Elden Ring Multiplayer

Elden Ring Multiplayer

Ever since Elden Ring was announced at E3 in 2019, many have been waiting with bated breath for it. The main reason for that is the game is from FromSoftware studios and the creator is Hidetaka Miyazaki. He is also the one who made the amazing Souls games(except DS2) and to add icing to the cake, George R.R. Martin has worked on this as well. If the first revealed gameplay is any indication the game is sure to be incredible. One another aspect that players are waiting for is the Elden Ring Multiplayer.

Souls game has one of the best multiplayer experiences for any RPG game. Invasions and PvP battles were some highlights of the game, especially Dark Souls 3. So it is natural that players would want to try the Elden Ring multiplayer as well. Before we talk about the Elden Ring multiplayer mode, let us talk about the game a bit. This one, unlike the previous Souls games, is an open-world game that is breathtakingly grim and beautiful. Players will get to explore 6 different areas in its open-world map.

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Apart from the whole vibe and similar gameplay mechanics to Dark Souls games, this one also has the fan-favorite Bloodstains feature. That, along with Bonfire, PvP, and Coop mode. In Elden Ring, bonfires are called Sites of Lost Grace that will help you rest and fast travel. There are a few things as well, like horse riding for exploring the world and fighting enemies while doing so. You can now not just roll but even jump and use Guard Counter(block and attack).

There are quite a few such things that have are new additions to the game. To help you get a better idea of the world, players can also use a map with custom markers.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Support

Elden Ring Multiplayer Support

If you read the above introduction then you know there are a lot of returning and new things in Elden Ring. One thing that most players are excited about is the Elden Ring multiplayer mode. Almost everyone who played Darks Souls 3 multiplayer mode, loved it as it was different from the usual multiplayer games. This is one, in many ways is similar to the Dark Souls 3 multiplayer.

Elden Ring multiplayer offers Invasions, Coop, and Summoning modes for players which are more or less similar to the Dark Souls 3 multiplayer. In this article, we will talk all about the Elden Ring multiplayer mode and how to play multiplayer. We will discuss all the modes, Invasion, Coop, and Elden Ring PvP one by one. The gameplay is going to be pretty similar where players will get to try the game with different classes. So let us see how each Elden Ring multiplayer mode works.

Elden Ring Co-op Mode

Co-ops can be really fun if you have friends to enjoy the game with, though it’s not like you cannot play the game with a random stranger. In Elden ring, players get to summon other players using Furlcalling Finger Remedy. This is an item in Elden Ring multiplayer that will allow players to see summon signs, signs that are left there by other players. You can then interact with those signs to bring forth a player from another world to yours.

Using this method players can band together for an Elden Ring co-op gameplay. With this method, a 4 player co-op team can be formed. When a player a summoned in such a way they become guardian spirits. Said guardian spirits will have minimum interaction with the summoner’s world, and can only help them in battles. The guardian spirit is limited to simple interaction with the world like collecting Rune fragments, fighting enemies, and obviously moving around the map.

Other than those things mentioned above there is nothing else a summoned player can do(No interactions with bonfires or completing quests). Though this should be enough to have a great co-op play in Elden Ring. The number of Furlcalling Finger remedy you find in the game is gonna be low in number, so it is better to use them carefully. You will find them in the game when you are playing solo.

If you are the one hosting the game then you have the option to kick out annoying players.

Joining Others in Co-op

Now, if you want to join another player’s world then you will need an item called Tarnished Furled Finger. This item will allow you to create a golden sign on the ground that other players can use to summon you. Unlike the Furcalling Finger remedy, Tarnished Furled Fingers are not limited. Anyone on the same server as you will be able to see and interact with the sign for summoning.

This way you can join others in battle and get a hand from the enemies. While your own quest progress will not be saved in this mode, it still helps to get Rune fragments. While the Tarnished Furling Fingers can be used a lot of times, you will only have one when you start the game. In case you do not want to join a random weirdos game when summoned, just set up a password for being summoned. You can do this from the game’s multiplayer menu. The password restriction will not work for invasions though.

There are actually quite a lot of restrictions for the summoned player in another world. Things like not being able to open chests, restricted access to bonfires, etc will probably be a downer for many who enjoy coop gameplay. So there is a good chance that many such restrictions will be taken down after the game is up and running.

Elden Ring Invasions and PvP Modes

In case you are a veteran Dark Souls 3 player then you already know how PvP and Invasions work in the game. The Elden Ring PvP and invasion are pretty similar to the Souls games by FromSoftware. A player can challenge other players for a PvP battle. This is called Honorable Duel. If you are in the mood for some looting and competitive play then use a Duelist’s Furled finger. When you use that, a red sign is drawn on the floor which another player can accept as a PvP challenge.

If the other player on the server accepts the challenge then they can summon you to their world. This can be very competitive and dangerous as you do not know the other person’s world and any potential laid out for you. There are two things the challenger should look out for in such Elden Ring PvP battles. One is to be on toes as the other person could have a coop party of guardian spirit ready to crush you.

Another thing is that the monsters and other creatures will not differentiate between an invader and the player from the same world. So if there is an enemy where you get summoned then you can bet that he gonna attack you with all its might. There is one item that will help more blood-thirsty players to crush down their enemies, and that is the Bloody Finger. Using this item, players can invade other worlds that they have already invaded for a PvP battle. This is useful if you already know a weak enemy and want a chance to crush them again.

