Fallout 4 Best Armor

Fallout 4 Best Armor

Clothing is often considered as a fashion statement, that is in the real world. When it comes to games, it’s all about being bold, unique, and not giving a damn. Some of us like to dress up in weird clothes in games if we can’t in the real world. Though in games like RPGs it’s not just that, you also have to make sure that your character can come out alive with a stab or shot to the chest. To do that you need good armor, and in Fallout 4 you got pretty great options. In this article, we are going to help you find Fallout 4 best armor, relatively speaking.

Why Do You Need an Armor?

Armor in any game helps you resist a certain amount of incoming damage from enemies. Be it a simple melee attack or a blast from an RPG. It is armor that helps you keep that HP on the greener side, and stay alive even after facing suiciders, machines, or monsters. So you must pick the right armor for your character that can handle all kinds of damage, including having energy resistance.

Players can find and buy armors from various locations in the game. Some can be bought from vendors and operators, while others can be found from enemies. Regardless, it might take an effort if you wish to find some good armor. Some armors can be bought or found piece by piece like helmets, boots, arms, and chests from different locations. There is armor that also provides stat bonuses like increased strength, charisma, endurance, etc. So if you are low on some stat points then armor can help too.

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List of Fallout 4 Best Armors

In this section, we shall list some of the best armor Fallout 4 that you can find in the game. Each armor is suitable for different situations and works well with certain enemies providing various bonuses. Since there are multiple kinds, we are going to list out the Fallout best armors ones from all kinds. One thing you need to know is that each armor in the list has a standard, sturdiness, and variations which we are not going to be discussed separately.

The Rescue Diver Suit Is Good

Fallout 4 Best Armor - The Rescue Diver Suit

This might not be the choice for a fallout 4 best armor for everyone but I like it. The early 19th-century design is something that makes it attractive, and that is what some people go for while choosing armor. I know that sounds dumb, but hey, as long as you have fun right? It offers 10 damage resistance, 10 energy resistance, and 250 radiation resistance.

With that stats, you are at least safe from radiation, even though it’s not as good as having power armor. The place where it shines(not literally!) is the underwater explorations and is a great choice when you do not have power armor. Also, it is easy to move with this armor despite its appearance.

Pick Combat Armor

Combat Armor

The second entry in the list is way better than the first as it provides better resistance in all aspects. It provides a good Ballistic and energy resistance to its wearer when compared to leather or metal armors. Though each of them may have a better resistance in one aspect from others, the combat armors provide a more balanced stat in those regards.

Mind you this ain’t high-grade armor and not very suitable after progress further in the game. Though it works well for beginner levels. If you notice, it kinds of resembles the U.S. Military armor. In case you wish to get this one for your character then it should be pretty easy to find. Look for gunner mercenaries and kill them to get this armor.

Star Wars Design?

Fallout 4 Best Armor - Star Wars Design

Yep, the more you look at it, the more it looks like someone just transported a stormtrooper from a faraway galaxy into the post-apocalyptic fallout 4 world. Maybe they just modeled this armor around that design. Ironically, the armor provides a good energy resistance from weapons those laser weapons. It’s like they are not even hiding it. Regardless, you might wanna take a shot at this armor if you do wanna face enemies with more energy-based attacks.

This tier 4 armor can be found from synth soldiers(obviously!) but makes sure you don’t take them all out if you want this armor. If you do that then you might not find this armor anywhere else. This can also be found from the Synth merchant in the Institute. While there is a Star Wars mod for Stormtrooper armor, this one should be your choice as it is one of the rare armors in the game.

Get Operators Armor

Operators Armor

This truly looks like one of those post-apocalyptic armors for a game. It is a decent armor that provides well-rounded protection from ballistics and energy damage. Again, not a high resistance but a decent one. There are two ways to obtain this armor, but both require the Nuka-World DLC. In case you don’t have that DLC then take a look at other armors since you cannot get this one.

Now, if you do have the Nuka-World DLC, find the faction and kill them to lift this armor. Another way to buy it from the vendors, but that’s no fun now, is it? On the other hand, taking down those operators is because they are a bit of challenging folks. Choose the operator’s heavy armor though.

A Little Weird Fallout 4 Trapper Armor

A Little Weird Fallout 4 Trapper Armor

I guess the name is pretty accurate for this armor, as all you see are spiky traps. Honestly, it looks a little fun to me, but I was you, I would try this armor. That’s just not for the stats, but walking around in that thing is going to be fun. Some of you might not like this because it is not aesthetically pleasing, and it’s ok.

In terms of damage resistance, this does fine but probably less than the other entries on this list. So why is it here? It’s simple because I like it. Also, it looks like heavy armor to move around, but it isn’t that heavy when compared with other heavy armor.

