Faerie Fire 5e

Faerie Fire 5e

One of my favorite cast spells in the DnD game, which allows us to view the hidden creatures or targets lurking within the spell range. As far as I’m concerned Faerie Fire 5e spell is awesome to yield! And not just that, through this spell all your surroundings are illuminated in different colors such as Blue, Green, or Violet. However, if any creature is located within the range of this spell, then the spell acts as a glitter bomb illuminating the surroundings, and so the said creature will receive a dexterity saving throw. And if they succeed in saving themselves using this throw, then they still stay invisible to the player’s eyes. If not, they will be visible with the help of your spell.

More About Faerie Fire 5e

Faerie Fire 5e
Faerie Fire 5e Cast Spell

A cast spell that can be used by various characters such as Bard, Druid, and Artificer characters allows them to see each object within a distance of 60 feet. The spell requires the V components as well as concentration duration up to 1 min. And each of the objects can be easily differentiated by different types of colors(Based on your choice) illuminated by the objects. Moreover, all the creatures inside this range if failed to succeed in the dexterity saving throw, will be illuminated in dim light. So that the players can easily identify them.

And for the creatures using invisible spells, if you attack roll against the affected creature. And if the said creature can view the attack or the object, then they lose their invisibility powers. However, if the creature success in the dexterity saving throw, it remains invisible. Thus rendering the spell useless. This spell can be effectively used against the creatures using the effects such as Darkness, Displacement, Blur, and Invisibility, etc. In addition to this, the spell can be made in a way that does not affect the selected objects and the creatures.

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Apart from this, if you use this spell along with the powers such as Multi-attacking fighter and sneak attack wielding rouge can be devastating. As it increases the possibility of the target creature being hit, and the addition of the powers make sure all the attacks cause critical damage to the said targets or creatures. In another case, you can simply cast the spell in the required area and whenever the creature enters the spell range, it will receive a dexterity throw. Thus increasing the chance of it being discovered by the player.


  • Ability to attack any creature within 60 feet.
  • Only V component is required to make the spell.
  • 1 Minute Concentration duration.
  • 1 addition bonus action.
  • Illuminates objects and creatures in dim lights.


  • Spells does not work, if target successfully saves itself with the dexterity throw.
  • Only one creature can be affected.
  • Only accessible to Bard, Druid and Artificer Class Characters.
  • Limited time period.

Will the Rogue Faerie Firework Against the Magical Darkness Spell?

Magical Darkness Spell, one of the most powerful spells that can be used by the target to shut off all the non-magic and magic light illuminated within the spell range. Shifting the illuminated light into darkness, and increase the chance of attacking the target and causing critical damage. However, the illuminated non-magic lights and magic lights must be cast by a player at the 2nd level or below.

If the faerie fire 5e spell is cast by a player above 3rd level, then the creature within the 10 feet will be illuminated even after using the Magical Darkness spell. However, the creature outside the 10-foot range of faerie firework spell cannot be detected. As the magical darkness spell works outside the range of Faerie Fire 5e spell, although when the creatures enter the range. Then it loses its magical darkness spell powers.

Although, the main disadvantage of the faerie fire 5e spell against the Magical Darkness spell, is when there are two creatures within the spell range. In this case, the two creatures will be able to have the advantage of attacks against you, However, if one is illuminated and the other is not. Then the undetected creature or player can attack your character and cause damage. And you can also be attacked by dim light creatures normally. While defending yourself from this creature, the undetected one can successfully attack your character.

What Are the Bard and Druid Classes in DnD?

Here in this section, let us find out all the various powers of the Bard and Druid Class Characters in the Dungeons & Dragons game. More about these two class characters are given below in their respective sections.

Bard Class

Bard Class
Bard Class Characters

A Half-elf, wearing rugged leathers, and holding an ancient musical instrument in hand. Essentially magic users, who can cast spells and illusions by the music from their songs. And possessing the knowledge passed down from the generation of music instrument users, which help them to boost their levels. A versatile character that can perform attacks, act as support characters, and also healer for the players nearby. The proficiency of bard class characters depends on their background.

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In addition, the bard can use the music as a strength to inspire their allies, and also demoralize the targets easily. And the most dangerous power of the bard class players is they can manipulate minds easily through their music spells. The spell cast ability of the Bard class characters depends on their levels, meaning the no of spell casts depends on the level of the player. However, all the bard class players must remember that their spell casting ability depends on their charisma. Thus, using the charisma modifier to save throw for the bard spell and simultaneously making an attack throw.

The Bard Class players can choose to carry three musical instruments of their choice. In addition, use each instrument for different skills that are stated in the above section. Moreover, the bards can use two types of saving throws, Dexterity, and Charisma. In combination with weapons such as long swords, short swords, rapiers, and crossbows. However, the light armors of the bards, mean the damage caused during attacks by creatures will be higher.

Druid Class

 Druid Class
Druid Class Characters

An elemental force of nature that takes any creature form and imitates their powers as well. Originally an ancient elf, carrying a gnarled staff, which can summon bolts of lightning and storms. Thus referred to as the embodiment of the natures itself, consisting of its cunning, fury, and resilience. Another versatile class character, that can be used as a controller, scouts, strikers, support casters, and blaster. As a result, unlocking a versatile array of spells, which requires concentration periods. As the Druids update their levels, they unlock new spells.

However, the character mostly useful for tracking the ongoing spells nearby. Along with its multiple abilities and spell list, the character is one of the best classes to choose from. The main upgrades to the droid powers and spells occur at the 2nd level, by gaining the subclasses. Offering a new array of choices and abilities to choose from for the players. Above all, the Druid Class players have their own language that helps them to communicate with other Druids secretly.

Although, this class character also has its fair disadvantages. For example, if a player wants to create the Circle of Spores Druid Subclass it is very hard and complex, while The Circle of Land Druid Subclass can be easily built. Moreover, the inability to wear armor caused the druids to take more damage from the attacks. And also the hit points of the druid class are very few compared to that of other same class characters. Apart from these, Druids also have other types of subclasses, for instance, Circle of Wildfire, Circle of Dreams, Circle of Shepherd, Circle of Moon, and Circle of Stars.

While the above two characters may differ in their abilities, they both can cast the Faerie Fire 5e spell.

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Conclusion Faerie Fire 5e

Here in this article, you can learn about the various abilities and powers of the “Faerie Fire 5e” cast spell. Through this article you can find out the various pros and cons of the Faerie Fire 5e spell, and how can this spell? Learn which is the better spell between the Faerie Fire 5e and Magical Darkness spells in the above sections. Find out why people choose the Faerie Fire 5e spell while playing the DnD game. And lastly, access the comprehensive description regarding the Druid and Brad Class characters to learn about the various powers, cast spells, and functions of the said class characters.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFaerie Fire 5e

What is the “Faerie Fire 5e” in DnD?

Faerie Fire 5e is a cast spell used by selected characters such as Druid and Bards. That essentially acts as a glitter bomb, by illuminating the objects and creatures hidden in the darkness through the dim light, and in various colors.

Which is better Magical Darkness or Faerie Fire 5e?

Magical Darkness spell works against only the Faerie Fire 5e users at the 1st and 2nd levels. For the higher level, users casting the Faerie Fire 5e spell can technically limit the Magical Darkness spell.

Does the Faerie Fire 5e require any components?

Yes, the players casting the Faerie Fire 5e spell must have the V components with them. While it also depends on the concentration period of 1 min.

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