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Minecraft provides its players a highly interactive experience with its landscapes, gameplay, mods, and many other features. There is always going to be something worth exploring in the game as the game keeps on expanding with each update, and you may never get enough from it. One such aspect that obliges players to play this game for hours is the various biomes in Minecraft that one can explore. One such mod that allows you to open your eyes and see the Minecraft world you love so much different is the Druidcraft Mod.

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Druidcraft Mod and Biomes


Biomes are different worlds in Minecraft which have their landscape, creatures/mobs, vegetation, temperature. You can say that it’s a universe in itself. Exploring these biomes can be a fun adventure for players, as they get to experience Minecraft as a completely new game that has new environments. 

There are more than 70 biomes in Minecraft, but not each version of the game has the same amount. Like in the java version of the game, there are 81 different biomes, while the bedrock version of the game has 77 biomes.  The difference in number is just a matter of updates, as the java version gets updates quicker than the bedrock version. So you just have to wait for those updates to catch up. 

In some biomes, you can find rivers flowing, while other lands could be completely dry and desert. Some biomes offer cold climates and some are way too cold that they are snowy. As mentioned earlier, biomes can have different temperatures, flora/fauna, and tundra. Some have vast forests, while others are in a completely different realm with mountains or just rocks.

What is Druidcraft Mod?

A fairly new mod was added to the game in 2020, and this mod keeps getting constant updates. You may be familiar with the druids that existed in the 18th Century A.D. Druids were religious Celtics leaders that followed certain beliefs. They were more of spiritual believers and followed practices like burying stuff with the dead, as they believed in life after death.

Some say that they could perform magic and were doctors that used various plants as medicines and weapons.  They considered the oak tree as sacred, and some believed that the druids were evil, while others didn’t.

This mod is based on druids and isn’t a new concept among the gaming community as other games used this theme. In Minecraft, this theme is new and keeps getting constant updates, since it is not a fully developed one. It adds things like new trees, creatures, blocks, vegetation, and equipment. Though that’s not the limit of this Druidcraft mod as there will be future updates that will add features like magical plants, runes, and much more.

Just like other mods, it brings some new features along with a completely new biome. You will have a state-of-art adventure playing with this mod. So let’s see what new features have been added that make this game interesting.

Druidcraft Mod Minecraft

Features of Druidcraft Mod

Tools and Weapons

To survive in a new world, you must own some new tools and weapons. Since this biome is a magical world, you receive some fascinated tools and weapons along with some not-so-magical ones. 

There is a sickle to mow the land, fiery torches which is just a better version of a normal torch, Chitin armor that you can get if you handle those pesky little beetles. 

Their drop will get you materials to make the chitin armor. Moonstone gear is made from moonstone, along with a few other tools like ropes and some lanterns. You can also enchant some of these tools and weapons.

Mobs and Creatures

Some new dangerous creatures are added in this mod, while most of these creatures are dangerous you can still tame them, provided you have the skill. 

The most threatening ones in this biome are the druidcraft Minecraft Beetles, as they are large and heavy creatures that can be difficult to handle when encountered. If you get lucky enough to domesticate them, then use the golden apples and the normal ones to heal them.

Another creature is the dreadfish which is one of those fishes that has a bulb on its head that glows. You can also tame these creatures with prismarine crystals. If you choose to kill them rather than tame them, then you can use their soul to make a light source, which is called Soulfire. 

New Ores

The previously mentioned moonstone armor requires a moonstone to craft that is one of the new ores found in this mod. Obtaining this isn’t a simple task as you need to have a diamond to get this new one.

Other ores are amber, rockroot, and fiery glass that have been added to this mod. You can use the fiery glass and make some good fiery torches that are better than the normal ones. You can also smelt them in the smeltery. These new ores also provide an experience, so they may be somewhat useful after all. 

Industrial Hemp and Trees

To make that rope you will need this industrial hemp, and to make that all you have to do is grow it up to 2 blocks, and you have enough to make a rope. You can use this rope for various things, which also includes hanging stuff like lanterns. 

If you visit the darkwood forest, then you can find some darkwood trees. These are generally found in biomes with cold temperatures. There are some new blocks added to this mod that can help you build a good wall or door.

One other tree is the Elder tree, which may not be useful for crafting, but it can certainly be useful for survival as it can bear berries if you leave them alone for some time. Make sure that it isn’t left for a long time, as they may be disagreeing with your health.

There are a few other things on this mod that can be helpful for players like mud bricks, some foods like blueberries, muffins, and some simple crates. Another weird item that can be found in this mod is the bone armor, it is made from bones and lamp of growth in druidcraft mod for Minecraft. 

If you require more info on this, then you can check this curgeforge.com on druidcraft mod for Minecraft. You can also use the same link to download the mod, and also choose other versions like the Minecraft druidcraft 1.15.2 version or any other of your choice.

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Steps to Install the Minecraft Druidcraft Mod

  • If you do not have forge, then download minecraft forge, and run it with administrator privileges.  
  • Now use the Run box to go to Minecraft mod folder. To do that, type %appdata% in the Run box.
  • You need to find the Minecraft folder and then go to its mod folder, and if there isn’t one, then create a mod folder inside Minecraft.
  • Copy/move the downloaded mod files which are .jar into that mod folder.
  • That’s it. Now run the game in forge and enjoy the feature of this mod.
Druid Craft Mod

Types of Biomes

While there are 81 different kinds of biomes in the game, you can classify them into 6 basic types. We say 5 types even though there are many because some of these biomes are similar without much variation in temperature and landscape. 

Snowy Biomes

Landscapes that are filled with snow are the snowy biomes. You can count the snowy taiga mountains, ice spikes, frozen rivers, and snowy tundra under the snowy biomes. You can find these biomes in many mods. The vegetation is different as well as it includes a variety of plants, mobs, and animals.

Cold Biomes

While the cold biomes sound similar to the snowy ones, they aren’t. You will find wooded mountains, taigas, Giant tree/spruce taigas in the cold biomes without any snow. There are also places in these biomes that have water, like the stone shore one.

Temperature Biome

These are your general forests and grasslands in Minecraft, with various forests that include plants and vegetation.

Dry Biomes

The various deserts, savanna, and badlands can be considered under the dry biomes as they are lands with no water and snow. You can find mineral ores and plants in these kinds of biomes.

Ocean Biomes

An area that is submerged in a large water body and has various aquatic creatures with vegetation is considered an ocean biome. These underwater places can be fun to explore.

Neutral Biomes

Any other kind of biome that doesn’t fit under the previous categories can be labeled as a neutral biome. The biomes like the Nether, the End, mushroom land, and many others are neutral.

Here we are going to discuss a mod called Druidcraft that offers a whole new biome with unique features.

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Druidcraft is one hell of a mod to explore and get immersed in as it offers players a new biome filled with many features. If you have never tried this, then you are missing out on an amazing mod. Also, keep checking for updates as new features will be added soon to this mod.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is a Minecraft druid villager?

The Minecraft druid village is a new addition to the mod, who is an NPC in the game. You can trade some stuff from the villager like beetroots, seeds, and some other simple items.

What is the Minecraft druid travel pack?

To provide extra travel slots and space for players, a new druid travel pack has been added to the mod. 

Is the Minecraft druidcraft 1.15.2 version the new one?

No, currently at the time of writing this article the 1.16.5-0.4.52 was the latest version.

Where can I find this mod wiki?

All the info for this mod is provided at curseforge.com. You will find info on all things that are added to this mod.

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