Entropic Shards Destiny 2

Entropic Shards Destiny 2

Do you love playing the Destiny 2 Video Game often? If you do, then good for you. If you do not know about this game, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of fun. Therefore, you are in the right place, as we help you understand why the Destiny 2 game is so popular among gamers along with its various features. However, mainly in this article, we are going to discuss the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 and their various functions, benefits as well as limitations. Furthermore, we are going to list out the various entropic shard locations where the players can find the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 in the game. Besides, we are also going to discuss the aspects and how they affect the gameplay?

What Is Destiny 2: New Light?

As you can understand from the above sections, Destiny 2: New Light is a very popular FPS video game. Which was released back on September 6, 2017, has been popular ever since. Moreover, this Online Multiplayer game setting is located in a science fiction world, where people are facing a looming threat of alien invasion. In addition, it’s the guardian;’s duty, to protect the city from falling into the alien army, and the players will assume this Guardian Character in the game. Moreover, the player can join their friends in the group and go on raids to take down the alien encampments nearby.

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Apart from this, the game consists of various types of quests with amazing battles, side missions filled with betrayal, and many more. Furthermore, the Destiny 2 game is a continuation of the Destiny Game Franchise developed by the Bungie Gaming Company. More importantly, the game is currently available on multiple gaming platforms such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Stadia. Above all, due to its popularity, the game has won many prestigious awards such as Game Critics Award and The Game Awards 2017.

What Are Entropic Shards in Destiny 2?

Entropic Shards Destiny 2 are hovering triangular objects that are littered across the Europa, which when destroyed will give the players to access the power of Stasis. More importantly, the players must go on various quests in the game to destroy the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 to finally unlock the Stasis Lore. However, finding these Entropic Shards might be a little difficult, as they are often located in various places where the players must escape or fight through the alien guardians to reach the shards. The Small Obelisks which are called entropic shards are hidden in small services or under rocks along with various entropic shard locations, and are technically some sort of collectibles, that the players must collect to unlock further quests.

What Are All the Entropic Shards’ Locations?

As you know that the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 are located in multiple entropic shard locations in the game. While some of them may be easy to find, most of them are harder to find. Therefore, to help you out we put together all the locations of the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 for you along with a brief description in the below sections.

Asterion Abyss

Asterion Abyss

One of the primary Entropic Shards Destiny 2 you will find in this video game is located in the Asterion Abyss. To find this entropic shard head to the Charions Landing, from there you can drive towards the Asterion Abyss. Once you pass the Large Vex Structure, you will be coming across the Concealed Void Lost Sector. From there take a right and head straight towards the Eventide Ruins. After reaching this place, get onto the top of the structure, to spot the shard towards the end of the coast. Once you find this shard, you can grab your Stasis weapon and destroy it. However, you must successfully destroy the shard first to earn it.

Cadmus Ridge

Cadmus Ridge

If you are at the Charions Landing, to collect the Asterion Abyss Entropic Shard, then you, can collect another shard at the Cadmus Ridge. However, instead of heading straight, head to the life side towards the Entrance of Bray Exoscience. While finding the shard for the first time might be a little difficult. Unless you remember the Guide for Europa Armor, during which you would have headed down the same path, and found the shard nearby. Moreover, once you enter the Cadmus Ridge, look towards the right, where you can find a treasure chest. And nearby this treasure chest you can find the Shard.

Riis Reborn Approach

Riis Reborn Approach

After blasting Entropic Shard at the Cadmus Ridge, head in the North Direction towards the Eventide Ruins. Once you reach these ruins, take the elevator at the end to the Riis Reborn Approach. On the Riis Reborn Approach Platform, head towards the room at the end, where you must have fought the Eramis Stasis Infused Fallen. Once you reach this room, take a right and go to the elevator at the end. If you move slightly towards the left while facing the elevator you can view the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 on top of it. Now you can simply blast it and take the elevator down.