Should We Add Marine Assault Armor to the List of Fallout 4 Best Armors?

Fallout 4 Best Armor - Marine Assault Armor

In case you have the Far Harbor DLC then congratulations as you can get your hand on one of the best armors in the game – Marine Assualt Armor. Yes, it is only available in the DLC version of the game and can be bought from vendors. The armor comes in 3 variants, Zealot, Inquisitor, and Assualt and I suggest you for the Assualt variant as it provides better stats. These variants are not found but are upgraded forms of marine armor.

You might have to complete a quest in the DLC’s DiMA’s Best Life Forgotten part to be able to add this to your inventory. If you do manage to finish that get your hands on this armor then use the workbench to modify it to assault. This is so you can get an extra piece of armor in the form of its helmet, which isn’t available otherwise. Despite being heavy, this is worth it for all the resistance it offers.

Back to a Bit Odd One

Back to a Bit Odd One

As I said this is a bit of an odd entry in the list, even odder than the Trapper armor. The Grognak Costume in Fallout 4 is a design based on a barbarian character Grognak, from the comics. The costume provides a completely new and different look for the male and female players in the game and is the only one to do so. For players, so choose their armor on crazy or amazing it looks, this should be your pick.

While it may not provide much in terms of damage or energy resistance, it provides a melee damage buff. It adds a 25% damage increase for melee weapons and adds a +2 to your Strength stat, which is pretty great. In case you feel like there isn’t armor for this one, then you can even add a few other parts over this. This is the best choice for players whose characters are built for melee damage.

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It’s Time for Power Armor

It's Time for Power Armor

For some the T-60 power armor is the Fallout 4 best armor, for others, it’s at least the second-best in the game. That should be enough to tell you about this power armor. Everyone knows that power armors are the best choice of armors in Fallout 4. Why is that? It’s because power armors provide the best resistance against all kinds of attacks, ballistic or energy. It’s almost as if those attacks do not affect you at all.

In case we have to go in-depth into the stats of it, then the T-60 armor provides a 980 damage resistance, 645 energy resistance, and 1050 radiation resistance. It is also easier to repair and customize in the game. The armor will quickly burn the core, but this is the best to equip when you are up for a boss fight. So this is something that you find ASAP, and to do that you have to find Brotherhood of Steel as they are the ones who usually wear this power armor.

The Operator’s Googles for Your Eyes

The Operator's Googles for Your Eyes

I know we are talking about armor and the goggles aren’t technically armor, rather just make a part of it. That doesn’t mean we cannot include one. So what makes these goggles so unique and mention-worthy? Well, how about the fact that these are the only Google in the game that also provides damage and energy resistance. This is on top of the +1 perception bonus provided by most goggles.

This might have been a better option to list at the beginning of the article, but since they’re a personal favorite of mine, I listed them here. Also, it is fun to imagine the kind of face one would have after finding this item down here.

X-01 Power Armor, the Fallout 4 Best Armor

X-01 Power Armor, the Fallout 4 Best Armor

No one is probably going to fight me on this when I say that the X-01 is the fallout 4 best armor. That’s because it’s true, no matter what category or factor you gonna pick, X-01 comes on top. The T-60 power armor might come close but X-01 is still the winner. The X-01 power armor offers the best possible defense in Fallout 4 with a massive 1220 damage resistance and 790 energy resistance. There is no other armor that comes close except T-60.

If you take some time and resources to customize this armor then you can significantly improve your character’s base stats. This armor doesn’t just provide resistance against attacks, but also heals, consumes fewer action points, etc. Though upgrading this armor might have a few hiccups as the resources are a tad difficult to find, and that is only after you finish at least half the game. Now, to find this armor, go to Fort Hagen hanger, but mind you, it’s not going to be an easy task.

Well, these are our picks for the Fallout 4 best armors that one should be on the lookout for. There could also be other armors that players could prefer over some of the ones in this list. Regardless, most of the ones listed here are pretty great and are a must for every Fallout 4 player. In case you need other suggestions then these gamerant and screenrant links should help.

Types of Armor in Fallout 4

If you read through here then you probably already know that there are various kinds of armor in the game. Each ranges from low to high resistance for both ballistic and energy. Now, some feel that having armor doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s true, but only if you are up against low-level enemies and your SPECIAL stats are pretty high. Since that’s not the case always, a player should always a solid armor.

To understand what makes a good armor, you should also know what kinds are available in the game. There are three kinds of armors in the game that provide different kinds of bonuses and stats. Every armor comes under Normal, Legendary, or Unique type. The almost useless ones are the normal armor since they do not have any kind of resistance and even if they do, it’s mostly negligible. The legendary and Unique ones have interesting bonuses and resistance.

