Explore Mod Sims 4

Explore Mod Sims 4

Even if you are playing the Sims 4 game, staying at the same place which is your sims house, makes the game boring. Agreed that there are many things that you can do with your in the house, but it does get repetitive. This is all changed with the Explore Mod Sims 4. With Explore mod Sims 4, you get to leave your house and do fun stuff and visit new places. The Explore mod has so many options to try, and you can try all those options without any restrictions.

What are the benefits of adding the Explore Mod Sims 4

By adding the Explore Mod Sims 4, you will get a brand-new pie menu that has many explore options. This is one of the many mods made by Kawaiistacie and is frequently updated as well. You get options like gambling, going to a spa, visiting Disneyland, or going on a cruise. Similarly, there are other things that you can do which we explore in more detail later.   

Some exploration options including dancing, yoga, gardening, and some others will also increase your skills. You can pretty much visit any place and do anything with this Explore mod Sims 4.  Not every place is going to be cheap, some are free while others, you need to pay to have fun.  

When you click on your sim, you will find an option called “Explore”. When you select that, a few more options will be shown on the screen. Options like Manage, Takeout, Temporary work, Education, Service, Attractions, Events, Places to Shop, and Explore with are the ones that you can choose from in this Explore mod in Sims 4.

It is one of the best mods available for sims 4 as it contains fun new activities for you to try. The new version of this mod is the Explore mod Sims 4 V5, and this new update shares more features to the mod. With the new update, your sims are stunning because of their fresh outfits. Also, many places in the game now have actual names instead of just saying Hospital or a Salon. 

Steps to Install the Explore Mod Sims 4

  1. If you do not already have the mod on your device then you can download it using the Kawaiistacie Explore Mod link. 
  2. There are two different types here, one is Patreon which is a paid mod, and another one is free. 
  3. Now you need to copy the downloaded files into the mods’ folder of the game.
  4. Before you do that, make sure that the mods are enabled in the game. You can find the options in the “Others” tab of game settings.
  5. Finally, all you have to do is copy those in the mod folder which can be found in “The Sims 4” which is in the “Electronic Arts” folder.
  6. You can find all these folders in “Documents”. 

Now when you start the game, you can find the installed mod from the pie menu of your sim. Also, the download link is for the latest version of the mods which is frequently updated. 

Sims 4 Travel Mod

The Sims 4 Travel mod is part of the Explore mod Sims 4, which lets you move to different locations. There is one requirement that you need to meet if you need to use this option. You need to have a driver’s license, talk about being realistic right? 

You can use the Sims 4 Travel mod by choosing the “Explore with” from the sims’ pie menu, which lets you travel with any other sim. 

Apart from these options, there are others like Takeout to get food, palace to shop cause you know women love to shop, education, and temporary work. You can use an option called “Appearance Trait” to change your sims’ appearance. Try as many options as you can if you want to have the full experience with this mod. 

Features of Explore Mod Sims 4

Since there are so many things that you can do with this mod and 60 new places to visit, we shall cover most of those things briefly. 

Gambling in Explore Mod Sims 4

Everyone knows this can be a really fun activity, even in the world of Sims. Gambling with your sims can be a lot of fun, but be careful as you can forego quite a lot of money if you lose. If you have no experience in gambling then I would suggest that you first try this at home, and by that, I mean in Sims 4. There are two types of in this mod, one is at home which is quite easy, and you won’t even lose money in this mode.  

The other type of gambling is at rabbit hole, which is harder than the one at home, and you will lose money if you lose the game. If you play this at home then you can make $500, and a rabbit hole, you can make $10,000. How much you earn completely depends on your skill level.

Services in Explore Mod Sims 4

By choosing the Services option in the pie menu of this mod, you can utilize services like health checkups from a hospital, getting a massage from a spa, you can take couples therapy if you have any marital issues, visit a salon, and get surgeries. There are few more things that you can find by exploring this mod.  

Improve Skills in Explore Mod Sims 4

There are certain life skills and hobbies that you can try in this mod, that also increases your skill levels. You can try stuff like Yoga, Guitar, Dancing, Cooking, and many other activities that can increase your skill levels in the game. So you can have fun and level up.