Concealed Void

Concealed Void

Do you remember the Vex Structure while collecting the Shard at the Asterion Abyss? If you did, then good news to you as there is another shard near the vex structure in the Destiny 2: New Light game. Now instead of passing by head down the vex structure through the opening door at the top. After that, you can head towards the Concealed Void. However, you must have to face the fallen or run fastly to escape the fallen and head to the Boss room at the end. And unfortunately, in this boss room, you might have to kill the boss first. Once you defeat him, you just have to stand at the center of the room and lookup. Then you will find the shard at the top floating.

Tecnocrat’s Iron

Tecnocrat's Iron

At the Riis Reborn Approach, after taking the elevator down. Go to the right direction, where you will find the Tecnocrat’s Iron location. After reaching this location, you must follow the path towards the end, where you will find a room. You might remember this room, from fighting the Factory Brig in the previous levels of the Destiny 2: New Light game. However, before you enter this room, you might find a pillar on the right side. Beside this pillar, will be the hovering Entropic Shards Destiny 2. Blast this and go back to Riis Reborn Approach.

Kell’s Rising

Kell's Rising

If you have been to the Riis Reborn Approach region before, then you must have known that this is a huge place. Therefore, you might have to spend a lot of time finding the Kell’s Rising area here. However, if you remember the fight with Spider Tank, from the Sabotage Series Quests in the game. Furthermore, to find this shard you must remember the place where the enemy boss stood before the fight. If are standing exactly at the same location, you will find a staircase on the right. Head on to the staircase, where you will find an Entropic Shards Destiny 2 under the stairs.

Eventide Ruins

Eventide Ruins

You might have gone through this place once are twice while finding the previous shards located nearby the Asterion Abyss. However, if it’s your first time, take the right direction from the Charions Landing. Where you can find the scavenged factors in the distance, head towards them. Once you reach this place you will find massive snow back, and to the right of this snowbank is a massive structure, which is man-made. Now facing this structure, go to the left side, where you can spot the Broken Hunk of Metal, under which you will find the entropic shards. While blasting this shard, be careful of your footing as you will literally be at the end of a cliff.

Bunker E15

Bunker E15

At the Eventide Ruins, standing at the edge you can clearly spot a yellow building at the distance. This is where you will find your next entropic shards. This building is located in the region known as the lost sector, where you can find the Bunker E15. However, before you have time to look for the shards you will come across the Vex trapping the Bray Tech Security Frames. Therefore, now you must fight the vex to free these frames. Then a horde of minotaurs and frame will swarm onto your location. And you must be ready to defend from these foes, after which you have to face the enemy boss. As you can guess it might take some time, after which you might have to ready your weapons to kill the cyclops spawn. Once you stand at this spawn location, you will find the entropic shards on your backside.



Do you remember the Bray Exoscience Location near the Cadmus Ridge, where you find the shard? There is another and final Entropic Shards Destiny 2 nearby. Go to the Bray Exoscience and take the first right into the white lab room. In the room take the right door, and once again open the door towards the right side. Here you will find a straight path, heading towards a huge open factory. Where you can find a platform, head down towards this platform, where you will find a broken glass door. Moreover, you will find more rooms on either side and a large open space in between covered with wires. Here in this location, you will find the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 floating in between the tangling wires.

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What Is the Aspect of Control in Destiny 2: New Light Game?

Now that you have known all the various locations where the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 are hidden in the game and how to find them in the above sections. Here let us discuss the Aspect of Control destiny 2Quest in the Destiny 2 game. First of all, the Aspect of Control Destiny 2 is the long quest, that the players will take in this game, in order to find all shards located across the world. Furthermore, this means in this quest, the players must take on a journey to find the Destiny 2 entropic shard locations detailed in the above sections. However, to complete this quest more easily and effectively follow the steps below.

Step 1: Entropic Shards

The first step in this quest is to collect at least five entropic shards in the game. This might be very easy as many of the entropic shards are located nearby to one another. However, if you want to complete the quest quickly, we suggest you choose the Cadmus Ridge Region, Concealed Void Sector, Riis Reborn Approach, Tecnocrats, and Asterion Abyss where it is very easy to find all five shards without any issues. And not just that, the number of enemies or creatures faced by the players is much less compared to other regions in the Destiny 2: New Light game. Once you collect all the required number of Entropic Shards Destiny 2 the first step is completed.

