Fallout 4 Race Mods

Fallout 4 Race Mods

Bethesda upped their game when they released Fallout 4 and we all know how amazing the game is. There are quite a few post-apocalyptic games but none so far can compare to Fallout 4. This action role-playing game became an instant hit among fans and critics alike. The gorgeous, scary, and oftentimes distrusting is fun to play and provides a lot of interesting aspects. The gameplay is amazing and even the graphics, though it is never enough. So here we are gonna see some Fallout 4 race mods that will add a bit of an interesting aspect to your game.

Games like Fallout 4 often have a plethora of customization options, both in-game and in the form of mods. This is one of the reasons why the game still feels fresh and interesting to play no matter how many hours you have already spent in it. Well, there are hundreds of amazing mods for this game, but as I told you earlier, we will be concentrating on Fallout 4 race mods.

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Now, the game doesn’t have a specific race selection option like Dark Souls but there are various NPC races in the game. So during character customization in the beginning you cannot choose any race, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get to look like one. There are many fallout 4 race mods out there that will help you customize your character look to a specific race. If that’s something you want to do to your character then the next section is gonna be useful to you.

Best Fallout 4 Race Mods

Modders took it upon themselves to add some interesting race customization options for fallout 4. This opens the door to various cosmetics for your character in the game. Remember, these fallout 4 race mods are purely aesthetics and do not affect your character stats. So only add them to your game if you want cosmetic changes. Anyway, I have listed out a few good fallout 4 race mods below, so try them.

Fallout 4 Race Customizer Big Head

Fallout 4 Race Mods

Well, if race customization is what you want then this is probably one of the best fallout 4 race mods. This is also the most downloaded race mod in the game and has a lot of customization options. The thing is, you cannot change the race and physical features of other NPC characters except your main player. So it works only on the player, but that is good enough as long it is great, and this one is. So install this mod to make desired changes to your character.

It doesn’t have any restriction when to comes to races, and even allows for a completely new look. This can even create a completely new race. There is one problem though, it conflicts with other mods. If you are using any other race customization mods then this will most likely conflict with them. To prevent it from conflicting with other mods, just read the instructions provided in the mod’s description. Click the download and you will find all the information you need.

Do not worry about the Fallout 4 race customizer big head, they don’t look like that in the game.

Vulpine Race

Fallout 4 Race Mods

While this list is in no particular order, this is the second most downloaded mod on this list. This is a pretty simple mod and the title says it all. Adding this mod to your game, you get to play as Vulpine race. When it comes to their backstory, these cunning species are adept at fighting at close range and reconnaissance. They might have the face of a Vulpine but they have been bio-engineered from a human and are skilled in various aspects.

After you add this mod to your game, you will be playing with the White Chested Fur, which is the default skin. In case you want to change this skin then go to the Body tab menu and select the other skin from this mod. This other skin is the Silver Cat, and you can even make changes to the eyes, hair, etc. To do that download patches and are the description on the mod page. You can even call this is a Fallout 4 furry race.

Xarna Female DeathClaw Mutant

Fallout 4 Race Mods

Well, this looks like something out of the ordinary. I’m not gonna lie this looks like one of the scariest and creepiest Fallout 4 Race mods. It allows the player to transform their character into a Female mutant which is a hybrid between Deathclaw and a human. Also, this is female characters only and doesn’t have a male variant. It also comes with race-specific clothes and armor. Apart from that, you will also find a voice companion.

It is one of those fallout 4 race mods that get improvements in the form of constant updates. The design looks good and the mod is of great quality. While starting out as this character, players will get to customize the skin, eyes, hair, head, etc. Since this mod doesn’t allow the character to use other skins, hence there are a lot of things added for cosmetics.

In case you want to play in a first-person perspective with this mod then you are gonna have to try another mod. This other mod is called Anthro Deathclaw Race, and it is based on a 3D model. In case you need such a Fallout 4 Deathclaw race mod male character then use this Nexus mods link to download one.

AnimeRace Wakaichan

Fallout 4 Race Mods

Any Otakus here? If there are any anime fans exploring the world of Fallout 4 then this mod is something you will definitely love. This mod is a bit unique, not because it adds anime race(a sub-race actually). Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it alters your character stats. Yeah, this mod unlike the console command “setscale” that allows for an anime-type skin, this one changes the character stats too.

