel very hard to remember all the abilities of your character, which might cause certain disadvantages during gameplay. Therefore, we suggest the players keep track of their abilities by noting them all on this sheet to access them later.

Select Starting Equipment and Calculate Character’s Armor Class

This process is quite simple, as it requires the players to choose the starting equipment for their chosen class character from the available or given equipment options in the game, which include the weapons, clothing, or other items, etc. While the armor class is the minimum roll that can be hit by the character. An unarmored character in the game has 10 AC, to which the dexterity modifier is added. If the character has armor, then add both of the above values to the armor number.

Choosing Spells

Remember this option is only for the class characters who can access magic spells, such as Warlock, Wizard, or Sorcerer. For this process, the players must use the Player’s Handbook given along with the Dungeons and Dragons edition. In addition to this, they can also find out the levels of these spells, and whether they require cantrips or not while casting.

Background Story

Background Story (DnD Character Sheet)

Unlike the other steps in the DnD Character Sheet, this one requires the players to use their imaginative skills to write their own background story for the character. But first, they must remember that this background, helps the players to make the characters more realistic. In addition to this, the background story can help the players to create more additional proficiencies for the character.

Spell Slots

Spell Slots

If you have played the DnD game before, then you must have known that the spell shots are very important for characters to cast most magic spells during gameplay. In addition to this, the players must also list the levels of these spell shots here in this part of the DnD Character Sheet. Moreover, they must also keep an eye on the recovery of these spell shots, which happens after a certain time period. Then the players can once again use these spells in the game.

Tracking Spells

This is an additional section for the DnD Character Sheet or d&d 5e character sheet fillable, which helps the players to keep track of all the magic spells of their chosen class characters in the Dungeons and Dragons gameplay. While there are additional spell lists for the characters or specifically the players to pick from. This helps the players to narrow down the useful spells they might require during gameplay. Furthermore, it also depends on the Class Character type chosen by the player at the start of the D&D Game or d&d 5e books.


The Dungeons and Dragons game has various types of Multiclassing or Sub Class characters for the players to choose from. Who have the abilities or powers of more than one class character, making them a very powerful and popular choice among the pro players. However, these characters have a fair share of requirements of ability scores in the game.

What Is a DND Character Generator? What Are Some of the Best DND Character Generators Online?

The DND Character Generators are online softwares and applications that help players to generate their class character in the Dungeons and Dragons game, without spending hours and hours on filling the DnD Character sheet. Instead, the software applications or websites automatically fill the character sheets for the players or offer them various customer character configuration options.

Some of the Best DnD Character Generators

Here we have listed some of the best DnD Online Character Generators you can install or download right now.

Fast Character Build

If you have played the DnD game before, then you must have known that the Character Build process before the game can last for hours. And if you want to skip all this stuff, and start the game right away then the Fast Character Build or d&d character builder might be the best one for you. As it contains random drop-down menus for the players to complete the character generation quickly and much easily. Moreover, the pros and cons listed for the various d&d character builder options help the players to choose the best options for their character. However, the stat generation can be complicated if you want to make custom choices based on your liking.

DnD Beyond

If you want to find the best DnD Character generator offering the best character options and features. Then the DND Beyond might be the best suitable one for you. However, you must remember that the DnD Beyond Character Generator set might be a bit expensive. Moreover, the best feature of this process, is that the players can now choose from various customizable options throughout the process. And it also employs methods such as Best 3, Point Buy, and Standard Array, which makes the calculation and assignment of ability scores much easier. Apart from this, the DND Beyond set has various features such as DnD Character Reference Materials or d&d 5e books, Built-in Dice Roller, etc.

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In this article, we have shared comprehensive information about the d&d 5e character sheet fillable, its various functions, and its features. Moreover, we have discussed in detail the various sections involved in the Character Sheet. Next, we have provided a detailed instruction guide or d&d 5e books on How to Fill the Character for the Dungeons & Dragons game. And lastly, we have listed some of the best DnD Character Generators, along with their various functions, benefits as well as limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DnD Character Sheet?

A Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet is a form that is filled by the players before starting the game, to list out all the various important things or aspects about their character. So that they can take advantage of it, during the game.

What are the different parts or sections of the DnD Character Sheet?

The Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet as various sections for the players to make use of, so that they can keep track about all the aspects of their chosen class character. Sections such as, Character Info, Personality Traits, Ability Scores, Skills, Combat, Proficiency Bonus, Attack Spell & Casting, Combat, and Saving Throws, etc to name a few.

Name some of the best Character Generators for the Dungeons & Dragons game?

The Dungeons & Dragons game has various popular Character Generators for the players to choose from, such as DnD Beyond, Fast d&d character builder, Aidedd d&d character builder, and Dungeon Master’s Vault, etc

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