Step 2: Return the Crux of Darkness

In this step, the players must return to the Riis Reborn Approach region near the Evantide Ruins in the game. Once you reach this location, you must use a guide to find the Crux of Darkness place. However, you will also find this location already marked on the map. After you reach this location now you must commune the Darkness Pyramid. Which causes a flood of sudden hordes of fallen converging on you. And you must defend yourself by killing all the undead. In the coming minutes, you will face multiple hordes like this, so we suggest you equip the best weapons to your character, capable of dealing higher damage. After you complete the annihilation of these undead hordes, you are finally deemed worthy. Now you will be given the First Aspect of Armor Powers.

What Are Aspects in Destiny 2?

Aspects in destiny 2

Aspects are exclusive items that the players earn throughout the game, which offers them a unique passive or active ability. However, these aspects are only useful to the Guardians Stasis Sub Class Character in the Destiny 2:New Light Video Game. While there are multiple aspects for the players to unlock as they progress through the levels as well as to choose from. Moreover, to use this ability the players will also have to make sure they have full fragment slots, that come with the aspects. In addition to this, one player can equip only two types of aspects at one time, while they can generally choose up to four aspects to be stored in their arsenal. Apart from this, the Aspects and their abilities can be further divided into many types based on their character types chosen by the players in the Destiny 2: New Light game.

How to Unlock the Stasis Aspects in the Destiny 2: New Light?

As you know from going through the above sections, that the Stasis Aspects in the video game have to be unlocked by the players as they progress through the levels. And to help those people who have no idea how to unlock these Stasis Aspects, we have provided a detailed instructions guide below.

Obtaining First Aspect

In order to obtain the First Aspect in the Destiny 2 game, the players must complete two quests, such as Aspect of Control Destiny 2 and destiny 2 born in darkness. However, as we have discussed in detail about the Aspect of Control Destiny 2 Quest in the above sections. Here in this section, we are going to discuss in much more detail the destiny 2 born in darkness quest. First of all, unlike the previous quest, this one requires the players to complete five different objectives. In the first objective, they must find 50 Energized Ethers or farm them on their own. In addition to this, they must fight at least 10 enemies only with Stasis melee abilities. The second objective involves taking down 60 stasis enemies or targets as well as successfully completing three play strikes during gameplay.

The Third objective is to visit the Bray Exoscience region where you found the Entropic Shards Destiny 2. Here in this region, you must face off against the Weniks Platoon Enemy Boss and successfully defeat them in Eternity. Now the Fourth Objective is to collect the Skeleton Key that the players will earn as their rewards after completing the previous objectives. After collecting the said key they must find the Bunker E15 in the Lost Sector, nearby the Evantide ruins. Where they will find the Exo Stranger Non-Playable Character. For the 5th Objective, they must talk to the Exo Stranger in the Beyond.

The Second Aspect

Unlike the First aspect, obtaining the second aspect might be a little tough and complicated. As it requires the players to complete one of the longest and toughest quests in the Destiny 2: New Light game, known as Aspect of Destruction. However, the players can’t directly enter this quest to get the multiple stasis aspects rewards. Therefore, we will provide detailed instructions for successfully completing both these quests. Firstly for the Born of Darkness quests, the players will have to complete four mission statements.

The First one, requires the players to face off and defeat 50 enemies in Europa. After that, the second mission, involves them defeating Night falls consecutively three times. And nightfall is a sub mission, which occurs three times and brings a horde of 60 foes with each nightfall, that the players must defeat with their earned stasis abilities. Now in the Third mission, they must have to face off the House of Salvation at the location called Creation in the game. Once you defeat them, you can move to your last mission. The last mission involves the players collecting or equipping the skeleton key they have earned in the previous missions and Delivering it to the Exo Stranger at the creation.