At first glance, the stats changes may look not worth using this mod because it reduces your speed, strength, and a few other things. So why should you add this mod? Well, think of it this way, after a certain time, the games become easier. It becomes so easier that there is barely any need for armor in the game. This is where this mod is handy, it makes the game more challenging by altering those factors. For more details about this mod, just click the above link and read all the instructions and info.

Lupine – Wolf Race

Fallout 4 Race Mods

We previously added a race mod that allowed players to look like the Vulpine race(looks like a wolf). Now, this Lupin race mod is a little similar to that except in this mod, you will look like a terrifying wolf. Players will turn into a Vulpin race that looks like an anthropomorphic wolf and have the facial features of a wolf, including the animations.

This fallout 4 character mod has a lot of customization options to make changes to all facial features. various meshes have been used to make this race and all parts of the face like the skin, hair, eyes, etc are all customizable. You can change hairstyles, add face paints, choose eye colors(they even glow), and many other such things.

Project Javelin

Fallout 4 Race Mods

Why play as a human when you can play Fallout 4 as an Andriod? Now, how can you top an Android, well, there is a way for that too. You can do that by adding an Anthromorphic android jackal race. This fallout 4 android race mod project is inspired by the Project AMELIA – Redux. This race is also called Javelin. The very first thing that comes to find when you look at this mod is the Egyptian god Anubis.

Well, this looks exactly like that and is one of the most badass-looking race mods. There are various textures, face paints, hairstyles, etc that are available in this mod as a part of customization options. The skins are available for both male and female characters alike and look stunning. I believe this is one of the best Fallout 4 race mods, if not the best one.

Custom Player Race

Custom Player Race

One of the simple fallout 4 race mods in the game, this does let’s players do basic changes to their character. Now, don’t get fooled by the term basic as there are a ton of options to tweak the character in the game. Simple changes like body shape, size, and kind of clothes are the ones that I’m talking about. Since these are pretty much the same for everyone, it gets boring to look the same as others. In that case, this Fallout 4 character mod works like a charm.

Your character can have a simple tighty-whitey to a full armor, as it is all up to you. Choose the options that you like and make desired changes to your body and armor. This mod is going to conflict with a lot of other mods, so it is wise to read the mod description and everything it entails from the nexus mod page.

Vulpine Race NPC Replacer

Vulpine Race NPC Replacer

Playing as a Vulpine is fun but you gonna have to look at eh same annoying faces no matter how you look. What if instead of those usual human faces, you can try them into Vulpines too? Well, this Fallout 4 furry race mod called the Vulpine Race NPC replacer, does that job for you. adding this mod to your game will change all the NPC to Vulpines, well at least their skin. This is a simple cosmetic mod that aims to change the race of all NPCs in the game.

Word of caution though, this mod is no longer in development and there is no support. This might even be outdated. In such a scenario, I suggest you use this other Vupline Replacer mod from Nexus mod. It is a pretty similar mod, the only difference is that it is still receiving support.

Anime Race Male NPC

Anime Race Male NPC

Most of the Fallout 4 anime races contain skins for the only female characters (though we all know why that is). This mod helps balance the genders by adding a male anime NPC race. Download and install this mod into your game to turn all NPC into an anime race. Honestly, the designs aren’t that great and the faces look really funny in anime style, but this is the best there in that criteria.

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Maybe take it this way, since there aren’t many funny elements in the game, this is how you can add a few hilarious things to the game. Use the link to go to the download page, but before you go for that, read the description and make sure if you want to download it.

Custom Race Headwear Refits

Custom Race Headwear Refits

Adding new Fallout 4 race mods may make the game more interesting but there are things that don’t completely fit with such mods. One common thing is that race mods don’t support headgear, especially the vanilla headgear. Many races like Vulpines, Lupines – Wolf race, Deathclaw, etc do not have any helmet or any kind of headgear support. Now, this mod aims to rectify that by adding support of headgear to all those races and a few others. I know it is not fancy as adding a whole new race mod, but little things matter too.

In case if you think that is true and have wanted something like this then download this mod. Before you install this though, check out the release notes.