Every armor regardless of its type is upgradable in the game, while some may not be worth the effort. If you want to get a basic idea about all those armors types, then we are here to help with that. Check out the details provided below.

Raider Armor

This is one of those normal armors in the game, and frankly, not much of use unless you are just starting out. That is because this kind of armor doesn’t provide much in terms of damage resistance from ballistics or energy, and even radiation. This armor is found pretty easily from raiders or chests in the wastelands. So if you do have this armor at least try to upgrade it to a heavy one, and if you didn’t already know, armors have 3 different levels.

They start as standard armor then they can be upgraded to sturdy and heavy, in that order. With the heavy armor, you might at least have a chance at survival. Though we would still recommend you to get a better one ASAP. There’s also a similar less useful armor called the Valt-Tech security armor, found on the vault security(duh!). Ignore this one too.

Leather Armor

Now, this might be a better choice when compared to raider armor. While it is better than raider armor, it still lacks a pretty important factor, and that is damage resistance. The only thing it is slightly better than the previous armor is that it offers energy resistance. After the raider armor, the leather armor is just a level above, so you can call it a tier 2 armor in Fallout 4. This can be easily found on NPCs.

Metal Armor

Almost the same as the leather armor, except, it offers damage resistance. Though it drops the ball when it comes to energy resistance. It’s like you can only choose one or the other with those armors. So again, only go for this armor when you are on low levels, as it doesn’t stand a chance of taking hits from energy-based weapons. Consider upgrading it to the heavy type so that it has better resistance to ballistics. Get this armor from merchants or raiders, though looting also helps.

Fallout 4 Combat Armor

Here comes a high-tier armor for your character with versatile stats to handle both ballistics and energy-based weapon damage. This is a way better option than the previous armors and should be your choice at least when you are close to 30%-40% in the game. Even if you do want to get it early, you can’t because it is found almost halfway into the game. Upgrade this one to Fallout 4 heavy combat armor and you have decent armor for your game. Find this armor from Brotherhood of Steel or The Gunner soldiers.

Synth Armor

Ah! the Fallout’s version of Stormtrooper armor. I know I have been saying this a lot but the resemblance is apparent. In any case, this armor has great energy resistance along with a decent resistance from ballistic damage. This is one of the high-tier armor and can only be found on Synth soldiers from the Institute. While the base stats are decent, its best stats are something that you should go for by fully upgrading the armor.

DC Guard Armor

As evident by its name, the Diamond city guard armor is worn by the guards and the stats vary depending on the level of the wearer. As guards level up according to your progress in the game, so does the armor stats. I would recommend avoiding this armor.

Legendary Armor Is Also One of the Fallout Best Armors

These are some of the best armor types in the game and are only found when you slay an enemy. This doesn’t have to be a full Fallout 4 armor set, but parts of armor also count as legendary armor. They provide various buffs, increase damage, resistance, and improve SPECIAL stats. Some examples of legendary armor include Chameleon, Herbalist, Fortifying, Cloaking, etc.

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Is Power Armor Fallout 4 Best Armor?

Power armor in fallout 4 might just be the best armor in the game as they provide its wearer a plethora of bonuses. They provide the best possible defense in the game with massive resistance from ballistic and energy-based weapons. Even the radiation resistance is pretty high. That’s not it, they allow the player to carry more stuff and reduce fall damage among the other best stats.

A power armor operator on fusion cores, which can get depleted pretty quickly in battles, but you can find power stations across the wastelands. Also, you often have to replace them. The Fallout 4 best armor is the X-01 power armor.

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Wrapping Up

So anyone who needs info on armors in Fallout 4 should check out this article in its entirety because we have provided a lot of info here. All the info here will help you decide the fallout 4 best armor, and we did mention where you can find those as well. So everything you require for fallout 4 armor is here in this article. I suggest you read it all, including and especially our recommendations for the Fallout 4 best armors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Fallout 4 best base armor?

Well, there isn’t like the fallout 4 best base armor in the game. Since the ones that you find early in the game don’t provide much in terms of defense. Tough, you can get the leather or metal armor and upgrade them to a heavy version for better defense.

Which is Fallout 4 strongest armor?

Power armors are widely considered to be the strongest armors in the game as they have immense resistance from ballistics and energy damage. So a power armor is the strongest and Fallout 4 best armor.

What are some high-tier armors in Fallout 4?

Armors like Synth, Marine Assault armor, T-60 armor, and X-01 are some of the high tier armors and are also regarded as Fallout 4 best armors.

Which armor other than X-01 is the Fallout 4 best armor?

Other than X-01, the T-60 or the Marine Assault armor comes close to being the Fallout 4 best armor.

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