One other thing to keep in mind here is that you cannot invade a Solo player for a PvP battle.

Rewards of Invasions and PvP Battles

In both PvP and Invasion modes, killing the enemy will grant you all their Rune Fragments. If you do not already know what Rune fragments are, then let me tell you that they are the currency of Elden Ring. Just like Souls are in Darks Souls game.

Other Items for Elden Ring Multiplayer

Blue and White Cipher Rings

When you use a White Cipher ring, you send out a request to another world to get help. This can be done when you are being invaded with a bloody finger, and need help to take down the invader. The thing is that this method may not always work. That is because there might not be players to help you or some may have better things to do than getting killed helping others.

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If we talk about the Blue Cipher ring, this when used will find you a person who needs help. It’s like you are already holding a phone for a rescue call. As soon as the game finds a damsel in distress, you will be transported to their world and play as a hunter. This will start the Elden Ring multiplayer. Both the White and Blue Cipher rings are available to use from the multiplayer menu.

Finger Server

Elden Ring Multiplayer

This item can come in very handy as it will allow you to kick out that annoying guy from the game. Use this and the summoned person will be thrown from the multiplayer session. Usable from the multiplayer menu.

Tarnished’s Wizened Finger

Elden Ring Multiplayer

Remember how you could find some funny, interesting, and useful messages in Dark Souls when playing multiplayer. This item will let you do exactly that. Players can leave messages for other players to see in their own worlds as it can be seen across multiple worlds on the same server.

Taunter’s Tongue

Taunter's Tongue

Use this at your own risk as the game can become very competitive. When you use this item, it is as if you are putting a message out to other players in other worlds to use Bloody fingers. In case you use this, then you do not even need a furled finger to get invaded. It also allows for a second invader to join and the cooldown for re-invading is reduced too. In case there are two invaders, then you can only have one coop teammate.

Vision of Grace

Vision of Grace

This is sort of a double edge sword, as using this will bring you back to the last site of grace. The downside here is that you will lose all your rune fragments. This option is available from the multiplayer menu.

Small Golden and Red Effigy

The Golden Effigy is let you send out a sign for a cooperative game to a large summoning pool. The Red effigy almost does the same thing except the sign is for competitive gameplay.

Well, these are all the items that you will need in Elden Ring multiplayer. Most of them will be available to you right from the moment you start the game. For others, it might take some digging. To learn more about the Elden Ring Multiplayer, check out this Elden Ring Wiki.

Difference Between Elden Ring and Dark Souls

Difference Between Elden Ring and Dark Souls

The Elden Ring and Souls are both third-person action role-playing games, but there is a major difference between the two. While both Elden Ring and Souls series look similar at first glance, the former is an open-world game. This sets it apart from the previous Souls games from the FromSoftware studio. There is a huge map with 6 unique locations for players to explore and each map has a boss.

Other major changes that we already mentioned at the beginning of this article include the addition of a map, a Guard counter system, and fighting while riding the horse. Also, did we mention that the horse comes out of thin air? You can ride your horse to explore the Elden Ring maps and discover dungeons. Unlike other games where you see it struggling to come towards you. When it comes to Elden Ring multiplayer, the summoning items are different(obviously).

Unlike the only save point option in Dark Souls, which is Bonfires, Elden Ring has multiple ways to save the game. We did mention Last Sites of Grace as save points but there are other sorts of sub-checkpoints. These are called Stakes of Marika.

Few Other Changes

Some of the other differences are mentioned below.

  • A customizable Flask is available, and is foudn early in the game. This also replenishes at the Sites of Grace.
  • Damage taken from falling a way less when compared with the Souls game.
  • Stamina is not used when you are nto facing any enemies. This practically means, no stamina reducation outside of battles.
  • You can use sheild to counter attack and parry.
  • There is an in-game time featrue which bascially is like other game but something that wasn’t present in Dark Souls game. Players can use the Sites of Grace to change in time in the game.

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Wrapping Up

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and players could control their excitement. The gameplay footage revealed does paint a pretty good picture and promises to fill the void left after playing Dark Souls 3. One of the interesting aspects of the game is the Elden Ring multiplayer. This is sure to bring back some great memories of playing Dark Souls 3 as the multiplayer seems to heavily resemble the Souls game. Hence, players are eagerly waiting to get their hands on this game. In the meantime, check out everything you need to know about the Elden Ring multiplayer from this article.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Will Elden Ring be multiplayer?

Yes, the game has a single-player open-world campaign along with Elden Ring Multiplayer mode. Players will get to play various modes like the Elden Ring co-op, PVP, and invasions. One important thing to remember is that the Elden ring multiplayer only works if you have the right items to summon or get summoned. What those items are, we have already talked about them in this article.

Will the Elden Ring Co-op progression add to the solo gameplay?

No, the Elden ring co-op progression will not add to your main quests. You have to complete quests separately on your own, and completing them as a guardian spirit won’t work. You can help a summoner kill a monster to progress in their quest but that’s not gonna be added to your solo game.

How does Summoning work in the Elden ring game?

We have already talked about this in the article where we have link summoning explained in simple terms. Players will need to use items to summon and get summoned. To summon a player, you need to use Furlcalling Finger Remedy and interact with the gold sign to call them to your world.

How many players can join the Elden ring Co-op?

The game allows 4 players to get summoned and join as a guardian spirit for co-op gameplay.

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