I believe these are the best Fallout 4 race mods available for the game. All these mods are on the Nexus mod site, and we have already provided links to download each mod. In case you want the Fallout 4 race id list then you can enter “race 0” in your console. After that scroll down a bit and you will find the Fallout 4 race id list.

How to Install Fallout 4 Race Mods?

The above tells you which is the best choice and all the options that are available for you in terms of race mods. This ain’t enough, I mean, it doesn’t matter if you have or download the mods when you do not know how to install them for your game. This ain’t a big thing though because many people don’t even use mods and many who do, do not know the installation procedure.

We are here with simple instructions to help understand the download and installation procedure. The next points are those instructions. One crucial piece of advice you start this procedure, please check the mod’s download page info as it mentions the download procedure. Certain mods require specific steps for installation.

  • The very first thing to do here is to make a few changes/addition to a file in the game’s folder. Find Fallout4Custom.ini which is located your game’s folder.
  • In case you cannot find the fiel then head to My Documents and then to My Games. In there you will find the Fallout4 game folder. This where you will find the above mentioned .ini file.
  • Now, open the file with a text editor and the below lines.




  • After adding those line, save the file and close it. The nest step is to download the mods using the available links. Then you have to add them to the game folder.

Fallout 4 Mods Installtion

There are two ways to install mods, one is manual installation and the other one is using the Nexus mod manager. We will discuss the manual method here.

  • Go to this location – C: \ Program Files \ Steam \ steamapps \ Common \ Fallout 4 \ Data.
  • The downloaded mod files are usually in zip format, so you ahv eto extract them. You can directly extract them in the above mentioned with a right-click and selecting the appropriate option.
  • Other way is to extract it first and copy the files to the said Data folder.

After that, just open the game and the mods should work perfectly fine. To know about installing mods with Nexus mod manager or to install plugs, this Nexus mod Guide should help. Also, this Youtube video is useful.

About Fallout 4

About Fallout 4

After the nuclear explosion took place 210 years, the story takes place in the year 2287 where the sole survivor comes out into the world. The world he enters is not the world he has ever known, but he still ventures out in hopes of finding his abducted son. This post-apocalyptic world is cruel and is filled with monsters, that are differentiated just by their race and species. Players will get to experience this amazing and disturbing world while trying their best to survive all things it throws their way.

Many critics and fans have praised the developers for making such an amazing game. Things like an open world, a companion feature, awesome weapons, monsters, and gameplay are its highlights. The main game takes around 25-30 hours depending on how you play. If we include the extra content and casual gameplay style then it can take 80-90 hours on average. Since it is an open-world game, the numbers vary vastly, and this is an average number derived from a player poll in howlongtobeat site.

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Wrapping Up

Fallout 4 base game may just have everything you need for a fun time, but there are always things mods can add to the game. Various race options are one such thing that the base game doesn’t offer, hence we listed you some amazing Fallout 4 race mods. The list is just enough to provide you with variety in the game, and these are purely cosmetic. Choose the race that you feel makes your gaming experience better and have fun. We also added instructions on how to install those mods, so check it out if you are not aware of the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Fallout 4 Race mods?

The race mods in Fallout 4 add a cosmetic option to the game in the forms of various skins. There are a few races in the game but they aren’t playable, so mods add those races to the game. You can add those race mods on your or even change the race of NPC. Oen thing though, these race mods don’t affect your stats.

How to Find the Fallout 4 Race ID list?

knowing about all the races in the games will provide you with a better idea of all the options you have. To check the Fallout 4 race ID list, firsts open the console window in your game. make sure this console option is turned on in your game’s setting. Now, in the console window, type “race 0” and press enter. Then go down a little by scrolling in the window and you will find the Fallout 4 race Id list.

Can you create a big head with Fallout 4 race customizer?

Yes, you can edit and customize your character race in Fallout 4 with the race customizer. We did talk about this in the above article, so you can read everything about it there. There’s also a download available in case you want to download it.

How to Install Fallout 4 Race mods?

The installation procedure has been explained in simple steps in this article, we suggest you take a look at those instructions. Also, it is imperative that you read the instructions on the download page as many Fallout 4 race mods have specific installation procedures and requirements.

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