Attractions in Explore Mod Sims 4

Many of us go to attractions like Disneyland or any other theme park in real life, but now you can do the same thing with your sim. By selecting the Attractions option from the pie menu, you can take your sim and the family to attractions like Disneyland, Jurassic Park, beach, or just go on a cruise with your family.

Entertainment in Explore Mod Sims 4

Life is boring if there is no form of entertainment, and for that, you need to do certain activities or go places. To provide entertainment to your sim, you can watch animals at Zoo, stay fit and healthy at Gym, take a day off for fishing, drop your kids at a playground and watch them have fun, join a comedy club, go to movies, or go out for a karaoke night. 

Some Best Sims 4 Mods

Life Decider Mod Sims 4
Life Decider Mod Sims 4

Not all sims in the game are coded with interesting stories or traits. It isn’t fun interacting with such sims. You can change all that by using the Life Decider Mod Sims 4. It can be used on both NPCs and your sims. All it does is choose a random trait for the sim and also give them a little character history to make them interesting. 

You can decide their life, their traits, and even their income. To change or income to a specific skin they have to be adults. To use this feature you just have to interact with them, and you can also check their income after 10 minutes in sims world. 

Traits like Greedy, Introvert, Drinker, Bad cook, Weak, Unattractive, along with 9 other character traits can be added to a sim.

Meaningful Stories Mod Sims 4
Meaningful Stories Mod Sims 4

While Sims 4 strives to provide a sense of realism, there is one aspect that is a little odd at times. The emotions of your sims can sometimes with off the charts when they are happy or sad, and in the next moment, it is completely different. With Meaningful Stories mod Sims 4, these abrupt mood swings will be fixed. 

If your sim is heartbroken then you can see that effect for several days, and you cannot just make him happy with menial things like was previously possible. The mod also adds subtlety to your sim where you can observe slight mood change with little things like seeing a puppy, or when they get hurt or eat something tasty.

The sims how emotions from extreme levels to subtle levels in this mod. Apart from the sim’s mood, you can also change their environments that affect their moods.

MC Command Center
Meaningful Stories Mod Sims 4

The best way to play a simulation game is to play god. That is right, with the MC Command Center you become a god in the Sims 4 world. This mod lets you control every little detail of your game, including NPCs. You can alter the stories, add or remove certain aspects of a sim, make a sim pregnant or undo a pregnancy, alter income, and many more things.

You can even assign a particular role or story to an NPC and let it play out without having to intervene every second. To play god in Sims 4 you should install the MC Command Center mod.   

Deadly Toddlers
Deadly Toddlers

Ever seen the movies “Orphan” or maybe “Pet Semetary” while both are different movies there is one common thing(Spoiler Alert!),  which is the kid killing adults. With the Deadly Toddler mod, the sweet-looking innocent kid that just used to eat and sleep all day will now kill at any opportunity they get. 

It is a scary mod for Sims 4 which usually isn’t scary at all. The little toddler will burn you to a crisp or stab in the eye when they come across you, just like Chucky. Too many horror references? Just check out this bizarre mod to make your game a little more interesting.

Become a Sorcerer
Become a Sorcerer

Love Dr. Strange or Doctor Fate, then you can become one by using the “Become a Sorcerer” mod. There are different types of sorcerers in this mod which can you can choose, you can either be a good guy that uses white magic or a bad guy who uses dark magic. It also has many spells that you assign to your sim. These spells can do so many things like it can be used as a weapon, or they can even remove emotions from an NPC.


The Explore Mod Sims 4 adds abundant options for your sims to travel and have fun exploring different places in the game. You can do all the activities in this mod alone, or you can choose a partner to have fun with. Whatever you decide, there are way too many fun things that can be done with this mod. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why is my Explore Mod Sims 4 not working?

If you cannot see the options of the mod it doesn’t mean that the Explore mod Sims is not working. To start exploring, you have to get a license or a bus pass from the DMV or any transportation center. Only then can you use these sims 4 travel mod.

What is the Explore world mod sims 4?

The Explore world mod sims 4 are the same as the Kawaiistacie explore mods.

Are there any other explore mods in Sims 4?

There is one other explore mods that can be used as an alternative which is the Social Activities mod.

What is the latest version of the Explore Mods Sims 4?

The current version of Explore mods sims 4 was updated on 9/7/2020.

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