Aspect of Destruction Quest

Now back to the main quest for earning the second aspect in Destiny 2: New Light Game. In this long quest, the players have to blast off at least 9 Entropic Shards Destiny 2. that is located at the selective locations. And as said above, this is in fact going to be a very long quest. However, to make it easy for you, we have listed an order for you to follow so that you don’t have to travel long distances in the game to collect the entropic shards. Furthermore, we divided this quest into three missions or parts.

In this first mission head to Kell’s Rising, where you will find the entropic shard by following the instructions given in the above sections. Then go to the Riis Reborm Approach where you will find two entropic shards, one at the platform, and the second one at Tecnorcrats Arena next to the Riis Reborn Approach.

After completing the first mission, the players must once again collect three entropic shards. Therefore, for this mission, the players must have to travel between places in the game. Firstly, they must go to the Asterion Abyss, and then they can head to the Evantide Ruins. Both of these entropic shards are easy to collect, as they will not face much resistance from the enemies. However, for the last shard, which is located at Bunker E15 they might have to face multiple enemies and defeat them all. After which they can get onto the next mission, which is fairly easy compared to the other two. As it requires the players to visit the Concealed Void, Creation, and Cadmus Ridge to collect the Entropic shards pretty easily.

The Third Aspect

Compared to the other two aspects, you have earned during the previous gameplay. This aspect is much easier to earn. As it only requires the players to participate in only one quest, which is known as the Aspect of Influence. However, after attaining the previous or second aspect, the players must visit the exostranger to start the next quest to earn the Third Aspect. Once you have done that, then the Exostranger will provide you with two missions requirements for the Aspect of Influence Quest. The first mission involves the players heading to the Well of Infinitude Region. Once you head to the region, you will find the floating entropic shards that are located around the Radiolorian Pool. Here the players must have to face off against an enemy boss along with some undead foes. This combat will be very short as the players can easily succeed in this battle.

Once they have completed the first mission, they must enter the Heroic Exo Challenge. Here in this challenge based on the type of Character you have chosen for the game, you will face the enemy bosses such as Howl of the Storm, Grim Harvest, Bleak Weather, etc. Although this challenge might be a little tough, the players can easily defeat the foes or enemy boss in the challenge. After which, they must go to the Ziggurat to earn the 3rd aspect.

The Fourth Aspect

To earn the fourth aspect in the Destiny 2: New Light game, the players must complete the Aspect of Interference quest, which involves two objectives or missions. The First Objective is quite simple, as it involves the players heading to Kell’s Rising, where they must find the entropic shards located around the place and blast them with the Salvation Grip. However, this is where the quest gets complicated, as the players will face off against a large number of vexes, Wyvern Mini-Bosses, and Minotaur.

The next objective once again requires the players to join the Heroic Exo Challenge. During this challenge, the players will face Two Overload Minotaurs and successfully defeat them. If you successfully survive this challenge, then you will be taken to the Biting Cold Debuff. Here in this region, you will be swarmed by multiple Barrier Hobgoblins, and you must successfully defend yourself. After this battle, you have to head back to the Ziggurat, where you must interact with the Darkness Statue at the top of the stairs. Which will reward you with the fourth aspect.

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In this article, we have discussed in detail the Entropic Shards Destiny 2, along with its features, functions, and limitations. We have also provided a brief description for the Beginners about the Destiny 2: New Light game. In addition to this, we have provided detailed instructions for the players on how to find the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 at various locations in the above sections. Next, we have provided a comprehensive description of the Aspects in the Destiny 2 game. Along with instructions on How to unlock the aspects in the said game, given in the above sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Entropic Shards Destiny 2?

Entropic Shards Destiny 2 are various hovering shard structures located across the Europa, in the destiny 2 world, which the players must collect through various missions to earn the aspects and various abilities offered by them.

How many entropic shards are located in the Destiny 2: New Light game?

The Destiny 2: New Light game consists of a total of entropic shards.

How many aspects can the players earn in this game?

In the Destiny 2 game, the players can earn up to 4 aspects. And all the instructions on how to earn these aspects are given in the above sections of the article.

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